Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24738-Centex Homes to Ram C. and Bhawani Sharma, $294,185.

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24746-Centex Homes to R. Johnson and Robert J. Vaughn, $318,570.

DILIGENCE CT., 25286-NVR Inc. to Jagdish and Shobha Berry, $422,745.

DILIGENCE CT., 25299-NVR Inc. to David L. Anderson, $596,280.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42090-Beazer Homes Corp. to Shawn McGregor and Allene Murray, $451,455.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42067-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Pamela J. Davis, $298,631.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24707-Centex Homes to Mandana Winfrey and Mahana Karimi, $326,900.

GLASS MOUNTAIN PL., 42050-Robert Lynch and Kamil T. Tunador to Geoffrey T. and Marie E.G. Working, $495,000.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24654-Beazer Homes Corp. to Rebecca and Alexander Montgomery, $160,250.

KNOLLBROOK PL., 24225-NVR Inc. to Christine M. and Amrit P. Sekhon, $631,440.

KNOLLBROOK PL., 24257-NVR Inc. to Rebecca J. and Robert Simmons Jr., $616,950.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40647-Toral Roy and Balaji L. Sivaraman to Giuseppe Merone, $727,000.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24610-Mei Ying and Clifford Chen Shaw to Sivakumar Soundarajan, $360,000.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24637-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Fawad Siraj, $322,960.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24645-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Linda and Peter J. Savino, $345,325.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24647-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Harpreet Bath and Harmail Padda, $356,595.

NEW MOUNTAIN RD., 23469-Patricia and William O. Rogers III to Shamrock Properties Corp., $327,500.

SERPENTINE PL., 24786-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Heidi E. and Keith M. Hume, $488,564.

SILTSTONE SQ., 24602-W. Hansen and Robert Estabrooke to Gerald T. Pleasant, $400,000.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24781-Beazer Homes Corp. to Marcella A. and Brian K. Parnell, $422,690.

TERRAZZO TER., 42222-The Ryland Group Inc. to Balaji L. Sivaraman, $310,520.

TERRAZZO TER., 42259-The Ryland Group Inc. to William J. Bigelow, $300,000.

VACATION PL., 25415-NVR Inc. to Karlyn S. and Mark E. Rader, $418,120.

WIND RIVER DR., 24779-Centex Homes to S. Tochterman and Stephen Muir Jr., $482,345.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ARBOR CT., 20748-Cheryl S. and Don H. Bernard to Tahiraand M. Umar and Imran Umar, $511,000.

BERKELEY CT., 10-Carlos A. Wong to Diana H. and Ignacio A. Noboa, $260,000.

BICKEL CT., 51-Carlos J. Paulino to Rosemarie A. Fowler Williams, $214,900.

BRENTMEADE TER., 20346-Nurta Abdulle Sabriye to Christopher B. Eaves, $369,900.

BRIDALVEIL FALLS TER., 20755-Samantha Henyon and Shaun M. Chambers to Khatera and Jaweid Bahrami, $337,900.

BURNLEY SQ., 20331-Robert M. Ryan to Danielle Uhazie and James Weber, $315,000.

COMER SQ., 47604-Stephen A. Rice to Gioana V. and Saverio Capone, $322,500.

DRYSDALE TER., 46598, No. 100-Gladys Cosimano to Joel Meidinger and Terri Cosimano, $125,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46598, No. 200-Stephanie D. Andrews to Karen R. Patterson, $225,400.

ELLICOTT SQ., 46604, No. 302-Yvette N. Williams to Allyson D. Brown, $235,750.

KENTWELL PL., 47096-Bonnie L. and John F. Lapeire Jr. to Ilene H. and Richard D. Feirman, $539,000.

LANGFORD CT., 20618-Iowakah J.T. Paganelli to Ann K. and Scott H. Bride, $410,000.

LEWINS CT., 20634-Sharon Falconer and Adrian Muniz to Kimberly A. and David P. Goad, $510,000.

LONGWOOD CT., 47222-Kimberly F. and Erik C. Johnson to Theresa and Anthony D. Taylor, $525,000.

LYNDHURST CT., 27-Luis A. Arrucha to Jose S. Velasco, $265,000.

MANCHESTER TER., 46719-Suzanne Volpe and Glenn D. Jones to Gregory A. Motheral, $306,000.

MEADOW ISLAND PL., 20550-Toll Virginia Partnership to Tien T. Hoang and Khanh D. Huynh, $604,795.

MINOR RD., 129-Michelle F. and Michael L. Coffey to Amy P. and James P. Kelly, $435,000.

NOLAND WOODS CT., 20555-Toll Virginia Partnership to Polly S. and Warren H. Ke, $605,706.

OAKDALE CT., 9-Michael J. Haskins to L. Tarrall and Christopher Fadden, $290,000.

PRIMAVERA CIR., 214-Dawn M. and Jonathan O. Stone to Eddy Patino and Taria Guzman, $450,000.

RIVERWOOD TER., 46591-Johnathon M. Floyd to William Edward Hart, $305,000.

SPRINGWOOD CT., 46409-Amer Rafik Abdul Kadir to Amtul Rashid, $490,000.

SULGRAVE CT., 147-P. Maleze and B. Scarbrough Maleze to Joy and Kenneth Haney, $261,500.

TANGLEWOOD WAY, 20569-Joseph P. Keenan Jr. to Christiane and William R. Mitchell, $499,900.

WATKINS ISLAND SQ., 47590-Barbara and Gary G. Hopwood to Frances B. and Robert S. Craig, $329,900.

WOODMERE CT., 20594-Elif and Celal Tunc to Lucia V. and Mario A. Garcia, $553,500.

Broadlands Area

CARTIER TER., 22856-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to J. Hunter Wilson, $360,110.

CARTIER TER., 22860-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Thania A. and Omar D. Garcia, $333,990.

CORTEZ TER., 42495-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sandy Eng and Jimmy Eng, $361,792.

FOREST CREST CT., 42763-Richmond American Homes to Amrik S. Bal, $659,615.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42604-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Jennifer L. and Todd M. Boyle, $474,494.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43666-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Nadia S. Jallad and Muna H. Miller, $566,441.

MAISON BLANC SQ., 43791-Brenda G. and James M. Jochems to Dhanalakshmi R. and Srinivas Sunkara, $350,500.

OAK POST CT., 42862-Nina Y. and John Junyong Lee to Grace and Paul Chen, $647,900.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22727-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Heather and William H. Stevens III, $462,943.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22738-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Hong Hanh Vuong and Phu Anh, $503,871.

OLMSTED DR., 42569-Centex Homes to Carrie Cate and Tajinder S. Chadha, $488,010.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42521-Lisa M. and William H. Riley to Annette M. and Michael A. Kessler, $410,000.

REYNWOOD PL., 42769-L.N. Muzzey and Marcus A. Williford to Kelly P. and Steven M. Horner, $594,900.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22526-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to V. Balasubramanian and S. Bhuvanapalli, $327,345.

SUNSTONE CT., 21987-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Sarah A. and Jason A. Gabor, $412,735.

UNISON KNOLL CIR., 43093-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Ruby and Alfred Garrison, $803,910.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22799-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Mohammad Irfan, $429,230.

WATER RUN CT., 22090-Richmond American Homes to Nancy I. and Leonardo Ciccarello, $533,045.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22563-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Jeffrey D. Sharp, $422,831.

WELBY TER., 21541-Matthew T. Gaffney to Michelle A. and James K. Price, $289,847.

WINDOVER DR., 21953-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to S. Sridhar and S. Shanmugasundaram, $381,290.

WINDOVER DR., 21965-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Shirley O. and Wille A. Wyche, $403,195.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 37-Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur to Anuradha Iyer, $128,000.

ARIEL DR., 272-Centex Homes to Elizabeth S. Milner, $453,145.

AYR ST., 6-M.G. Woodrum and Warren P. O'Hara to Thomas W. Soderholm, $340,000.

BAISH DR., 328-The Ryland Group Inc. to Tania D. and Scott A. Duffin, $352,508.

BENT CREEK TER., 43757-Jody G. Martin to Deborah M. Semple, $490,000.

BRAEMAR PL., 17804-Toll Land IX Partnership to Olivia D. and Curtis E. Laird, $739,368.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43066-Nilsa A. and Melvin Valerio to Saida Omar, $309,000.

CARLTON ST., 115-Amy Childs and Robert John Perkins to Patricia and James Csizmadia, $303,000.

CARRY BACK LANE, 40685-M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Jerome D. Smith, $993,606.

CATTAIL BRANCH CT., 18319-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Debbie J. and Ahmad S. Razavi, $575,190.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 187-Kristina L. and William P. Earley to A. Shadwick and Kimberli Marcus, $225,000.

CHESTERFIELD PL., 126-Bonnie L. and Gary M. Kavanagh to Robert A. Schultz, $415,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 653K-Kimberly A. Blair to Mary Ann P. Donais, $172,900.

COTON FARM CT., 19062-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Afshan R.S. and Amir Chaudhry, $646,295.

COTON HALL ST., 19222-Lansdowne Community Development to Sandy T. and John Schaefer, $479,840.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 119-Betty W. and Lloyd E. Henry to Hazel M. Winger, $186,900.

DALHART DR., 113-Richmond American Homes to Hongjuan Chen and Guanshen Zhang, $417,490.

DAVIS AVE., 249-Sharon Lee Buchanan to Susanne E. Nielsen, $253,000.

EDWARDS FERRY RD., 505-Heidi B. and Bruce G. Potter to Jennifer L. and Brian L. Jenkins, $319,900.

FERNDALE TER., 835-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Joseph B. Swanson, $243,530.

FIELDSVIEW CT., 43291-Equity Homes Corp. to Khoa and Binh Nguyen, $787,094.

GINKGO TER., 410-Suzanne and Kevin Bosin to Kristina M. and Jeremy S. Erwin, $270,000.

HANCOCK PL., 29-Ron L. Coultas to Jalal G. Tosi, $121,150.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1116, No. 301-C.J. Quinn and Anne E. O'Malley to Karen Kershaw, $156,000.

HUNTON PL., 721-Adriana V. and Tadashi Mabee to Mary E. and Daniel T. Freda, $445,100.

KEOKUK TER., 1147-Ying Ying Zhang to I. Suarez and Carlos Guerrero, $390,000.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19222-NVR Inc. to Trang P. Tran and Tien H. Nguyen, $340,940.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19226-NVR Inc. to Wen Y. and Susan X. Kong, $357,090.

LEES MILL SQ., 43754-Lansdowne Community Development to Jaime Susan Sanford, $135,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43756-Lansdowne Community Development to Singrit Hill, $351,215.

LIMESTONE CT., 16349-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Sharon S. and Peter H. Cunningham, $717,425.

LIMESTONE CT., 16353-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Kimberly A. and Gregory J. Branic, $731,875.

LOUDOUN ST., 110-Patsy A. Tavenner estate to Margaret E. Hafey, $400,000.

MARYANNE AVE., 110-Kathleen Merritt to Mary A. Lazar and Wilson Decamp II, $325,000.

MAYFAIR DR., 109-Anjuman Ara and Mohammad R. Alam to Sharif Ahmed, $235,000.

MONTAUK CT., 710-U S Home Corp. to Deanna L. and John Vincent Collins, $442,000.