The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

LAKESIDE DR. W., 13761-Gaylon W. Morris to Llupeju Veronica Goncalves, $880,000.

PURE SKY PL. SE, 6009-William P. Gill to Michael C. and Marci Dipierro, $521,000.

Columbia Area

BRADDOCK WAY N., 8408-Wiley Lee Schrivner to Ronald J. Paskowski and Kimberly D. Futrell, $297,500.

BUTLER CT. W., 5307-Richard Godfrey to Todd David and Michelle P. Palmer, $327,500.

COLUMBIA RD. W., 4924-Joyce W. Starks to Carl A. and Margaret R. Breerwood, $200,000.

COPPERWOOD WAY E., 7036-David L. Basham to David R. Mucci and Lura M. Kaval, $257,400.

DAYSTAR CT. S., 10291-Sharon J. Lewis to James B. Yancey, $100,000.

EARLY APRIL WAY SE, 9025-Daniel Walsh to Michael H. and Caroline M. Benezette, $268,000.

EARLY RED CT. NE, 6312-Linda Sun Min Lee to Kaci R. Byers, $239,900.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7104-John B. Durham to Steven A. and Amy M. Nobil, $255,500.

FIVE FINGERS WAY N., 5378-Daniel E. Arnold to Edward R. and Elizabeth J. Brueck, $325,000.

GOLDEN BELL WAY E., 6133-Charles H. Brown to James L. and Margaret W. McEvoy, $385,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR., 8883-Christine A. Frysz to Jaspaul S. Goraya, $255,213.

GRACIOUS END CT. NE, 9111-Michael C. Flotteron to Lisa H. Goodfriend, $200,000.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5218-Vilis E. Kilpe, trustee, to Deborah Kilpe, $343,750.

HICKORY LOG CIR. NE, 7384-Harold Perrin Jr. to Sebastian and Mary Brigitta Warren, $210,000.

JASON LANE, 10538-Sonja Lanell Lorick to Indru and Nima Jashnani, $145,000.

LAST SUNBEAM PL. NW, 6308-Julie Pavlovsky to Julie Pavlovsky and Vivek Agrawal, $505,000.

MAY WIND CT., 10370-Deborah Arleeta Hughes to Andrew and Anna Thompson, $177,000.

MILLRACE CT., 5951-Ryan P. Jones to Dipa F. Sharif, $172,200.

MYSTIC CT., 5485-J. Lynn Martell to Amtul Bashir, $160,000.

NATURES RD. SE, 7127-Jodi M. Silverberg to Neal Philip Hyman, $261,500.

PEACE CHIMES CT., 7154-Stephen A. Stascavage to David G. Zeigler and Heather N. Lach, $192,495.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7252-Sihin Shiferaw to Ran Lee and Myung J. Kim, $200,000.

QUARTERSTAFF RD. SE, 10697-Norman D. Hazzard to Richard C. and Marilyn K. Mills, $585,000.

QUEEN MARIA CT., 9053-Jorge B. Gilligan to Tara L. Thibeault and Andrew P. Griffiths, $186,500.

RAINLEAF CT. W., 9831-Dorothy Chapman Flint to Jason and Laura Chael Quinn, $243,000.

REEDY BROOK LANE, 4961-Joan N. Lipshultz to Michael D. and Jennifer L. Greenberg, $272,000.

SHAKER DR. N., 10226-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to David J. Masters, $325,000.

SHEPHERD SQ. SW, 6026-Kristen K. Kaas to Christine C. Whitmore, $235,000.

SKYWARD CT. SW, 6430-Martin Shapiro to George and Assumpta Ude, $320,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5355-Joan Helen Cahill to Kevin P. Meddleton and Samantha A. Berg, $129,000.

STARBURN PATH S., 6111-Orville L. Dunnock to Tahmeed Syed and Tamzila Sayed Rab, $250,000.

STEAMERBELL ROW NW, 7275-Robert O. Baker to Christopher R. Gran and Rani Chohan, $290,000.

SWEETWIND PL., 5774-Mabel P. Aryee to Latoya N. Harrington, $188,450.

SYMPHONY WAY N., 10723-Pil Young Shin to Da Wei Chu and Rueih Ying Chu, $280,100.

TALISMAN LANE, 7183-Shakik Swiggert to Crystal Sealey and Patrick Czaplicki, $210,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8870-Davida K. Hall to Karen A. Cornick, $159,900.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8877-John Weadock to Frank T. Trimboli, $95,000.

WILD SWAN WAY SE, 6266-Eileen A. Nedoba to Aaron Robert Bird, $218,000.

WILDE LAKE TER., 10297-Michael W. Davis to Stephen J. Leanheart, $365,000.

WINDING STAR CIR. NW, 5224-Robert W. Tyler II to Amy W. and Kyle A. McGonigal, $309,900.

WINTER MOSS CT., 5329-William E. Leigher to Andrew W. and Leslie R. Donohue, $453,000.

Elkridge Area

AUTUMN SPELL SW, 5960-Carlton M. Ross to David and Cynthia Dittmar, $298,000.

BLUE SKY S., 5847-Bryan L. Carney to Richard E. and Leslie S. Walters, $345,000.

EUCLID AVE., 6450-Michael Lee Barnett to Juner Torres and Stacey Gustavson, $196,000.

FRIAR TUCK CT. W., 6404-Robert S. Cohen to Eugene D. Barr, $269,900.

GOSHEN HUNT RD. W., 6700-Marshall D. Freedman to Robert Scott Anderson, $419,000.

GREEN FIELD RD. S., 6375-Samuel S. Dutton to Jodi L. Tammaro, $165,900.

HAMPTON PL. NE, 6308-Robert G. Strohmeyer to James A. and Joanna A. Hicks, $298,000.

LAWYERS HILL RD., 6071-William M. Caruso Jr. to Trinity Homes at Cyrress Springs Corp., $450,000.

ROCKBURN HILL, 6291-Virginia Medairy to David W. and Christina M. Westfall, $190,000.

ROCKBURN WOODS WAY, 5815-Cornerstone Holdings Corp. to Michael L. and Linda L. Huffman, $560,792.

SANCTUARY CT. NW, 6811-Charles T. Glass to Jeffrey A. Jones, $280,000.

SOMERVILLE LANE NE, 8009-Piamsook Angkeow to Alan Paul and Kendra D. Seto, $369,900.

Ellicott City Area

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7924-Michael P. O'Connor to Seok Kwon Jang and Mijung Lee, $289,900.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7931-Robert J. Long Jr. to Kumar Vemuri Jr. and Seetha Nemani, $281,000.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7982-Catherine L. Divver to Lloyd S. and Laura E. Hulett, $280,000.

BURLINGTON LANE SW, 10216-Robert S. Reier to Charles F. and Jennifer L. Smith, $675,200.

CHATFIELD LANE SW, 7773-Ronald D. Beeman to Upal Ghosh and Ahana Roy, $275,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4728-Denise B. O'Connell to Ali Parang, $146,650.

DUNLOGGIN RD., 9106-George A. Russell to Robert Stephen Reier, $489,900.

FOLLY QUARTER RD., 12731-Michael J. O'Keefe to Joseph T. and Lori McCann, $492,000.

JAY EM CT. N., 4037-Jeffrey S. Quillen to John Joseph and Danielle Lavette Hammann, $449,000.

LONG VIEW DR., 9637-Charles G. Alder to Brady J. Schafer and Maureen K. Schafer, $439,000.

MACALPINE RD. E., 3725-Cyrus V. Swett to James William and Susan Bailey Klender, $399,000.

MAY ESTATE CIR. NE, 13227-Patrick J. Crovo to Kenneth F. and Britt M. McCormick, $685,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 4873-Robert C. Brown to Gary Wayne and Tracey Lynn Hensel, $253,500.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5029-Albert Lee Collins to Jeremy W. and Dawn L. Birmingham, $219,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NE, 8330-David M. Colella to Mark R. Stewart, $164,000.

MORNINGSIDE LANE NE, 5101-Joseph R. Chinnici to Christopher J. and Dolores C. Rotunda, $585,600.

RED BANDANA WAY, 4105-Mark A. Telfer to William C. and Angela L. Dabbs, $450,000.

RUSTY RIM S., 3610-Barry J. Brickner to Ralph Duvall, $265,000.

SMOKEY WREATH WAY N., 4668-Saeed A. Khalfay to Kim Jong Min and Young Mee Kim, $350,000.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7625-Victor C. Corbi to Frank I. Choi, $187,000.

TIMBERLAND CIR. NE, 8515-Jane C.I. Chung to Sydney A. and Sunik Seiler, $375,000.

Hanover Area

ADCOCK LANE, 6058-Thomas E. Goldsmith to Sung Bum and Sun Hee Hong, $300,000.

Highland Area

CORTINA DR. N., 6716-Cheol W. Lee to Edward R. Stanford and Stanford Carolyn Gale Bryant, $495,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

CLIFFORD CT. SE, 8107-Young Pyo Hong to Mervyn and Kalpana R. John, $599,900.

FALLING WATERS CT., 9417-Robert D. Dice to Kamran Azam, $376,000.

KINGS GRANT RD. SE, 9623-Deborah A. Addison to Alphonso and Sherri Robinson, $298,500.

LAWSON LANE S., 9311-Joseph N. Dement to Patrick A. O'Neil, $259,900.

RIDINGS WAY SW, 9320-Annetta E. Williamson to Agyei A. Sarpong, $281,000.

TYMAT CT. S., 9119-Lucas A. Denault to Irma C. Gonzalez, $218,000.

Sykesville Area

RIVER RD., 830-Virginia M. Carey to Nancy H. Alberts, $525,000.

West Friendship Area

FREDERICK RD., 12510-W. Lawrence Raabe to William Joseph and Sheila Christine Stiles, $210,000.

Woodbine Area

RIDGE HUNT DR., 15255-Robert L. White to Ann Marie E. and Gregory A. Haynie, $960,000.

SCOTTSWOOD CT. E., 15057-Sung Sik Cho to Thomas E. and Joanna C. Sarigianis Strong, $655,000.