Shameful Obstruction

I was appalled to read [District Extra, September 16] that Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) is trying to block naming the new federal court annex for Senior U.S. District Judge William Bryant. His aides cited a D.C. policy that buildings not be named after living people.

Did Inhofe object when the new Reagan federal building and National Airport were named for the still-living former president? Of course not.

The only reasons that come to mind for the senator's latest intrusion into D.C. affairs are that Judge Bryant is an African American or that he was appointed by a Democratic president. Either reason is shameful.

David F. Pike

Dupont Circle

Unfair Parking Policy

I work for the federal government near Independence and Maryland avenues SW in the vicinity of the newly built National Museum of the American Indian. For the past several months, my colleagues and I noticed several vehicles belonging to construction crews parked off Maryland Avenue SW at two-hour meters -- all day.

No one seemed to get ticketed for parking in the same spot for longer than the two-hour limit. In fact, crew members would eat their lunches in the cars, vans and pickups. They would come back to the spots to feed the meters.

Spaces were difficult to obtain during this time. It seemed area employees who occasionally needed to park there (along with tourists) never got tickets during this time for staying in the same spot for more than two hours, either.

Sure enough, however, last week parking enforcement was back at full force -- coincidentally, just as the crew has left and the museum is done. I looked outside and saw a sea of paper underneath windshield wipers. Did the city have some arrangement with the museum or construction company to look the other way about the workers' parking?

This seems rather unfair. When employees, visitors and contractors around the area occasionally need to use metered parking for more than two hours, they are penalized for paying for a spot for four hours. Yet a construction crew can park there all day every day for months without penalty.

Smells fishy. I wonder if this is going on elsewhere around D.C.

Ida Kelley

Fairfax County