Inspection Finds Only Six Cats

ALDIE, Elliott Lane, Sept. 16. An anonymous complaint was received alleging that more than 30 cats were living in poor conditions in a house. An animal control officer found six cats on the property with adequate food and water and in fair condition. The officer asked the owner to contact the Department of Animal Care and Control regarding the complaint.

Injured Fox Escapes Into Woods

ALDIE, John Mosby Highway, Sept. 18. An animal control officer responded to a call regarding an injured fox at a Buddhist temple. The officer found an emaciated adult fox that was limping. Although injured, the fox eluded several attempts to capture it and retreated deep into the woods.

Warning Issued to Dog Owner

STERLING, Brookmeade Court, Sept. 18. A man said his neighbor's dog, a chained pit bull mix, had been left outside with no access to food, water or shelter. An animal control officer found the dog in good condition, confined by a chain in the backyard with access to food and water. A doghouse was provided, but the dog's tether was tangled, and she could not access it. The officer issued a warning to the owner to provide a longer chain, raise the doghouse on a two-inch platform and purchase a current county dog license.

Skunk in Shed Is Set Free

LEESBURG, Avondale Street, Sept. 19. An animal control officer responded to a complaint about a skunk confined in a shed. The officer determined the skunk was healthy and released it into the wild.

Miniature Donkey Killed by Car

ALDIE, Route 50, Sept. 21. A 40-year-old miniature donkey escaped through faulty fencing on its owner's property and was hit by a car near Goshen Road. An animal control officer requested the assistance of a veterinarian, and the donkey was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges have been filed.