The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24752-Centex Homes to Alfred Bincarousky, $311,690.

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24752-Alfred Bincarousky to Sue Anne Lee, $400,000.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42070-Beazer Homes Corp. to Michael Goodman, $433,265.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42070-Michael Goodman to Amy M. and Chris Baker, $551,555.

GLACIER BAY CT., 42104-Beazer Homes Corp. to Judith A. and Brian K. Simpson, $530,356.

HIGH PLATEAU CT., 24789-Centex Homes to Linda D. and Mark E. Albimino, $552,630.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24696-Centex Homes to Mary Grace and Fred G. Ramirez Jr., $280,930.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24636-Beazer Homes Corp. to Eric G. Daniels, $297,133.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24642-Marie and David Tsuda to Percy D. and Romeo S. Salangsang, $380,000.

ORIBI PL., 25237-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Carol H. and Stephen Law, $659,415.

SHELLS WAY, 24788-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Beverly and Bruce Siecker, $654,665.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24769-Beazer Homes Corp. to Diana and Marc Sosa, $426,870.

TROMBONE CT., 24376-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jennifer R. and Akinwale M. Oladapo, $706,305.


Regional Park Area

ABINGTON TER., 46747-John J. Chiaramonte III to Donald James Rawlings, $361,600.

BRANDY STATION CT., 20528-Janet A. and Mark E. Radcliffe to M. Vanlandingham and Mark Gabi, $497,000.

BROAD RUN DR., 20316-Mark Paskaitis and Arthur V. Fox to Duc Trong Tran, $550,700.

BROOKMEADE CT., 15-Lisa and Edward Hold to Deborah and Andrew Delfavero, $420,000.

CLINTON CT., 18-Sarah A. and Charles M. Wright to Viviana Peredo, $273,000.

COMER SQ., 47645-Karen A. and Joseph V. Mazzara to Eleanor M. and Steven K. Finke, $325,000.

DULANY CT., 5-Cheryl Ann Gallagher to Lisa Ford, $166,000.

ENVIRONS RD., 120-Nishat F. Diba and Nadim Ahmed to Nancy A. and William F. Forcey, $446,000.

FENTON WOOD DR., 23-Beth A. and Gerard F. Oswald to Alejandra and M. Perez and Jose Vasquez, $374,900.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46772-Renee A. Hilmi to Nikou K. Shayan and Amir P. Orojeni, $315,000.

LAKE HAVEN TER., 45537-Gail A. Gaskins to Maritza C. Rubio Bulejes, $325,000.

LYNDHURST CT., 8-Letitia O. Randall to D. Ayala, J. Avelar and B. Arriaga, $279,900.

MIDDLE BLUFF PL., 47316-Kymberly M. and Robert V. Wolff to Myungok M. and Thomas R. Garrett, $700,000.

MILLARD CT., 40-Jacqueline M. and Justice E. Chase to Kuide Chen, $240,000.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20829-Priscilla E. Martin to Cynthia and Michael Reed, $315,000.

MOSS RD., 20-Sylvia and Curtis R. Hinkley Jr. to Dhimant Sojitra, $475,000.

PRYOR SQ., 46369-Raymond J. Walker to Casey N. Stewart, $90,511.

WINDEMERE CT., 20775-Tina M. and John W. Schroeder to Laura and Raul Lopez, $625,000.

Ashburn Area

ALBION LANE, 20967-Leanne M. and Justin P. Bonser to Richard A. Camensky Jr., $380,000.

ALLDERWOOD TER., 44169-E. Carranza and Jose R. Santamaria to Jose A. Escobar, $330,000.

BLANTYRE CT., 43400-Belmont Land Partnership to Margaret and Harry Winters, $1 million.

BOWFONDS ST., 20343-Joyce A. and Elliott M. Lester to Lindsay A. and Matthew A. Shigley, $394,801.

BRAE TER., 45061, No. 101-Paula and Alice Odin and Dexter Odin to Hannah B. Huhn, $242,000.

CHESTERTON ST., 43029-B.C.H. Partners Partnership to Shannon R. and Kevin R. Kopf, $486,532.

COOL FERN SQ., 20428-Richard L. Carmichael to Erin P. Valorose and Jacob Settle, $286,000.

CREW SQ., 20115-Paul E. Shuey Jr. to Baudelia Aviles, $284,000.

CROCUS TER., 21137-Andreas L. and Mercia M. Muhlbauer to Tonia Crawford and Louis Priolo, $318,000.

CROSSBOW CT., 42825-Jacqueline and R.A. Weisenberger to Anne H. and Charles N. Pede, $510,000.

DRYDEN CT., 21757-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Jeanne Kouacou, $259,900.

ELM GROVE TER., 20401-Chloerissa and Malcolm Kirwan to Barton R. and Amber C. Harris, $345,000.

FELLOWSHIP SQ., 45059-Barbara S. Lasch to Dennis F. Coerber, $280,000.

FRUGALITY CT., 43877-Cynthia A. and Barry T. Ford to Judith G. and Jeffrey H. Willis, $538,000.

GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD., 44992-Millennium Associates Corp. to Jalal and Ghamar Ghorbani, $291,500.

GIRDLAND CT., 43904-Ramona R. and Vincent P. Michauskas to Rosey S. and Brian R. Hoskins, $524,900.

GOODWOOD TER., 21865-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to K. Madison and Gregory Zeberlein, $248,900.

GOOSE CROSS TER., 21758-Irick Burris to Kevin M. and Sandy Troy, $318,500.

HARTWELL ST., 20390-Vivian Tees and Sidney Kaiser to Christa Brusen Gomez, $322,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21772-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Kathleen M. and Ronald Flaska, $243,900.

JARVIS SQ., 21796-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Randy Platts, $247,900.

KELSEY SQ., 21846-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Andrew C. Peterson, $249,900.

KILLAWOG TER., 20963-Linda Jean Reese to T. Threlkeld and Albert W. Rieben, $306,000.

KINGS ARMS SQ., 44031-Petrina and Mark G.B. Nicholls to Lemar Jones Jr., $355,000.

KINGS CROSSING TER., 21863-Constance and Dale E. McFadden Jr. to Amy Gorman and Jason Weaver, $312,000.

KIRKLAND ST., 42880-Jennifer M. and Jeffrey P. Hawk to Shannon Pak and Timothy J. Moran, $415,001.

MARCHAND LANE, 44260-Genea N. and David A. Garcia to Ami and Jatin Shah, $372,000.

MIZNER TER., 19930-Belmont Land Partnership to Bradley A. Meda, $468,994.

MOHAVE DR., 44190-Richmond American Homes to Mariela P. and Willy P. Rosado, $506,265.

MONMOUTH TER., 21639-Christa and Gil B. Curameng to E. Andrade and Walter Maldonado, $352,000.

MOSSY GLEN TER., 21075-Amy J. and Steven M. Hood to S. Manjunath and Pradeep Mohan, $318,500.

NAPLES LAKES TER., 19905-Belmont Land Partnership to Liliana and Philip Weinberg, $412,736.

NAVAJO DR., 44204-Richmond American Homes to Mary Jo M. and Matthew W. Robinson, $449,740.

OAKVILLE TER., 21763-Ingrid T. and B. Keith Fulton to Donja and Donta Mercer, $347,000.

PETWORTH CT., 21814-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Shelly L. Hearn, $254,900.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 20012-Jeffery Lee Ting to Tani J. and Jay M. Patel, $440,000.

QUIET WALK TER., 20455-Michael G. Campbell to Danielle Hosey Weng, $241,000.

ROOTSTOWN TER., 20968-Monaseta Kaiser and Brenda Wagner to Kassim Mulendwe, $308,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 44182-Beth L. Dunham to Ikars V. Lans, $235,000.

SMOKEHOUSE CT., 21279-Craig E. and Nathalie H. Thompson to John Machoskie, $449,900.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20577, No. 302-Brenda G. and Albert A. Cordova to S. Harvey and Karen M. Melfi, $134,000.

SOMERSET HILLS TER., 43220-Belmont Land Partnership to Doris Barbara and Trevor Hill, $358,601.

SOUTHWIND TER., 20691-Gregory J. Rock to Janet E. Croon, $300,250.

STEATITE CT., 21655-Washington Homes Inc. to Vanis O. Marshall, $503,641.

SWAMPFOX CT., 43278-Elizabeth C. and Robert J. Kasabian to Valerie T. and Donald M. Showers Jr., $479,900.

VICTORIAS CROSS TER., 21262-Aaron C. Ebbesen to Paulina and Arthur W. Stowell III, $380,000.

WILDBROOK CT., 20530-Gulick Group Inc. to Charlene and Greg Wheeless, $1.21 million.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21152-Andrea Harper and C.P. Landauer to Heather Anne Schaeffer, $300,000.

Broadlands Area

ANGELIQUE DR., 22811-Centex Homes to Veronica A. and Roger S. Koferl, $702,916.

ARBOR GLEN CT., 21507-Alexandra B. and Philip A. Pearson to Rory B. and David S. McGlinnen, $499,900.

ASHTON WOODS DR., 22880-Nicole A. and Gurdarshan S. Kaler to Esther and John Yun, $551,000.

ASHTON WOODS DR., 22893-M. Kingsley Ibeh and N. Ibiezugbe to Dana M. and Jeffrey P. McCauley, $594,900.

BANKBARN TER., 21571-Donna J. and Miles Allen to S. Habig and Rachael Crawford, $306,000.

CARTIER TER., 22862-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Harry T. and Emelin M. Beach, $376,610.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22382-Centex Homes to Maria L. and Craig A. Summers, $609,415.

ELLZEY DR., 42989-Candace M. and John C. Rodal to Ruth and Hans Lehmann, $625,000.

HIGH HAVEN TER., 22657-Li Fong and Tony O. Yeh to Kellan H. and Michael A. Hogye, $358,000.

HUNTSMAN SQ., 43138-Linda D. Salem to Scott M. Slivko, $312,500.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42506-Beazer Homes Corp. to Patricia and Jeremy Boccabello, $385,170.

PINE TOP CT., 22475-Richmond American Homes to Shari L. and Brent R. Taylor, $634,765.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42465-Beazer Homes Corp. to Norma and Thomas Kuyt, $530,000.

SANDHURST CT., 42864-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Caryl and Jon Svenson, $852,829.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22534-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to P. Damaraju and Anjani Kalahasti, $341,361.

SUNDANCE SQ., 42947-Amy Jo and Timothy Scott Flaherty to Elizabeth M. and Stephen F. Smith, $475,000.

SUNSTONE CT., 22015-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Brigitte A. and Joel C. Custer, $480,809.

TATTINGER TER., 43839-Melanie Lam and Andrew Wigmore to Richa and Adesh Nangia, $341,000.

UNISON KNOLL CIR., 43109-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Katherine D. and Paul F. Colville, $939,835.

VANTAGE POINTE PL., 22079-Richmond American Homes to Ileana I. and Nick Padgiotis, $535,240.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22787-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Donald J. Mitchell, $470,020.

WATER RUN CT., 22078-Richmond American Homes to Mee Ae and Soong Han, $630,635.

WAXPOOL RD., 42776-Kline Operations Corp. to Michael Edward Woodall, $210,000.

WHEATLANDS CHASE CT., 43408-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Theresa M. and Jed B. Springer, $500,050.

Dulles Area

ARCOLA RD., 42714-Billie J. Odom to Sabeen and Raja Tariq Mahmood, $750,000.

GUM SPRING RD., 24247-Nancy L. Fertig to Derrick Bennett, $265,000.

PALACE TER., 45782-Randy K. House to Surender K. and Preeti Raj, $354,000.

THOMPSON SQ., 21940-Ana T. and George A. Simonds III to Lisa A. Voldish, $320,000.

WEMBLEY CENTRAL TER., 45701-Jennifer B. Leslie to Meeta Bhuyan and Saroj Rout, $328,500.

WHISTLING TER., 45496-Christopher L. Russell to Allison B. Hadley, $239,200.

Hamilton Area

BATTLE PEAK CT., 17910-Barron Homes Inc. to Margaret M. and Leighton R. Quick, $541,829.

STONE EDEN DR., 38423-Lori M. and Matthew E. Parsons to Andrew D. Hare, $570,000.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 19-Santos I. Melendez to Ana Martinez, $137,000.

ARTILLERY TER., 1536-Stephanie O. and Nakia M. Cooper to Tiffany Rustin, $385,000.

BLACK GOLD PL., 40748-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Kerry Pearce and Troy A. Parkins, $1.01 million.

BRAEMAR PL., 17670-Shona MacIntyre and Scott Bauer to Patricia C. and Larry A. Potts, $895,000.

CANNON CT., 1204-John F. Rickard Jr. to Angela and Bruce D. Anderson, $385,000.

CHARTIER DR., 19214-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Brenda G. and James M. Jochems, $572,580.

COBBLER TER., 618-Elizabeth W. and Kevin T. Rhatigan to Juan Villalba Jr. and Renee Adams, $287,500.

COLTSRIDGE TER., 328-Diana Hawk to Denise L. and Derrick D. Franz, $255,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 513-D-Kathryn M. and Ethan Lee Stanley to I.K. Zarou and Christopher Zarou, $173,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 631-L-Stacy R. Lear to Nancy Lebo Staringer, $190,000.

COTON FARM CT., 19070-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Sara L. and Mark P. Chadason, $699,462.

COTON HALL ST., 19235-Lansdowne Community Development to Shewa Alimi and Masood Jaghori, $495,100.

COUNTRY CLUB DR., 611-Patricia C. and Larry A. Potts to Suzanne M. and James R. Hodges, $425,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 209-L.A. Chertoff and Shirley Chertoff to Carole A. and Christian A. Brown, $170,000.

FARMSTEAD DR., 43781-Lansdowne Community Development to Kerry and John Hite, $472,082.

FORT EVANS RD., 130-A-Mendola K. and Robert J. Fitzgerald to Andrew Dunkum and Jonie Klunk, $151,000.

GINKGO TER., 469-Andrew E. and Michelle L. Lopresti to Christina and Costadinos Zourzoukis, $275,500.

GROVE CHURCH CT., 18727-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth and Joseph W. Williams, $794,335.

HANCOCK PL., 30-I. Santana Vega and Carlos Cotto to Olivia Del Carmen Carabantes, $145,500.

HANCOCK PL., 40-Cheryl Ann Stringer to Doua Musharbash and Basem Abdelhaq, $130,000.

HARRISON ST., 327-Sioux Ellen Craft to Courtney E. and Jeremy P. Hasseman, $180,000.

HETZEL TER., 704-Deron B. Cain to Grant Pope, $260,000.

HUGHESVILLE RD., 38904-Dubose F. and Jay E. Fleming to Stephanie M. and Edward P. Engle, $569,500.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1112, No. 201-Lolita Howard to Jacqueline Rhein, $175,000.

ICEHOUSE TER., 19098-Jessie W. Armstead to Harleen M. and Donald C. Breaux, $532,700.

JARED SQ., 516-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Deanna R. Kersey, $225,000.

KALMIA SQ., 525-Rabija and Edin Huskic to Azucena Falcotelo, $301,000.

KALMIA SQ., 534-Kristen L. and Rodney L. Gray to Paul C. Casto, $300,000.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19232-NVR Inc. to Diane Boone, $366,090.

KITTIWAKE DR., 43910-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Patricia A. and Keith J. Lindsey, $1 million.

LEES MILL SQ., 43719-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Jo Ellen and Michael D. Carpenter, $477,500.

LEES MILL SQ., 43815-Sylvie Weeks and Joel S. Thompson to Tricia Agloro and Linh Quoc, $419,900.

LIBERTY ST., 109-Edgar L. Longworth, trustee, to Aerie Ventures Corp., $360,000.

MARSHALL DR., 488-Centex Homes to Lucy K. and Norman L. Wolfgong, $526,493.

MASONS LANE, 262-Rodney Huberk to Mark T. and Toya L. Evans, $422,000.

MAXIMILLIAN CT., 115-K.L. Olde Towne Corp. to Sandra Brinton Luther, $315,563.

MCLEARY SQ., 662-Prasnee K. and Edward P. Wilisch to Sandra J. and Phillip W. Blake, $319,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 150-John Sayed to Olga Lovos and Efrain Lovos, $225,000.

MEMORIAL DR., 6-Carol L. and Wilmer B. Woodrum to Carlyle Thompson, trustee, $550,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19425-Lansdowne Community Development to Ali Akbar Doraney, $532,080.

MONROE ST., 12-Pearl T. Baranoski to Tiffany L. and David R. Tomasso, $185,200.

MONTEVISTA SQ., 42739-Cheryl and Jeffrey Wu to Elizabeth and Roy Tubergen, $395,000.

MOORLAND CT., 43711-Sharon L. and James F. Kier to Lynn O. and Gregory J. Blache, $957,500.

NOTTOWAY ST., 125-Esther and Elmer I. Pineda to David Rojas Arratia, $255,000.

OVERVIEW PL., 43272-Equity Homes Corp. to Linda J. and Nicholas Connolly III, $764,848.

PINEVIEW SQ., 18518-Darlene E. and Bernard J. Lamoureux to Tamela and John Kirby, $339,000.

ROCK SPRING DR., 317-Alfred Lee Bartkoski Family Partnership to Alisa and Juan David Sampedro, $143,900.

SALEM CT., 104-Kenneth Newton to Pamela Johnson, $195,000.

SPENCER TER., 192-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to Kristina Mumford and Mark Fletcher, $323,441.

STONE FENCE TER., 43724-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Rattiya M. and Brian C. Davison, $451,965.

STONE FENCE TER., 43728-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Marie Cadden and Richard Jacik, $604,621.

SWEIG TER., 19204-NVR Inc. to Marcelo D. Deyto, $396,815.

SYDNEY TER., 816-Dianne M. Brown to Joanne S. and Laurence E. Earley, $415,000.

TOBERMORY PL., 17932-Toll Land IX Partnership to Jana R. and Osvaldo A. Farres, $782,328.

TONQUIN PL., 731-Drees Co. to Karen and Vincent Tran, $466,427.

TULIPTREE SQ., 521-Christine M. and Steven S. Pfeffer to Stephanie C. and Jason E. Spencer, $308,000.

VANDERBILT TER., 834-Tayo Oshode and Babs Oshode to Roy S. Nicholson III, $265,000.

VERMILLION DR., 744-Lisa and Scott Barli to Dayle C. and Gary W. Ranallo, $548,000.

WATSON RD., 23266-Raluca C. and Josiah R. McRoberts to R. and D. Assa and Yolande Blass, $359,323.

WIGGUM SQ., 19220-Lansdowne Community Development to James M. Glaser, $475,515.

WOODWINDS DR., 21968-Susan C. and John M. Pezzana to Kathleen R. and Michael J. Calder, $658,000.

Lovettsville Area

ALLIUM LANE, 11268-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to N. Harrington Tees and D.E. Matyas, $591,562.

BERLIN TPK. S., 12-Katrina and Timothy Rockett to Kristen and Rodney Gray, $299,000.

BROAD WAY E., 17-Matthew B. Posey to Scott Wallace and Aidalyn Cordisco, $399,900.

COTTAGEGROVE LANE, 39530-Pierina M. and John L. Rosso to Penney P. and Roger B. Fields, $462,500.

SCOTT MORGAN LANE, 11583-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Mary and James Wallington, $482,706.

Middleburg Area

LEITH LANE, 36581-Marilyn L. and James J. Heigl Jr. to Linda and Geoffrey Huntington, $993,000.

SYCAMORE ST., 104-Cheryl Andrews to Nevill Turner and Oliver L. Turner, $250,000.

THE PLAINS RD., 208-Susan and Morris Met, trustees, to Boxwood Winery Corp., $950,000.

Purcellville Area

DESALES DR., 112-Margaret Wark to Henry E. Bovee, $415,000.

HUNT VALLEY LANE, 37388-Wetherburne Homes Corp. to Christina J. and Joseph P. Graber, $897,795.

IVY HILLS TER., 133-Gloria Seeger to Sibel Karakus and Craig Allinson, $337,500.

MILLSTONE DR., 38058-Leesa A. and Kevin Nason to Denise W. and Thomas W. Geyer, $715,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 14334-Dennis J. Powers to Nancy Akers and Roman Kierzewski, $534,000.

NIXON RD., 38299-Doreese and Russell Arner to Carol Ann and Peter C. Jesinsky, $450,000.

PINTAIL CT., 19130-Nanette and Bruce A. Coil to Kristi and Matthew Kelly, $559,000.

PLYMOUTH RIDGE CT., 402-Arcadia 21st Street Towns Corp. to Margaret Wark, $305,000.

SNICKERSVILLE TPK., 38315-James P. Atkins to Lisa M. and Todd O. Ostlind, $645,000.

YORKSHIRE RIDGE CT., 409-Arcadia 21st Street Towns Corp. to William P. Diehl III, $339,000.

33RD ST. N., 101-Cynthia A. and Randy P. Vera to Gregory J. Rock, $388,000.

Round Hill Area

SASSAFRAS DR., 35520-Amy C. and Jonathan Payne to Molly and Christopher Poisant, $350,000.

SNICKERSVILLE TPK., 34753-Charles Outcalt and Jonathan Sichel to Jennifer and James Cisneros, $995,000.

WOODTRAIL RD., 20104-Sandra R. and Curtis E. Shoffner Jr. to Patricia A. and Robert S. Sears, $850,000.