The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

ARNOT LANE, 12872-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Cynthia J. and Robert T. Elsberry, $462,490.

BOURNE PL., 13064-Kathleen S. and William A. Stewart to Bethany and Christopher Robbins, $415,000.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13459-Fabio R. Clavijo to Charmaine E. and Lawrence W. Zilliox Jr., $275,000.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13525-John W. Keziah to Mary L. Allen, $261,000.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13536-Heather E. and Joseph V. Kmiecinski to Jennifer S. Studt and Jason W. Duerr, $263,000.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13542-April D. and Robert E. Baker to Timothy Gould, $250,000.

COTTAGE LOOP, 9051-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Darlene M. and Jonathan G. Friedline, $400,000.

DALTONS GROVE WAY, 8557-Richmond American Homes to Mirtha Mattson, $373,890.

DOCHART SOUND LANE, 9894-Randy Longshore to Frank A. Sr. and Juanita P. Lee, $319,900.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12147-Lisa A. and Louis J. Ryan IV to Michelle L. and Ricardo M. Fleshman, $316,500.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12172-Deborah A. Colburn to Samina Ijaz, $315,000.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12176-Dawn M. and Edward M. Pell to Dana Z. Copeland and Sean T. Copeland, $302,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 8912-Depolo and Kull Development Inc. to Narayan Mamidanna, $359,897.

ELGIN WAY, 10178-Rebecca J. and Michael E. Meehan to Kristina K. and Bryan A. Russell, $315,000.

ELLESMERE WAY, 8602-Stanley L. Carmical III to Anne M. McMahon, $290,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9018-Ethan Newell to You Gyung and Andrew J. Park, $265,900.

FARNHAM WAY, 8726-Cynthia M. and Joseph M. Smith to Siobhan Ausberry, $290,000.

FETLAR WAY, 12936-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Carlo L. Clairmont, trustee, $355,940.

FLYNN CT., 13151-Theresa B. and Robert B. Smith to Julie L. and Gregory S. Tims, $436,025.

FORMBY ST., 12171-Amy P. and Danny J. Daniels II to Carl and Cindy L. Jenkins, $430,000.

GARTNEY LANE, 12707-Amy R. Shumate and David Colangelo to Larrissia D. and Curtis Donald, $318,000.

JARROW LANE, 12307-Willie J. Williams to Kimberly J. Clayborne and Thomas L. Burns, $300,000.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8468-Richmond American Homes to Michael D. Grupac, $358,228.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8500-Richmond American Homes to Laurie A. and Craig R. Dupuis, $420,840.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9779-Richard S. Sisk and Chad L. Millison to Shazia and Sajid H. Raja, $254,900.

OPEN MEADOW LANE, 12155-David A. and Christina D. West to Jenna M. and Lee M. Roediger, $435,000.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10134-Paul I. and Beverly Borden Taylor to Colleen B. and Lee R. Park, $290,000.

PENTLAND HILLS WAY, 10002-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Mark Wayne Berte, $345,540.

PLAYFAIR LANE, 12798-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Diem Hong Huynh, $300,000.

SAINSBURY CT., 9041-Beatrice and Kenneth R. Demarquis to Rebecca W. and L. Newton Keith, $460,000.

SAYBROOKE DR., 9643-Dai Van Nguyen to Cu Van Nguyen, $355,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13017-Marvis M. Taylor Jr. to Reena Arora and Matthew C. Miller, $305,000.

SHERBORNE ST., 12284-Dawn H. and Gregory W. Smith Sr. to Sarah and Christopher Forst, $465,000.

SHORTBREAD WAY, 9975-Amy D. and James M. Weinschenk to Prince A. Hill and Mary E. Sniechoski, $310,000.

SNARE DRUM CT., 9719-Kelly and Christopher E. Martin to Manuelita F. and Randy L. Rivera, $399,999.

STABLE FOREST PL., 8884-Natasha Sreekanth and Deepak Janardhanan to Michelle Lee and Chad E. Scheatzle, $266,500.

WEMBLEY LOOP, 13568-Ronnie W. Aycock to Reena A. and John Kulifay, $495,000.

WORTHINGTON DR., 9341-Mary and Jose Parrilla to Christina M. Murphy and John L. Walker, $415,000.

Dumfries Area

ALEXANDER PL., 16143-Marisol and Eutimio R. Casiano to Rosemary H. and Kenneth M. Talley, $205,000.

ASHGROVE DR., 4395-Joan M. and Thomas H. Dempster to Valerie J. and Warren R. Settles, $330,000.

ASHMERE CIR., 4122-Carey Y. and David R. Marker to Erica Webb and Ellen Grimes, $238,000.

AVON DR., 4225-Janice T. and Ralph J. Polk Jr. to Brian M. Barnes, $340,000.

BENECIA LANE, 4853-Sharon L. and James S. Odom to Mohammed Adyel, $250,000.

CHALICE CT., 16613-Ahmed A. Mohamed to Amir I. Mohamed, $499,000.

DUNES CT., 18003-NVR Inc. to Bonnie B. and Jacob A. Hardaway, $445,190.

EDGEWOOD DR., 15787-Derek J. Cornelison to Stephanie and Matthew Zentner, $310,000.

FALLSTONE PL., 4307-Geordine W. and James P. Morris Jr. to Paula A. and William J. Scott, $346,800.

FORT HENRY CT., 1743-Verna E. and Fred Charles Wagner Jr. to Alden Properties Inc., $107,000.

HAMPSTEAD RIDGE CT., 17617-Monica E. and Pete R. Flores to Yadira and Antonio M. Goncalves, $355,000.

HAMPSTEAD RIDGE CT., 17673-Ingrid M. and Angel R. Juarez to Michelle Rene and Michael Lamont Foy, $394,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16158-Trudie Nell Anderson to Jennifer A. Coleman, $219,000.

HIDDEN VALLEY CT., 3992-Kathy L. and Charles M. Greene to Timothy D. Hendricks, $310,000.

KENTON CIR., 4217-Susan J. and Michael A. Cecere to Rebecca L. King, $245,000.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4230-Piccard Homes Corp. to Carwill Holdings Corp., $262,015.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4244-Piccard Homes Corp. to Tamar McNear and Melvin Ross, $244,575.

LARKSPUR LANE, 15231-Carrie E. and Derek T. Schade to Hong Guo, $305,900.

LARKSPUR LANE, 15268-Shannon M. and Wayne R. Arguin to Eileen T. and Christopher K. Marcy, $285,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2323-Stone River Investments Corp. to Maria J. Ramirez and Roberto Carlos Inocente, $166,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2325-Luis Y. Portillo to Hugo Alvarado, $167,000.

MELODY LANE, 15897-Susan C. and Brown G. Howard to Cynthia Q. and Gerald J. Gray, $369,900.

MILROY DR., 17904-Maria Saenz and Pablo Joaquin Villanes to Ira J. Hamburg, $200,000.

MILROY DR., 17962-Janice K. Parkinson to Fabio Chavarria, $175,000.

MIMOSA TRAIL, 15277-Marcella and Vincent Currie to Ailsa K. and Daniel C. Logan, $306,000.

MONCURE DR., 15807-Patricia T. and Frank C. Chimento to Gregory R. Ottoman, $389,900.

MONTEZUMA WAY, 17352-Shauna Denise McDowell to Roberto Sandoval, $282,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LOOP, 3237-Rebecca and Harry M. Howery to Reyna E. Nativi and Cabdekarui Cirtez, $345,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LOOP, 3322-Ruthanne and Robert W. Wilson to Michele R. and David N. Housh, $289,900.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2714-NVR Inc. to Monica E. and Pete Romero Flores, $477,742.

OUTLOOK PL., 15562-Lisa Gail and Albert Vega to Wendy J. and Steward E. Remaly, $429,900.

OVERLOOK RD., 17629-Piccard Homes Corp. to Stephen M. Knez, $383,400.

SEDGEWICK PL., 2518-Tivia Corp. to Yesenia S. Sosa and Wilber H.G. Benitez, $164,000.

SEDGEWICK PL., 2556-Sean R. Floyd to Joseph and So Sim Dick, $150,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5223-Marlene and Robert M. Griffin to Nicois and Jackie Harris, $228,000.

VALS WAY, 4241-Odetta Jordan to Deshelia Elliott Davis, $251,700.

VIDALIA CT., 3057-Washington Homes of Virginia Inc. to Darlene B. and Joseph T. Ramseur, $471,449.

WIDEWATER DR., 15783-Daphne E. Poblete to Soo Ja and Jong Moon Chang, $282,900.

Gainesville Area

ACCORD CT., 13515-Stephanie W. and Gary Knickerbocker to Ellen H. Bailey and Charles E. Duck, $539,900.

AKKER CT., 14500-Lisa A. and David C. Dishmon Jr. to Darla G. and Mark S. Honkus, $577,500.

CANTERBURY LANE, 4393-Ann and Toby Holt to Francisco and Michelle Pablo, $539,000.

DANEHURST CIR., 15126-Paula and Ramon Antonio Morales to Oh Jeong Ok, $374,990.

ELLIS FORD PL., 8601-Washington Homes Inc. to Thomas Johnson and Michael Walsh, $374,218.

EMMANUEL CT., 6729-Richmond American Homes to Franchesca and John Dinh, $320,315.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13306-Chris Baliles and Kathryn Simmons to Jane A. and William N. Daly, $492,650.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13337-U.S. Home Corp. to Virginia P. and Robert W. Sullivan, $461,136.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13344-U.S. Home Corp. to Evelyn J. and Kenneth E. Beatrice, $429,749.

FILLY CT., 13574-Cynthia M. Wright to Brian J. Lacey and Timothy J. Lacey, $290,000.

FLAMINGO DR., 4537-Corinna H. and Carl H. Pearson II to Alyson A. and Melvin D. Satterwhite, $490,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14457-Patsy J. and Stanley D. Mays Jr. to Keith Roscoe, $360,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15038-Kamlesh Verma to Kyleen C. and Richard M. Dodrill, $327,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15112-Ranjana K. and Sunil Arora to Donna R. Vaughn and Richard M. Sharp, $339,900.

GREAT DOVER ST., 7665-Richmond American Homes to Denise and Reginal Malden, $562,790.

GREAT DOVER ST., 7676-Richmond American Homes to Michelle and Jason Spezzano, $578,265.

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 6796-Marie O.E. and Matthew W.S. Hale to Jamshid Rostami Asrabadi, $345,000.

JUTLAND PONY CT., 8613-Darlene A. and Charles J. Thornburg to Melissa McEnroe and Eric J. Beam, $408,000.

LEGEND GLEN CT., 14317-Fareeza Zeeni and Haris Kamal to C. Lancaster, $249,999.

MAIDENHAIR DR., 12076-Crystal L. and Robert E. Parrish II to Helen S. and Nelson Nazario Jr., $463,500.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8069-Kathleen Ann Austin to Cameron J.S. and Bree Ann F. Moore, $356,000.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8288-Jane M. and Stuart Keiser to Lydia J. and Joseph M. Cosumano Jr., $729,000.

SAPPHIRE LAKES CT., 8354-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Cathyrn G. and Billy K. Solomon, $843,358.

STERLING POINT DR., 14012-Karen and John Gennuso to Julie A. and Christopher J. Villa, $412,711.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8470-Roma and Michael F. Dominique to Cheryl L. Coleman and Christopher T. Barrow, $290,000.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8494-Kelly and Francis Scheuring to Rosemary and Robert Jones Jr., $277,000.

TENBROOK DR., 8245-Basanti and Vinod Rawat to Betty J. and Michael K. Landrum, $435,000.

TULLAMORE ESTATES RD., 4550-Arima and Roger Valluri to Baek Soon and Myung Soo Kim, $680,000.

VICTORY GALLOP WAY, 13467-Thomas G. Underwood to Marion G. Mayer, $290,000.

WITTON CIR., 6872-Kent Sharief S. Youssef to Patricia Lucas Hiergesell, $369,900.

Haymarket Area

ANTIOCH RIDGE DR., 5364-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Gerri H. and Charles C. Stewart, $446,821.

BAKERWOOD PL., 14321-G. Michelle and Edward D. Miller to Amy L. and Allen R. Williamson Jr., $471,000.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5651-Richmond American Homes to Tracy and Reginald Eleazer, $493,215.

CONKLIN WAY, 6226-Delai Damtew to Ryan L. Gesinski and R.E. Brumbaugh, $295,100.

COX CREEK CT., 14820-Alecia A. and Dominick J. Brognano to Donna K. and William H. Douglass, $463,000.

EMPIRE LAKES CT., 6026-Dominion Country Club Partnershuip to Catherine W. and Troy M. Toureau, $915,401.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15265-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Beate S. and Danny R. Wilson, $555,745.

GORE DR., 2106-John M. Queen to Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin, $246,000.

GREENVILLE DR., 4025-Mary Beth and Harold N. White to Lori R. and Jeffrey M. Shapiro, $399,900.

GREENVILLE DR., 4029-Linda D. Thames and Benjamin M. Smith to Tina R. and Donald E. Baldwin, $418,000.

HORTONS MILL CT., 6028-Lisa M. and Henry Lee Curtis to Lisa A. and C. David Dishmon Jr., $499,000.

HUNTING PATH RD., 6635-Kevin L. Scott to Robert T. and Adam Crabtree, $219,900.

JEFFERSON ST., 6799-Brenda J. and Edward D. Cassidy to Azita M. Fetterer, $309,430.

MERCER RD., 1601-Prudential Residential Services to Linda B. and Kurt Wilkerson, $330,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 1608-Peter Smith to Lisa A. Corathers, $297,500.

MOUNTAIN RD., 2205-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Mary E. and David L. Feagans, $652,068.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13501-Judith A. and Richard J. Dietz to Jeanine T. and Richard W. Dehn, $489,900.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13779-Michael A. and Agata S. Troy to Jenny L. and Eric E. Wells, $565,000.

SHORTGRASS LANE, 5008-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Judith Harcourt and James E. Button, $589,409.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5600-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Audra Ryan, $352,762.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5612-Gloria Seeger to Elizabeth R. Dordal, $400,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5707-Dominion Country Club Partnership to John W. Morris, $424,183.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5711-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Esther and Maurice Turcotte, $484,848.

Manassas Area

ASHLAND AVE., 7908-Heidi M. and Gregory A. Gill to Amy Sue and Robert E. Huheey, $320,000.

BEDFORD RD., 7514-Bernard George Farrell to Maribel and Ernesto Machuca, $210,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 7759-Jung Ho Shin to Jemma Baek and Jeong H. Lee, $260,000.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7866-Raisa I. and Aleksandr D. Tarsis to Joshua T. Hoffman, $285,000.

BOAR FARM CT., 10460-Harry J. Davis II to Melissa R. and Darren L. Werner, $396,000.

BRANDON WAY, 10128-Thomas D. and Lisa M. Huffman to Jose F. Guzman, $240,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7927-Stedav Corp. to Man T. Ha, $129,000.

CANNON BALL CT., 10148-Edinora Rivas and Santos Diaz to Milton A. and Yissela Chirinos, $184,000.

CARAWAY CIR., 10872-Jeannine M. and Robert M. Power to Beth A. and Etic S. Prostejovslky, $300,000.

CHATHAM ST., 9514-Joyce A. and Timothy L. Beamer to Linda and Paul Johnson, $284,500.

CHESHIRE RIDGE CIR., 9705-Erin Marie and Jay Paul Dougherty to Kim Fishman and Gary Clifton, $309,000.

CLEMATIS ST., 9537-Bonita C. and Richard W. Schmidt to Blanca and Oswal Otoniel Hernandez, $354,000.

COLONIAL VILLAGE LOOP, 6411-Penny and Jeffrey Lipton to Valerie and Joel Westphal, $440,000.

COLORIVER RD., 12080-Janet S. and Charles David Barrett, trustees, to Marla D. and Nathan J. Lockhart, $525,000.

CORAL BERRY DR., 10556-Hugh P. and Michelle E. O'Brien to Patricia R. and Robert L. Powell, $425,000.

COVINGTON PL., 9512-Phyllis M. and Matthew M. Cooke to Paul J. Martin, $210,000.

DEPOT PL., 8200-Victor Carrasco to Barbara C. Daignault and Earl H. Diehr, $185,000.

DUMFRIES RD., 13617-Stephen S. Webber to Karen J. Hicks and Majid Kashanikhah, $260,000.

EMBER CT., 6319-Lee Ann and Thomas E. Calhoun to Carolyn M. and Marc S. Carrano, $350,000.

FALKIRK WAY, 10531-Pamela Borden and Afolabi Ozah to Evelyn Fernandez, $262,500.

FELICIA CT., 10842-Lee P. Rader III to Judy and Joshua Ortiz, $370,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5868-Dennis A. and Gail L. Hathaway to Kristine D. and Christopher A. Prosser, $485,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7762-Earlene E. Walker to Terry J. Mayes, $179,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7834-Jennifer L. McFarland to Laura J. and Darrin C. Decoster, $120,000.

HARTON ST., 11450-Vickie S. and David H. Thaggard to Norma and Eddie D. Campbell, $267,950.

HARVEY RD., 7020-Steven Leo Barnes to Diana and Ida Griffing and John Steliga, $315,000.

HAWTHORN HILL CT., 9921-Elizabeth F. and James G. Lewis to Terri D. and Steven S. Jenkins, $387,900.

HENRICO ST., 9928-Marcus A. Barrientez to Mario Benavides, $285,000.

HUMPHREY LANE, 8260-Jennifer L. and Jason Miller to Benjamin and Thelma Keenan, $310,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10063-Rene A. Panting to Julio C. Saravia and Luis A. Melgar, $189,900.

IRONGATE WAY, 10179-Daniela C. Vargas and Sergio R. Quezada to Maria Julia and Eduardo Teran, $192,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8347-Jan C. and Vincent Martin to Santos Exequiel Montoya, $170,000.

KESSLER PL., 11249-Farhia A. Samater and Ahmed F. Hersi to Mohamed Ali, $243,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9706-Nanci P. and Russell V. Johnson to Claudia A. Martinez, $291,000.

KINSHIP CT., 11009, No. 254-David B. Nevitt to Patricia and David Burch, $177,900.

KOMAN CIR., 11010, No. 197-Sudhakar Nuthalapati to Michael J. Sebben, $195,000.

LACY DR., 8083, No. 16-Marilyn A. and Russell E. Cook to Evie M. and Mark C. Pratt, $195,000.

LOMOND DR., 9908-Alfredo Nunez to Jose Noe Hernandez, $289,000.

LUXBERRY CT., 11129-Lynda S. and John C. Claspy to Paul P. Pedersen and Lisa M. Turner, $275,000.

LYCEUM LANE, 5970-Washington Homes Inc. to Karen J. and David M. Cattler, $479,108.

LYCEUM LANE, 5971-NVR Inc. to Johnetta B. and Mark A. Williams, $561,305.

LYCEUM LANE, 5992-Washington Homes Inc. to Peter Greany and Carla Mullings, $500,768.

MCGRATH RD., 8781-Tiffani S. and Jason S. Graves to Apola and Joel M. Castillo, $344,950.

MEADOW CT., 7883-Edward Lewis Blosser Jr. to Ana H. Quinteros and Juan P. Posada, $190,000.

MINOR HILL RD., 7930, No. 57-Wendy N. Willis to John E. Hunter, $187,000.

MISSION RIDGE DR., 10916-Kim Dung T. Dam and Rafael Ley Jr. to Viktoria A. Marsh Millner, $240,500.

MONTROSE WAY, 10518-Johnny W. Harris and Theresa H. Oyola to Robert B. Leggat, $266,000.

MONTROSE WAY, 10520-Gail S. Shepherd to Carlos M. Escobar and Romelia Palacios, $265,000.

NAVARONE PL., 10394-Linda F. and Keith L. Halsell to Ashley P. and Jeffery S. Adair, $425,000.

NORWALK CT., 7421-Debra Kay Tarver to Cathy and Roger Jones, $690,000.

ORONOCO LANE, 10506-Jay Kirklyn Meredith to Diana Archila and Dionicio Lemuz, $240,000.

PERIC CT., 10330-Cynthia D. and David J. Boning to Thomas P. Hawkins, $380,000.

PURDUE CT., 7519-Paul W. Johnson to Christopher R. Warren, $179,000.

PURDUE CT., 7527-Maria and Jose A. Arias to Marleny and Jose M. Hernandez, $176,500.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7506-David Hatmi to Alton C. Echols III, $189,900.

RAYBORN CREEK DR., 11982-Marlene and Jose O. Benitez to Susann and Brian D. Kerr, $415,000.

REPUBLIC CT., 10950-Theresa M. and Charles D. Thompson to Vilma Soto, $255,000.

RIVER FOREST DR., 6063-Linda F. and David John Patsfield to Janet and Kevin Hagood, $350,000.

SHARPSBURG CT., 7934-Craig A. Ripple to Patricia C. Renderos, $177,000.

SHINING WOOD CT., 7371-Dawn R. and Kenneth B. Vanhove to Robin C. and Arthur W. Finehout, $620,000.

STAGESTONE WAY, 11185-Gregory J. Stagliano to Carmen and Jose Nelson Reales, $217,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10101-Andy F. Lopez to Lowell O. Turner, $206,000.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8072, No. 203-Shannon Nicole Key to Mark Fruehwald and Ivy Fischer, $195,000.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 10004-Pamela S. and John M. Malyevac to Stephen E. Mayes, $305,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE CT., 11508-Marcos J. Gallardo to Iliana G. and Misael Mejia, $695,250.

SUNSET DR., 8312-Karen J. Riley to Sandra and Miguel A. Quintanilla, $369,900.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15543-Sheila Marshall to Monique M. Bonhom and Beverly R. Rattigan, $232,000.

TRINIDAD CT., 10501-Thouch Ean and Rin Houn to Tieng and Victoria E. Yap, $217,000.

VAN DOREN RD., 13630-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Rosa L. and Horacio A. Bonilla, $627,111.

VAN DOREN RD., 14185-Geri F. and Norman W. Bean Jr. to Raymond A. Friedman, $353,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 8981-Yunha Ha and Ernst H. Kastning III to Cherry Reyes and Steven Gustilo, $329,000.

WINFIELD LOOP, 10628-Jeffrey J. Damick to Maria B. Neciuk and Keith A. Yeckel, $262,000.

WINSTEAD PL., 8238, No. 203-Donald L. Hinegardner to Kent L. Powell, $184,000.

WOODSTOCK ST., 7717-Betty L. and David E. Arbogast to Tracy and Richard Romine, $242,500.

Manassas Park Area

AUGUSTA RD., 7910-Timothy S. Juran to Teresa and Carlos Aguilar, $290,000.

BUCKHALL FARM CT., 9401-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Tracy Chacon and Sandro G. Dilollo, $459,830.

BUCKHALL FARM CT., 9405-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to William O. Osorio and Vernon M. Rhea, $428,980.

BULL RUN RD., 7402-Rita J. and Johnny Peters to Bonnie and Daniel James, $246,900.

CABIN BRANCH CT., 8410-Ronald D. and Sandra R. Webb to Verne K. Foster, $425,000.

CABOT CT., 8571-Martha R. and Jose R. Segovia to Claude W. Correll, $234,900.

COLD HARBOR LOOP, 8598-Nancy L. and M. Mark Foose to Larry A. Bolanos, $245,000.

DAVIS FORD RD., 6555-Robin L. and Marvin K. Harvey Jr. to Daniel L. Bellotte, $299,900.

DUCK POND TER., 8002-Donna C. Fortney to Diana Zapata and David L. Eberenz, $310,000.

GRANITE LANE, 8404-Aliakbar Taalohi to Connie and Stephen H. Bullock, $550,000.

LAKE DR., 7617-Tae Hee Yoon and John S. Yu to Eun Jung Kim, $289,900.

MOORE DR., 10105-Mary D. and Charles A. Redmond to Joachim S. Zimmermann, $445,000.

PINE ST., 7712-Richard Shawn Borza to Gregory Rose and Julie Goodspeed, $282,750.

RAINWATER CIR., 8179-Chow Keen Ng to Ravindra Shirbhate, $315,101.

RUGBY RD., 8012-Christine M. and Robert W. Anderson to Rina Rodriguez, $276,000.

SCULLY CT., 7899-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Maria L. Pineda, $349,300.

TASHA CT., 10005-D.R. Horton Inc. to Gretchen K. and Daniel M. Riley, $743,805.

TENDRING TRAIL, 7483-Elida Del Carmen Hernandez and Jose Parada to Hashmatt and Suraya Aimen, $250,000.

TOWERING OAK WAY, 8037-NVR Inc. to Laticia L. and Romeo D. Serrano, $454,835.

VERMONT PL., 8254-Kimberly and Christopher Saunders to Lauren D. Atanasio and John J. Barcas, $259,050.

WHITEHALL DR., 7529-Patrick Allen Carlton to Kevin Palka, $161,000.

WILCOXEN FARM PL., 7816-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Charo Munoz, $383,620.

Nokesville Area

ALYDAR CT., 9841-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Lisa L. and Robert L. Grimm, $925,344.

BREEZEWAY DR., 10189-Richmond American Homes to Philomina Ansong and Anthony Mensah, $393,590.

ORLANDO RD., 14017-Michael E. Johnson to Brandon K. Cornwell, $231,750.

PARKGATE DR., 10723-Adelheid P. and David W. Thornhill to George L. White, $399,900.

SILAS DR., 9610-Mark A. Dittenber to Bobby H. Waddle Jr., $250,000.

VINT HILL RD., 14730-Ernest W. and Amy Louise Mruzek to Byoung In Tak, $470,000.

Occoquan Area

FORTRESS WAY, 463-Kimberly Richardson to Henry L. Matthews, $263,000.

POPLAR LANE, 110-Richmond A. Dellastatious to Zafreen Chowdhury, $315,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 152-Amanda J. and Jeffery S. Boers to Trudy L. and Robert C. Helgeson, $290,000.

Triangle Area

CREEK RD., 18527-Rena A. and John C. Wilson to Deborah A. and Terry L. Cropper Sr., $110,000.

MASTHEAD TRAIL, 3670-Aaron Graves to Stephanie Simpson, $159,900.

PORT HOPE POINT, 3804-Manjit Singh to Jose B. Amaya, $165,000.

WHARF LANE, 3611-Amanda and Joshua Hawk to Patrick A. Womble, $152,000.

Woodbridge Area

ABBEY KNOLL CT., 12402-Veronica T. and John L. Pollock to Mohammed Mourad, $273,400.

ABNER AVE., 13010, No. 57-Gene A. Parris to Yaqoob Mohammad, $204,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 14829-Charlotte Sylvia Bowell to Loreen and Leroy Bellamy, $235,000.

ANCHOR CT., 12396-Joan K. and Miles T. Arakaki to Barbara G. Rotz and Michael J. Gourley, $289,500.

ANDOVER CT., 12457-Clarence D. Roberts to Maria and Scott Polly, $222,000.

APPALOOSA DR., 3819-Dawn E. Heishman to Margaret E. and Daniel J. Hopkins, $375,000.

ARKANSAS ST., 14767-Sandro I. Rosato to Raudi O. Umanzor and Cesar Fuentes, $251,500.

ARROWHEAD CT., 3191-Fernando A. Vargas to Genet D. Tulu and Mulugeta Yimer, $237,000.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14649-Ruben N. Mera to Mohamed Elsayadi, $150,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15242-Peter K. Octhere to Joshua C. Denton, $265,000.

BARROWS LANE, 11743-Alexis Sterling Hunt to Randall S. Huiss, $330,000.

BARROWS LANE, 11761-Gabrielle and Sean A. Harrington to David L. Ernst, $327,500.

BEALE CT., 3450-Polly B. and William F. Long Jr. to Ali Kockaya, $190,000.

BEAU RIDGE DR., 15776-Tommalee Owens and Charles H. Braner to Rosa A. Ortiz, $380,000.

BEAVER FORD RD., 3704-Carol A. and Steven B. Westover to Stephanie O. and Kelly M. Martin, $450,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 679-Neighborhoods Corp. to Tara and Brian Wilson, $498,820.

BELMONT BAY DR., 681-Neighborhoods Corp. to Nicholas A. Corsi, $472,551.

BELMONT BAY DR., 689-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Carolyn C. and Michael C. Landi, $353,470.

BELMONT BAY DR., 692-Larry W. Mecom to Rachel A. and James K. Miller, $434,100.

BENTLEY CIR., 13514-Sheryl and Dean Meyeraan to Kimberley A. and James J. Ebel Jr., $185,250.

BENTLEY CIR., 13592-Dorila D. and Jose N. Varela to Santos D. and Romulo C. Ventura, $215,000.

BERTRAM ST., 11541-Robert C. Fulford to Florence E. Cannon, $324,900.

BICYCLE PL., 3503-Ridgedale Inc. to Tammy and Jon Mogford, $277,047.

BICYCLE PL., 3504-Ridgedale Inc. to Teresa and Allen Perkins, $261,911.

BICYCLE PL., 3508-Ridgedale Inc. to Tricia S. and Roland D. Balanga, $253,531.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14329-Olga O. Martin to Jacqueline C. Burruss Springs, $230,000.

BLACKSMITH TER., 15325-Wendy W. and Bruce W. Parker to Rani Baig, $225,000.

BLYSDALE LANE, 3972-Gail J. Weller to John R. Malloy, $310,000.

BOMBAY WAY, 12726-Cyrine B. and John L. Kribbs to Seung Pyo Nam, $320,000.

BRAHMS DR., 3404-Wendy A. and Michael R. Bruce to Marche H. Coleman and Leonard Wiley, $236,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15151-Joann L. Holmes and James P. Frazier to Gladys and Kofi D. Osafo, $280,500.

BRAZIL CIR., 15187-Angela T. and Okye B. Laster to Gregory Jones, $250,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15227-Erlinda B. and Forrest D. Rudisill to Rosemarie Pili and Hubert Santayana, $275,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15254-Deborah A. and Ford C. Phillips to Eric A. Martinez, $280,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15303-Jose E. Gonzalez to Bernadine S. and Robert J. Fenton, $265,000.

BRIER POND CIR., 2804-Pura Nunez Carrion to Troy Thomas, $250,000.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3407-Shole A. and Kamal H. Shokraei to Fatemeh Fakhar and Ahmad R. Shahnazari, $216,700.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1451-Nadine C. and John J. Pielmeier Jr. to Adriana and Julie Rivas and Manuel Silvera, $239,900.

CARA DR., 12809-Richard K. Mullenax to Luis Lazo, $155,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12064-Marilyn R. Dennis to Michael P. Mallon, $158,000.

CARDIN PL., 15029-Nancy A. Lyall to Dina Benitez and Nelson Rojas, $217,000.

CARDIN PL., 15034-John T. Austin Jr. to Madlene F. Loga and Ramzy T. Azir, $215,000.

CARDIN PL., 15107-Deborah A. Sharpe to Nasarullah Virk, $225,000.

CARLSBAD RD., 14983-Kerryann L. and Peter A. Barr to Kadiatu Sankoh, $211,000.

CARTER LANE, 1630-Berta Irene and Robert L. Frederick to Maria E. Duran and Nelson E. Portillo, $255,000.

CASTLEBRIDGE LANE, 13599-Kenwin Benn to Sabine and Michael Spencer, $379,900.

CATAWBA DR., 12655-Victoria A. and Stephen A. Ladd to Martha J. and John H. Jessup, $399,990.

CEBU ISLAND CT., 3629-Tracy V. Kyle and Scott M. Harelson to Marlene Interiano and Oscar Barrientos, $243,000.

CHAMBORD LANE, 4366-Naomi and Scott Carson to Paula Boulware and Richard Alan Coe, $419,900.

CHANCELLOR DR., 3243-Nancy S. and Holden W. Hewlett to Gianni G. and Kim A. Tonizzo, $489,999.

CHERRYDALE DR., 14835-France Faustino and Luis F.D. Santos to Beatriz and Mario A. Llanos, $181,500.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 14216-Juan Jose Torrico to Eric V. Salgado and Romero Walter N. Saravia, $299,900.

CHICKASAW CT., 12314-Obaidullah Futuri and Fauzia Shafik to J. and Sergio Gonzalez, $235,000.

CHINCOTEAGUE CT., 15250-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Sahra A. Abdi and Ahmed Hersi Issa, $513,610.

CHOCTAW RIDGE CT., 3074-Valeita and Richard A. Naegle to Melissa and Tyron Gautsch, $215,000.

CHRISTY LANE, 3539-Dwayne and Kerry S. Pribik to Carla M. and John P. Gibson, $238,000.

CLAREMONT LANE, 3812-Glovena M. and Brian R. Holder Jr. to Paquita Slade and William D. Gillard, $279,990.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15276-Amanda J. and Greg A. Russell to Rizwan Malik, $171,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15284-Joel Steinberg to Alejandro Vargas, $190,000.

COLBY DR., 12704-Angela C. and David C. Ellis to Margaret T. Kettl, $249,900.

COLBY DR., 12907-David L. Faught to Sender Gudiel, $359,900.

COLONNADE CT., 4812-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Barbara C. and David W. Weddel, $770,454.

COURSE VIEW WAY, 13700-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Teresa S. Ohnysty, $411,280.

COURSE VIEW WAY, 13706-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Kimberly M. Hargis, $420,665.

CRANES BILL WAY, 1348-Manuel Sousa to Kie Cheng and Yi Mei Li, $330,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4144-Michelle A. and Daniel S. Battitori to Yolanda F. Allen, $304,000.

CRITTON CIR., 11710-Betty S. Beyea to Jonathan Williams, $212,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11368-L. Inda Mills and Timothy H. Lough to Justina Onah, $270,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14196, No. 104-Ruth Payne to Dong Cheol Lee, $192,000.

CUMMINGS CT., 14918-Elizabeth Healy and Dewayne W. Mack to Amanda L. and Jonathan M. Dimaggio, $284,900.

CUSTIS ST., 13609-J.M. and Clark C. Taylor to Mark A. Chilli, $445,000.

DARA DR., 12705-Linda C. Hartmann to Sheila M. Pineault, $75,000.

DEEPFORD DR., 2511-Evelyn S. and Carl R. Puuri to Kelly M. and Kurt J. Kitti, $429,900.

DEEPFORD DR., 2721-Janet E. and Thomas Reigle to Ronald and Angela Lynn Barnedo, $339,900.

DERRIFORD CT., 12202-Terese A. and James P. Lothridge to Eric J. Anderson, $306,000.

DESOTO CT., 3916-Linda L. and Malcolm C. Fleming to Angelica D. and Mark A. Adkisson, $288,500.

DORIAN DR., 14827-Geta V. McGill to Derrick L. Penny, $220,000.

DREXEL ST., 2415-Nancy A. and Donne W. Vancampenhout to Jacqueline K. McGuin and Jeffrey S. Tanner, $335,500.

EARLHAM CT., 14658-Lucia C. Brinson to Oscar Rene Diaz, $220,500.

ELDORADO DR., 4303-Julia L. Saunders to Diana and Joshua Pressnell, $279,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14680-Jillian T. Johnson to Margaret Sun, $143,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14736-Luis Pineda to Peter Ordonez, $202,500.

FALLBROOK LANE, 14066-Donna M. and Thomas J. Ianni to Modguer E. and Lidd Q. Nolasco, $203,000.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1451-NVR Inc. to Bernadette and Armi Daniel Pasacsac, $321,590.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1469-NVR Inc. to Ann M. Gacek, $319,540.

FILARETE ST., 14443-Bernice and Earnest Dixon to Darrell C. Dixon, $185,000.

FINDLEY RD., 3901-Javier O. Arancibia to Jose Rivas and Vilma Paz, $248,500.

FORGE DR., 4016-Louise Haley and Paul L. Leardi to Beth A. and Michael L. Haworth, $330,436.

FRANKFURT CT., 3035-Sabrina D. and Richard C. Williams Jr. to Baljit Vohra, $316,000.

FULLERTON RD., 14196-Laura A. Burchell to Atiliana Martinez, $238,000.

GALAPAGOS PL., 15076-Hazel G. and Eric W. Fullford to Kristine and Paul Bailey, $285,000.

GALT CT., 16608-Carlton Brown to JL Investing Corp., $88,500.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1049-Rebecca L. and Donald J. Ingels to Leon N. Dillard, $191,000.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15389-Arvind Madan to Parampal Kaur Randhava and Hardev Singh, $178,000.

GENERAL WASHINGTON DR., 14589-Richmond American Homes to A. and Jerry D. Ingerick, $463,465.

GLENDALE RD., 4306-Sandra and David Hill to Melba D. Ratterree, $240,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12290-Sonia I. Cortes to Lisa D. Pleasant, $175,000.

GRANBY RD., 4116-Margaret B. and Reid Shelton to Jose R. Escobar, $250,000.

GRAYSON RD., 14002-Lucas Juarez to Elmer F. Portillo and Jose N. Arevalo, $253,000.

GRAYTON LANE, 2561-Tomoko and Rodney J. Norton to Cuong Quach, $257,000.

GREENVALE RD., 13436-Pamela J. Little to Lisa L., Diana L. and James G. Sale, $290,000.

GROSBEAK CT., 1506-Vinita L. and Edward J. Sinclair to Suhair Nejim and Robert J. Ludwic, $335,000.

HALLOW WAY CT., 13413-Ana B. and Jorge A. Bustamante to Maria and Manuel Melendez, $270,000.

HEATHER GLEN CT., 1879-Cheryl and Rodney J. Osborne to Rita B. Brooks, $129,000.

HEATHERBROOK CT., 1936-Betty A. Fortune to Jatinder Pal Singh and Gurmeet S. Rana, $252,500.

HERONS RUN LANE, 949-Jennifer A. and Ivan M. Arzola to Qiang Zhou, $329,900.

HERSAND CT., 4706-Barbara B. Khoury and Elie A. Saad to Ana Ruth and Jose Nelson Escobar, $197,000.

HOFFMAN DR., 4220-Lawrence S. Powell to Eric A. Williams, $225,000.

HOLLY VIEW DR., 11987-Sarah and Mark Risso to Michael and Ann Kuhns, $311,000.

IRONHORSE DR., 3155-Wendy S. and Thomas P. Weldon to Helleni P. Donovan, $389,900.

JOUSTERS WAY, 3430-Maria R. and Eligio Cardona to Peter L. Harris Jr., $200,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4322-George T. Fahmy to Sandra Rodriguez and Mario Ramos, $255,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13024-Rodney G. Barnes Jr. to Nolfa Tobar and Robinson Vega, $255,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13205-Thomas Raymond McCallops to Myroslava and Ivan M. Tkhoryk, $250,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13402-Earlene H. and Dwight D. Thompson to Joanna M. Lewis, $232,000.

KETTERMAN CT., 4702-Theresa L. and Thomas L. Sicheri to Michael A. Nies, $300,000.

KETTERMAN DR., 13005-Marta M. and Rene O. Alvarado to Sonia and Juan Campos, $300,000.

KEYSTONE DR., 13318-Leon Wallace to Selvin Ochoa, $260,000.

KEYSTONE DR., 13335-James T. Kelley to Capital Investments Corp., $235,000.

KIDWELL DR., 12922-Regina R. Byrd to Manuel D. and Francisco Anibal Pineda, $262,000.

KING IRON CT., 2737-Judy A. and Kenneth D. Weir to Magdalena Streeter, $316,000.

KINGSLEY RD., 4512-Nancy L. and Michael K. Wiggins to Mirna I. Sosa and Jose S. Argueta Blanco, $275,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13610-Patricia Webbs and Steven R. Howell to Hassania Elmoufouaq, $310,000.

KIRKDALE CT., 13326-Kyra and Farrold L. Stanley to Erika Oneyda Santos, $280,000.

KITTREDGE CT., 13110-Barbara C. and Raymond F. Pavone Jr. to Oved Garcia, $240,000.

KNOLL DR., 4521-Barbara J. and Earl E. Jarrett to Paul R. Christie, $270,000.

KNOLL DR., 4523-Angela K. and Brian R. Peugh to Juan D. Velez and Carlos Boris Miranda, $241,000.

LACONIA CIR., 16037-Mustapha Aboulhouda to Lori and Thomas L. Fitzhugh, $346,100.

LAMBSGATE LANE, 5035-David E. Sippel to Abulhakim Abdi and Munira Mohamed, $218,000.

LEGERE CT., 3483-Gary R. Marbley to Faiza Subzwari, $232,000.

LOCK LOOP, 13460-Mobashra and Athar B. Malik to Enas S. and Jeffrey A. Bell, $215,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12708-Charles B. Roberts to Barymal Ghowrwal, $295,000.

LOMAX WAY, 5434-Tommie A. and Carl I. Campbell to Christy J. and Michael S. Drennan, $350,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 1230-Ruth A. and William M. Spiker to Jose A. Castillo, $250,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2286-Indira M. and Alexis A. Santiago to Melvyn Cifuentes, $308,300.

LOTTE DR., 12705-Stephen J. and Michael J. Majewski to Francis Majewski, $73,000.

LYNBROOK CT., 13632-Cynthia Thomas to James R. Simmons, $209,600.

MACWOOD DR., 5310-Mamie L. and Jesse Simpkins to Mudassar A. Nasir and Ali Imran, $240,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14350-Edna A. and Richard W. Cunningham to Bianka Martinez and Patricio Vasquez, $250,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14374-Mario D. Latney to Maryam, Faisal and Hassan Khan, $240,500.

MALTA ST., 14085-Saima Z. and Z. Gulzar Mirza to Kiran and Hemant Datta, $312,000.

MARINER LANE, 1936-Renee Brown to Melvin Marihugh, $200,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1619-Teresa Contreras and Carlos Olivares to J. Rodriguez, $267,000.

MATHEWS DR., 13947-Edgar B. Campos to Veronica L. Reyes and Luis O. Carranza, $255,000.

MATTAPONY DR., 13925-Patricia A. and John P. Smith to Donna M. and Dryan D. Smith, $240,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2057-Edgar Ordonez to Betty E. Martinez and Joel A. Gonzalez, $240,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13799-James S. and Paul I. Kingsley to Robert N. Wieland, $238,000.

MILBANK RD., 1411-Olga E. Fuentes and Santos R. Arriza to Juan Carlos Rojas, $224,270.

MINNIEVILLE RD., 13526-Betty L. Peade, trustee, to Robert M. Patten, $310,000.

MONUMENT SQ., 803-Karen L. and Paul F. Nigara to Carlos M. Banegas and Marcela E. Taborga, $539,900.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 14015-Gloria A. and Evans C. White to Misaela Samudio and Pedro Gomez, $235,000.

MUSKET CT., 13770-Loretta E. and Lowell V. Easterly to Kulwant S. Sandhu, $290,000.

NELLINGS PL., 11617-Katherine Trinh and William R. Blank to Suzanne Irene Foltz and Eugene Shelling, $305,000.

NELLINGS PL., 11639-Conrad J. Koch to Gerald and Jennifer L. Schulke, $315,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5626-Ridgedale Inc. to Melissa K. and Timothy Weaver Jr., $383,002.

NUTMEG CT., 12231-Ronald D. Mosher to Mary V. and John Timothy Shannon, $220,650.

OAKWOOD DR., 12627-David Oquendo to Margarita E. and Elith S. Parada, $188,000.

OLIVE CT., 6366-Hope and Julius Hammond to Nidia M. and Jose S. Tarcaraya, $395,000.

OLMSTEAD LANE, 16133-Marsha J. and Stanley G. Buchanan III to Kay D. Leisz, $315,000.

OPAL LANE, 13146-Gena P. and Jay H. Major to Rae Ann and Mark A. Hicks, $395,000.

ORLEANS ST., 12976-Meredith A. and L. Brent Phillips to Karyn L. Greisen, $300,000.

OXBOW CT., 6431-Jacqueline and James W. Norris to Leslie B. and Brian J. Lyttle, $414,900.

PACKARD DR., 13308-Sun N. and Soung Y. Kim to Masooda Safi, $418,000.

PAMELA CT., 13511-Joseph D. and Ada M. Railey to Ramon Munoz, $330,000.

PANORAMA DR., 16828-Freestone Partnership to Jeffrey M. and Monika H. Young, $397,600.

PEARSON DR., 4771-Joanne F. and Jeffrey E. Smith to Nardy F. and David D. Smith, $348,000.

PEPPERIDGE CT., 3953-Premier Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Anju and Dhruba Sharma, $250,500.

PEPPERIDGE CT., 3980-James S. Faulkner to Carolyn S. Salata, $252,500.

PLUMWOOD LANE, 5933-Nancy L. and David Dumas Stokes to Kelly R. Shiflett and Eric A. Bunn, $333,000.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12569-Jan P. Layton and George Barchuk to Heather Nikol Slade, $200,000.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1925-Bala Maria and Limford Go to Robin Kweifio, $229,000.

POWDER HORN TER., 1750-Kirsten D. and Robert E. Slade Jr. to Joanne S. Showers, $53,966.

POWDER HORN TER., 1763-Rocheen Dawn Pearson to Gigi Schneppat and Bruce Grant, $182,500.

PRESIDIO WAY, 12147-Jennifer L. Syrv and Derek A. Kerlavage to Tonia E. and Perry W. Thornton, $243,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13520-William D. Jr. and Lisa A. Hegele Miller to Janet M. Currier and Gilbert F. Roberts Jr., $240,000.

PYXIE WAY, 2025-Maryam Arsala to Tim P. Lao, $495,000.

QUANN LANE, 13114-Meera and Kris Menon to Kim Taylor, $225,000.

QUANN LANE, 13140-Wendy R. and Anthony E. Dicola Jr. to Pamela A. Reynolds, $215,000.

QUILLER CT., 5004-Ridgedale Inc. to Frances M. and Richard Antonio Battle Sr., $590,111.

QUILLER PL., 5000-Ridgedale Inc. to Halima and Mahmood Mahmoodi, $568,405.

QUINN LANE, 5402-Dena Sue and Dean Blair Jaques III to Thomas C. Townsend, $455,000.

RED BIRD LANE, 3913-Ann M. and Lynn L. Snyder to Dana L. and Robert W. Hummer, $389,950.

REESE CT., 12937-Heidi Armbrister to Lisa Arenivaz and Sean Humbarger, $225,000.

REGENT CT., 14201-Lisa P. and Mark Bednar to Bryan M. Dissinger and Christine R. Myers, $331,550.

REVILLO LOOP, 13266-Lizbeth D. and Gary S. Fountain to Malik and Denise Qayyum, $280,000.

REXBURG CT., 13934-Prisciliano Fajardo and Julian Velasquez to Melissa A. and Brian P. O'Neil, $395,950.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5778-Chris L. Motton to Janice Matos and Neldo Suarez, $330,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 5856-Mark Lee Yedinak to Kimberly R. Hale, $310,000.

ROCHELLE CT., 1776-Ramon and Olga L. Martinez to Jeong Soon Lee, $232,500.

ROCKSBURY LANE, 5741-Rebecca A. and Charles T. McFarlin to Danilo and Grevil D. Cruz, $315,000.

ROYAL CT., 16570-Shirley M. Samuel to Jose Torres Lazo, $195,000.

RUXTON DR., 5825-Maria L. and Luis P. Carneiro to Habercio Mendez and Noemi Quinteros Cruz, $355,000.

RYECLIFF CT., 4600-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Helen I. and William McGoldrick, $795,900.

SCOTCH CT., 2211-Jesus R. Eparza and Ruben Martinez to Sallie B. and Kirk M. Spangenberg, $315,000.

SEAFORD CT., 12226-Patricia G. Henson to Marjorie J. Funston, $285,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 3060-Abdulla Al Socotry to Solomon Yilma, $255,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4719-Susan and Donald Maeyer to Shemaine M. Bailey and Larry D. Scott, $185,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4720-Gloria Depaz and Leo A. Ayala to Paul Sheppard, $230,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4726-Jeymy Quiroga and Jose L. Hernandez to Marvin O. Santos, $201,000.

SPARROW CT., 4523-Celina M. and Matthew H. Smith to John D. Lavigne, $242,000.

SPARROW CT., 4530-Joanne K. and John D. Ruffner to James C. Jr. and Denise K. Tabron, $208,000.

STACYS RIDGE CT., 15401-NVP Inc. to Debbie and Jeffrey V. Ferlazzo, $713,972.

STAGGS CT., 13204-Robin O. Borum to Eduardo Aguilar, $239,000.

STAGGS CT., 13210-Antonia and William Segovia to Francisco Martinez, $250,000.

SUNNY BROOK CT., 3931-Don A. Haverstock to Joshua Silver, $214,000.

SWEET GUM CT., 2843-Donna M. and James A. Williamson to Donna M. and Stephen Moore, $464,000.

SWIFT STREAM CT., 2047-Raja and Meera Viswanathan to Khai and Long Hoa Nguyen, $249,900.

SYLVAN MOOR LANE, 2539-Parthenia L. Matterson to Araya Y. Woldhiwot and Rita Tesfaye Mirra, $264,900.

TAG CT., 6150-Helen Scott to Hugo Salinas Andrade, $335,000.

TECUMSEH CT., 3100-Sally A. and Albert L. Verstreet to Libby R. and John J. Granigan, $225,000.

TICKET WAY, 6050-Ridgedale Inc. to Wayne D. and Shavonna B. Lear, $238,392.

TITANIA WAY, 12914, No. 76-Gregory Salera and Steve W. Buckner to Colleen, Daniel and Paul Perry, $248,000.

TORCHLIGHT DR., 13023-Barbara J. and Gregory A. Lydell to Tina F. and James A. Minor Jr., $386,000.

TRAVERSER CT., 15585-Kevin Jerome Hawkins to Sean L. Reney, $200,000.

TRIDENT LANE, 6136-Martina E. and Willie Lee Smith to Nicole and Matthew Kurdziolek, $198,000.

TROIKA CT., 11801-Nancy and James W. McDonald to Kathleen A. and John Eric King, $499,000.

VARSITY DR., 1714-Mary E. Chisnell to Alan L. Lindley, $235,900.

VESTAL ST., 737-Neighborhoods Corp. to You Sun Nam and Jooyun Cha, $383,644.

VINEYARD WAY, 13122-Kimberly L. and Jerry J. Blanchard to Damoa L. Okae and Constance A. Anochie, $240,000.

WERTZ DR., 3865-Carolyn A. and Robert A. Sichler to Paulette and Marcus P. House, $397,500.

WETHERBURN CT., 2953-Shafqat Satti to Bernardo Mendoza, $200,000.

WIGGLESWORTH WAY, 1732-Josefa Morata Delrosario to Michael W. Souder, $250,000.

WIMBLEY LANE, 12648-Esther and Maurice Emile Turcotte to Joshua D. Westfall and Denise R. Hermes, $317,000.

WIMBLEY LANE, 12652-J.V., Kathleen and John V. Neill Jr. to Hilary A. and Guy M. Vanderlinden, $269,950.

WINDING LOOP, 14734-Stephanie M. and Tony J. Craddock Sr. to Hamida Ghani, $227,500.

WINDY LEAF CT., 13208-Amy E. and William S. Foster to Traci S. and Michael L. Haggard, $475,000.

WOODWAY PL., 4647-Jimmie R. Clinkscales to Bertha and Juan Cesar Guevarra, $200,000.

WYNDALE CT., 3264-Kenneth E. and Myra G. Cake to Charlotte W. and Warren B. Martin, $170,000.

YORK DR., 2001-Marvin A.O. Martinez and Rosa A. Ortiz to Maritza and Linton Suarez, $262,500.