Civista Medical Center

AUG. 19

Connor Joseph Wojeckowski, a son, to Carol and John Wojeckowski of White Plains.

AUG. 23

Christopher Riley McLaughlin, a son, to Rhonda and Michael McLaughlin of Hughesville.

Roger Barry Scaife and Terry Lynn Scaife, a twin son and daughter, to Rhonda and Roger Scaife of Waldorf.

Dillon Richard Prestidge, a son, to Kimberly and Dave Prestidge of Welcome.

AUG. 24

Aramis Abenicio Antonio Sanchez, a son, to Kari and Michael Sanchez of Waldorf.

Alyssa Beth Hancock, a daughter, to Darla and Brian Hancock of Waldorf.

Troyana Antonette Carroll-Gaines, a daughter, to Crystal Gaines and Troy Carroll of Indian Head.

AUG. 25

Cameron Edward Kirscht, a son, to Jennifer and Edward Kirscht of Abell.

Bae'Nysa LaNae Marie Montgomery, a daughter, to Raven Brown and Charles Montgomery of La Plata.

Evan William Lusby, a son, to Michelle Finocchiaro and Richard Lusby of White Plains.

Neelam Amish Shah, a daughter, to Arpana and Amish Shah of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 26

Nathan Patrick Hands, a son, to Charisse Montrose and Joseph Hands III of La Plata.

Evan Joseph Small, a son, to Luanne and John Small of Waldorf.

Marissa Michelle Thomas, a daughter, to Mary and Irvin Thomas of Mechanicsville.

Kasey Aidan O'Brien, a son, to Charity Tennison and Michael O'Brien of Waldorf.

AUG. 27

Nathan Alan Caldwell, a son, to Tabatha and Charles Caldwell of Newburg.

Thomas Vincent Booth III, a son, to Jasmine Butler and Thomas V. Booth Jr. of Indian Head.

AUG. 30

Logan Lars Klingman, a son, to Christy and Matt Klingman of Waldorf.

Ashleigh Faith Brown, a daughter, to Jennifer and Tom Brown of Charlotte Hall.

William Rueben Owens, a son, to Cecilia and David Owens of Charlotte Hall.

AUG. 31

Melanie Jean Shipman, a daughter, to Melissa and Randy Shipman of Charlotte Hall.

Logan Reese Simmons, a son, to Kristin and David Simmons of La Plata.

Dominick Logan Purdham, a son, to Valerie Stone and James Purdham of Waldorf.


Robert Franklin Hartman Jr., a son, to Constance Hinshaw and Robert Hartman of Mechanicsville.


Adrian Daniel Bast, a son, to Lisa and Bill Bast of Waldorf.

Jack Lane Goodwin, a son, to Bethany and Bob Goodwin of Port Tobacco.

Juliana Elisabeth Augustine, a daughter, to Jennifer and James Augustine of Mechanicsville.


Kallyn Summer Gold, a daughter, to Shayna and Jacob Gold of White Plains.


Courtney Alyssa Savoy, a daughter, to Melissa and Wayne Savoy of Indian Head.


Jenna Elizabeth McCowan, a daughter, to Julie and Joel McCowan of Port Tobacco.

Madisen Lottie Abramson, a daughter, to Fay Connelly and Michael Abramson of Mechanicsville.

Robert Paul Dautrich, a son, to Heather and William B. Dautrich III of La Plata.

Rohan Orlando Lloyd Davy Jr., a son, to Carol Barnes and Rohan Davy of Waldorf.


Leiyahna Sanay Makle, a daughter, to Sonya Andrade and Kristopher Makle of Waldorf.


Dina Veronica Jones, a daughter, to Hilda and Melvin Jones of Waldorf.

Miranda Kelly Pagliocchini, a daughter, to Anita McFarland and Kelly Pagliocchini of Waldorf.

Zachary Matthew Janes, a son, to Elizabeth and Gregory Janes of Waldorf.

SEPT. 12

Tessah Michele Good, a daughter, to Holly and Todd Good of Ironsides.

Joseph Nelson Rieman, a son, to Brooke and Joseph Rieman of La Plata.

SEPT. 13

Ethan Andrew Sweigart and Evan Joseph Sweigart, sons, to Jayme and Brian Sweigart of Bryans Road.

Daryus Lahmon Henderson, a son, to Danielle and Austin Henderson of La Plata.

SEPT. 14

Kevin Wil Cougler, a son, to Tonya and Kevin Cougler of Waldorf.

Chloe Anne Clagg, a daughter, to Heather Atchison and Kyle Clagg of Owings.

Kamryn Alexis Carbonneau, a daughter, to Chasity Davis and Brandon Carbonneau of Pomfret.

Samantha Marie Vigneault and Alexander Joseph Vigneault, a twin daughter and son, to Laura and Joseph Vigneault of Waldorf.

SEPT. 15

Mara Jade Wright, a daughter, to Laura and Matthew Wright of Waldorf.

Mackenzie Frances Fox, a daughter, to Becky Sinsel and Carlin Fox of La Plata.

Jenna Kimberly Frenz, a daughter, to Ellen Mix and Jason Frenz of Waldorf.

Gavin Levi Palmer, a son, to Sherri and Jason Palmer of Nanjemoy.

Emma Marie Mais, a daughter, to Samantha and Matthew Mais of Mechanicsville.

Kyle Thomas Heeter, a son, to Dawn Evans and Thomas Heeter of Waldorf.

Byron Michael Booker, a son, to Wheknown and Thomas Booker of Waldorf.

SEPT. 16

Elijah Wendell Stewart, a son, to Adrianne Moore and Thomas Stewart of Waldorf.

SEPT. 17

Kyndal Paije McClanahan, a daughter, to Marcy and Charles McClanahan of Mechanicsville.

Ashley Marie Whitley and Robert Barton Whitley Jr., a twin daughter and son, to Rebecca and Robert Whitley of Charlotte Hall.

SEPT. 18

ShaVonne Tianna Hagens, a daughter, to Paula Swann and Brent Hagens of La Plata.

St. Mary's Hospital

AUG. 23

Matthew Dean Buriok, a son, to Rebecca and Michael Buriok of Lusby.

Tamia Shenise Hill, a daughter, to Takiera Thomas and Tony Hill of Leonardtown.

Ja'mya Raye Nelson, a daughter, to Karmen King and James Nelson of Lexington Park.

AUG. 25

Jonathan Byrl Guy, a son, to Crystal Morgan and Ernest Guy of Mechanicsville.

Victoria Lei Smith, a daughter, to Angela Starliper and Jesse Smith of California.

AUG. 27

Gabriel Robert Schwarz, a son, to Christel and Aaron Schwarz of Lexington Park.

AUG. 28

Gracie Lynn Hermann, a daughter, to Angela and Chad Hermann of Hollywood.

Geoffrey Thomas Shaffer, a son, to June and Robin Shaffer of Tall Timbers.


Nicholas Ryan Callander, a son, to Angela and Marvin Callander of Callaway.


Angelina Johanna Miles, a daughter, to Billyjo Barnes and John Miles of Lexington Park.


Dyllion Lookous Clarke, a son, to Shannon Hollingsworth and James Clarke of Hollywood.


Isiaih Woodland, a son, to Latoya Woodland and Charles Plater of Great Mills.


Kerri Ann Thompson, a daughter, to Kelly Norris and Daryl Thompson of Hollywood.

Anthony David Hayes, a son, to Heather Hayes of Mechanicsville.


Blake Edward Butler, a son, to Kira and Carl Butler of Mechanicsville.

Yusuf Ali, a son, to Rebecca and Omar Ali of Lexington Park.


Ethan Lester Grau, a son, to Katherine Evans and Nathan Grau of Piney Point.

Lillian Ruth Yeatman, a son, to Sharol and Jesse Yeatman of Dameron.

Cameron D. Hall, a son, to Krista Hall of Hughesville.

SEPT. 10

Brandon Matthew Wathen, a son, to Jennifer and Junior Wathen of Leonardtown.

Harleigh Darlene Little, a daughter, to Donna Loden and John Little of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 11

Carmen Nicole Jackson, a daughter, to Julie and Joe Jackson of Hollywood.

Joseph Michael Magno, a son, to Jessica and James Magno of Leonardtown.

Layla Mackenzie Buckler, a daughter, to Elizabeth and Andrew Buckler of Charlotte Hall.

SEPT. 12

Darrin Paul Hostman, a son, to Jennifer and Paul Hostman of Lexington Park.

Jaysen Theodore Stevens, a son, to Kimberlee and Isaac Stevens of Great Mills.

SEPT. 13

Joseph Paul Adams Jr., a son, to Melanie and Joseph P. Adams Sr. of Clements.

Tayler Sania Spence, a daughter, to Marinita Holland and David Spence of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 14

Emily Breeana Heier, a daughter, to Crystal and Horst Heier of Mechanicsville.

SEPT. 17

Nathan Allen Tippett, a son, to Kimberly and Jesse Tippett of Leonardtown.

Stephanie Luisa Encarnacion, a daughter, to Stoianka and Edward Encarnacion of Lexington Park.

Lillie Mae LaVorgna, a daughter, to Jennifer Windsor and Donald LaVorgna of St. Leonard.