The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BRAEBURN LANE, 2767-Paul M. and Robin L. Golway to Claire M. and Lynda M. Cheseldine, $225,000.

BROOKESIDE CT., 6408-Danny L. and Glenda J. Harbin to Kay and David Impiccini, $271,500.

C ST., 7624-Eleanor A. and Richard A. Dement to William H. and Karen B. Martin, $82,000.

DE FOREST DR., 7814-Nicole C. and John L. Windsor to Julie K. Sharp, $275,000.

17TH ST., 4006-Betty L. Niederer to Tonia L. Parent, $400,000.

Dunkirk Area

APPLE WAY, 2612-Raymond T. and Cathleen A. Giunta to Luis A. Maldonado and Pamela G. Gary, $377,000.

CORTLAND LANE, 9623-Evan Karns Slaughenhoupt Jr. to Rodney S. Leeber, $314,900.

KING DR., 3405-Earl E. and Virginia White to Kelly M. and Joseph W. Harris, $385,000.

TWO SISTERS LANE, 10932-Kurt R. Guyer to Frances S. and Charles T. Worth, $425,000.

Huntingtown Area

STONE DR., 1680-Todd Brandon and Jennifer Boswell to Stephanie J. and Christopher C. Breme, $419,999.

Lusby Area

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12391-Jessica L. and Thomas A. Redding to Robert A. Bowen, $158,000.

COWPOKE CIR., 11652-Joseph R. Skyler Yetter to Brian McDaniel, $145,000.

LAZY RIVER RD., 747-Jennifer L. Price to Jessica and James M. Gray, $135,000.

LIGHTHOUSE BLVD., 3185-Craig E. Baumann to Linda A. and Stephen V. Seymour, $215,500.

PERRY LANE, 7355-Jean and Charles Buchanan Swann Jr. to Kim S. and Douglas R. Farrow, $475,000.

ROUND UP RD., 410-Benjamin E. and Lynda M. Adams to Martha B. and Charles E. Bowen Jr., $160,000.

STAGECOACH CIR., 1176-Anita M. and Franklin L. Simpson Jr. to Henry Laynell Thaggert III, $555,000.

Owings Area

LOWER MARLBORO RD., 3910-Brett W. and Anna M.C. Willman to Maureen Aubrey, $329,500.

Prince Frederick Area

CALVERT TOWNE RD., 160-Patricia A. Harrison to Edward J. Driscoll trust, $300,000.

HALLOWING POINT RD., 2471-Bruce F. Rider to Thomas E. Hobbs, $188,000.

Solomons Area

CLIPPER CIR., 13204-Richard and Mary Ann Gunza to George Lombardo and Maureen V. Auld, $205,900.

STOWAWAY CT., 13472-Jeffrey P. and Teresa M. Kubin to Debra A. and Steven C. Ferwerda, $200,000.

St. Leonard Area

ARALIA AVE., 6733-Michael D. and Sandy V. Fields to Erin Murphy and Ryan Edger, $154,100.

FLORAL CT., 1042-Weems Custom Building Inc. to Pamela K. and Robert L. Walker, $199,900.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

SPICEWOOD RUN, 8950-Kimberly A. and Jeffrey S. Bagarus to Craig A. Scherer, $329,900.

Bryans Road Area

CHESTER AVE., 1560-Mildred H. Kolstrom to Frank Monopoli, $160,000.

Cobb Island Area

ATKINSON RD., 16845-George R. Austin to Gary S. Beall III, $118,600.

DUVALL DR., 17894-Candyce M. and Jeffrey A. Thomas to Michael B. Collins, $159,383.


Prince Frederick Road Area

LEONARDTOWN RD., 9050-Brenda J. and Levi M. Kuhn to Adam S. Polikoff, $258,000.

Indian Head Area

GLYMONT CREST RD., 3855-Angelia and Lonnie Herron to James E. Smith, $177,000.

INDIAN HEAD HWY., 6530-Dottie D. Taylor to Wen Zhang, $300,000.

OAK ST., 8-Matthew A. Mitchell to John W. Logan, $163,000.

SHELTON CT., 9-Victoria L. Browne to Chante Cameron, $120,000.

Issue Area

WOLLASTON CIR., 11337-Judy M. and Martin J. Halloran to Theresa and James Hilsdon, $59,950.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11372-Claudia M. and William E. Winters Jr. to Patuxent Preferred Properties Corp., $60,000.

La Plata Area

AMBERLEIGH LANE, 12710-Edith L. and Robert R. Miller to Christine Rodriguez, $360,000.

LILY CT., 5320-Philip A. and Lois S. Bohne to Rebecca and Christopher Broadwater, $260,000.

LITTLE CREEK LANE, 88-Theodore Morgan to Derico Prout and Angela C. Cooksey, $134,900.

MAY DAY ST., 9520-James E. and Donna L. Rickett to Richard Pence and Deborah Dobson, $399,900.

QUAIL LANE, 119-Raymond J. and Mary T. Robinson to William and Joan E. Sloan, $310,000.

Nanjemoy Area

IRONSIDES RD., 9325-Kathy L. Passmore to Brett J. Graves, $165,000.


Rock Point Road Area

CHANNELVIEW DR., 12416-Evangeline V. and Cecil B. Ward to Erika J. Bowen, $179,000.

St. Charles Area

ALL HALLOWS CT., 2008-Cynthia A. Johnson to Beth A. and Dwayne L. Williams, $169,900.

CHAPELSIDE CT., 2060-Gary P. and Phyllis R. Schwartz to Vonetta and Ardennie A. Farquharson, $265,000.

COPLEY AVE., 867-Agnes M. Butler to Darren C. Malloy and Latosha Rich, $225,000.

FERBANE CT., 8-Jane L. Johnson to Jessica S. Bahls, $178,500.

GARNER AVE., 412-James R. Garlock Sr. to Jeana R. and Timothy S. Stanley, $209,900.

KEEPSAKE PL., 40-John S. and Margaret E. Harding to Leslie and Joseph F. Weingarden IV, $110,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 4016-Gillian O. and John P. White to Harry W. Field, $185,000.

PARKER CT., 4057-Donette R. and Jacob W. Eisenhardt to Deborah R. Wells, $183,400.

PECAN CT., 3709-Tina R. Vliet and Fidel R. Rivera to Gary P. Vanmeter Jr., $212,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2579-Kimberly S. Spangler to Edmund Rhynes, $124,000.

UNDERWOOD CT., 4822-James R. Rollins to Renita K. and Jermaine L. Harley, $124,000.

Waldorf Area

ASHFORD CIR., 10654-Matthew J. and Shelley L. Przybocki to Erin M. Stine and Gregory H. Yim, $350,000.

BASS CT., 5034-Erika D. Mason to Carolina and Edward Davies, $264,900.

BRIDLE PATH DR., 2262-Mary Striegel to Jacquelyn E. and William A. Jay, $249,950.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5011-Rick A. and Kelly D. Matney Schultz to Lilian E. and Frank Davila, $200,000.

DORSET DR., 1025-Dennis A. Beauclair to Jose D. Martinez, $145,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2503-Paul Jr. and Janice B. Dowe to Yoki and John F. Jeffers Jr., $192,000.

FAIRVIEW CT., 8405-Dennis L. and Barbara Y. Cooksey to Mercedes E. and Gene A. Emory, $297,000.

FLAGFISH CT., 5308-Rosa M. Roldan Torres to Elizabeth A. and Randy J. Dick, $240,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11316-Frank L. and Rhonda K. D'Angelo to Leona M. and John J. Munley, $205,000.

HARBOR SEAL CT., 6020-Tondalaya Williams to Suzanna C. and Bradley F. Tischler, $289,000.

HERON PL., 11213-Kathleen S. and Mark E. Riley to Gerald R. Marosek, $195,000.

HOLLY OAK CT., 2203-Cheyenne D. and Beate Wilson to R.N. Harris Stith and Kwame K. Stith, $216,000.

MURRE CT., 11824-Teresa M. and John T. Ashburn to Surjit Singh, $320,000.

PINE CONE CIR., 3955-Eduando C. and Lee Frances Henriquez to Notosha A. and Joseph D. Duckett, $135,000.

PINEFIELD CIR., 3204-Gertrude C. Krause to Diane McNiff and Walter E. Childress, $239,900.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5718-Abran and Zenaida R. Hernandez to Angela D. and Eric M. Salce, $159,900.

TACOMA PL., 2384-Karen W. and Troy S. Hullander to Antoine L. and Lashanda T. Jones, $253,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 786-Jason M. and Michelle Reid to Donna R. and Steven A. West, $210,000.

WALNUT CT., 3429-Frank D. and Beverly A. Kerns to Jeanette V. Booser and Dawn R. David, $121,500.

WESTDALE CT., 3319-Dale W. Chambers to Theresa J. Kurtz, $152,000.

White Plains Area

TAHOE PL., 4046-Lasean D. Young to Nathaniel Scott Jr., $212,000.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

ABELL RD., 21384-Frederick F. Smith Jr. to Bethany D. and James C. Prebble Jr., $215,000.

California Area

REDBUD LANE, 44090-Philip G. and Darla A. Restivo to Cathy Leah and Nicholas J. Hall, $225,000.

ROSEWOOD CT., 23243, No. 3-C-Thomas J. Kleiber to Christopher G. Cruz, $100,000.

SUGAR MAPLE CT., 23309, No. 9A-Paul D. Christoffers to Paul A. Sullivan and Benjamin W. Hamilton, $74,900.

Great Mills Area

GREENVIEW CT., 22420-Carl H. Lammers Jr. to Mark S. Laubach, $110,000.

LONGFIELDS VILLAGE DR., 45618-Earlie Evin Beck II to William T. Jago, $153,000.

ST. JOSEPHS CIR., 22127-Craig Boyko to Lynda S. Foster, $140,000.

Hollywood Area

BLACKISTONE CIR., 45071-Jacquelyn Lee Cooke to Timothy D. Reese, $87,000.

HUCKLEBERRY WAY, 23277-Harold Rodney Thompson to Wildewood Residential Corp., $415,000.

LEENER LANE, 43425-Ken L. and Eileen C. Myers to Clifford E. and Shelley Peterson, $420,000.

PARADISE LANE, 24690-J. Matthew Gambrill to Barbara L. and Michael K. McCall, $83,000.

SECRETARIATE DR., 24925-Teresa L. Hester Dettmer to Kevin L. Akers, $225,000.

SECRETARIATE DR., 25005-Kevin L. Akers to Tracie and Paul M. Crowley II and Gerald E. and Patricia A. Thomas, $185,000.

Leonardtown Area

LAKE CECIL LANE, 39899-St. Clements Woods Partnership to Shenandoah D. Benton and Christopher M. Bender, $169,995.

Lexington Park Area

CAMBRIDGE AVE., 21355-Bellamy Dyson to JP Morgan Chase Bank, $65,000.

ELM CT., 45784-Jeffrey Robert Dunlap to Michael A. Martin, $225,000.

MARY MARGARET CT., 21402-Phillip A. and Sarah Lynn Macias to Billie Jeanne and Michael R. Perry, $253,300.

SNOW HILL MANOR RD. N., 20064-Robert Elmer Guest to Robert D. Smith, $180,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 47446-Jessica L. Proctor to Michael P. Pearson, $98,500.

SPRUCE DR., 45685-Jay L. Elliott to Laura E. and Blake C. Wilkinson, $218,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BAPTIST CHURCH RD., 27625-Aaron Richardson to Kelli Lee Hill and Joseph E. Goldsborough, $205,000.

DOGWOOD LANE, 27087-Douglas S. Courtney to Jo Dee M. Hutton and Moise Devillier III, $210,000.

FRIENDSHIP SCHOOL RD., 25869-Samuel Westley Smith III to John A. Farr, $260,000.

MANOR DR., 42357-Hannah Deborah Mossman to Jaime L. Grusholt and Joshua E. Reithmeyer, $160,400.

ST. MARY'S AVE., 28440-James Lee Ragan to Ryan Michael Epstein, $150,015.

TWILA LANE, 28041-Lori Jones to Roy M. and John and Diane Lee Jones, $169,600.

Piney Point Area

SHORE DR., 44911-Raymond Sapp Construction Inc. to Sandra A. and Stephen M. Greeley, $300,900.