Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.



Alexis Josephine-Leona Bond, a daughter, to Erica Lyn and David Paul Bond of Woodbine.

Luke Edward Mitchell, a son, to Cindy and Harry Mitchell of North Potomac.


Brian Lucas Boyd, a son, to Jacquelin Cissel and Brian L. Boyd of Poolesville.

Emefa Bakhita Yawa Awouya, a daughter, to Afiyo Agbadan and Elolo Felix Awouya of Gaithersburg.

Emily Pham, a daughter, to Trang L. Dinh and Long B. Pham of Rockville.

Maxwell Phillip Wirtz, a son, to Amy Elizabeth and Phillip Loren Wirtz of Silver Spring.


Kayla L. Basilio, a daughter, to Kristine and Jeffrey Basilio of Gaithersburg.

Jaidyn Angelina Bland, a daughter, to Angela Cain and David Bland of Germantown.

Kyle Nathanael Bumgardner, a son, to Michelle and Todd Bumgardner of Frederick.

Elaine Jasmine Cheng, a daughter, to Xue-Juan Zhang and Jen-Hao Cheng of Gaithersburg.


Anthony Jovanny Santos, a son, to Karla Elizabeth Gonzalez and Roberto Carlos Barillas-Santos of Gaithersburg.


Maya Abiy, a daughter, to Azeb and Abiy Zewde of Montgomery Village.

Frances Jean Freyder, a daughter, to Tory Michelle Taylor and Mary Jean Freyder of Takoma Park.

Rebecca Caroline Jeffries, a daughter, to Amy Susannah Parsons and William Worthington Jeffries of Gaithersburg.


Gabriella Skye Riggs, a daughter, to Janice Marie and Anthony Dennell Riggs of Germantown.

Vachel Riche Thevenot, a daughter, to Syteria Cristine Field and Ronald Chadwick Thevenot of Washington.


Sean Avery Devonish-Prince, a son, to Avery L. Kelly and Shawn P. Devonish-Prince of Germantown.

Christina Marie DeFiore, a daughter, to Denise Marie DeFiore of Rockville.

Yvette Tikki Dibonge, a daughter, to Hannah and Rudolf Dibonge of Germantown.

Sofia Patricia Ghosh, a daughter, to Joan Sylvia Gorena and Peter Swarup Ghosh of Silver Spring.

Kayla Reese Ruppert, a daughter, to Kristie and Robert Ruppert of Mount Airy.


Louise Ruth Melchizedek, a daughter, to Emilia Nchung Tabe and Mel Melchizedek of Rockville.

Norah Abigail Rothman, a daughter, to Anne Elizabeth and Jeffrey Ross Rothman of Rockville.


Victoria Kalista, a daughter, to Mandy and Bill Kalista of Woodbine.

Lawrence Wang Liu, a son, to Ping Wang and Fenglong Liu of Gaithersburg.

Edwin Geovanny Oviedo Meyers, a son, to Carmen M. Meyers and Edwin Geovanny Oviedo Nunez of Rockville.

Christopher James Reed, a son, to Maureen Ruth and James David Reed of Damascus.

Camille Florence Thomas, a daughter, to Elizabeth Lane and Milton Burrell Thomas of Clarksburg.

SEPT. 10

Maxwell Gavan Cabrera, a son, to August Cora and David E. Cabrera of Silver Spring.

Isabella Mia Foelsch, a daughter, to Heidy Paola and Marc Daniel Foelsch of Gaithersburg.

Zaira Jollene Rehman, a daughter, to Erin Nicole Clements and Zaheer Rehman of Rockville.

Ty Michael Reyes, a son, to Laurie Nelson and Tarik Michael Reyes of Urbana.

SEPT. 11

Marquix Alan Hamilton, a son, to Constance Yvette and Justin Eric Hamilton of Gaithersburg.

Paula Louise Q. Lacsamana, a daughter, to Cynthia Quidric and Lewis Lacsamana of Rockville.

Kobe Duane Neal, a son, to Kenya Charlee and Antoine Duane Neal of Frederick.

Milenko Petar Stojkovic, a son, to Meredith Rae and Petar Milenko Stojkovic of Bethesda.


SEPT. 17

Ivka Segulja Boguszewski, a daughter, to Susanna Segulja and Kerry Boguszewski of Silver Spring.

Kayla Irene Mullen, a daughter, to Tara Jo and Charles William Mullen of Silver Spring.

Vanessa Diane Trybus, a daughter, to Andrea Diane Novotny and David Noone Trybus of Frederick.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL