The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

HUNTING COVE PL., 1803-Paul A. and Jeanne E. Vander Myde to Gregory M. and Judith K. Pensabene, $1.2 million.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6631, No. 709-Richard J. Whalen and S.F. Whalen to Anna B. Dollins, $250,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5207-Russell L. Poling to Gladys Yeboah, $392,000.

BINGLEY RD., 6005-A. Bangura to P. Melendez, $307,000.

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6540-Jeffrey J. Kestner to Teddy R. Johnson, $275,000.

BUSH HILL DR., 6009-Kenneth Wakeman and Cynthia C. Osborn to Aurora and Ignacio Castaneda, $470,000.

DEER GAP CT., 6629-Donald R. and Rose M. Werner to Esther Pinchasin, $284,975.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5909-Helen Melinsky and Rita M. Setlock to Sebastien Monnet, $245,000.

GENTLE CT., 3304-Alan Miles and Jeanne R. MacDougall to Kerry A. and Katherine A. McCabe, $395,000.

GLENWOOD MEWS DR., 5627-Kenneth A. and Diana M. Pierro to Catherine M., Crystal R. and Timothy Sherer, $363,100.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6839-George T. Stroup to Brandon M. Newton, $230,000.

JOUST LANE, 6057-Stephanie E. Burgoyne to Janet Yip, $309,900.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5609-Constance M. Greene to Daniel P. and Michele B. Hennessey, $305,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6903-Amir Hirsh to Harry E. Procter, $215,000.

Annandale Area

ASHLEY GLEN RD., 7802-Alice A. Bevan to Robin M. and Louise S. Rajack, $368,500.

BONNIE DR., 8603-William and Irene Kaslaitis to Dorothy and Frank H. Christopher, $375,000.

KLOMAN ST., 4010-William F. and Jean D. Arnst to Melville and Donna Q. Yudkin, $375,000.

THORNTON ST., 4017-Bill J. and Karen Polizos to Olga Brazhnik, $400,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3312, No. 31-Boksoon A. Yi to Said Samghouli, $172,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LEESBURG PIKE, 6137, No. 103-Patricia A. Breichner to Syed Hussain and Tasnim A. Hussain, $138,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 422-Helen G. Franco to Kashif and Ahmer Tarar, $240,000.

RIO DR., 3245-Elena Vidrascu and Radu S. Vidrascu to Fatima H. Jabrane, $135,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 310S-Hamed Wali to Hakim Zeidan and Raja Hewari, $143,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1016W-Dora M. Aguado and Jennifer C. Leung to Marcus H. Sgro, $205,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 2401N-Patrick S. Kim to Robert P. Johns, $216,000.

Burke Area

APLOMADO DR., 5839-Janice Willis to Jean H. Belfort and Chea K. Belfort, $300,000.

FALLING BROOK DR., 6331-Carl C. and Patricia A. Hartung to Angela M. and Michael R. Nyberg, $481,000.

GABON CT., 9826-Edward Risberg and Ieva M. Risberg to Ruben V. Flor and Zulma Figueroa Flor, $250,000.

MARTINS LANDING CT., 6147-Jason and Lurline Trizna to John D. Mingione, $200,000.

OAK LADDER CT., 5823-Jason L. Becker to John A. and Joyce H. Becker, $255,000.

OLD LANDING WAY, 6028, No. 22-Adela Hunter to Daniel J. Cornell, $215,000.

Centreville Area

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13915-Steven M. and Annerose K. Clifford to Kwang H. Yun, $303,000.

BARREN SPRING CT., 13680-Karen O. Gwinner and Leevern L. Gwinner to Patrick and Christopher Batu, $269,900.

CENTREVILLE F RD., 5112-Pulte Home Corp. to Andrew L. Chan, $374,800.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14305, No. 205-Rachel A. Paul and Christian A. Peabody to Norman A. and John T. Harris, $205,000.

COMPTON LANE, 6938-Phillip J. and Dana A. Bryan to Benjamin S. and Tobi D. Rowland, $268,500.

CRANOKE ST., 14846-Woodrow W. and Maria A. Herring to Nina T. Tsui and Michael F. Lew, $318,000.

CRENSHAW DR., 14625-David W. and Karen A.K. Utter to Myong G. and Chong M. Kim, $350,000.

GREEN TRAILS CT., 13906-Thomas J. and Lynn A.M. Brod to Richard Flagg and Kimberly Pearson, $359,000.

GRESHAM LANE, 5621-James A. Spaith to Nazish Rao and Iftikhar Ahmed, $157,074.

LAMBETH SQ., 14883-Xiomara N. Fernandez to Armando R. and Donna Jean Garcia, $240,000.

RAVENSCAR CT., 14519-Kyung S. Hwang and Hyung J. Hwang to Jason and Tricia Rankin, $224,990.

RINARD DR., 5903-Diane M. Daniels to Jack Lopez, $300,000.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6454-Equity Partnership to Larry C. and Rebecca L. Visos, $808,304.

ROCKY VALLEY DR., 14124-Kevin P. Barrett and Liana P. Zeledon to Christopher S. Palmisano and Caitlin M. Flynn, $273,424.

SAGUARO PL., 14443-Gloria V. Nueno to Sergio and Aubner Sandoval, $172,000.

SHARPS DR., 6332-Claire W. Teixeira to Yoon S. Oh and Bong S. Oh, $325,000.

TRUITT FARM CT., 5604-Stanley W. and Patricia D. Rutherford to Rafael V. Feliciano and Maria M. Vega, $329,000.

WOODSPRING CT., 14604-Lashell D. and R.J. Coleman to Carlos Bonilla, $295,000.

Chantilly Area

CONSTITUTION CT., 13851-Philip M. Ringenbach to Claudia Santamaria, $196,000.

FLOWING BROOK CT., 13714, No. 41A-Ngoc Phung to Rene A. Arauco and Martha I. Cerros, $215,000.

NOVAR DR., 4020-Patricia J. Swain to Russell Sigeti, $298,000.

Clifton Area

BATTLEWOOD CT., 13509-Yong J. and Sang M. Lee to Young S. Kim, $440,000.

FOGGY HILLS CT., 13807-Larry C. and Rebecca L. Visos to Reza M. Hassan, $548,900.

Fairfax City Area

ALCOA DR., 3987-John M. Slahetka to Ashley Ton and Ma Men, $440,000.

ARNIEL PL., 4491-Equity Homes to Zhiqiang Lu and Lei Li, $809,968.

BABASHAW CT., 3108-Hiumei Lau to Hillary Rosenwald, $251,000.

BIRKDALE WAY, 12588-Centex Homes to Dae S. and Jung N. Kim, $374,060.

BUCKLEYS GATE DR., 12621-Centex Homes to Parvaneh Khojin Hamid, $649,915.

CHESHIRE MEAD WAY, 5421-Serdar and Yesim Yilmaz to Michael D. and Amy B. Dallara, $317,000.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12799-Valia Kart to Deborah F. Jenks, $369,900.

EAGLE NEST CT., 10261-Bruce M. Leet to Thomas F. and Dawn E. Gallagher, $230,000.

ELJAMES DR., 9302-James Patrick and Joanne E. Davidson to Wanda T. Chang, $405,000.

FAIRCREST CT., 12681, No. 79-Daniel L. Huizenga and Karen A. Williamson to Raquel A. and Sandra J. Wright, $269,900.

GREAT LAUREL LANE, 3602-John E. and Nancy J. Davis to David H. and Roberta C. Hellman, $461,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12108-Harry L. Rupnik to Jayne Dominie, $248,000.

HEAD CT., 5008-John S. Rhodes and S.C. Rhodes to Khang V. Do, $290,000.

HEATHERFORD PL., 12708-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Shaoge Zhang, $620,000.

HONEY LOCUST CT., 3522-Laurence P. and Patricia L. Cesander to Mark E. and Stacey R. Allen, $445,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9712-Russell L. and Betty Dillard to Scott C. Algeier, $165,000.

LEE HWY., 12826-Robert T. Carew to Equity Homes Corp., $1.192 million.

LINDA MARIA CT., 9010-Horaciod and Maria A. Ciammaichella to Jonathan D. and Susan H. Gledhill, $550,000.

LOG RIDGE DR., 11448-Thomas J. Buffoni to David A. and Margaret M. Crowe, $500,000.

MEADOW FIELD CT., 4121-Fawad Mazhar and Claudia Aguilera to Frederick Polasky and Maureen A. Riley, $332,000.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12005, No. 404A-Abby J. Pearson to Paula Donohoe, $230,000.

RIDGEMIST LANE, 12978-Nery R. and Lester G. Padilla to Norman Najarro and Rene Grijalva, $275,000.

SAN CARLOS DR., 4412-Charles H. Kim to Maria E. Rodriguez, $337,500.

SPERRIN CIR., 11506-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Pramil Suri, $325,545.

STARTERS LANE, 12901-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Da Qing Fan, $430,000.

STEVENS BATTLE LANE, 4331-Omer and Nermana Vatric to Chun Ming Shih and Yiwen Tseng, $350,000.

SWINTON DR., 5029-James W. and Juanita L. Reffelt to Christian Monlezun and Amy S. Thurman, $410,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 4757-Edwin C. and Brenda J. Dwiggins to Richard L. Farner, $384,888.

TARA DR., 4705-Rizer Family Corp. to Deepa Aggarwal, $359,500.

TIGER LILY LANE, 11428-Yuan Ding and Hua Zhang to Qingyu Yin and Lei Wang, $368,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ADAMS CHASE CIR., 9006-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Nohemi Zerbi, $819,858.

CLIFTON RD., 7545-Robert C.S. and Julie A. Hackett to Ali Beheshtin and Firooz Shojayi, $340,000.

ROBERT CARTER RD., 11100-Richard E. and Jane N. Norton to Mark X. and Tammy L. McGraw, $555,000.

SHADOWRIDGE DR., 8210-Roger Burten and Linda M. Long to Michelle A. Bingaman, $599,500.

SWANS CREEK WAY, 9043-Brookfield Harris Corp. to John A. and Jeannie A. McElree, $717,515.

Falls Church Area

CAMP ALGER AVE., 7426-Josephine S. Krein to Stephen J. Haase and Carrie J. Garner, $350,000.

DOVER LANE, 2852, No. 204-Yhun To Yi to Sang K. Lim, $144,900.

FAIRMONT ST., 2902-Sue C. Moore to Cristina F. Pena, $333,500.

GREENWAY BLVD., 3001-Bum S. Kim to Ian and Maria R. Newport, $595,900.

HAYCOCK RD., 7007-Elizabeth J. Darby to Richard A. and Janet L.M. Rosenberger, $395,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7729, No. 155-Maureen M. Wolfe to Guy Grimard and Lucy Pierre, $242,537.

RAYMOND CT., 2816-David and Susan Q. Graceson to Andrew N. Basham, $300,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6918-Karen L. Faulconer and Brian W. Burgess to Bradley A. Kosutic, $280,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CLAREMONT DR., 2401-James R. MacPherson to David and Susan Graceson, $595,000.

HYSON LANE, 2790-Christopher L. Thompson and Kathleen L. Lazo Thompson to Julie A. Amann, $315,500.

ORLAND ST., 6602-John D. Kirkpatrick to Julia R. Dunlap, $350,000.

PRESTON SQUARE CT., 2103-Hugh F. and Mary P. Goley to P. Bryant, Anne L. Stone and Bryan C. Stone, $328,500.

Fort Hunt Area

COLLING RIDGE CT., 8253-William M. Stokes to Adam J. and Melissa L. Sullivan, $640,000.

RIDGECREST DR., 7716-Harry L. Clark to John E. and Rebecca J. Heinze, $677,000.

Great Falls Area

EVONSHIRE LANE, 1000-R. Jack Chapman and Leslie D. Peterson to Lalitha Chekuri, $1 million.

HIDDEN CREEK DR., 9219-Young W. and Eup S. Kim to Wonoak Kim, $816,500.

SPRINGVALE RD., 732-Duncan C.M. Smith to Susan H. Hero, $1.1 million.

Herndon Area

ACORN HUNT PL., 13611-Kyung M. Baek and Seung M. Baek to Andrew X. Zheng and Clara L. Wen, $419,000.

BOROS CT., 1029-Richard A. Gibboney to Sarah L. Martin, $274,900.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2424-Ross A. and Carol F. Henzel to Sailaja and Janakinath Vedula, $310,000.

DUBLIN PL., 1186-Jill Mansfield to Brigida M. Aiquipa, $195,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 505, No. 104-Franklin M. Allen to Teresa Merino, Maria Joya and Blanca Ventura, $135,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 521-Yolanda E. Ali to Edwin A. and Ismael Portillo, $150,000.

JOHN MILTON CT., 2605-Gabriela B.J. Gerharz to Albert D. and Gloria A. Hulliung, $370,500.

MEADOWVILLE CT., 12011-Gary A. Quaranta to Donald Gay and Richard Peterson, $475,000.

NESTLEWOOD DR., 3215-Robert B. and Maria Lourdes O. Henderson to Steven H. and Jerri Pregozen, $520,000.

SANDY CT., 12116-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Thomas D. and Laura B. Hellstern, $505,000.

SENATE CT., 300-Muhammad and Almas P. Akram to Yong Q. Tang and Lei Gui, $508,280.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1336-Vivian C. Szabo to Reyes Isaias Zelaya, $205,000.

WILLIAMS MEAD CT., 12841-Hema Shankar and V. Shankar to Agatha Addai and Tutu Lawrence Osei, $619,000.

Huntington Area

FARRINGTON AVE., 2124-Jeremiah J. Mullane to Margaret A. Adams, $250,000.

FORT DR., 2734-Marshall A. Rose to Jefferson Manor Homes Corp., $165,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 902-Nelson W. Coe to Nicholas R. and Patricia O. Beltrante, $225,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 717-Shannon H. Hartnett to E.D. Smirniotopoulos and P.A. Smirniotopoulos, $202,000.

REDCOAT DR., 2646, No. 110-Kathryn A. Porter and Michael R. Romelotti to Teresa Rosales, $200,000.

Hybla Valley Area

COLD SPRING LANE, 7007-Karen L. Wingard to Mirjana and Mirza Halilovic, $375,000.

COLLARD ST., 3310-Warren E. Trice to Patricia Perry, $145,000.

DOUGLAS ST., 2907-James R. Beale to Fauzia Shafik and Batu Homes Inc., $215,700.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7559-Nabil Ahmed to Hubert N. Hoffman and Heidi E. Smith, $340,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 6433, No. 301-Sharon L. Mysior to Nahid B. Salimi and Hormoz S. Salimi, $108,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7507-Geoffrey A. Hopkins to Mayra Troche Matos, $210,000.

Lincolnia Area

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5602, No. C-Joseph S. Horobetz to Luz T. McDavid, $185,000.

CHEROKEE AVE., 5107-Douglas Durnford and Susan W. Fenn to Robert M. and Mary S. Moulthrop, $200,000.

CHEYENNE KNOLL PL., 5412-Steve Y. Yun and Jina H. Kim to Hsin Yi Wang and Min H. Park, $405,000.

IONA WAY, 5603-Bonnie S. Wilson and William H. McKenzie to Rachid Zangui, $329,000.

NAVAHO DR., 5283-Charles E. Scott to Fanor M. Zaballos and Marcco A. Zaballos, $523,650.

Lorton Area

BARD ST., 8112-Catherine L. Cutchall to Thomas P. and Denise Hundley, $410,000.

ENOCHS DR., 8501-Patti A. Knoff and Ida M. Traikoff to Carol W. and Cara L. Rawlings, $296,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9774, No. C-E. Jean Swindle to Yola Rojas, $112,500.

HENRY KNOX DR., 7655-Donato P. and Julie A. Casucci to John E. and Manami Hartsell, $415,000.

INVERARY CT., 9614-Lawrence A. Williams to Thomas J. and Kristi D. Gibbons, $140,000.

PAPER BIRCH DR., 8200-Pulte Home Corp. to Mona W. O'Connor and Willliam C. O'Connor, $579,200.

PAPER BIRCH DR., 8204-Pulte Home Corp. to Paul A. and Joanne R. Dzierski, $551,750.

RED CARNATION CT., 8252-Pulte Home Corp. to Albert V. Short and Alice A. Butler Short, $416,701.

RHONDDA DR., 7418-Cynthia and Everett Spencer to Maristela Chatman and Sandra J. Berrios, $247,500.

SEAFARER WAY, 7845-Patrick J. and Kristin Bowl to Roya Ansarian, $304,900.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8237-Pulte Home Corp. to David V. Rinaldo, $382,900.

McLean Area

CALDER RD., 1323-Ruby E. Smith and Baxter O. Smith to Hansborough Corp., $529,000.

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 6531, No. 1502-Najeh Rodolpho to Veena Railan, $1.325 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 905-Michael W. Butler to Amir Motlagh and Shahin Sharifi, $232,205.

HAMPTON HILL CIR., 1466-Arthur T. McVeety to Cendant Mobility Financial Services, $620,000.

MACBETH ST., 1332-Brian T. Ngo and Mily L. Ngo to Hartmut Krebs and Helga Jungmann Krebs, $735,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 6307-Zelma Hall Taylor to Forrest E. Nielsen, $395,000.

PROVIDENCE TER., 1237-Eugene M. Lee to Robert V. Pulley and Tulin A. Pulley, $960,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7700-Margarete Gossner to Kradak Thomas and Karen Fang, $255,000.

WEAVER AVE., 6812-Ann C. Page to Allison A. Page, $400,000.

WEMBERLY WAY, 6701-Douglas D. and Sharon W. Madison to Thomas J. Santos and Lauren A. Degnan, $987,500.

WESTMORELAND ST., 1600-Karen McKinney to Glen Schulenberg, $450,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1817-Ruth A. Hill to Bok S. and Nancy I. Lee, $235,000.

WOBURN CT., 1008-Scott A. and Carol R. McNamara to Michael F. Pusateri, $1.25 million.

Mount Vernon Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7985, No. D2-James J. Puryear to Leslie Willson, $90,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8645, No. B-Lori E. Marczak to Kendel Taylor, $84,000.

CHERRYTREE DR., 9010-Sarah E. Kenkel to John J. Kenkel, $337,690.

DIABLO CT., 8455-George W. and Rocio C. Allen to Franklin G. and Kim B. Holland, $175,000.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3868-Jose N. Garay to David Espinoza and Maria E. Cortez, $142,900.

JINETES CT., 8423-Jeffrey C. Bache to Stephen M. Bache, $75,100.

OLD MILL RD., 8737-McShay Olde Mill Corp. to Larisa M. Henderson, $352,466.

ROXBURY LANE, 3754-Valerie A. Moody to Rukhshanda Fazal and Tariq J. Butt, $262,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 7925, No. 120E-Pablo D. Martinez to Randolph T. Stephens, $145,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8548-Wyngate Corp. to Joseph F. Heath, $329,365.

North Springfield Area

BULLOCK LANE, 8119-Annelise Maida to Brian D. and Pamela H. Feikema, $276,800.

GLENALLEN ST., 5410-Isadore Perlman to Joseph Gal, $291,000.

HUSKY LANE, 7309-Dae Hee and Soon Hee Lee to Carlos Molina, $370,000.

JERVIS ST., 7515-Richard L. and Betty J. Ebeling to Raul Gonzalez, $355,000.

Oakton Area

GRANITE CREEK LANE, 10313-Chau Nguyen to Gabriela F. Arze, $305,000.

HICKORY HILLS DR., 3395-John R. Cantrell and Nanci A. Hellmich to Ashis and Sanjukta Chatterjlee, $570,000.

LATIGO LANE, 11805-Mark A. and Angelika G. Machi to Richard A. and Tammy L. Whitcomb, $538,000.

SADDLE CRESCENT CIR., 11711-Cendant Mobility Financial to Mark A. and Angelika G. Machi, $850,000.

Reston Area

ANTIQUA CT., 2370-Margaret L. Johnson to James Akuetteh, $225,000.

BARNSTEAD DR., 1670-Nasser Angadji to Robert Lee Simmons and Robin Vanessa Black Simmons, $260,000.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1642-Taeo Z. Haas to Gabriela R. Ayazi, $139,900.

COLTS NECK CT., 2141-Cynthia S. North to Vanessa Koubratoff and Gholam H. Jelvani, $270,000.

MAPLE RIDGE RD., 11512-William J. Jewell to Taeo Z. Haas, $283,900.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1434, No. 22B-Patricia A. Caracena to Tarik R. Hamad, $175,000.

OLD QUINCY LANE, 1395-Marguerite P. and Peter David Farber to Marian L. Egge, $560,000.

POST OAK TRAIL, 1844-Milton and Shirley Weiner to Behzad Ben Mohseni and Mirza R. Mohseni, $449,900.

PURPLE SAGE CT., 12154-Hussein A. Abdelmaguid to Atef Sallam and Tai Do, $222,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2060-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to Jana Martin, $137,000.

SWANS NECK WAY, 2058-Daniel W. Morgan to Anne W. Vandusen, $349,900.

TALIESIN PL., 12004, No. 16-George B. Reed to Paul J. and Pamela Richards, $246,000.

TWISTED OAK DR., 1523-Itzhak and Hadas Levy to Giles F.I. and Susannah J. Griffiths, $294,900.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1954, No. A-Erik L. Bishop and Lee A. Hopper to Gretchen M. Schroeder, $212,900.

WOODBROOK CT., 1257-Valerie J. Daniel to Brian C. Kilday, $505,000.

Seven Corners Area

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3053, No. 101-Marlene M. Zamora to Pepe N. Rojas and Rita S. Moreno, $130,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 207-James P. Ryal to Dayse T. Taruselli, $99,000.

WOOTEN DR., 6060-Clotilda D. Doering to Sarah Soruco and Medardo Villanueva, $423,975.

Springfield Area

AMELIA ST., 5907-Gretno S. Butler to Suleyman Paksoy, $300,000.

BACKLICK RD., 6106-Dan L. and Lynda L. Thompson to Nasreen Begum, $336,000.

CLOWSER CT., 6816-Ruperto and Norma Moscoso to Yoseph B. Hagos, $250,000.

GALBRETH CT., 9129-Kenneth J. and Barbara D. Smith to Donna F. Er, $320,000.

GOLD SKY CT., 8455-Richard A. and Elizabeth R. Renner to Mark R. and Shary W. Green, $365,000.

HIDDEN BRIDGE DR., 7961-Lynda Kenyon to Phillip Wilcox and Ruth M. Baker, $317,500.

MAGIC TREE CT., 8477-Harry A. and Olga Dupre to Rick Greenberg, $300,000.

NORTHEDGE DR., 9110-Scott W. and Valerie G. Frix to George W. Hardman and Lisa M. Schroeder, $442,000.

REVENNA LANE, 7954-Phillip M. and Randall R. Hambrick to Nicanor and Steve J. Quispe, $280,000.

SOUTHERN OAK DR., 7620-Alicia S. Suggs and Darrone L. Suggs to Norma Calderon, $287,500.

SUPREME CT., 6831-Nabil A. Habashi and Samira F. Mikheal to Mildred Wells, $267,777.

WHITSON CT., 8723-Genevieve H. Rumian and John R. Orlowsky to Eric K. and Kathy A. Hyde, $420,000.

WILLOWFIELD WAY, 6329-Thuy B. Tran and My N. Tran to Kristhian S. Senzano,


Vienna Area

BEULAH RD., 1729-Frances G. Masemer to Teresa Harris, $350,000.

BLAKE LANE, 9732-Camille and Halim Karim to Rodney J. Spratley, $385,000.

ELUNA CT., 2114-Charles P. Cogar and Georgia S. Watkins to Kyung S. and Kye J. Park, $430,000.

FARIBA CT., 2788-Willson R. and Cindy U. Kim to Chul Ho and Hyang N. Chang, $490,000.

GOLDSTREAM CT., 8229-Michael J. and Jennifer R. Stansbury to J. Scott and Paige L. Bradshaw, $336,500.

HIGHLAND ST. N., 532-Davoud Zadehmohamadi to Nejad Rahemeh Talebi, $359,000.

JACKSON PKWY., 2516-Eldon H. and Helga S. Engle to Kevin and Donna Berk, $472,500.

LAFORA CT., 2846-Elena P. Scott to Eman I. Salem and Mohamed A. Balboul, $329,850.

MONTMORENCY DR., 1604-Thomas B. and Ann B. Newell to Todd and Jenifer Graham and Gerald R. Lanz, $700,000.

NEWKIRK CT., 1311-Joe Attyah to Maida Alhussaini and Mosaid M. Alhussaini, $955,000.

PINE CLUSTER CIR., 9557-Monica K. and Walter F. Jones to Gregory R. Slye, $445,000.

TAPAWINGO RD, 103-Kevin R. and Donna A. Berk to Brian M. Grimm and Elizabeth R. Denman, $354,900.

UPHAM PL. NW, 711-David Robert and Edith C. Lambert to Doug Crosno and Yi Yi Yao, $565,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 101-Lee Koo to Peter and Samuel Suh, $229,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 134-Virginia Center to Alain Mesnard, $187,700.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 430-Bertrand G. Capel to Joseph J.Y. and Choon S. Lim, $388,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

JAWED PL., 2360-MI-Schottenstein Homes to Vadakan Vinyu and Vadakan Chantima Vichit, $752,431.

West Springfield Area

AINSWORTH AVE., 8103-Peter R. and Elizabeth M. Olguin to Christopher Misciagno and Abigail M. Rupp, $439,000.

ARMENDOWN DR., 9019-Dae C. and Eun Y. Kim to Michelle Montvai, $282,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 5811, No. B-Mercado Edgardo Santos and Carmen M. Rivera Rodriguez to Susie J. Rhoades, $190,000.

KENTFORD DR., 8526-Felicia A. and Paul M. Brennan to Barry W. and Loretta K. Leiher, $359,500.

OSHAD LANE, 9140-David N. and Jennifer P.M. Kelly to Alyson Samuels, $281,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5803, No. R-Evaristo Rojas to Luz M. Gonzalez, $140,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW LANE, 6004-Raja H. and Norani Shahriman to Jin K. Kim, $253,000.

TREESIDE CT., 7911-William James Bradley to Kristin B. Bradley, $100,000.

WICKHAM RD., 8306-Stephen H. and Joanne E. Fields to Jackie L. Cummins, $285,000.