The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

MORLAND DR. S., 5754-Carl J. and Barbara A. Schrott to Gordon M. and Lisa E. Pettit, $445,000.

PARK MILLS RD., 2525-Roger Tubby to William E. Knight, $364,400.

PARK MILLS RD., 2804-Brian A. and Etienne H. Marofsky to Cynthia and Scott Lawrence, $239,900.

PARK MILLS RD., 2836-Martha E. and Milton W. Fink to Patricia Ross Perez, $235,000.

Emmitsburg Area

MAIN ST. E., 211-Bruce D. and Tracy L. Boyd to Julia and Victor D. Racster Jr., $181,500.

Frederick City Area

ANGELWING LANE, 722-Emily E. and Timothy A. Ravenscroft to Maria De Lopez, $350,000.

APACHE CT., 822-Robert and Donna Naylor to Phetdavanh and Khamkong Vongnaraj, $264,900.

BALDRIDGE CIR., 6121-Joseph S. and Joanne F. Lyon to Stacy Lyn and Anthony A. Carter, $216,000.

BENTZ ST. S., 26-Lynne M. Warner to Sappington Properties Corp., $92,500.

BLUELEAF CT., 903, No. 6-2D-Jacqueline L. and Robert C. Lehman to Robert J. Houston, $141,000.

BRIARCLIFF LANE, 8844-Frank Ronald and Melanie C. Kuckels to Cecilia Adjei, $219,900.

CENTER ST., 229-Valerie Jo Devolld to Daniel Gasemy, $117,000.

CHINABERRY DR., 1030-Willie and Deborah Lu to Anabela A. and Donald E. Fink Jr., $284,900.

CLIPPER CT., 7991-Ruth G. McKinney to Mary H. Grimes, $200,000.

DANBERRY DR., 1300-Patricia A. and Joseph M. Rakich to Arthur W. Robinson, $232,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1235-Mark A. Roderick to Dana M. and Michael J. Bechtel, $89,000.

DAVID LANE, 1324-Deborah E. Schray to Carol K. Mahoney, $147,500.

DOVER ST., 6100-Miriam A. Medrano to James S. Grimes, $359,000.

DUKE CT., 5172-Daniel J. and Misty D. Demarco to Amanda C. and Gregory Carbone, $184,900.

EVERLY DR., 2618, No. 6-5-Oscar A. Madariaga to Susanne M. Miller, $186,000.

HARPERS CT., 1918-Sean C. Brink to Yan Cheng, $219,900.

HARPERS CT., 1961-Chung Wing and Wai Ming Lai to Eduardo De La Torre and Maria D. Alonso, $225,000.

HARPERS WAY, 163-Jeffrey T. and Michelle L. Harper to Karyn L. Korotka and Daniel R. Ager, $229,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 751, No. 18L-Abdollah Rassouli to Mary Jane Wagstaff, trustee, and Mary Wagstaff trust, $95,500.

HEATHFIELD DR., 135-Jason and Sheryl A. Bauerschmidt to Li Wen Xu and Kui Leung Yim, $180,500.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 562-John C. Maris to Rebecca L. Boteler, $152,000.

HOPELAND RD., 3505-James G. and Donna J. Parry to Victoria G. and David L. Lyons, $440,000.

KELLY CT., 6403-Christopher and Artesa Jones to Nancy A. and Donald J. Shea, $195,100.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 6319-Paul A. and Marcia L. Hubbell to Laura and Danny E. Turner, $448,900.

LAKESIDE DR., 2420-Marcie A. Bidinger to Luz M. Galindo and Hecter M. Sanchez, $240,000.

LIME KILN RD., 4210-David Leas to RSD Properties Corp., $67,000.

MERCER CT., 104, No. 11-3-John G. Grimes to Ruth G. McKinney, $172,000.

OLD COACH CT., 2519-Robert E. and Betty M. Hamby to Stacy M. and Matthew R. Slusher, $325,000.

PENDLETON CT. S., 30-Ennis Marus to Patricia A. and Luis A. Gonzales, $163,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1130-Steven R. and Darlene E. Merkler to Timothy E. and Judith A. O'Brien, $139,900.

ROCKY SPRINGS RD., 8527-Debra Ann Mitchell to Helen and Roger Boothe Sr., $144,900.

SHADBUSH CT., 5806-Ann M. Fuller to Cynthia M. and Martin Seabolt, $150,000.

SHANNON CT., 406-Vivian Cruz to Maria and Martin Torres, $159,900.

SINGLETREE DR., 5631-Cendant Mobility Financial to Johnny and Prudina Maddox, $249,500.

SOUTH ST. W., 319-Chesapeake Development Corp. to Anne C. Raugh, $199,999.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6133, No. 1400-K-Jack E. and Eileen P. Dixon to Eun Sil and Sung Bum Kim, $197,900.

STONEGATE DR., 205-Isaias Loukos to Patti and Brian Shanklin, $119,999.

STRATFORD WAY, 804-H-Timothy Allen Lowman to Dawn M. Griffith, $113,000.

THAMES DR., 202-Karen L. and Thomas A. Stratton to Matthew T. Stratton, $150,000.

TIMBER GROVE RD., 1937-Samer H. and Eman J. Hudhud to Frank R. and Melanie C. Kuckels, $325,000.

TRAIL AVE., 626-Susan A. Taylor to John and Kelli A. Baker, $183,700.

VICTORIA SQ., 37-John H. and Mary Karabelnikoff to Vera C. and Jon T. Mey, $190,500.

YOUNG PL., 1128-Janice L. Beekman to Melissa Anne Tewes, $195,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 309-Regina A. and Flanigan Snyder to Connie S. and Vaughan A. Hastings, $329,000.

SIXTH ST. E., 122-Brother's Ink Corp. to Eugenia B. Chambers and Kevin J. Kusmider, $155,000.

Ijamsville Area

BYRON CIR., 3604-Steven L. and Lisa K. Cook to Kristy B. and Wayne S. Crawford, $505,000.

Middletown Area

BROOKRIDGE DR. W., 7917-Lee Rae Paulson to Melinda M. Moger and Robert E. Herr, $325,000.

Monrovia Area

SERENE CT., 11704-Arnold S. Munach to Melanie A. and Daniel T. Robinson, $490,000.

Mount Airy Area

FIELDS LANE, 12545-George D. and Darlene C. Overholtzer to Julie and Dennis Boswell, $349,900.

FOX CHASE CIR., 10307-Shari K. Neligan to Jennifer L. and Gregory L. Grunwald, $267,000.

LAKE EDGE CT., 10745-Janine E. and Steve J. Vito to Michele D. Bodenhorn, $210,000.

MANOR DR. S., 13238-Joseph C. Camera to Elisa Thorner and Omar Benitez, $429,900.

NIGHTINGALE CT., 6528-Joseph R. and Gretchen A. Rezash to Jennifer and Christopher J. Peduzzi, $639,000.

PURDUM CT., 13005-William C. Blatchley Jr. to Renee L. and Luke A. Rohwer, $343,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10269, No. 102B-Angela A. and Kevin M. Coleman to Kimberly A. Charette, $148,850.

Myersville Area

CANADA HILL RD., 2033-Daniel and Chantelle C. Boyle to Jonathan Clark, $245,000.

HIGHLAND AVE., 3915-Elaine M. and Dennis K. Whittington to Jack Renn Lillard, $249,900.

Thurmont Area

BLACKFORD CIR., 6-Sylvan M. Shane to Christopher L. and Veronica A. Clary, $220,000.

EYLER RD., 309-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Diane Y. Derr, $175,200.

HAMMAKER ST. E., 131-Stacey A. Bowers to Cheri Kopper and Ann L. Ullom estate, $159,900.

SUNHIGH DR., 129-Jeffrey P. and Milagros R. McGrath to Judith R. and Stuart F. Bazzle, $242,000.

SUNNY CT., 8-Adam D. Hobbs to Heidi Adkins, $160,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

LIBERTY VILLAGE WAY, 9123-Merlin H. Porter Borden to Ann C. and David L. Andrex, $75,000.

Walkersville Area

REVELATION AVE., 8333-Gary W. Gladhill to Sara S. and Brian W. Fallati, $120,000.

SARATOGA PL., 101-Michelle Ann Hill to Stephanie A. Rihel and Nino W. Yoingco, $131,500.

Woodsboro Area

WOODSBORO PIKE, 10318-William L. Stream to Delia E. Prindle, $265,000.