The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Columbia Area

BLACK STAR CIR., 8557-Peter J. Rogers to Teresa B. Gray, $231,000.

BLUE POOL, 8993-Byron K. Ruth to John Elicker and Jill A. Storms, $315,000.

BROADCLOTH WAY, 7508-Bette L. Kundert to Marcus J. and Patricia S. Fuhrer, $445,000.

BROKEN STAFF NE, 7477-Sean T. Reynolds to Sean T. Reynolds and Leah R. Angle, $260,000.

COLUMBIA RD. E., 5079-Sinha Kang to Sang Woo Lee and Jeong Im Leejang, $289,900.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10576-Patricia Harry to Gabriella Trest, $86,000.

GARDEN WALK, 7056-Anthony J. Luddy to Paul H. and Ilene Fishkind, $455,000.

GRANITE HILL RD. SE, 9441-Jonathan M. Kawacki to John R. Zick, $170,000.

GRAY SEA WAY NE, 6348-Craig B. Zaller to Linda Yongen, $300,000.

HASTINGS DR. W., 9621-Amy J. Henkel to David B. Ragin and Ragin Rosemarie A. Edwards, $215,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8727-Miki Kasai to Edwin Gile, $78,000.

HIGH HAY DR. W., 11401-Brian J. Gibbons to Arthur S. and Martina H. Varnado, $820,000.

JERICHO RD. SW, 5068-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Sekar Babu Venkatesh and Bhanusree Budigi, $574,500.

MAJORS LANE, 6087-Brenda Sue Hartzell to Thomas W. Christina and Tamara D. Kelly, $102,000.

MILLRACE CT. N., 5911-Dawn Y. Harris to Amy C. Coonts, $174,000.

MOONFALL WAY, 4976-Thomas E. Hoyer to Edward D. Lawson and Amanda L. Reinsfelder, $380,000.

MORNINGBIRD LANE, 5856-Ida M. Lancaster to Nollie Paulina G. Tamayo, $191,000.

RIVER RUN, 6457-Robert D. Warthen to Clenda D. Barfell and David Barfell, $499,900.

SETTING STAR N., 6297-Richard J. Rosen to Jacqueline M. and Lawrence Bateman, $340,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY N., 6178-Mahmoud Nazem to Mahmoud Nazem and Malihe T. Nazem, $307,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5364-Joseph McLeod to Kevin D. Leese, $135,000.

SPIRAL CUT, 8870-Blanchard L. Hurd to Geoffrey Ennis and John Hinzman, $70,000.

STAR PATH SW, 6671-Daniel R. Fournier to Robert William Thompson Jr., $355,900.

STIRLING BRIDGE DR. SE, 9642-Michael Craig to Benjamin P. and Christy L. Maloy, $171,900.

THUNDER HILL RD. E., 5711-Terry M. Turpin to Sandra S. Phillips, $120,000.

TREE SWALLOW CT. W., 6034-Karen A. McFarland to Robert V. and Theia M. Gill, $228,350.

VANTAGE POINT RD., 5511-Steven M. Roth to Eyal and Hana F. Bor, $202,500.

WEATHER WORN WAY NE, 7515-Murvan C. Sharrow to Kathryn Putnam Yarborough, $132,000.

WINDSTREAM DR., 10059-Peggy Ann Minker to Glenn M. and Rose M. Cadenhead, $225,000.

WORN MOUNTAIN WAY SW, 8644-William R. Pepal to Gary and Jennifer Della'Zanna, $350,000.

Elkridge Area

BUTTERFIELD DR. SE, 7882-Marcus R. Koenig to Kay M. Ely, $242,500.

COXWOLD DR. E., 6412-Hua Chen to Rena L. Shooman, $350,000.

COZY LANE, 6744-Jeffrey S. Parker to Jeffrey S. and Kristene A. Parker, $217,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6990-Alexander D. Jones to Justin A. Black and Kristin L. Deblois, $179,900.

ELK FOREST CT. NE, 5969-Michael C. Meade to Marsha Elizabeth Stodolski, $269,900.

GREENFIELD RD. N., 6420-Michael John Seledee Jr. to Michael E. and Brooke A. Edmonston, $139,900.

MAIN ST. SE, 5845-Robert Ward Buckley Jr. to Alison Olenginski, $211,000.

MARIOAK DR. N., 7832-Edward Figueroa to Shaun C. and Jennifer N. Smithson, $170,000.

MEADOW ROSE E., 5901-Alison T. Lightner to Michael K. and Yochin Y. Lee, $340,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 6197-Montgomery Properties Corp. to Stephen F. and Barbara Forney, $660,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6037-Mary Lou Miner to Ji Hwan Oh and Eun Kyoung Lee, $170,500.

UPLANDS RD. NW, 6412-Christopher A. Shipton to Christopher and Rebecca Polimeni, $292,000.

WOODLAND FOREST DR. SW, 6444-Jeffrey J. Lesniak to Chau Q. Nguyen, $210,000.

Ellicott City Area

AUTUMN HILL CT., 8817-Gary L. Meiklejohn to Adam and Maria Paz Schaller, $354,500.

BLACKBERRY LANE E., 3491-Raymond H. Carlson Jr. to Glenn and Joann Gaynor, $695,000.

BRIGHTRIDGE CT., 8103-Stephen C. Winegardner to Paul Anthony Geppi, $223,500.

CHURCH LANE DR., 8241-Robert J. Swec to Robert M. and Carol Ann Swec, $294,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4870-Scott M. Smith to Christina Nicosia, $173,900.

DUNLOGGIN RD., 9062-Tyrone Lockard to Phillip R. Canaday and Brandy L. Williams, $335,000.

GLOBE DR., 10326-Edward E. Sofianek Jr. to Hong Hsu and Liqun Qi, $355,000.

HALLOWED STREAM SW, 4627-Carol A. Brandt to Henry J. MacLaughlin, $272,000.

HOLLOW CT. SW, 3319-Ralph W. Richards to Ye Shuning, $278,500.

ILKLEY MOOR LANE NE, 4798-Phillip R. Precht to Daniel H. and Susan E. Wilt, $460,000.

KNAPP CT. NW, 4709-Glenn A. Yurek to Latesha L. and Gary D. Walker, $549,900.

LYNN LANE SE, 5316-Robert M. Poore to Michael C. Sloan and Christina Butters, $675,000.

MADELAINE CT. N., 9828-Patricia O'Campo to Scot C. Kuo and Jean E. Schroeder, $511,000.

MAY ESTATE CIR. NW, 13219-Christopher L. Conroy to F. Edward and Lily A. Brandon, $745,000.

MORNING RIDE CT., 4613-Yoav Arkin to Kevin J. and Elizabeth P. Geier, $389,000.

OLD LITCHFIELD LANE N., 7834-Terry W. Powers to Soma R. Reddy and Siva Swapna Dandi, $250,116.

PARK OVERLOOK CT. E., 3709-C. Edward Sowder to Timothy A. and Alison S. Franklin, $815,000.

POSTWICK RD., 9913-Christopher P. Sturm to Pyong U. and Suk H. Yi, $347,000.

ROCKBURN DR. NE, 7818-Eileen S. Wingate to Barton L. and Donna C. Paulhamus, $505,000.

RUPPERT CT., 8726-Richa Bansal to Lan Feng, $318,000.

WOODLAND RD., 4620-Hilaria F. Cooper to Huyla Daniel, $269,000.

Jessup Area

CAMBRIDGE CT. NW, 8225-Gilbert Myron Bohannon Jr. to Andrew W. and Andrew K. Gregos, $185,000.

ELLEN WAY S., 8107-Stephen M. Boyd to Preeti A. Reshamwala and Chad Ying Mao, $215,500.

Marriottsville Area

BARLEY FIELD WAY S., 11400-Nancy J. Friedman to Sean P. and Terri L. Fenlon, $799,900.

MARRIOTTSVILLE RD., 714-Howard R. Ferguson to Terry L. and Lois K. McClain, $175,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

DECATUR RD., 9316-Sean Orantes to Sean Orantes and Maria Carranza Rogel, $239,975.

DOVES FLY WAY E., 8675-Ralph T. Smith to Laura A. Hines and Michael A. All, $350,000.

KATIE LANE, 9320-Silvya G. Garibaldi to Theresa Boakye Dankwa, $252,200.

KENDAL CIR., 9351-Kenneth L. Evans to Christopher A. Trott and Elizabeth B. Smyth, $259,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9015-Dan D. Sivley to Charlene Rohlehr, $135,000.

LEISHEAR RD. SE, 8449-Danny S. Hamblin to Robert Arndt, $210,000.

LILAC PARK DR., 9115-Mohammad A. Arif to Frederick P. and Rose J. Sones, $165,000.

MARYLAND AVE. S., 9609-James E. Vollmerhausen to Noelani M.E. Lamberth and Jason Alcoba, $324,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9291-Kelly D. Vanstrom to Jennifer M. Felipe and Joseph S. Miller, $286,000.

MAYFLOWER CT. W., 9408-Brian K. Cox to Colleen M. Sklamm and James M. Reed, $195,000.

SANDY STREAM RD. SW, 8217-Christopher J. Wood to Michael J. Gill and Bonnie J. Cronkhite, $521,120.

TWIN OAKS WAY W., 7709-Cosette O. Harris Jamieson to Kelly D. and Michael W. Fato, $443,500.

WHISKEY RUN, 9811-William C. Raynor to Kenneth C. and Marybeth Havanko, $151,500.

West Friendship Area

WOODRIDGE CT. SE, 2725-Moon Sik Park to Khaled Wardak, $656,000.

WYNFIELD RD. S., 2612-Glenn M. Spitzer to Arthur Dubrutz and Barbara Ann Jacques, $580,000.