Projects Proposed

1. Pulte Home Corp., Fairfax. Subdivision plan for Windsor Knoll, 34 single-family houses on 9.07 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units an acre) at or near 7200 Beulah St. and 6313 Windsor Ave. (SD-4388-01-1)

2. Cafferty Lafayette Business LC, McLean. Site plan for Lafayette Business Center, a 40,000-square-foot warehouse on 10.46 acres zoned I-4 (industrial, medium intensity) at Pleasant Valley Road and Lafayette Center Drive, north of Blue Spring Drive. (SP-5951-22-1)

3. Mount Vernon Country Club, Alexandria. Site plan for golf course improvements on 127.73 acres zoned R-2 (residential, two units an acre) at 5111 Old Mill Rd. (SP-9465-02-2)

4. Mercantile Bank, Gaithersburg. Special exception application for bank with drive-through on 2.54 acres zoned C-3 (office) at 8229 Boone Blvd. in Tysons Corner. (SE-2004-PR-019)

5. Sekas Homes Ltd., Vienna. Subdivision plan for Vintage Crest, five single-family houses on 10.68 acres zoned R-E (residential, estate) at 11308 Stuart Mill Rd. (SD-3793-01-2)

6. South Station LLC, Dunn Loring. Site plan for Lorton Town Center, land bay C, a 44,741-square-foot office complex on 2.96 acres zoned PDC (planned development, commercial) on Lorton Station Boulevard near Milford Haven Drive. (SP-3642-11-2)

7. Johnson A. Edosomwan, Fairfax Station. Site plan for One God Ministry, a 6,924-square-foot church on 4.39 acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) at 12609 Braddock Rd. (SP-4356-01-1)

8. Halle Enterprises Inc., Silver Spring. Site plan for Kingstowne, Section 37, Building G, a 4,000-square-foot retail establishment on 23.18 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units an acre) on Kingstowne Boulevard south of Kingstowne Village Parkway at South Van Dorn. (SP-6105-85-2)

9. Inova Health Care System, Falls Church. Site plan for a 59,570-square-foot hospital warehouse on 45.11 acres zoned R-12 (residential, 12 units an acre) at 3300 Gallows Rd. (SP-6157-17-1)

10. Overton and Associates LLC, Bladensburg. Site plan for a 2,861-square-foot Provident Bank with drive-through on 1.05 acres zoned C-6 (community retail) at Arlington Drive and Richmond Highway (Route 1) west of Vernon Square Drive. (SP-871-02-2)

11. Fair Lakes Promenade LP, Fairfax. Site plan for East Market at Fair Lakes, phase two, 106 single-family attached houses on 10.18 acres zoned PDC (planned development, commercial) at Fair Lakes Circle and Fair Lakes Parkway north of Interstate 66. (SP-7202-05-2)

12. City of Falls Church and Falls Church School Board. Site plan for George Mason Middle School, a 102,355-square-foot public school on 34.46 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) and C-8 (highway commercial) at 7124 Leesburg Pike (Route 7). (SP-8574-04-2)

13. Humane Society of Fairfax County. Site plan for a 7,676-square-foot animal shelter on 12.79 acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) at 15911 Lee Highway. (SP-9137-01-2)

14. Country School House, Clifton. Site plan for recreation grounds on 1.86 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) at 13312 and 13316 Braddock Rd. (SP-9280-01)

15. Crown Petroleum Corp., Lorton. Site plan for Crown Center, a 229,687-square-foot warehouse on 13.23 acres zoned I-6 (industrial, heavy) at 8211 Terminal Rd. (SP-9730-01)

16. Bob Wilcox, Clifton. Subdivision plan for Clifton Park, eight single-family cluster lots on 3.16 acres zoned R-3 (residential, three units an acre) on the west side of Old Clifton Road near Clifton Road and east of Clifton Pines Drive. (SD-4957-01-1)

17. Sadha Gurdwara Singh, Fairfax. Site plan for 20,759-square-foot church on five acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) at 5200 and 5212 Second Rd. (SP-0547-01-1)

18. Fairfax County Public Schools. Site plan for Laurel Hill Elementary School, a 98,590-square-foot school on 18.5 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units an acre) at Laurel Crest Drive and Silverbrook Road. (SP-1183-09-2)

19. Laurel Hill Golf LLC and KSI Services Inc., Dunn Loring. Site plan for a 6,080-square-foot golf course maintenance facility on 348.59 acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) at 9751 Ox Rd. (SP-1183-11-2)

20. Fairfax Development Corp., Alexandria. Site plan for Oak Leather Townhouses, eight single-family attached houses on 1.1 acres zoned R-8 (residential, eight units an acre) at 5501 Oak Leather Dr. (SP-2507-01-1)

21. Fairfax County Water Authority. Site plan for the Corbalis Water Treatment Plant, a 50,045-square-foot water purification facility on 107.76 acres zoned R-E (residential, estate) at 12015 John Donnelly St. (SP-4210-02-2)

22. SunTrust Banks Inc., Atlanta. Site plan for a 3,221-square-foot bank with drive-through on 0.64 acres zoned C-8 (highway commercial) at 5922

and 5928 Richmond Hwy. (Route 1)


23. Country Club of Fairfax. Site plan for a 15,500-square-foot country club on 150.92 acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) at 11001 Braddock Rd. and 5110 Ox Rd. (SP-8173-05-2)

Projects Approved

24. Carl Bernstein, Washington. Site plan for Fairfax Park, nine single-family attached houses on 5.29 acres zoned R-5 (residential, five units an acre) at 6406, 6412 and 6416 Hillside Rd. (SP-3303-02-2)

25. Tysons Hotel Investors LLC, Washington. Site plan for Hilton Garden Inn, a 66,015-square-foot hotel on 0.83 acres zoned C-4 (high-density office) at 8301 Boone Blvd. (SP-3517-02-2)

26. JWW LLC, Sterling. Site plan for an 8,350-square-foot Leather Living furniture store on 0.71 acres zoned C-8 (highway commercial) at 14008 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. (SP 7679-02-2)

27. Fair Oaks Child Development Center LLC, Fairfax. Site plan for a 5,480-square-foot child-care center on 2.28 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) at 12001 Lee Hwy. and 4650 Spruce Ave. (SP-9624-02-2)

28. Bank of America NA, Dallas. Site plan for a 4,000-square-foot bank on 0.62 acres zoned C-6 (community retail) at 748 Walker Rd. (SP-2273-01-2)

29. Eun H. Kim, Annandale. Site plan for Palace Garden Restaurant, a 9,385-square-foot restaurant on 0.91 acres zoned C-6 (community retail) at 7131 Little River Tpk. (SP-1600-01-2)

30. Bank of America NA, Dallas. Site plan for a 5,935-square-foot bank on 1.48 acres zoned PRC (planned residential, commercial) at Baron Cameron Avenue and Bracknell Drive in Reston. (SP-8419-06-2)

Building Permits

31. Winchester Homes Inc., Bethesda. Permits for five townhouses at Lavender Mist Lane.

32. JBG/Rockwood Gateway Land, Washington. Permits for 57 apartments at 11760 Sunrise Valley Dr.

33. Mount Vernon Ladies Association, Mount Vernon. Permit for a $12.5 million footing and foundation at 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy.

34. Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Permit for a $1 million middle school at 2901 Popkins Lane.

35. Corporate Office Property, Columbia. Permit for a $1.2 million building at 15010 Conference Center Dr.

36. Brookfield Rolling Woods, Fairfax. Permits for 23 condominium apartments at 7860 Rolling Woods Ct.

37. John F. Snyder, Silver Spring. Permit for a bank at 748 Walker Rd.

38. Mercantile Potomac Bank, Gaithersburg. Permit for a new tenant layout at 8229 Boone Blvd., Suite 300.