We were commissioned to "go and make disciples of all nations . . . teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." God can use any form of transmission He sees fit. Reach the people where they are. Remember, Jesus didn't go to the synagogues to find his followers.

Satan is destroying our people, while we are sitting back debating about how a sermon should be delivered.

-- Sherelle Derico, Fairfax

I would like to see video sermons during worship services replaced by iPods. My suggestion for music on the iPod would include Arlo Guthrie's song "Last Train," which features the words "maybe your ticket on the last train to glory is the stranger sleeping on your floor," as well as his father's song "All Work Together," which pretty much sums it all up, at least for me.

-- Jim Murphy, Chicopee, Mass.

I don't see why worship services shouldn't be taped. Some people who want to go to a service cannot come out.

If the service is being taped, the person wouldn't have to worry about missing it.

Videotaping the service is good for the church, too, because they can sell the tapes and the money goes to the church for different needs. I know that I have been to services that were so good I wanted to buy that particular tape.

-- Kanisha Carr, Washington

I personally do not see anything wrong with taping a church service, including the pastor's sermon. I do believe that the church should post in a prominent place that the service is being videotaped, which would give the visitor the option to stay for the service or to leave.

Many churches are videotaping their church services for a variety of reasons. It has just become a way of life.

-- Stephanie L. Ryder, Philadelphia

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