20 Cats Reported Abandoned

LEESBURG, Evergreen Mills Road, Sept 20. A woman reported 20 cats and kittens had been abandoned at a farm. Many of the cats were underweight and appeared unhealthy; one was dead. An animal control officer issued a citation to the owner of the property and ordered him to have the animals treated and vaccinated or surrender them to animal control. Several cats have been signed over to the shelter.

Dalmatian's Owner Warned

Leesburg, Westminster Drive, Sept 21. A Dalmatian was reported to be running free and growling at children. An animal control officer captured the dog, returned him to his owner and issued a warning for letting the dog run free. After updating the dog's vaccinations, the owner purchased a county license.

Sheltie Attempts Attack

LEESBURG, Stribling Court, Sept 23. A neighbor's sheltie dog tried to attack a 13-year-old girl as she was walking her own dog on her property. The girl's dog protected her, and she received only minor scratches. The Sheltie's owner submitted proof of rabies vaccine and a county license. The owner was issued a warning regarding leash laws and the dangerous dog ordinance.

Copperhead in Home

STERLING, Staunton Avenue, Sept 24. An animal control officer removed a juvenile Copperhead snake from a home and released it into the wild.

Dog in Poor Health

PURCELLVILLE, Falls Chapel Court, Sept 24. A woman complained that a 14-year-old Labrador-mix dog in poor health had been left outside with no shelter when its family left for a weekend camping trip. An animal control officer found the dog in the fenced back yard with water and shade but no food or shelter. The dog had difficulty getting up and walking. The officer left a notice for the owner to call and planned to look back in on the dog. A pet sitter called and said the dog was receiving regular veterinary care and being fed twice daily. He said he was not leaving the dog outside for long stretches of time or in bad weather. Follow-up contact with the owner and veterinarian revealed that the dog is on medication for hip dysplasia. The officers expressed concern about the dog's quality of life, but no charges have been filed.