The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BALLAGAN CT., 9527-Miguel A. and Maria E. Gaitan to Janie Carter and Ronald Anthony Bright, $498,000.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8859-Amy C. and Mitchell A. Smith to Thomas Purcell, $269,900.

COTTAGE LOOP, 9087-Judith and John Lilly to Karen W. and Robert L. Rubrecht, $477,100.

DAIRY CT., 13411-Julia T. and James C. Frank to Kimberly G. and Hung D. Vu, $470,000.

DALTONS GROVE WAY, 8573-Richmond American Homes to Zou Hong and Quansheng Xiao, $382,940.

DENHAM WAY, 13737-Jennifer L. Shrader and Aaron A. Weiner to Najidba Benbatoul, $290,000.

DENNIS CT., 8932-Karen S. and Ernesto V. Benavides to Kathryn C. and David M. Zdanowski, $405,000.

FORMBY ST., 12148-Lidia and Val Fomin to Sreedevi and Muthuvelu Ganesh, $440,000.

LIMBAUGH WAY, 8436-Cynthia Lee and Karen L. Monroe to Wendy Farr and Christopher Haseychek, $260,000.

NOLTLAND CASTLE DR., 12804-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Jeffrey S. Walter and Fredo M. Egbers, $550,000.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9081-Amy M. and William F. Hogan to Blake C. Leggett, $275,000.

VICTORY LAKES LOOP, 12649-Kimberly C. and Christopher W. Neylon to Suelyn C. and Gordon C. Bonham, $520,000.

Catharpin Area

ALDIE RD., 4001-Jo Ann and David C. Baird to John E. Holmes, $790,000.

DUNIGAN CT., 3653-Margaret E. and Raymond E. Smith to Kelly E. and John D. Normand, $480,000.

Dumfries Area

ANTRIM CIR., 3007-Niambi L. and Oscar E. Blodgett to Roberta A. Harrison, $232,300.

ANTRIM CIR., 3064-Lourdes and Jose P. Sierra to Torri E. and Antoinette L. Kitchen, $235,000.

ASHMERE CIR., 4134-Charles H. Moss Jr. to Steophanie H. and William C. Schmidt, $239,900.

BEACON HILL PL., 15798-Vicki L. and Edward C. Webster to Kathryn J. and David R. Lacasse, $385,000.

BENECIA LANE, 4819-Yousuf Raza to Mark Putiyon, $250,000.

BRANDYWINE RD., 15726-Stella E. and Alfred J. Laicer to Kristina H. and Kurt A. Wendt, $455,000.

CLEARWATER CT., 4595-Kimberly D. and Ronald M. Fisher to Monica R. Kueny, $500,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 15761-Nathan I. Nastase to Paul A. Foti, $310,000.

FAIRWAY DR., 16012-Barbara Ross to Paulette Goulet and Michael Junge, $359,950.

GOLF CLUB DR., 15467-Karen L. and John L. Proctor to Kin Peter, trustee, $295,000.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15041-Kathy M. and David W. Beach to Julia K. and Francis J. Sturm, $390,000.

IBSEN PL., 15833-Layne P. and Garland K. Dovers to Lorraine T. and John F. MacKay, $480,000.

IRIS LANE, 15308-Sandra L. and Adrian Casillas to Randall Kye and Lisa Layer Turner, $316,500.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4230-Carwill Holdings Corp. to Lisa D. Carter, $307,000.

LEONARD ST., 17712-Brock J. Langan to Nicolas Elias Rosario and Maria J. Galindo, $230,000.

MAPLE GLEN CT., 15070-Joan A. Lafleur to Shellie A. Johnston, $199,900.

MARSHLAKE LANE, 4986-Maple Leaf Properties Corp. to Claudia Quintanilla and Mario Echeverria, $240,000.

RIDGECREST DR., 15508-Linda E. and Dale F. Stoutenburgh to Johannah and Dwane Evans, $410,000.

SLIGO LOOP, 17293-Sharon J. Woloszyn to Vielka Asia, $249,500.

SUGAR MAPLE LANE, 4908-Adriana P. and Sergio R. Davalos to Timothy Singstock, $255,000.

TIMBER RIDGE DR., 4744-Jo Rita and Richard E. Murray Jr. to Ronald Bond and Melissa Stearn, $375,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3420-Dana Maske and Douglas Browning to Jessie Scisciani and Jennifer N. Showalter, $225,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 15305-Winifred and David Michael Rodriguez, trustees, to Leslie D. and John D. Yamnicky Jr., $257,000.

WATERWAY DR., 4199-Vivian B. and Marvin W. Smith Jr. to Rebecca K. and Garrett R. Miller, $380,000.

WEXFORD LOOP, 17348-Naomi S.P. and Todd J. Pollard to Elizabeth and David Drew, $260,000.

Gainesville Area

ALBERT WAY, 14095-NVR Inc. to Jodi M. and Bruce B. Lavell, $418,040.

ALPINE BAY LOOP, 14986-Margaret and Charles Stickley to Terrie L. Wells, $631,000.

CLUBHOUSE RD., 14234-Eleanore F. Walker to Gail K. and Gilbert C. Sateia, $610,000.

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 6861-Cheol Mi, Tae Ho and Sung Se Rim to Catherine J. and David P. Beauchene, $355,000.

MAIDENHAIR DR., 12104-Pedro K. Kritselis to Candace C. and John J. Pinnisi, $525,000.

RYTON RIDGE LANE, 13591-Harriet L. and Robert C. Connors to Margaret and Richard Sullivan, $379,900.

SHIRE PL., 13641-Diedra L. and Michael A. Wightman to Wanda R. and Mark A. Salser, $300,000.

SUTTON OAKS WAY, 6709-Elizabeth J. and Andrew C. Roberts to Gayane and Sergey Minasayan, $408,400.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8500-David W. Masters Jr. to Allison B. and David C. Phillips, $302,000.

TENBROOK DR., 8311-Inderjeet S. Rana to Abdul W. Tamim, $490,000.

WHEELING WAY, 7110-Kamlesh Verma to William David Jones, $355,000.

WINDY HOLLOW CIR., 15131-Cynthia D. and Gary M. Mitchell to Cecilia R. and Curtis C. Connell, $605,000.

Haymarket Area

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6473-Ashley M. and Brian W. Cramp to Patricia A. Spearman, $469,900.

BRANDON HILL LOOP, 5836-Virginia L. Grant to Lai Zhong and Er Xuan Ping, $650,000.

CHEYENNE WAY, 14993-Betsy S. Hurtt to Eagleview Resources Corp., $207,000.

CULLEN PL., 6346-Meredith A., Shawn C. and J. Hardin Boyer to Jeffrey R. Schurmann, $350,000.

JUPITER HILLS LANE, 15080-Alisia M. and H. Frank Kent to Kyung Soon Choi, $675,000.

WAKE CREST CT., 6013-Laura A. and Daniel F. Williams to Lori and Ronald Gevry, $499,999.

WALKING STICK WAY, 15018-Lorraine S. and Michael K. Yarbrough to Lori A. and Kevin P. Rauber, $887,500.

Manassas Area

ARUBA CT., 7506-Christine J. and Alan J. Colbeck to Rosa and George N. Morales, $215,000.

BRENTSVILLE RD., 9208-Pamela L. and Arthur Lee Colbert to Thomas and Robin L. Lynch, $386,500.

BROOKVIEW CT., 7822-Gayane B. and Sergey Minasyan to Hepzibah A. Selwyn and Jean Meslie, $248,000.

CAMPAIGN CT., 10815-Heather R. Baker to Nowshed Ehsan, $295,000.

CARAWAY CIR., 10856-Thelma L. and Douglas S. Looms to Melvin Hopkins III, $300,000.

COLES DR., 11212-Kenneth Reid to Vilma Mendoza, $275,000.

COLONIAL VILLAGE LOOP, 6369-Dennis Vorbau to Mary M. and James V. Longi III, $490,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8059-Francisco Lopez to Carlos Alvarado, $191,500.

COPELAND DR., 10130-Stephanie and Clifton L. Clark to Carissa C. Barry, $255,000.

COPELAND DR., 9805-Mary K. and Donald Wayne Marshall to Kelly W. and George T. Gauldin, $350,111.

ENGLISH ST., 7896-Linda Marie and Vinson Paul Scott Sr. to Patricia and Farhang Feshari, $585,500.

ERIKA DR., 8299-Claudia K. and Kevin R. Sorem to Tammy J. and Randy J. Dycus, $379,900.

FAIRMONT AVE., 9704-Mary A. and Philip A. Haley to Cesar Daniel and Sonja M. Zambrana, $281,950.

FELICIA CT., 10874-Lisa and Thomas Breighner Jr. to Monica Belisle and Michael B. Petring, $419,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5765-Kimberly D. and Griffith S. Massey to Teresa J. and Bruce A. Vanskiver, $428,470.

GREENVIEW LANE, 9704-James Reich to Aneta and James Lamb, $359,000.

HILLVIEW CT., 6116-James Wishart to Frances K. and Rick A. Forsythe, $470,000.

HUMPHREY LANE, 8280-Nina A. and Robert J. Marnell to Jill B. and Rajesh S. Indugula, $317,500.

KESSLER PL., 11286-Sarah E. and David C. Topelberg to Rita Brady, $278,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11006, No. 186-William A. Daley Jr. to Sonya Baccus and William Bonilla, $185,000.

LACY DR., 8087, No. 33-Jasmine D. Mitchell to Joy A. Dickens, $210,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9706-Frank P. Beyrl to Margaret J. and James E. Garner Sr., $240,000.

LUXBERRY CT., 11117-Marilyn A. and Robert N. Radabaugh to Derek M. Hofer, $270,000.

LYCEUM LANE, 5923-Washington Homes Inc. to Alisa M. and Steve R. Andrzejewski, $638,256.

NORFOLK CT., 7906-Rosalio Ochoa and Alfredo Martinez to Jose F. Lara, $259,900.

PURCELL RD., 12365-Linda C. and Jerry A. Haynes to Bronwyn S. and Edward L. Hutchins, $430,000.

PURCELL BRANCH CT., 7831-Debra L. and Jeffery L. Bird to Young Su Oh, $600,000.

PURDUE CT., 7501-Jenaro Hernandez to Dolores O. Castillo and Fredy A. Machado Ramos, $190,000.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10462-Randy J. Shroy to Krisanthi and Ana Carcani, $199,900.

ST. JOHNS CT., 7284-Christopher C. Thompson to Laura J. and Darrin C. Decoster, $225,000.

SCARLET ST., 9508-Helen M. Campbell to Alan Yurkshat, $230,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10844-Anna Maria Siengo and Bernard Kitaka Wanjara to Tianji He, $268,100.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9707-Cheryl B. and James E. Sabol to Susan and Daniel C. Howard, $365,000.

SUNSET DR., 8302-Kay F. and Glen E. Leckie, trustees, to Maynard W. and Christopher A. Grove, $300,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15531-David A. Mazzotta to James J. Parent, $240,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15563-Patricia A. McMullan to Mary Lee and Joseph H. Praetz, $235,000.

TRUMPETER SWAN LANE, 6996-Patricia M. and Karou Matsushita to Barbara A. and Leonard L. Ritter Jr., $500,000.

URBANNA RD., 8004-Barbara A. and Charles Elton Renner to Carlos Ventura, $329,000.

ZACHARY TAYLOR CT., 13529-Pighini Builders Inc. to Anita and Claude Wood, $700,825.

Manassas Park Area

BARNWOOD RD., 8166-Allison and Joel Loyd to Sherri and Brendan McGrath, $424,900.

CABOT CT., 8556-Heather J. Hunt and Jacques J. Poirier to Evelyn Del Rosario, $270,000.

CHARNWOOD CT., 8530-Marcus D. and Sammy D. Suleiman to Amatalghafoor Alwadi, $275,000.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7624-Martha J. Morabito to Juan Pablo Guzman Gonzalez and Emma Portillo, $199,900.

SHELLEY LANE, 7636-Richard Blaser and Michael Connelly to Maria and Fredis Aleman, $190,900.

SOMERSET LANE, 7603-John E. Knott to Fredis Hernandez, $195,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7563-Anibal Brito to Darwin B. Sanchez, $183,000.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8728-Catherine A. and Robert A. Murdick II to Celia Lozano and Lorenzo Guerrero Velasquez, $345,000.

Nokesville Area

COLVIN LANE, 12020-Janet Marie and George E. Wright to Mark and Jennifer Noonan, $532,000.

Triangle Area

CEDAR DR., 18414-Janice A. and James E. Buie to Frances C. and Peter E. Lobello, $410,000.

LEAF COVERED CT., 18892-Nakita M. and Vonzell A. Mattocks to Angela D. and Harry W. Katsarelis, $399,000.

THOMASSON CROSSING DR., 3662-Carole E. and Robert E. Leonard to Dorothy E. and Raymond G. Ames, $394,000.

Woodbridge Area

ALABAMA AVE., 15005-Donald L. Smith to Vivian J. Vair, $258,000.

ARKANSAS ST., 14821-Orson M. Beard and Carrie A. Wood to Shannon R. and K.E. Wallace, $140,000.

BACONS CASTLE CT., 15704-Washington Homes Inc. to Chandra M. Hartung and Elizabeth K. Dworaczyk, $429,689.

BEEGEE CT., 1873-Janet Bansah and Emmanuel Osei to Raul Mollinedo and Karim C. Gutierrez, $255,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13626-Rosa E. and David M. Amusu to Claire W. Djatcha and Ismail P. Whea, $200,000.

BERWICK PL., 4284-Gladys E. and Douglas A. Vito to Lisa and Paul Fredenburgh, $450,000.

BICYCLE PL., 3506-Ridgedale Inc. to Jacqueline Bach, $264,438.

BISMARK AVE., 14219-Sheila and William David Todd to Saul E. Vasquez, $263,821.

BLUE JAY CT., 4495-Edgar Munoz to Mayra A.F. Orellana and Pedro Wilfredo Romero, $256,500.

BLYSDALE LANE, 3952-Rita P. and Kevin J. Gallagher to Elizabeth A. Barker and Brian Kilgore, $310,000.

BOMBAY WAY, 12720-Earl C. and Doris C. Peel to Daniel Moone and Debra Draper, $335,000.

BORDEAUX PL., 2779-Monica A.P. Wolf and Shawn J. Moss to Henry F. Fominyam and Keasha K. Lee, $164,000.

BORDEAUX PL., 2799-Meiko M. and Dennis M. French to Jeffrey V. Ferlazzo, $135,000.

BOTTNER CT., 13604-Maria Martinez and Rosa Garcia Guillen to Francisco and Elsa Rivera, $425,000.

BOWES LANE, 2849-Maggie L. Odems to Travis J. Harris, $200,000.

BRIDGETON CT., 3090-Cheryl Naar and David M. Perry to Mirwasis Shpoon, $285,000.

BROKER LANE, 3300-Ridgedale Inc. to Kanwaljit Kaur and Hardev Singh, $271,501.

BROOK DR., 14403-Monica Denice Bowman to Ana and Juan M. Reyes, $235,000.

BROOKVILLE LANE, 3484-Sharon Y. Jones to Oscar Celis, $235,000.

BURROUGH HILL LANE, 2787-Earland Monika Wasiewicz Ebling to Lebron Jose E. Padro, $515,000.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3500-Sharrow V. Grady to Henry Arbieto, $263,000.

CALLA CT., 15100-Julena G. and Dennis A. Clowser to Haimanot M. Tennaw and Samuel B. Shshego, $192,736.

CARA DR., 12832-Ray Wesley Lohr to Zulma Y. Montoya Rios and Walter A. Garcia, $185,000.

CAROLINE ST., 14210-Ana F. and Mario E. Lopez to Dora Alicia Argueta, $275,000.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11799-Equity Homes Corp. to Carolyn V. and Erich D. Dumas, $821,978.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11896-Equity Homes Corp. to Teresa K. and Douglas H. Owens, $601,906.

CLORE PL., 3816-Brian S. Crawford to Karl F. Weickhardt, $188,000.

COLBY DR., 12807-Theresa L. and William W. Hettinger to Clipper Investments Corp., $170,000.

COLCHESTER RD., 14506-Beatrice H. and Richard W. Becker to Mario E. Ruias and Edis B. Torres, $254,900.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13370-Sheryl A. and Robert P. Silverio to Laila R. and Sameh W. Bishara, $400,000.

COLDER LANE, 15112-Jon J. Lockhart to Gladys and Cesar Martinez, $265,000.

CONGRESS ST., 1309-Bobby Wayne Gossett to Mohammad M. and Farzana S. Amin, $235,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4028-Kevin D. High and Kathryn K. Bowles to Rodrigo Mallea and Josue Guevara, $299,852.

CUDDY LOOP, 14196, No. 204-David Howard Vockins to James R. Amaral, $193,500.

DALE BLVD., 4496-Radie B. and Coy Darrell Burns to Maria L. Gracias, $330,000.

DALE BLVD., 4606-Anita B. and Samuel Henry Jones to Moises P. Ruiz and Jose Jesus Ornelas, $290,000.

DANVILLE RD., 14813-Wilbur N. Cuff Jr. to Jose Pena, $308,000.

DIAMONDBACK RD., 15119-Jeffry McKenzie and Lisa D. Carter to Stacy A. and Kevin W. Breuers, $377,500.

DIEHL CT., 4555-Kathleen A. and David W. Kelly to Sherri Richardson, $359,500.

DIXON CT., 14810-Luis A. Chavez and Hector M. Amaya to Carlos Vallecillo, $291,990.

DULCINEA PL., 12668-Barbara Duke Gilliland to Marvin Herrera and Maria Caballero, $220,000.

EDEN LANE, 12413-Teresa M. and Francisco M. Deandino to Carmen Carreno, $292,000.

EDINBURG DR., 4511-Eugene Curtis Green to Graciela and Jose Garcia, $255,000.

ENSOR CT., 14804-Olga and Jose L. Monge to Roberta A. Harrison, $198,000.

ENSOR CT., 14846-Victor H. Kahng to Robert D. Harris, $155,000.

ESTATE DR., 14602-Clara Sanchez and Luis A. Lopez to Patrick H. O'Hara III, $420,000.

EVANSPORT PL., 12814-William Francis Vineyard to Kebere K. Weldyes, $263,000.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1481-NVR Inc. to Ana M. and Kenneth R. Lemire, $339,794.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1483-NVR Inc. to Sarah E. and Matthew M. Grimm, $327,830.

FERRARA TER., 4116-William Arthur Groves to Gnaoui Nabiha and Mohamed Ahmed, $185,000.

GALAPAGOS PL., 15035-Joshua J. Elsmore to David G. Belva, $249,900.

GATLIN CT., 17019-Neighborhoods Corp. to Betty B. and Clarence E. Hamilton, $596,751.

GREENHALL DR., 12713-Karen L. and Grant D. Schoon to Donna and Michael Broderick, $325,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 15408-Sherrybel Mendoza and Joseph Biswas to Maria D. and Juan E. Garcia, $185,000.

HARTLAKE ST., 3954-Ronnie Emad Araj to Amsale and Darren Bumbargh, $310,000.

HERSAND CT., 4704-Crystal Baldwin and Robert P. Dolan to Emerita Hanson, $205,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12787-Sheila and Oscar Turcios to Zarghoona and Raz Noory, $295,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12884-Khalida and Khan Baba Abbasi to Mohammed Rababeh, $271,500.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12887-Darlene D. Bullock to Ahmed Harrache, $268,500.

JAVINS PL., 4504-Chandhari Dev to Katrina S. and Robert L. Dixon Jr., $400,000.

JODY CT., 3604-Tamara L. and Keith W. Roleff to Shawn A. and Mark C. Alley, $350,000.

KELLY RD., 4774-Candice H. and Robert T. Jones to Yolanda E. Ochoa and Walter T. Haggerty, $350,000.

KELLY RD., 4778-Linda Lou and Robert W. Owen to Soadys D. Cruz and Luis Alonzo Ortiz, $350,000.

KEMPER DR., 4703-Doreen A. and John M. Chendorain to Juan Yaipen, $300,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4511-Erica Escobar to Steven Benitez, $276,501.

KOVAL LANE, 3841-Trina F. and James R. Brown to Pamela and Leon McDaniel, $315,000.

LACROSSE CT., 3453-Luz E. and William Melendez to Daniel L. and Katherine B. Luce, $420,000.

LADINO CT., 3316-Alphonso Willard Fudge to Mariama Bangura, $210,000.

LANDOVER CT., 4989-Elaine M. and Richard L. Strickland to Betty Del Carmen Berrios, $255,000.

LEITH CT., 12304-Nancy E. and Paul A. Pond to Ladonna and Aaron Cardwell, $575,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2945-Paul and Michelle L. Madden to MJH Investment Group Corp., $195,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12709-Kelly A. and Erik E. Wallace to Federico Antonio and Geanilda E. Ruiz, $285,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13903-Coleen E. and Samuel A. Madsen to Azucena and Jose L. Perdomo, $280,000.

MARSALA CT., 2900-Lei Wang to Sarah Adjei, $244,000.

MEHERRIN WAY, 15815-Eun H. and Kim S. Hoon to Shanita M. Hogan, $449,900.

MEHERRIN WAY, 15835-Robert J. and Lisa A. Skinner to Mary, Horvin, Ricky H. and Isaida Woo, $395,000.

MISTY LANE, 12871-Sally Elaine and Gregory Wayne Buie to Mary Ellen Rose and Gary S. Denny, $271,200.

NEXUS CT., 3549-Frozan Azar and Abdul K. Raofi to Bouchra Zyadi and Jaouad Hayti, $257,000.

OAKHAM CT., 13296-Clarina P. and Terry Petrovich to Zainab and Alfred During, $330,000.

OAKLAND DR., 6238-Mariam Jalloh to Stacie and Darryl Randolph, $415,000.

OLMSTEAD LANE, 16111-Theresa and Roderick Q. Scott to Marlene S. and Antonio Coleman, $485,000.

ORANGEWOOD DR., 13458-Lynn Tick, trustee, to Kamran Eltejaye, $289,900.

PHILLIPP CT., 6009-Belkacem and Rebiha Hacenedjaballah to Shakil Uddin, $330,000.

PINENEEDLE CT., 12155-Terry Lyn and John Lipinski to Lianne D. and Michael A. Felice, $435,000.

PINETREE CT., 1902-Kenneth H. and Shirley D. Freeman to Roxana M. and Jose O. Martinez, $225,500.

PONHILL DR., 6092-Donna J. and Mark K. Iden to Tjai Michael Nielsen, $363,700.

POWELLS LANDING CIR., 2041-Neighborhoods Corp. to Carol A. and Laura L. Geringer, $546,212.

RADDOCK CT., 14319-David K. Howe to Linda S. Soares, $330,500.

RENATE DR., 1600-Craig R. Wiggin to Melinda Cain, $84,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 2912-Sharon and Thomas R. Arensdorf to Annette Fleming, $188,500.

SEMINOLE RD., 2918-Pamela J. and William E. Patton to Rigoberto Colon, $260,000.

SERENDIPITY RD., 3639-NVP Inc. to Michael D. Wiatrowski, $482,637.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4775-Mary Ellen Kinzinger to Mirna and Juan Torres, $210,000.

SOUTHGATE CT., 14324-Joseph C. Daniels to Mansoor Ahmad, $267,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 2904-Jose S. and Clara E. Llamas to Natalie D. Reid, $327,950.

TANTERRA CT., 1954-Freestone Partnership to Althea M. and Kenneth R. Evans, $464,812.

TENDRIL CT., 3404-Karl N. Masterson to Craig L. Jones, $165,000.

TORRENCE PL., 4470-Dino P. Coppa to Rachel and Charles Huisenga, $290,000.

TORY LOOP, 13162-Earl T. Mann Jr. to Judy A. MacDonald, $250,000.

TRIAD CT., 3879-Terrylynn Harrell to Mark J. Edwards, $510,000.

VALLEY STREAM DR., 15225-Tracy L. and Sean A. Commerford to Gina B. and Omar I. Gervo, $200,000.

VINEYARD WAY, 13126-Bryan Sanborn to Margarita Gomez and Charles W. Giannelli, $252,000.

WERTZ DR., 3762-Pamela K. and Paul F. Forshay to Jesus Bonilla, $485,000.

WILLOWOOD DR., 12032-Stephen J. Maguire to Suzanne D. and Jose M. Alvarez, $375,000.