The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

LONDONDERRY LANE, 2920-Betty J. Burley to Catherine and Aniela Dario O. Ciuffetelli, $251,000.

FOURTH ST., 6109-Mark W. Mandley to Davina M. Wells, $202,000.

Huntingtown Area

SHAW DR., 1421-Stewart L. and Amelia E. Weyforth to Jacqueline P. and Joseph H. Rainwater, $327,000.

Lusby Area

COVE POINT RD., 137-Joyce Chase to Le Ann Dunagan, $131,000.

MIRIAM LANE, 600-Gerald L. Day Jr. to Angela K. Wallace, $335,000.

SAN ANGELO DR., 1099-Tracy Michael and Karen Wade to Carol A. and Bruce A. Wood, $199,900.

SOUNDINGS RD., 13105-Russell S. III and Michelle L. Leitch to Rebecca S. and James S. Sadler, $425,000.

Port Republic Area

ASPEN RD., 2664-Thomas Jefferson Scott Jr. to Andrea R. and Adam C. Joseph, $322,000.

St. Leonard Area

HARBOR DR. N., 1787-Owen F. Murphy to Michael S. McMahon and Joanne M. McMahon, $11,000.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

SPARROW CT., 8868-Glynn E. Dickerson to William N. Gardner, $255,000.

Bryans Road Area

HEATHER DR., 6970-Franklin F. Marshall III to Shirley A. Henry, $204,950.

THOMAS RD., 2991-Susan M. Hayes to Kevin Killillay, $167,000.

WALDEN CT., 2029-Rieko and Hamid R. Mitchell to Walter L. Sharpe Jr., $277,500.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

NORWOOD DR., 12800-Marjorie and Charles Boyers, trustees, to Molly H. and Paul A. Simpson, $590,000.

Cobb Island Area

OAKLEY DR., 16539-Charles B. Elgin Jr. to Sue A. Shymansky, $25,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

CEASE PL., 6480-Augustus T. III and Rhonda H. Jackson to M. Foster Massey and Crystal Massey, $419,000.

COLONIAL LANE, 7030-Hampton Homes Corp. to Deborah and William A. Brock, $309,150.

OLD FIELD LANE, 16814-Janet D. Bowyer to Kimberly M. and Edward M. Sybert, $391,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 15460-Ralph G. and Barbara J. Bunner to Melodie and Tommy Parker, $479,000.

Indian Head Area

SUSAN DR., 202-Elaine V. Pickeral to Shawana L. and Antwan A. Davis, $124,000.

La Plata Area

CHARLES ST., 12148-Harry and S. Doane Johnson to Suzanne and Ronald L. Blocker, $325,000.

DARLEY DR., 8940-Benjamin D. Doane to W. Duryea and Celeste Cunningham, $300,000.

ELIZABETH LANE, 8200-James C. Cooksey to C. McCabe Quillen and James Roberts, $110,000.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 6835-Lashawne R.K. and Terrence Matthews to Brad J. Williams, $195,000.

HAWKINS GATE RD., 6710-David C. and Jennifer L. Svites to Stephanie and Gouglas M. Sayers, $385,000.

HUNTERS RIDGE CT., 4634-Edwin D. and Linda L. Rhodes to Ida T. and Steven L. Adams, $390,000.

RIPLEY WAY, 6065-David Vargas Jr. and Roxanna D. Deane to Mary A. and Arron S. Douglass Glista, $191,425.

SPRING OAK DR., 7718-Ronald E. Frazier to Christine M. and Robert W. Vasquez, $264,500.


Rock Point Road Area

BANKS ODEE RD., 14697-Steven H. and Pamela M. Brooke to Michelle L. and Stephen H. Scott, $525,000.

Port Tobacco Area

POORHOUSE RD., 9995-Ronald R. Galentine to Teresa A. Murgia, $188,106.

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7580-Renee L. and Nancy Adams Hirst to Carrie T. and Mark G. Parent, $360,000.

St. Charles Area

BARKSDALE AVE., 311-Denise A. Wright to Giovanni Argueta, $198,000.

DORAL CT., 11677-Christopher D. and Sabrina B. Dennis to Teresa R. and Reginald D. Wilson, $289,900.

GAINSBOROUGH CT., 3180-James C. Jackson Jr. to Rachel L. Morris, $220,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 6-Tina Briscoe to Elizabeth A. Dishongh, $137,000.

SALTEE CT., 5-Jerry Green to Bridgett L. Conley, $185,000.

SOLDIERFISH ST., 3905-Latashia H. Joyner to Elaine and Leroy Foster, $275,000.

TRUMAN CT., 1203-Earnest O. and Susan Porell to Sheila Childs, $227,150.

ULSTER CT., 2628-Michael R. and Gay S. Hinds to Melanie L. and Mark T. Lewis, $184,900.

UNIVERSITY DR., 651-Stephen W. and Joann White to Jacqueline Z. and Rene A. Vasquez, $226,900.

Waldorf Area

ALBERMARLE PL., 2740-Susan Bicknese and Joseph Traphagen to Shiela K. Draper, $175,000.

BENSVILLE RD., 7815-Bruce and Tracey Maysmith to Kelly K. and Ralph E. Webb Sr., $273,240.

BROADBILL DR., 4116-Betty J. Brown to Michael Freeman, $285,000.

BURNING OAK CT., 12301-Lavon R. and Michele R. Williams to Nadine A. and Victor L. Furr, $369,000.

CANVASBACK CT., 4023-Teresa M. and David E. Gould to Candace E. and Kenneth N. Williams, $232,000.

CRESCENT PARK WAY, 10445-Setetra L. Jackson to Amy M. Bagley, $275,000.

DEBRA DR., 1608-Anita O'Neal to Jeffrey E. Leadmon, $192,702.

DORAL CT., 11671-Pauline J. and Booker W. Taylor Sr. to Tae K. and Ki S. and Steven M. Kim, $285,000.

DRAKE CT., 4205-Ann B. and Paul O. Chiriaco Davis to Sherry C. and Peter C. Aitcheson, $135,800.

ELDERBERRY PL., 3449-Michael A. and Catherine E. Pierce to Erin M. and James E. Shircliffe Jr., $196,900.

ESSEX CT., 2111-Patrick and Sherry M. Wolford to Jennifer L. Warffemius, $141,575.

GADWELL PL., 4700-Kathleen C. and Mark A. Snellings to Gary M. Smith, $159,000.

GREBE PL., 4637-Eugene Blyther to Ishmael R. Johnson, $159,000.

GREENMONT DR., 1320-Christopher and Linda D. Paskevich to Ruth M. and Andrew A. Cleaver, $350,000.

HUMMINGBIRD DR., 4730-Austin W. Luther Jr. to Jennifer B. and Corey S. Jenkins, $260,500.

JACKRABBIT CT., 6817-William H. and Martha B. Reuter to Tracy L. Jones, $260,000.

LACROSSE PL., 2643-Yousif Ali to Tamika Stewart, $250,000.

LANCASTER CIR., 4110-Billy Dotson to Maegan J. Lash and Raymond E. Willey, $225,000.

LEYTON CT., 2333-Clinton White to Taurus L. Moore, $388,500.

MICHAEL RD., 1919-Fred L. and Amy B. Perry to Paula and Ronald Campbell, $252,000.

MOUNTAIN ASH CT., 3616-Melodie L. and Tommy R. Parker to Franklin Marshall III, $279,900.

PANTHER CT., 6203-John C. and Gloria D. Bradberry to Patricia A. and Nathaniel S. Ennis II, $267,000.

PIN OAK DR., 1576-Paul J. Cunningham to Thomas F. Parham Jr., $133,130.

SEXTANT PL., 10452-Gregory A. Moore to Fannie M. Evans, $200,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5802-Angella D. Green to Tylese McRae, $168,000.

STELLA CT., 10962-Foster Jackson Jr. to Lubna Nazir and Shahid H. Malik, $334,380.

SUNFISH CT., 5902-Odell M. Stewart to Inica and Shon P. Johnson, $264,900.

TACOMA PL., 2392-Margo A. and Holli C. Baker to Carmen A. Miles, $242,000.

TORPEDO CT., 5502-Stephen L. and Debra C. Foster to Geraldine and Adolfo R. Accad Jr., $288,900.

TREEFISH CT., 5302-Linda M. and Ronald L. Riddle Jr. to Tammy L. Simone, $250,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3324-Mimi J. Taylor to Elie Bellevue, $160,500.

WOODVILLE RD., 14823-Cora B. and John H. Goldsmith to Valerie L. and John M. Trefry, $160,000.

Welcome Area

WILLIAM STONE PL., 5465-William E. and Kimberly D. Grove to Heather R. and David M. Bastain, $110,000.

White Plains Area

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10770-Lawrence K. Smith to Taurus L. Moore, $240,000.

QUEENS GROVE ST., 4687-Martha A. Frederick to Nancy and Edwin Roman, $304,900.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ALDER LANE, 23124-Timothy A. Thompson to Sarah and Ryan Aaron, $339,900.

ROSEWOOD CT., 23241, No. B-1-James Patrick Mattingley to Jo Anne and Charles Ronald Poe, $112,000.

WILLOW OAK CT., 44663-Dale L. Asbill to Brett G. Lomenzo, $154,900.

Chaptico Area

DOC LACY LANE, 38051-Jacqueline I. Lacey to Margaret D. and Brian Keith Lacey, $40,000.

Great Mills Area

ATHLONE DR., 22677-Michael A. McCaskill to Momoko and Steven Evans, $225,000.

BRAWNY ST., 45515-Kevin J. Trefethen Sr. to Christopher A. Bowker, $252,000.

FLAT IRON RD., 19935-Henry T. Waring to Beth Ann and James M. Carroll, $290,071.

KNOCKEYON LANE, 45581-Jennifer R. Leikach to Carla C. Boggs, $149,900.

ORIOLE DR., 22208-George Oquendo to Patrick W. Ferinden, $279,900.

RUTHERFORD BLVD., 45717-Clara R. and Thomas P. Larvia Sr. to Patricia L. Gribble, $179,900.

Hollywood Area

CHRISTMAN LANE, 45255-Randolph Manning Norris to Danny Aaron Greer and Terry G. Howard, $69,000.

DRUM CLIFF RD., 43458-Phyllis and Clyde L. Tucker to Meredith Dumas Birkhimer, $265,000.

HUCKLEBERRY WAY, 23337-Deborah L. and Stephen Abell to Todd A. Walter, $310,000.

MILL POND LANE, 23763-Adelle M. Pierce to Michael L. Hewitt, $410,000.

PALAMINO DR., 43862-Michael C. Ficalora to Jimmy Yurko, $195,000.

SPRIGGS CT., 24563-Mark G. Dillow to Roberta Lynn Rubala, $55,000.

THREE COVES RD., 44709-Ellen W. Ervin to Barbara L. and Richard F. Wilson, $336,000.

Leonardtown Area

BLAKE CREEK RD., 44852-Melvin Darryl Garner to Ashley Jay Johnson, $178,500.

BRETON VIEW DR., 40431-Steven A. Shaklee to Cynthia W. Greb, $237,000.

HICKORY CREEK CT., 20520-Gary J. McWilson to Donald Dale Stombaugh, $349,900.

LAKE VIEW AND BRETON VIEW DRIVES, 40814-Kenneth L. Wathen to Holly and Robert Colasacco, $315,000.

LANEDON DR., 43900-Rory Feicht to Theresa M. and Richard T. Aley, $47,500.

LAWRENCE AVE., 22780-Judith A. and Jose A. Prince to Kurt A. Hamilton, $150,050.

POTOMAC SHORES RD., 43624-Edwin Joseph Boyer to Donna S. Thomasset, $237,000.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 39961-St. Clements Woods Partnership to William Jude Fitzgerald, $130,000.

Lexington Park Area

CAMBRIDGE AVE., 21338-John A. Taylor to Karen A. and Julius L. Camp, $48,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46361-Ronald Harry Grubman to William R. and Candide G. Rayle, $84,300.

ESSEX DR. S., 21588-Violet and Jeremiah M. Carrillo to Connie L. Van Patten, $182,900.

KNIGHT CT., 22175-Shirley A. Smith to Metropolitan Development Corp., $120,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 47995-Ronald E. Marvin to John J. Isaacson, $246,500.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 17853-Wayne Milburn to Smig Corp., $70,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46654-Party Walls Inc. to Amanda Allen and Steven T. Beelage, $223,125.

RUE PURCHASE RD., 46255-H.W. Miller and Sons Inc. to Brian A. Cervenak, $211,830.

SILVER SLATE DR., 47294-Kent S. Vandergrift to Mary M. and Darryl R. Stroup, $235,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BURROUGHS CT., 28748-Charles A. Hurty Jr. to Trent R. Demoss, $330,000.

CAPE ST. MARYS DR., 27074-Douglas E. Adams to Kathryn Elizabeth Moore and Darryl Nicely, $154,900.

HOLLY DR., 39053-Richard M. Textor to Steve L. Atkocius, $350,000.

IRONSTONE LANE, 29140-Kevin Lee Akers to Phyllis M. and Richard C. Kuhn, $435,000.

JENNIFER DR., 29460-Mark R. and Ronda J. Williams to Julie and Charles A. Higgs, $185,900.

PROSPECT HILL RD., 26058-Michael G. Adriani to Julie M. Dunbar, $188,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 40675-Aaron D. Duvall to Mark Dilda, $199,900.