The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. W., 1728, No. 201-David P. Roberts to Richard R. Rapine, $273,250.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1734-Gina Ippolita to Roseann E. Healey, $221,566.

ALLISON ST., 1116-Robert P. Burcham to Valerie and Jason Abend, $615,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 426, No. T2-Betelehem Worku to Caroline L. Jarvis, $160,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 431-Mahir Dzirlo to Treva J. and Todd R. Lowery, $163,000.

ASHBY ST., 8-Arthur P. Marquardt to Aaron Harnden, $173,750.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 1219-Joan B. and Vincent G. Gallo, trustees, to Simin Soltani, $140,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 310-Joseph M. Wright to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $113,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 409-Yohannes Woldehanna to Joann M. Relova, $204,900.

BEVERLEY DR., 1101-Robb S. and Lisa M. Pike to Todd and Mirza Hamner, $313,900.

BRADDOCK RD. E., 545-Harriet Young Colecroft Corp. to Frank S. Dimasi Jr., $349,500.

BRADDOCK RD. W., 210-Kristine E. and David J. Miles to Lourdes Cuadro, $515,000.

BROWNS MILL DR., 110-Debra Hollinger Martinez to Patricia A. and Michael A. Genz, $549,900.

CAMERON ST., 801-Ryan H. and Seed Kelly M. Bucceri to Susan F. and Monte B. Lake, $646,000.

CAMERON PARKE PL., 119-Amanda E. Miller and Michael F. Skinner to Derrick A. and Carol L. Boler, $500,000.

CATON AVE. W., 26-Joan H. Hogan to Pamela Jean Pearson, $550,000.

CHAPMAN ST. W., 10-Lisa L. and J. Stephen Henderson to Angel Rizzuto, $423,000.

CHAPMAN ST. W., 21-Betty J. and Charles F. Hill to Richard Stewart, $460,000.

CHARLES AVE., 3818-Timothy B. Born to Charles P. Armentrout, $412,750.

COLUMBUS ST. N., 800-Mary Michelle Poskaitis to Royce Anne Cofield, $532,000.

COLUMBUS ST. N., 814-Mamie Lightfoot to Nathan Carter, $350,800.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 645-Donald P. Solberg to Heidi Chase Wickstrom, $421,026.

COLVILLE DR., 104-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to David B. and Fagundo Olga D. Esau, $532,000.

COMMONWEALTH AVE., 3305-Elodia C. Fakhoury to Sergio Figueroa, $146,100.

CRESCENT DR., 900-Lori J. Ripplinger and Stephen M. Barber to Frederick D. Underwood and Katherine F. Ingwersen, $851,000.

CRESTWOOD DR., 505-Julie R. and Gregory K. Adams to Marshall L. Cain, $541,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5090, No. 103-Nalan Turker to Antonia T. Dawsey, $439,000.

DUKE ST., 408-Lisa Shaw and Jonathan C. Hill to Nels P. and Jennifer D. Nordquist, $2.55 million.

DUKE ST., 4108-Zakaria B. Driouche to Maria A. Cruz, $310,000.

EARL ST., 422-Lavonne M. Rose to Owen and Hui Ward, $349,000.

ECHOLS AVE., 5314-Haifa and Ziad Ayish to Jennifer and Bahjat Saleh, $411,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911-Lynn Forcia to Bong Hong, $115,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911-Catherine E. and Robert J. Kroohs to Laurentia A. Blay, $163,358.

FAYETTE ST. S., 124-Rebecca C. and James R. Finn to Barbara G. Miller, $302,000.

FENDALL AVE., 71-Joy Cheng to Vera C. and Angel L. Gonzalez, $365,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 210-William P. Henry to Steven M. and Hannah K. Williams, $605,900.

GLEBE RD. E., 312-Marjorie T. and Roger A. Kelly to Leoncio O. Coleto, $500,000.

GLEBE RD. E., 5-Javonne P. Pope to Pragya Mishra, $155,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5300, No. 808-Kenneth D. Albert to Daniel J. Burke, $180,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5500, No. 117-Atefa and Mahmad Z. Azimi to Eun Sook Paik, $230,000.

JAY AVE., 3838-Paquita L. Slade to Samuel P. and Laura R. Lewis, $325,000.

KENWOOD AVE., 1909, No. 303-John M. Miller and Elizabeth O. Wade to Gina Turkel, $330,000.

KING ST., 2518-J. Howard and Dorothy M. Lanham to Daniel and Dawn Bauman, $530,000.

KINGSTON AVE., 1417-Josephine and Harold F. Elsberg to J. Karen and Kurt J. Klingenberger, $830,000.

LAMOND PL., 318-Louise G. and Matthew H. Merkle to Marjorie A. and John K. Love, $552,500.

LEE ST. N., 212-Hildegard W. and Daniel C. Quigley to Mark W. Carter, $1.13 million.

MARIS AVE., 5121, No. 300-Patricia A. Morris to Elizabeth A. Nowacyzk, $236,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225, No. 1519-Eve W. and Gerald C. Anderson to Ghassan Saad, $230,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3254-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Kathryn S. Himes, $246,150.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3457-David A. Benedetti to Randy G. Smith, $246,000.

MONROE AVE. W., 200-Barbara B. and Terrence E. Reideler to Sarah R. and Matthew W. Markel, $750,000.

MYRTLE ST. W., 104-Anita J.R. and Jeffrey M. Cukr to Churek Djamgerchinova, $788,000.

NEALON PL., 6014-Carmela I. Hart to Oscar and Marcella R. Schiappacasse, $425,000.

OVERLOOK DR. N., 600-Linda G. and Thomas W. Botsford Jr. to Kevin M. and Hilde I. Kraiss, $762,500.

PAYNE ST. N., 109-B.R. McConnon and Laura Jennings Bruce III to Vladimir M. Cartwright, $430,000.

PICKETT ST. N., 200, No. 1604-Susan E. Dorfman to Yuan Yuan and Fan Yang, $270,000.

PITT ST. N., 1203, No. 2C-Robin L. Reddington to Sara Edmondson, $339,000.

PITT ST. S., 801, No. 231-Lisa C. Stimpson to Jacquelynne M. Shaver, $325,000.

PRINCESS ST., 306-Philip Mitchell to Patricia Y. and David A. Dejesus, $725,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1100, No. 415-Ruth B. Ravitz to Dwight H. Cates, $135,000.

RAYMOND AVE. E., 407-Midway Investment Group Inc. to Ja Eon Pak, $750,000.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 250, No. 206-B. Douglas Taylor Jr. to Pete W. Jones, $155,000.

STERLING AVE., 3516-Anne M. and Jules B. Lapidus, trustees, to Diane M. Davies, $798,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 102-Richard J. Lucas to German Colon, $175,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 1212-Bong Ki Hong to George R. Jordan, $247,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 308-Kim M. Deane to Natalia D. and Donald J. Jacobsen, $205,000.

SUTER ST., 1604-Barbara T. Szokarski to Luis R. Caballero, $355,000.

TENNESSEE AVE., 508-Susan M. and Donald C. Lawrence to William D. and Alicia A. Basara, $550,000.

TIMBER BRANCH PKWY. E., 905-James A. and Kelly William Harris to Martha S. Whitley, $605,000.

VAIL ST. N., 1004-Lawrence Joseph Cummings to Darylanne Clapp and Matthew J. Birnbaum, $450,000.

VALLEY DR., 1016-Alicia A. and William D. Basara to Paul E. Sykes, $301,000.

VALLEY DR., 1112-Doretha, Eugene and Aidan Duffy to William H. Riheldaffer, $245,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 228-Peyman Bakhshi to Mitra Bozorg, $185,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 318-Charles W. Byrnes II to Samuel Zemui, $79,000.

VERMONT CT., 3808-Christina G. and Aaron A. Correira to Michael A. Scalise, $373,700.

VOS LANE, 5109-Ruth N. and John W. Mullarky to Vincent M. Dubois Jr., $575,000.

WESMOND DR., 151-Thomas G. Winborne to Nathan Carter, $115,000.

WEST ST. S., 228-Sarah H. and H.C. Moore to Lisa and Gregg G. Nelson, $430,000.

WINDSOR AVE. W., 12-Bernadette M. and Christopher B. Keany to Jason R. Stevens and Heather Callahan Stevens, $540,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 307, No. 707-Abobakar Hanan and Sharafeldin Ali to Luz Schwartz, $274,900.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309, No. 1814-Linda and Edward Apodaca to Sakchai Amonnuntarat, $256,000.

28TH ST. S., 3242, No. 204-Hassania Elmoufouaq to Faith S. Tsodzai, $140,000.

28TH ST. S., 3342, No. 301-Iris Rodriguez to William Joseph and Carolyn Mary Willkie, $158,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABERDEEN ST. S., 35-William O. Snead Jr. to Brian O'Hara, $375,000.

ABINGDON ST. S., 3026-Diana P. and Matthew O. Schad to Ann Elizabeth Summerfield, $406,000.

ARLINGTON MILL DR. S., 2512, No. 6-Jorge Gonzalez to Ryan E. Weston, $404,000.

ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. S., 1101, No. 311-Rita P.C. and William J.J. Liu to Katherine Ford Isensee and Ernest K. Isensee, $500,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1030, No. 276-Marilyn C. and Robert Ellis Croach to Sallie A. Dewar, $252,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1210, No. 328-Caroline M. and Richard G. Young to Donna Joanne Childress, $241,100.

BRANDYWINE ST. N., 2133-My Phuong Tran to Toni Buranen and Franz Misch, $370,000.

BRANDYWINE ST. N., 2158-Carol Sacks to Stephan M. Head, $403,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 1332-Tania J. and Zenon Soto to Melissa A. Drew and William A. Wisner Jr., $402,500.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 3044, No. B2-Justine S. and James K. Groves to Fiona M. Alexander, $295,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 3050, No. C1-Jill L. Sterner to Jacqueline Flynn, $325,000.

CHAIN BRIDGE RD., 400-Sheridan W. and Thomas F. Nicholson to Patricia H. Boyd and Nicholas Ruffin, $1.65 million.

CHESTERFIELD RD., 4900-Lois G. and Frederic G. Parker to Michael J. Graham and Larcy Rivera, $408,000.

COLONIAL TER. N., 1577, No. 305Y-Charles W. Groover to Luis Miguel Bujia, $240,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 5300, No. 308-J2 Enterprises Corp. to Jason Wynkoop, $275,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 5565, No. 710-Ali Medrano and Maribel Pichihua to Jill N. Johnson and Sean K. Andrews, $150,000.

CRYSTAL DR., 1805, No. 303S-Dinc Macit to Julio D. Lobo, $283,700.

FAIRFAX DR., 6916, No. 116-Jarrod M. Goldfeder to Robert B. Hammond, $333,000.

FILLMORE ST. N., 129-Laurie K. and John W. Abiuso to Orin Kerr, $693,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 411-Charles E. Craig to Eric Rosenstein, $127,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 526-Jennifer Tyler to Allyson M. and James N. Sipes, $185,000.

GARFIELD ST. S., 616-Daniel and Megan R. Kelly to Evan T. Farley and Susan D. Scott, $525,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. N., 1006-Lesley L. Coulson to Leonardo L. and Magda G. Ochoa, $390,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1500, No. 23-Jose L. Carranza to Darryl A. Diamond, $163,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1521, No. 12-Lisa V. Chbarat to Mylene and Ray V. Bitangcol, $200,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 851, No. 603-Min Seong Wook to Adam and Stephen C. Thormahlen, $379,000.

GREENBRIER CT. N., 2412-Michael Okomo to Seth Kanfer, $546,000.

HARRISON ST. N., 891-Katherine R. and Walter W. Siggers to Andrew T. Smoyer and Judith L. Ward, $516,000.

IVY ST. N., 806-Jean U. and Robert D. Coleman to James J. Guiliano, $775,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 1132-Tayfun Gevrek to Reza Khadiri, $375,000.

LEE HWY., 4401, No. 73-Ann E. and Ibrahim I. Elwan to Carol L. and Ronald L. Temple, $153,000.

MONROE ST. N., 901, No. 1215-Edith Quinones and Janis Fenlon to Barbara G. Norton, $540,000.

NASH ST. N., 1200, No. 551-Marilyn H. and Varick H.L. Van to Linda L. Haller, $552,000.

NASH ST. N., 1200, No. 862-Coreen L. Ricciardi to Francisco Moris Orengo, $200,000.

NELSON ST. N., 3818-Chat N. and John S. Boardman to Sara Breckenridge and David Sproat, $940,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1431-Estelle and Manuel A. Irizarry to Steven E. Irizarry, $246,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1507-Bradley L. Garrett to Steven Rettinger, $385,500.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 528-Jennifer L. Savage to Julia Jaewon Yoo, $350,000.

ODE ST. S., 811-Said Karkas to Melanie V. and Brian A. Worth, $350,000.

OLD GLEBE RD. S., 20, No. 201A-Barbara A. and Jonathan C. Kinney to Scott Spears, $191,101.

OTTAWA ST. N., 3512-Robert S. Byrnes, trustee, to W.P. Lipscomb Inc., $525,000.

RANDOLPH ST. N., 1000, No. 606-Diamond Ballston Corp. to Brandon Green, $265,346.

RANDOLPH ST. N., 1112-Eliana P. and Jeffrey D. Parker to Elvira Lerida and Raul Cano Rogers, $435,000.

RANDOLPH ST. N., 1627-Mark Christopher White to Patricia A. Mennonna and William Cremins, $970,000.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. C503-Aaron Cheskis to Jeffrey D. Horwitt, $251,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 1027-Larlyn L. Jennings to Ronald V. Josey III and Aidamaris Rovira, $540,700.

STAFFORD ST. N., 1218-Barbara Jane Elliott and Timothy Simon Callen to Nicholas Klissas and Pamfele Gerassimides, $632,446.

STAFFORD ST. N., 2103-Kay F. Creech to Alison Normile, $433,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 900, No. 2221-Ryan L. Flynn and Bonnie J. Bauer to Jeffrey Alan Shapiro, $355,000.

STAFFORD ST. S., 3361-Charlotte R. Peterson to Mary Kate and James R. Bailey, $356,000.

STUART ST. N., 1029, No. 213-Samuel S. Hupart to Jonathan Lloyd, $322,000.

STUART ST. N., 1113-Patricia Molineaux and Craig M. Maloney to Heidi and Michael O'Brien, $775,000.

TAFT ST. N., 1210, No. 910-Ralph W. Johnson, trustee, to Dara H. Schulman, $280,500.

TAYLOR ST. N., 1103, No. A-Julia B. and Michael W. Newman to Leonard Gordon and Patricia L. Newman, $420,000.

TAYLOR ST. S., 3632-James F. Williams to Michelle L. Pinkerton, $365,200.

UTAH ST. S., 3460, No. A-Kathryn Marie Bale to April Stephen, $348,000.

VERNON ST. N., 3330-N.P. Dodge, trustee, to Roberto Devoto and Heather K. Goldman, $885,100.

WALTER REED DR. S., 1317, No. 17201-Michael Edward Galpern to James M. Brown, $245,000.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2637, No. A-Gloria L. Porter to Phady Vongdara, $272,950.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2643, No. B-Rosemary C. Aitcheson to Michele R. Lee, $257,627.

WAYNE ST. N., 1320, No. 401-Matthew Friedman and Kayo Ogawa to Susan Chasnov, $585,000.

WAYNE ST. S., 505-Christopher D. Gambill to Anne H. Sommers, $323,500.

FOURTH RD. N., 4612-Emma and Ricky L. Roberts to John J. O'Neill, $499,500.

FIFTH ST. N., 5631-J. Steven Rutt to Jessica Sanborn and Jorge A. Maceyras, $376,600.

SIXTH ST. S., 3803-Thornton W. Burnet Jr. and Bruce K. Deutsch to Damon Hou and John Leo Lawson, $990,000.

EIGHTH ST. N., 5755-Kirkbride Construction Inc. to Edward M. Rozynski, $779,900.

NINTH ST. S., 4824-Teresa and William Mellan to Olger Luis Benavides, $660,000.

11TH RD. S., 5131-Barbara J. and Roy T. Jackson to Ronnie and Johnny Molina, $283,000.

12TH ST. N., 1404, No. S106-John W. Ruark and Angel F. Triana to Michael P. and Cynthia A. Mooney, $289,000.

16TH RD. N., 4714-Karen M. Baile Holloway and J. Michael Holloway to Mary A. and Jason S. Wilhite, $657,000.

16TH RD. S., 2810, No. 2810B-Tintaya Luz Marina to Shajeda and Shahabuddin Bhuiyan, $203,000.

16TH ST. S., 2600, No. 717-Crystal Ann Davis to Russell W. Wrightson, $246,325.

17TH ST. S., 926-Kimberly Anne Donahue to N. Andrew Greig, $500,000.

17TH ST. S., 930-Frances S. Michel, trustee, to Jennifer Koester and Liam P. Hardy, $500,000.

19TH ST. N., 5645-Geoffrey T. Freeman and Patricia D. Thompson to Jennifer R. and Jason D. Wade, $516,000.

19TH ST. S., 1035-Lynn Russell Kawecki to Lauren R. and Bradford L. Noyes, $500,000.

20TH RD. N., 3325-Samuel Taddesse to Timothy Pierson and Elizabeth Camer, $489,500.

21ST RD. N., 4781-Mary Catherine Willard, trustee, to Ryan G. Gates, $340,000.

22ND RD. N., 5425-Christi B. and Clifton L. Brinson to Victor F. Wu, $529,000.

22ND ST. N., 5513-Dianne D. and Daniel J. Rabbitt to Sharon and Jeffrey A. Miotke, $530,000.

26TH RD. N., 6025-Thomas P. Kiernan to Jeffrey Rohaly and Lisa Ortiz, $509,900.

26TH ST. N., 4601-Michael A. Pugh to Stacie and Thomas Jackson, $740,000.

27TH ST. N., 2914-Sara J. Fitzgerald and Walter W. Wurfel to Philip Merrill, $799,000.

27TH ST. N., 6724-Alexander D. Tomaszczuk to Deborah L. and Christopher Flynn, $859,000.

28TH RD. S., 4612, No. B-Robyn Mazer to Jennifer M. Aversano, $225,000.

32ND ST. S., 4236-Charlotte Jensen to Howard Shaw, $355,000.

37TH RD. N., 5120-Roger D. Skinner to Thomas H. and Elizabeth F. Upton, $756,000.

37TH RD. N., 5170-Florence D. Tierney to Maureen F. and James W. Harris, $831,000.