The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BELVEDERE CT., 7-James D. Jones to Shelby Kerridge and Kyle Englert, $260,000.

CRUMMELL AVE., 1263-Roy H. Gamble IV to Joel P. and Lisa C. Jorgensen, $270,000.

DORSET CT., 2, No. 31-Marianna Weidner to Wendy Edson, $255,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 759, No. 759D-Lily R. Walther to Leah D. Rightor, $239,500.

GREYSTONE CT., 30, No. G-Christopher S. Yearwood to Alison I. Jessie, $172,550.

GREYSTONE CT., 50, No. I-Robert J. Egan to Slavko Funcic, $166,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 40, No. C-Alexander G. Malloy to Barbara Suver, $164,000.

HUSE DR., 115-Joyce L. Costello to John M. and Heather R. Giovingo, $349,000.

MANSION DR., 107-Michael R. Rosenthal to Cheryl King, $410,000.

MARDA LANE, 1202-Matthew M. Smith to John Talman, $202,500.

SPINDRIFT WAY, 23-Stuart M. Littlejohn to Keith O'Malley, $285,000.

THOMAS POINT CT., 1212-Julie D. Conrad to Gabrielle and Diana Vancamp, $600,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 631, No. 203-Mary M. Apostol to Dean Ordakowski and Stephanie Wilson, $227,000.

AMOS GARRETT BLVD., 55-Penny T. Rife, trustee, to Steven C. and Jennifer A. Siska, $335,000.

BELLE CT., 49-H. and R. Investors Corp. to Jesus D. Santillan, $150,000.

BRISTOL DR., 28-Christopher J. Kerr to Gregory E. and Janice E. Spriggs, $395,000.

BROACH CT., 609-Philip Cornelious to John J. Kraljevich Jr., $175,900.

BROADNECK RD., 443-Charles M. Williams Jr. to Joseph L. and Susan E. Snyder, $320,000.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1273-Michael F. Adkins to Eric K. Withey, $220,000.

CARRIAGE DR., 1848-Paul L. Blanchard to Joseph D. and Joyce A. Scranton, $415,000.

CHERRY RD., 1907-Anne M. Ward to Frank Livingston and Brenda Colein, $305,000.

CHESTNUT TREE DR., 823-Justin L. Bridges to James M. and Mary E. Sellers, $210,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 12-Tucker V. Braddock to Tara Jo Mann and Bradley Olsen, $265,000.

HAZEL NUT CT., 1329-John P. Daly to Jason L. Daly, $165,000.

MAN-O-WAR CT., 453-Janice M. Jewell to Saundra Devese, $175,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 5, No. 10-Richard A. Jedlicka to J. Nowell and Tobin R. McNatt, $200,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 5, No. 3-Jerry D. Lee to James N. Therry and Marina L. Martin, $235,000.

MEETING HOUSE LANE, 1604-William D. Cunningham to Meeting House Land Corp., $350,000.

NEPTUNE PL., 1161-Paul B. Creel to Christopher F. and Rachael O. Lesniewski, $335,000.

NORWOOD RD., 218-Stanley Martin Jr. to James D. and Craven C. Engels, $1.45 million.

OLD HICKORY RD., 1466-Clarence Johnson to Christian A. and Christine L. Boone, $588,455.

PEREGRINE PATH, 1409, No. 78-Dale L. Magnusson to Peter A. Weston and Kayla L. Lee, $285,000.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 304-Carl F. Krause to Rosalie A. Maloof, $192,000.

SKYWAY DR., 1133-Brian P. Wood to Paul P. Wilson, $200,000.

ST. MARGARETS RD., 1862-Kenneth N. Tindle to Bruce C. and Nicole M. Shields, $669,500.

WARNERS TER. N., 2003, No. 321-Robert E. Newman to Louis J. Jonske Jr., $250,000.

WINCHESTER RD., 1508-Robert S. Van Denburgh to Paul W. and Kimberlee R.C. Fenn, $382,000.

YORKTOWN RD., 1314-Charles M. Walker Jr. to Gary R. Lindbergh, $245,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

RAVENSHEAD HILL, 912-Charles I. Weinstein to Donald W. and Dorothy B. Ross, $650,000.

Arnold Area

BAY GREEN DR., 530-William L. Boso to Scott W. Reed and Andrew Brozyna, $375,000.

BAY GREEN DR., 647-Miles Anthony III to Daniel and Louise M. Slattery, $340,000.

BLAKISTON CT., 1005-Cynthia C. Trowell to Antoinette Guerassio, $328,000.

CLIFTON AVE., 323-Elmer J. Bender to Peter J. and Michael J. Walden, $209,000.

CLIFTON AVE., 328-Norman Wright to Delta Building Corp., $170,000.

GATOR CT., 1195, No. 207-Sally M. Stotz to Jay E. Megary, $205,000.

GRAY MOSS CT., 1193, No. 185-Kimberly A. Penny to Kristina E. Queen, $192,500.

MALLARD CIR., 921-Roy H. Ballinger, trustee, to Joan C. Rice, $480,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 563, No. 149-David S. Hanner to Beacon Investment Properties Corp., $230,000.

RIDGE VIEW CT., 423-A. Henry Beard to Matthew and Frances Erbe, $288,500.

SHERMAN AVE., 371-Kenneth P. Slattery to Zhihong Liu, $265,000.

WINTERBERRY DR., 1527-Eduardo Augusto Martinez to Tammy D. Stanton, $156,000.

Brooklyn Area

CHURCH ST., 318-Gary A. Smith Sr. to Hellietchs V. Lopez, $192,500.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 113-Silas Gillespie to Tyrone Noel and Nicole Butler, $199,900.

FRANKLIN AVE., 223-James R. McCartin to Daniel J. Gehring, $77,000.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 402-Edward Faygenblat to Brandi M. Forgrave, $79,000.

PIEDMONT CT., 412-Jean A. Williams to Eswin Lemus, $212,000.

WALTON AVE., 111-Edward Szwabowski to Norman L. and Tammy S. Warfield, $179,900.

FOURTH ST., 4401-Kimberly A. Bell to David J. Simard, $60,500.

12TH AVE., 203-Amy L. Sopha to Matthew A. and Christina M. Frankenberg, $172,186.

Churchton Area

DARTMOUTH ST., 5513-Alice L. Millsap to Maureen Merkle, $175,000.

GARRET AVE., 1223-James K. King to Susan S.M. and An Kung Lee, $240,000.

Crofton Area

BAINS CT., 2713-Carol A. Schwalm to Katherine Q. Janosek, $460,000.

BANCROFT LANE E., 1710, No. 287-Kenneth G. Maynard to Dawn L. and David L. Kelleher, $178,500.

BIRDWOOD CT., 1488, No. 123-Pamela R. Glamp to Jay E. Siembieda, $295,000.

BLOCKTON CT., 1452, No. 70YF-Shannon Mitchell to Sara M. Kociemba, $158,500.

CHATHAM CT., 1475, No. 48YF-James P. Keatts to Karen Casazza, $165,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1715-Fred S. Hoffman to Cyril R. and Mary A. Pruszko, $295,000.

ELSA CT., 2801-Henry E. Bunting to Prudential Relocation Inc., $491,000.

ETON WAY, 1565-Diane F. Brumme to Cathy and Mark Somerville, $495,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1736, No. 138-Craig M. Kerrigan to Maureen Steele, $188,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1852, No. 111-Larry C. Angel to John M. and Sheila J. Coffman, $187,000.

FRIENDLY PL., 2043, No. C-Vanessa D. Thomas to Kathy J. Jolles, $149,500.

HIGHTEE CT., 2440-Bok Ki Lee to Michael H. and Kristin C. Johansson, $472,000.

HYANNIS LANE, 2424-Kenneth A. Harding to Edwin M. and Beverly Watson, $235,000.

KENT FORT LANE, 1606-Paul M. Brawner to Wayne Maxfield, $221,000.

LEISURE WAY, 1705, No. A-Milton M. Markley to 4325 Northview Partners Corp.,


MURDOCH CT., 1029, No. 11B-Steven J. Filo to James F. and Sarah Brennan, $200,000.

NOTELY LANE, 2208, No. 106-Alison E. Quinn to Richard Louis and Heather M. Stevens, $181,000.

ORLEANS CT., 1446, No. 124XB-Margaret P. Lee, trustee, to Erika A. Clark, $171,000.

RALSTON PL., 1841-John D. Stevens to Joseph H. and Keri Weller, $359,900.

REIDEL RD., 1623, No. 9-Meeco Corp. to Joy C. League, $120,000.

WEYMOUTH LANE, 2345-John M. Lauther to Deborah A. Williams and Regena M. Booze, $250,000.

Crownsville Area

VALENTINE CREEK DR., 1129-John P. Malinski to Dane L. and Ingeborg H. Rota, $424,900.

Curtis Bay Area

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1348, No. 388-Amy L. Dearborn to Jason Brazerol, $189,900.

WATERWAY CT., 1321, No. 144-Jennifer L. Woodman to Sandra J. Spicer, $319,000.

WATERWAY CT., 1345, No. 152-Douglas E. Murphy Sr. to Alvin R. Bush, $335,000.

Deale Area

DEALE RD., 510-Genevieve L. Johnson to Clarence K. and Amy M. Johnson, $126,455.

TYLER RD., 5957-Thomas J. Warner to Andrew J. and Heather M. Lynch, $285,000.

FIRST ST., 5936-Deborah Goddard to Bay Cove Properties Corp., $50,000.

Edgewater Area

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3812, No. 72-Brian K. Gilkey to Donna L. Manzi, $366,750.

HOLLY AVE., 904-Timothy E. Smith to Alan R. and Anne E. Kraft, $267,500.

LONDONTOWN RD., 506-Homes for America Inc. to James A. Dawson and Richard A. Smith, $179,900.

MARLBORO RD., 1604-Barbara J. Basiliko to David and Pui Ping Chan, $170,000.

MONARCH DR., 3518-Thomas J. Hirschmann to David L. Herzog Jr., $790,000.

OUTRIGGER DR., 3811-Donald A. Richitt to Larry G. and Joanne A. Mason, $518,500.

POTOMAC RD., 1710-Daniel S. Duvall to

Christopher M. and Laura L. McFee,


SHORE DR., 1811-George L. Jackson to Gilberto A. and Mirtala Lemus, $195,000.

SECOND AVE., 3587-William G. Strickland to Kevin and Lisa Alton, $335,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 3704-Kenneth J. Schrump to Timothy and Mary D. Fath, $180,000.

Gambrills Area

MOUNT TABOR RD., 2331-Ronald A. Wilson to David E. and Dana L. Coggan, $537,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ASTER DR., 1210-Vincent F. Serio to Mark A. Lucas and Jenifer L. Scurto, $165,000.

BALTIMORE AVE., 204-Matthew M. Lastner to Maribel Ortiz, $199,900.

DARTON CT., 465, No. 1-Tara R. Brown to Mark E. Pettaway, $155,900.

DOGWOOD DR., 602-Kurt Richter to Edward and Darleen D. Johnson, $224,850.

FERNDALE AVE., 411-Larry R. Davis to Gilbert and Anne Marie Bohannon, $195,000.

FERNDALE RD., 315-Bruce E. Cropf Jr. to Frank J. Scott Jr., $215,000.

GLENDALE AVE., 109-Walter L. Boushell III to Robert Doten and Maureen A. Metcalf, $240,900.

KING GEORGE DR., 408-Silvestre Alvarado to Olinda Quintanilla, $205,000.

MORNINGSIDE DR., 410-James B. Caughron to Anthony M. Nelson, $167,000.

NORWICH RD., 1923-Gibson L. Vanhorn to Michael D. Harrison, $147,500.

OAKWOOD STATION RD., 406-Arvil O. Hartman to Lorraine E. Huffman, $58,333.

PARK SOUTH DR., 8916-Frank A. Ruff to George Martin III and John D. Shifflett Sr., $197,900.

PARK SOUTH DR., 8924-Michael L. Rowan to Oscar L. and Melinda S. Deras, $215,000.

PINE WAY DR., 404-Scott Johnson to William R. and Lorena Arias, $226,000.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1807-Nicole M. Chroniger to Christopher J. Astor, $81,000.

SHETLANDS LANE, 297-Josiah A. John to Claire C. Miller, $190,900.

SPRITE WAY, 648-Steven G. Chandler to Kelvin L. and Debra S. Boone, $175,000.

WELLHAM AVE. NW, 114-Anthony R. Cole to Michael R. and Nikki M. Morris, $210,000.

FIRST AVE. S., 102-David E. Vogelsang to Ara Pezeshkian, $225,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7585-Alvah T. Price to Edward and Laura L. Rice, $182,000.

BERTRAM DR., 9-Archie E. Pack Sr. to Robert W. Dillow, $141,000.

COTTER RD., 701-M. Howard Holt Jr. to Douglas W. and Creta S. Lawson, $149,225.

GUILDFORD RD., 1245-W.S. Chapman to Donald W. Alimo and Heather N. Stitz, $137,000.

HOWARD RD. E., 7541-G.E. Nicholson to Theresa M. Dawkins, $265,000.

JUNIPER DR., 113-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anglea M. Marino, $165,000.

MARIE AVE., 112-Anna Janowiak to Ronald H. McDowell, $375,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 104, No. 2A-John T. McCormick to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $81,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7711-Douglas A. Pavlosky to Gretchen A. Brown, $172,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7800-Bankers Trust to Mazhar Hayat, $135,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6602, No. 204-Joseph C. Hilton to Ellyn M. Mishkin, $125,000.

SANDSBURY AVE., 105-Dietrich Schroeder to Randall L. Franklin, $253,000.

SHORELAND DR., 994-Constance Campbell to Robert E. Willet Jr., $175,000.

STIEMLY AVE., 305-John L. Ogle to Miguel and Claudia Ventura, $260,000.

STONE HAVEN DR., 8026-Aaron S. Inkrote to Frank G. and Shirley D. Moran, $275,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 114, No. 104-Bonnie S. Henthorn to Allen B. and Dorothy E. Taylor, $124,000.

FIFTH ST., 1009-Roberto Acosta to Steven T. and Megan E. Smith, $256,000.

Hanover Area

BOULDER LANE, 1424-Elaine M. Gerth to C. Diane Youse, $243,000.

FAMILY ACRES RD., 7300-David L. Devan to Kevin E. and Carolyn L. Pumphrey, $300,000.

HILL BORN DR., 1358-Janis D. Williamson to U. Young and Chong Hae Lee, $240,000.

WISP CT., 1434-Robert O. Reynolds to Nelson N. and Iris M. Reyes, $289,900.

Laurel Area

ACCOKEEK ST., 8621-Anna Sanzone to Bette L. Kundert, $270,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3404, No. I203-Stephanie A. Dines to Carol Barnes, $184,000.

HARTWOOD PL., 8603-Craig Hailstock to Troy I. and Julie M. Villescas, $269,900.

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3549-Sonja R. Scott to Lisa L. and Henry Chin, $177,750.

SWAMP ROSE PL., 8200-Radian Services Corp. to Jason B. Henry, $399,900.

WATER LILY CT., 3202-Jacqueline D. Tyler to Dae W. and Stephanie Bae, $223,600.

YELLOW SPRINGS S., 448-A. Curtis Sutherland to Lucia and Fernando Avalos, $264,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

MANSION RD., 39-T.A. March to Bonnie L. Schwinn, $255,900.

Lothian Area

BAYARD RD., 400-Wilmer F. Spicknall to Melody E. Spicknall, $208,000.

Millersville Area

ELM RD., 8337-Robert J. Bowman to Brian Reed, $240,000.

GRAIN CT. E., 605-Allen S. Rolocut to David M. Fallon, $299,900.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 8353-Hyun Shin Kim to Snyder Development Corp., $650,000.

OAKDALE CIR., 914-William E. Smith, trustee, to Samuel J. Linton, $269,900.

PUMPHREY FARM DR., 701-Cendant Mobility Government to Tina R. and Fredrick Murray, $660,000.

REBECCA ANN CT., 262-Deborah C. Gonce to Stephen R. and Kate E. Veasel, $152,500.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 195-Bruce A. Smith to Shelly and Brandon Voithoffer, $640,000.

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 1067-Preston W. Smith III, trustee, to David T. and Amy I. Brunner, $450,000.

WATERMILL CT., 306-Tresa M. Jarecki to M. Kilinjian and Anton D. Rhodriquez Jr., $357,000.

WHEAT MILL CT. E., 607-Howard L. Mahoney to Frederick M. Sporrer IV, $262,000.

Odenton Area

ASSEMBLY POINT CT., 325-James P. Janvier to Dana Babbitt and Daniel F. Graham, $195,000.

CHAPELGATE DR., 711-Lavverne B. Tobias to Tammy L. Phillips, $180,000.

HARVEST RUN DR., 707, No. 101-Ara Euredjian to Regina Noel, $176,500.

OAK LEAF CT., 2704-Amy S. Baker to Kimberly A. Casey, $209,900.

PATUXENT RD., 1166-Clarence G. Brown to Thomas A. and Terry L. Jackson, $212,500.

PATUXENT RUN CIR., 801-Thomas P. Coleman to Chad R. Adams and Jeanne Curry, $275,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 104, No. 3-Ronnie E. Ford to Jennifer Digiantommaso, $240,400.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2602-Kathleen K. Street to Andrew D. and Lisa J. Unwin, $276,000.

SUMMER RIDGE CT., 700-John C. Nardone to Jerry D. and Joan Eisenhardt, $245,000.

SUMMER RIDGE CT., 712-Walter H. White to Jo A. and Marshall Hughes, $279,900.

WILLOW LEAF CT., 2620-Newman Enterprise Corp. to Robert L. Breen Jr., $207,500.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8655-Dennis W. Rutherford Jr. to Londale M. and Martha L. Theus, $201,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

MARX DR., 5141-Deborah A. Savage to August S. and Carla J. Hein, $349,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8048, No. G-James W. Parker to Helen M. and Susan Ann Pfeffer, $119,900.

CENTRAL AVE., 7771-Georgia B. Pettigrew, trustee, to C.P. Central Properties Corp., $131,000.

DORSHIRE CT., 3604, No. 3-Bobby T. Wade to Ashley N. and Scott F. Williamson, $184,900.

FOREST DR., 8342-Conrad P. Herold to Robert J. and Milicent Miller, $350,000.

GARLAND RD., 8449-Frederick H. Stamm Jr., trustee, to David A. and Rachel Y. Stiles, $346,000.

HICKORY POINT RD., 211-Richard C. Swanhart to Jimmy C. and Merry B. Phelps, $360,000.

HINGHAM HARBOUR, 914-Amanda England to Bryan W. and Elizabeth A. Simonaire, $189,900.

LAKE DR., 2236-Duncan E. McGill to David L. Cole, $850,000.

LAKE RD., 213-Robert W. Meek to Christopher R. and Angela M. Strevig, $237,000.

LAUREL DR., 616-Barry J. Benesch to Keith and Mary Corwin, $210,000.

MALLOW CT., 7825-Richard A. Saumenig to Edith R. Quiles, $244,900.

NATURE WALK LANE, 322-Susan L. Houck Shewbridge to Steve O. and Betty J. Ashburn, $265,000.

PULPIT HARBOUR, 8652-James E. Little to Raymond T. and Joan M. Truskowski, $191,900.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 356-Dena L. Chess to Mario Caropreso, $166,900.

ROBIN AIR CT., 3604-Victoria L. Dunlap to Wendell D. Windrow, $180,000.

ROBIN AIR CT., 3605-James L. Cook to William J. and Teresa L. Engberg, $183,500.

ROLLING MEADOW RUN, 9193-Joseph C. Harsanyi to Karen L. and Donna L. Miller, $549,900.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8673-David N. Mabrey to Kevin J. and Shara M. Player, $189,900.

SUMMIT RD., 8523-Sharon K. Bennett to William W. and Laura C. Jones, $165,000.

TIDEWATER RD., 956-Douglas Williams to James W. and Jacqueline M. Heffner, $259,900.

221ST ST., 808-Leo J. Parsons to Rodolfo R. Rubio and Ana Guzman, $199,100.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1810, No. 12E-Kent A. Leonhardt to Allison M. Woods, $32,500.

BARNHILL CIR., 7920-John F. Pilli Jr., trustee, to Guy E. and Bertha L. Guyton, $395,000.

BENT BOUGH RD., 7925, No. 45-Gregg C. Bottemiller to Eloise A. Bonner, $264,900.

CHAMPLAIN DR., 1913-Edith R. Dorsey to Susan M. Kennedy, $235,500.

CITADEL DR., 7833-Robert S. Chaplin to Janae D. Sturgis, $370,000.

COATSBRIDGE CT., 8201-Harbans S. Chhabra to Comfort K. and I. Thompson, $104,000.

EAST WINTERWOOD CT., 7713-Christa D. Thorpe to Robert Cohen, $387,500.

EVERGREEN RD., 854-Shirley A. Young to Wesley Whitsides and Lauren Young, $150,000.

JAYBIRD CT., 1802, No. 6-Betty A. Werner to Robert Thomas, $80,000.

MANET WAY, 7864-Lawrence I. Munro to Herbert L. and Joyce M. Zick, $352,000.

MONTECRISTO CT., 356-Gershon Hoffer to Clifton W. and Sandra B. Lanham, $450,000.

SEVERN HILLS LANE, 1822-Adam B. Levin to Joseph C. and Lea T. Drye, $245,000.

STATESMAN ST., 7823-Brain P. Reed to Beatrice V. Newberger, $275,000.

WATTS AVE., 1420-William G. Poulis to David A. and Melissa F. Vess, $325,000.

Severna Park Area

BENFIELD RD., 402-Seth A. Price III to Deep and Santash Agnihotri, $276,000.

FERNWOOD DR., 310-Michael J. Kreiner III to John A. and Carolyn Q. Judge, $318,900.

HARTMAN DR., 402-Charles L. Hutto to Warren Louis and Patricia B. Klug, $495,000.

HOLLYBERRY RD., 105-Douglas A. Shade to Timothy and Amanda Spollen, $425,000.

KENNEDY DR., 251-Evan Q. Kahler to Klaus Mack and Janet Barnes, $489,600.

KNOLLWOOD RD., 610-Maryann Launse to Robert Stryker, $284,900.

MARLBROOK RD., 114-Ronald J. Staines to W. Michael and Sarah H. Crowell, $769,500.

SHEFFIELD RD., 363-Richard Joklik to Kevin R. and Beth A. Crowley, $530,000.

Shady Side Area

BEECH ST., 4920-Frank L. Dubois to Zietta L. Thom, $175,000.

Tracys Landing Area

DEALE RD., 313-Saundra K. Wright to GMC Homes Inc., $190,000.