Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Isaac Alexander Fabre, a son, to Chyeslan Buso and Jose M. Fabre of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 10

Evan Alexander Lyons-Lopez, a son, to LaTisha Alethea Lyons and Mario Ruben Lopez Jr. of Montgomery Village.

SEPT. 11

Miriam Alem Blackman, a daughter, to Sennait Bereket and Martin Hayden Blackman of College Park.

SEPT. 12

Nicolo Alexander Araya, a son, to Andria Marie Mattsen-Araya and Edward Alberto Araya of Gaithersburg.

Angel Christian Love, a daughter, to Arnetta Renee Love of Rockville.

Andrew James Mitchell, a son, to Mary Beth and Steve Mitchell of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 13

Leah Danielle Barash, a daughter, to Shari Z. and David A. Barash of Rockville.

Liliana Evelyn Goodrich, a daughter, to Ana Leticia and Ryan Andrew Goodrich of Hagerstown.

Caleigh Grace Wyatt, a daughter, to Melissa Lee and Adam Christian Ricart Wyatt of Germantown.

SEPT. 14

Evan Matthew Baker, a son, to Cindy Galloway and Bill Baker of Germantown.

Amerie Friend-Victoria Booth, a daughter, to Amber Kiana Thompson and Clyde Harold Booth Jr. of Montgomery Village.

Komlan David Djissenou, a son, to Julie Wallace and Yaovi Djissenou of Gaithersburg.

Carter David Hausfeld, a son, to Lisa Ann and Steven Gregory Hausfeld of Gaithersburg.

Kameron Kanaei Horne, a son, to Angela and Shanan Laman Horne Sr. of Gaithersburg.

Timothy Bartlett Jones, a son, to Jennifer Bartlett and Timothy Lavery Jones of Rockville.

SEPT. 15

Christopher Stephen Leonard, a son, to Martina Helen and William Stephen Leonard of Montgomery Village.

Elizabeth Alexandra Robles, a daughter, to Sandra Cruz and Baudilio Robles of Hyattsville.

SEPT. 16

Matthew Anthony Allen, a son, to Mitzi-Ann Tan and Donald Anthony Allen of Germantown.

Jessica Lauren Brown, a daughter, to Lisa Marie and Dennis Gale Brown Jr. of Waldorf.

SEPT. 17

Mackenzie Samuel Langsam, a son, to Dainia Beth and Jonathan David Langsam of Rockville.

Colin Jacob Pusalan, a son, to Kerri and Armando Pusalan of Laurel.

Brody John Watson, a son, to Marcia Marie Watson and William Drainie Watson Jr. of New Market.

SEPT. 18

Cameron Avery DeOcampo, a son, to Megan Joy and Marc Alex DeOcampo of Frederick.

SEPT. 20

Hailey Rae Davio, a daughter, to Amy Raiford Davio and Paul Joseph Davio of Walkersville.

Natalie Crystal Gomez, a daughter, to Dinora Margarita Argueta and Mario Orlando Gomez of Gaithersburg.

Emily Phuong Tran, a daughter, to Jennifer B. and Tam M. Tran of Germantown.

SEPT. 21

Madeleine Louise Yauch Hess, a daughter, to Kirsten Yauch Hess and Jim Hess of Martinsburg.

Kennedy Nerys Pierce, a daughter, to Isabel Christina Richbourg and Christopher Lee Morrow of Berwyn Heights.

Zachary Robert Senko and Tyler MacArthur Senko, twin sons, to Michelle Eadie and Robert Marc Senko of Rockville.

SEPT. 22

Michael Caruso Guardado, a son, to Krista C. and A. Lionel Guardado of Rockville.

SEPT. 23

Alyssa Jade Day, a daughter, to Reina Victoria and Kenneth Edward Day of Gaithersburg.

David Charles Fleniken, a son, to Francesca Maria Tavazza and Julian David Fleniken of Poolesville.

SEPT. 24

Jake Ian Gluck, a son, to Brenda Marie Seaver and Ira David Gluck of Potomac.

Michael James Goebel, a son, to Stacy Ailene and Peter Jonathan Goebel of Gaithersburg.

Devin MacKenzie Miller, a son, to Melanie Mulcahy Miller and Kenneth Dobson Miller III of Germantown.

Julia Marie Rennolds, a daughter, to Michele and Michael Rennolds of Mount Airy.

Benjamin Eric Welch, a son, to Monica Brooke and Adam V. Welch of Germantown.

Sibley Hospital


Charles Hill Wajda-Gotwals, a son, to Amy Elizabeth Gotwals and Amy Zoe Wajda of Takoma Park.

SEPT. 23

Priyanka Bhatia Fisher, a daughter, to Sabina Bhatia and Matthew Fisher of Washington.

SEPT. 24

Riley Elizabeth Maurer, a daughter, to Stephenie Young Maurer and Matthew John Maurer of Silver Spring.

SEPT. 27

Brooke Arielle Cohen, a daughter, to Lisa R. Porat-Cohen and Barry J. Cohen of Silver Spring.

SEPT. 28

Jaeden Solomon Clark, a son, to Cynthia H. Clark and Julius C. Clark of Annapolis.

SEPT. 29

Aiden Wechsler Kucedon, a son, to Ryan S. Wechsler and D. Brian Kucedon of Chevy Chase.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS