The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

A ST. E., 512-Robert C. and Virginia E. Foreback to Betty J. and Charles W. Eyler, $210,500.

PEACH ORCHARD CT., 15-Teresa R. Harding to Susan A. Walker, $114,000.

WENNER DR., 79-David A. Clark to Janet M. and Raymond R. Riner, $130,400.

Frederick City Area

ALLINGTON MANOR CT. W., 9067-Nancy Bell to Mary Theresa Roberts, $355,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1517-Donna L. Weller to Zulma E. and Ivan L. Alvarenga, $250,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1588-Maria I. Moya De Lopez to Edgardo Mina Sanchez, $245,000.

ANDROMEDA CT., 5770-Ronald E. Williams to Gloria Delconsuelo B. Derosero and Luis Alfredo Rosero Sanchez, $221,000.

ARTIC TERN CT., 4926-Paul M. Hoyt to Luisa M. and Hector C. Cossio, $196,000.

BALDRIDGE TER., 6104-Lisa A. and Joseph E. Laundree to Phon Chu Lee, $210,967.

BEEBE CT., 511-Todd E. Dorsey to Robert J. Reed, $137,500.

BETHEL RD., 9503-Mary F. Beard estate to Jody M. and Betty K. Martin, $142,000.

BEXHILL DR., 1004-Douglas A. and Dorothy S. Trinquero to Tracy L. and Shelton V. Walker, $369,900.

BLUELEAF CT., 905, No. 7-3C-Arlene R. and Charles E. Corby to Robert T. Williams, $152,900.

CAMERON WAY, 2610-Dennis James Stead to David P. Hott, $242,000.

CAMERON WAY, 2620-Mark S. Peterson to Gilbert Crowder, $240,000.

CAPTAINS CT., 8046-Laraine A. and Gary Ray Maine Jr. to Janet Moser, $235,000.

CENTER ST., 440-Frederick W. Buzzerd to Gay Daniel Haines, $159,900.

CLARIDGE DR. N., 6337-Gary Lee and Thelma A. Rollins to Bridgette L. and Richard A. Wood Jr., $475,000.

CLARIDGE DR. S., 6333-Wayne B. and Melissa C. Burkholder to Linda M. Black and Dean Daghita, $522,600.

CRESCENT SPOT LANE, 1415-David Patrick Co. Corp. to Harshini R. and Marlon C. Desilva, $385,000.

CROSSTIMBER WAY, 148-Benny C. and Margaret G. O'Dell to Kathleen M. and Erik J. Dudash, $356,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1224-C-Richard V. and Eugenia M. Doane to Shannon M. and Spencer M. Kincaid, $122,000.

DELAFIELD CT., 6822-Jennifer and Scott Brown to Mary Beth Nicholas, $247,900.

DERRS SQ. E., 1712-Brandon E. and Jennifer Horn Barber to Christina I. Donahue Taylor and Alan G. Taylor, $249,000.

DEVONSHIRE LANE, 6395-Lawrence A. and Kimberly M. Martin to Brook Elizabeth Anne Loewenstein and David Paul Loewenstein, $336,000.

DULANEY MILL DR., 1009-Jean and Bruce Spiegel to Paula M. Stuckey, $400,200.

EDGEMONT RD., 7121-Dale K. and Donna J. Kendall to Angela D. Burrier and Matthew D. Brown, $175,000.

EWALD CT., 6571-William A. Jr. and Anna D. Baden to Adriana Roa and Jorge A. Naranjo, $234,000.

FAIRFIELD DR., 173-Yi Ling Lin to Maria L. and Rosalio Sanchez, $150,500.

FARMHOUSE CT., 5686-Michael C. Weaver to Janet M. Carey Bentz and Dale P. Bentz, $249,900.

FIELDCREST DR., 6154-Alan G. and Debra R. Murray to Maria E. and Aaron R. Browning, $390,000.

FREE TER., 1804-Elliot and Christina C. Felix to Patrick and Stacy Vitello, $218,500.

GLEN COVE CT., 5610-David E. and Kimberley K. Webb to Bethany and Constantine P. Foundas, $361,500.

GRANITE CIR., 9301-Cathy C. Stevens to Maria L. Camangyan Sier and James W. Sier Sr., $145,000.

GREENLEESE CIR., 1708-Ronald E. and Shirley A. Terry to Cynthia A. and Robert A. Wilson III, $364,900.

HARPERS WAY, 141-Angelo Campini to Nicholas K. Owusu, $246,000.

HARRISON CT., 97-Michaela A. Bealmear to Byung Hwa Choe and Jae Ryun Kim, $385,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 500-G-Elizabeth R. Burdette to Kevin J. Reagan, $105,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR. N., 1484-H. Dean and Lori C. Knight to M. Yolanda and Patrick H. Maguire, $145,000.

HONEYSUCKLE CT., 5608-Concettina and Vito Scalera to Barbara S. Myers, $192,200.

HUNTOVER LANE, 624-Matthew E. and Cynthia A. Wrenn to Mercedes L. Alvarado and Jose A. Gonzales, $387,000.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 5-Linda L. and Charles E. Cook to Christopher M. Tereyla, $175,000.

JUBAL DR., 819-Noelle and Timothy Hall to Linda R. and Milton Eldridge Jr., $229,900.

KATSURA CT., 5773-Laura M. Cholewczynski to Linda Jean Pallay, trustee, and Cheryl Anne Milesky, trustee, $194,500.

KESWICK PL., 1102-Harvey L. and Pamela A. Fein to Joyce S. and Ray G. Pratt, $137,000.

LADD CIR., 7124-Renee L. and Gregory K. Hicks to Dhara Corp., $230,251.

LEE PLACE., 610-Julia J. Weaver to Robert Dougherty and Mary Ann Gallagher Dougherty, $241,500.

LINDEN AVE., 201-Mischelle Hall to Shannon T. Trant, $222,500.

LONDON CT., 806-Kellie S. and Eric R. Bauer to Oscar Raul Contreras, $200,000.

LONG ACRE CT., 100-Eui Nan Kim to Bok Sun Kim, $190,000.

MARKET ST. S., 435-Thomas G. Baisey Jr. to Stacey L. and William R. Larson, $148,000.

MEADOWSIDE DR., 6753-Larry W. and Ruth J. Kwak to Lynne L. and David S. Greber, $465,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 1812-Ronald L. and Nicole M. Layman to Kathleen L. Hoehn and Kyle Thomas Weir, $210,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7131-Ray W. Crouse to Maria E. and David R. Vincent, $222,000.

PINE CREST LANE, 6119-Joseph J. and Stefania Schuller to Michelle L. and William T. Eby, $241,000.

REDWOOD AVE., 316-Robert O. Booth to Timothy John Wilson, $185,500.

REELS MILL RD., 5115-Pamela A. and Stephen F. Gross to Seunghwan Lee, $352,000.

RIDGE RD., 8021-Richard N. and Georgina Shane to Tracie A. and Dwayne A. Langston, $499,000.

ROSE GARDEN WAY, 105-Mary K. Buza to Lori M. and Robert F. Morris, $396,900.

ROSEMONT AVE., 1003-Seneh V. Sanner to Stephanie J. and Errol T. Ranft, $626,000.

STRATFORD DR., 809-J-Sean R. McCormack to Erin K. Kallmyer, $125,000.

TOWNCREST TER., 6400-Tony Harris Sr. to Rose A. Brown and Hernan E. Modenessi, $219,900.

TRAIL AVE., 636-Maya G. and Glenn J. Murray to Amanda Foster Sardenberg, $195,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5526-James L. II and Suzanne J. Dean to Jackie M. and Danielle A. Bull, $246,000.

WALTER MARTZ RD., 8523-Bethany L. and Gordon D. Perfater to Daniel Wendell, $282,000.

WAYSIDE CT., 2488-Ronald W. II and Elizabeth M. Peppe to Amy C. and Mayobanex Pujois, $450,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2257-Sue J. Nikel to Jacqueline R. Bryant, $200,000.

WHITFIELD CT., 5815-Brian Keith Unger to John R. Corgan, $155,000.

WHITFIELD CT., 5819-Eric W. and Rhonda J. Pearl to Kelly M. Kessell, $145,000.

WISNER ST. N., 20-Maria K. Riford to Christopher D. Parsell, $168,500.

WOOD DUCK CT., 6781-Jennifer L. and Steven W. Wilhelm to Quality Leasing Inc., $190,000.

WOOD DUCK CT., 6791-Kristi B. and Frederick W. Mannix to Gayle M. Shaw, $188,000.

WYNFIELD CT., 2408-Rebecca D. and Doris A. Keeney to Doris A. and Amy M. Keeney, $205,000.

YELLOW SPRINGS RD., 8826-Katherine A. Barker to Kathryne B. Fulford, $265,600.

SIXTH ST. W., 18-Lea Downs to Cory W. Benson, $70,000.

THIRD ST. E., 306-Yigal Rappaport to Errance U. Meeks, $264,000.

12TH ST. W., 104-Richard A. Wood Jr. to Hersha P. Merrbach, $256,000.

Garfield Area

JOHN KLINE RD., 13810-Patricia and David C. Dawson to Karen A. Gavazzi, $254,000.

Ijamsville Area

BIG WOODS RD., 9806-Kenneth A. Barth to Elizabeth M. and David H. Reynolds, $449,900.

NOR-RAY CIR., 11592-Susan Sand to Giles D. Warrick, $354,900.

Jefferson Area

NEWINGTON RD., 4646-Sondra M. Cooper to Jennifer and Richard Waldo, $335,600.

POINT OF ROCKS RD., 3846-Bill A. Jr. and Debra Ann Hall to Theresa A. and Kenneth E. Wolfe, $365,000.

Knoxville Area

JEFFERSON PIKE, 220-Veronica C. Bell to Joseph Edward Wilson Jr., $159,900.

PETERSVILLE RD., 3618-Erich K. and Sandra L. Lehnert to Kathleen H. and Lawrence D. Olsen, $314,900.

TRITAPOE DR., 712-Robert Carroll to Carl N. Schmidlin, $137,000.

Middletown Area

COUNTRYSIDE CT., 3301-Jimmy R. and Nancy C. Garrison to Lauren L. and John A. Yurciw, $442,000.

IVY HILL DR., 102-Valerie A. and Joseph A. Colombo to Agnes Ragone, $354,900.

JASPER CT., 7203-Kevin and Michele Carter to Andrea L. Harding and Keith A. Henry, $219,900.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 333-Carol L. and Robert J. Lewis to Lessie Barkdoll, $250,000.

MONUMENT RD., 1501-Stephen H. and Wendy L. Miner to Jennifer A. and Timothy D. Shafer, $209,900.

Monrovia Area

MARYLAND MANOR DR., 3874-Marvin H. and Mary C. Looney to Shelby L. and Jack E. Fox Jr., $360,000.

Mount Airy Area

BALMORAL CT., 10493-Arnold N. Jr. and Karen J. McGaha to Jodi and Joseph Coblish, $337,900.

COLDSTREAM DR., 6654-Sewa Ram and Surinder Rani Joshi to Natalie and Johnston B. Grindstaff, $549,900.

FARMVIEW CT., 10402-Harold C. Jr. and Kathleen G. Groves to Amanda M. and Patrick J. McMahon, $375,000.

GAS HOUSE PIKE, 10802-Rowena M. Cremeans estate to Deanne M. and John M. Sullivan, $335,000.

HARRISVILLE RD., 14055-Mildred A. Brice to Angela Macaluso and Kenneth E. Tortolani, $375,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 13688-Willard J. and Carol M. Barbour to Marlene I. and Douglas W. Barbour, $300,000.

LONGBEACH CT., 6652-Andrew S. Karr to Kimberly A. and John J. Gessner, $285,000.

MAPLEVILLE RD., 8301-Scott Hollander to Nicholas Sanzone, $410,000.

MOLESWORTH TER., 4306-Raymond C. and Carole A. McGarvey to Marvin C. Anthony and Brooke Anthony Stull, $290,000.

OAK VIEW DR., 1303-Michael D. Brown to Colleen Shannon, $208,500.

STEAMBOAT WAY N., 6283-Lloyd A. Smith to Pamela S. and David W. Cook, $200,000.

VILLAGE GATE DR., 1140-Michael P. and Kathleen M. Thom to Karen L. and Wayne Pulliam, $419,900.

YEAGERSTOWN RD., 5908-Joanne M. Hilburn to Kevin W. Justice, $110,000.

Myersville Area

BRETHREN CHURCH RD., 3804-Clark D. and Carol Delauter to John Hennessey and Linda Polk Jr., $275,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 10909-Susan Jean Scalzi to Stephanie S. Siar and Jason R. Simmerman, $239,900.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

WOODSBORO PIKE, 12157-John V. and Kathy C. Marshall to Ayrika L. Frock and Eric E. Martin, $240,000.

Thurmont Area

BLACK RD., 7209-Adam and Lynn Feasley Blumenthal to Pamela K. and Daniel W. Cree, $320,000.

MOSER CIR., 201-Matthew T. and Rebecca E. Littleton to Kristy L. and Arin W. Jenkins, $177,000.

OLD OAK PL., 213-Mark M. and Robin L. Watson Butler to Ann D. and Kenneth D. Williams, $146,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

FOX RIDGE DR., 9096-Ronald E. Tetrick to Matilda M. Mercer and Dennis L. Pickett, $279,900.

Walkersville Area

ADAMS WAY, 109-Leslie S. Dougherty to Luann and James Morris, $181,500.

BRAEBURN DR., 230-Edward W. Jr. and Sharon E. Busch to Crystal L. and Jason E. Keckler, $346,500.

CHAPEL CT., 102, No. 3E-Dolores G. Grossnickle to Ernest and Phyllis Naundorf, $110,000.

EDINBURGH CT., 108-Jennifer Kaufman to Maureen E. and John M. Kaufman Jr., $182,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8353-Shane Abernethy to Judith A. and Troy W. Spurrier, $122,000.

SILVER CREST DR., 320-Glenn D. and Pamella S. Heckler to Kelly L. and Kyle R. Jaeger, $309,900.

TREASURE AVE., 8734-Patsy J. Eavey to Ronald E. Lord and John T. Shreve, $132,900.

TREASURE AVE., 8791-Shirley Ann and David Ball to Ethel and Charles Nettles, $155,900.