The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

GENTLE CALL SW, 5940-Sheldon J. Krieger to Hang An and Ran Wang, $420,000.

MOORLAND DR. NE, 7114-Kirk S. Green to Nam Young Hee, $608,000.

WHITEGATE RD., 6601-William E. Douglass to Raul R. Lierena and Katherine Carpio Delierena, $435,000.

Columbia Area

APRIL JOURNEY, 5509-Chi Nguyen to David J. Boardman and Kristen E. Miller, $329,900.

BARNWOOD PL., 5817-John A. Krausman to Bryan T. Hurley and Suzanne Yee, $185,000.

CAMELBACK LANE, 5958-Brad A. Serwer to Robert E. and Karen L. Earlewine, $300,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 4904-Brian Yankle to Philip Lee Blottenberger and Gil Sun Lim, $215,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 5289-Paul A. Anbro to Meredith Cornett, $310,000.

COLUMBIA RD. SE, 5121-Joseph C. Facchinei to Peter and Eileen Keating, $245,000.

CORDAGE WALK S., 10779-Armando S. Masciantonio to Jeffrey H. Carrington and Daishelle M. Carrington, $270,000.

DOCKSIDE LANE, 7253-Bina Lakhanpal to Carl Moore and Sarah Law, $265,000.

DURHAM RD. W., 5145-Syed M. Shah to Shawn and Jadelin Boesen, $469,000.

ELIOTS OAK RD., 5167-William McKinstray to Charles Dennis Gidea III, $293,000.

EMERSONS REACH NE, 9162-David H. Martinez to J. Tyler Setchell, $260,000.

ENQUIRY CT. E., 9346-Mark J. Stout to Robert S. and Anita M. Baxter, $317,100.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10524-Loreen K. Munoz Vazquez to Janice Bleything, $127,500.

GOLD SUNSET WAY SE, 8451-Donna M. Saunders to Brooke D. and Kristine L. Humphrey, $235,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR. SW, 8823-Annette S. Gracon to Annette Yau, $275,000.

GRAY SEA WAY SW, 6341-David B. Lesser to Zachary S. and Jennifer Price, $321,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5539-Betty Jean Green to Philips Legacy Corp., $72,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8841-Mark C. Gapen to Lawrence A. Marvitz and Nisse V. Marvitz, $181,000.

HINGSTON DOWNS NE, 9639-James J. Stone to Peter J. Vezzosi, $172,500.

KINDLER RD., 7375-Henry M. Alinger to Constantine and Milena I. Sabak, $332,900.

LIGHTFOOT PATH S., 5219-Christina J. Cha to Christopher S. and Amanda M. Berry, $311,000.

LIQUID LAUGHTER LANE, 6401-Michael G. Hoffman to Sanming and Betty Hui, $485,000.

LITTLE BIRD PATH S., 7329-Forest Edward Platt to William A. Cain, $325,000.

LONE TREE CT., 11717-Edgar M. Wells to Karmin Cortes, $255,000.

MAY WIND CT., 10425-Siu Hong Louie to Memuna Waritay, $229,900.

MILLET SEED HILL N., 10618-Frances L. Grosso to Austin D. and Maureen McGavey Jameson, $656,399.

MILLRACE CT. NW, 5901-Ivan L. Penn to Thomas Delzoppo, $225,000.

MISTY ARCH RUN S., 6048-Peter J. Tocco to Jeanne C. Bohnet, $340,000.

MORNING TIME LANE NE, 6305-John M. Loving to Stephen A. and Katherine A. Davidson, $459,900.

QUIET HOURS E., 6716-Marie Savoy to John A. Kuykendall, $176,000.

SETTING SUN WAY SE, 7422-Stewart M. Hurtt to Greg R. and Leslie Kamigawachi, $237,000.

SETTING SUN WAY W., 7407-Amy Melissa Easter to Antonio Desimone, $263,100.

SPRING POOLS LANE, 10135-Christina Shepelavey, trustee, to Richard E. Cox and Elizabeth A. Mulroy, $400,000.

SUFFIELD CT. S., 5513-Elizabeth C. Richie to Virginia D. Washburn, $280,000.

SWANSFIELD RD., 10901-Ralph W. Blevins to Alexander J. and Eileen S. Golian, $353,000.

TAMAR DR., 5901-John J. Nadeau to Amy E. Deacon and Frankie Hernandez, $112,500.

TAMAR DR., 8752-Donald A. Girodo to Warren Thompson and Andrea Young, $180,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7406-Milton Nathaniel Barnes to Hanif M. Omar, $406,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7617-Benjamin L. Woodbury II to James E. Davis Jr. and Vivian Siminski, $132,500.

WILLIAM TELL LANE, 10519-Morton Silverman to Jason and Wendy Kadingo, $355,000.

Dayton Area

TEN OAKS RD., 4481-Wilbur M. Vlach to Arles C. Sutherland and Brenda L. Sutherland, $380,000.

Elkridge Area

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6298-Kathrine L. Judge to Scott E. and Amanda K. Choura, $194,000.

GREEN TREE DR. SE, 8149-Sean C. Long to Robert A. and Jennie C. Paolucci, $435,200.

MAYFIELD AVE. N., 7854-David Melander to Kevin C. and Gretchen E. Shaffer, $311,000.

MEADOW ROSE NE, 5917-John Matthew Herpel to Kamran N. and Sobia Shakeel Raja, $336,000.

OLD ROCKBRIDGE DR. NW, 7678-James P. Dodson to Michael J. Urquhart and Dyan Romensko, $179,900.

ROCK GLEN DR. W., 6025-Selina G. Martin to Kerry Dowman and Kevin Phelps, $137,000.

WATERMILL CT. NW, 8025-Randall M. Arvizu to Milan B. Thakkar and Anet M. Nn Thakkar, $235,100.

Ellicott City Area

ARCADIA DR., 3434-James M. Washburn to John and Tineka Herpel, $425,000.

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7722-Scott Murray Graves to Anthony R. and Melissa J. Zahn, $311,000.

BRIGHTFIELD RD. N., 8016-Yung Min Lee to Taek Yoon Kwon, $250,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7905-Danielle C. Smith to Samuel Pak, $299,900.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7924-Matthew W. Laurence to Todd D. Barrick, $277,000.

CARLEE RUN CT., 3005-Carlee Manor Corp. to Chao and Betty Lu Ti Wang, $852,400.

CHATFIELD LANE SE, 7729-Todd P. Laury to Adam C. Puche, $285,000.

CHURCH RD., 3727-John David Buck to Jeanne L. Allert and Daniel A. Law, $450,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4712-Loraine M. Lemanski to Janine M. Dauberman, $139,710.

ELKO DR., 8401-Michael D. Scoble to Kwan W. and Chong Lee, $335,000.

EVERGREEN WAY, 3017-Murle L. Thompson to Timothy A. and Dana N. Garrett, $426,000.

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS CT., 2941-Mark Stephen Kurtzman to Richard and Barbara B. Ohnmacht, $715,000.

FOLLY QUARTER RD., 12783-Thomas J. Skavda Jr. to Marcus and Rachael Aiello, $590,000.

GLOBE DR., 10306-Todd A. Gravois to John and Chi Shu C. Ordaz, $344,000.

GOVERNOR THOMAS LANE, 8304-John B. Herrin to Christopher J. and Jenifer S. Gesell, $690,000.

GREEN CLOVER DR. NW, 10122-Robert E. Duke to Tracy J. and Maureen R. Romano, $525,000.

HALLOWED STREAM S., 4715-Anita K. Wall to Vernon H. Miller III and Jennifer S. Cinelli, $266,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT. NE, 8568-Edward E. Stokes Jr. to Rachel Z. and Gerald Lee Burrows, $320,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT. SW, 8537-Yeo Ran Byun to Melinda K. Friend and Donna M. Ellis, $321,000.

HILLSMERE RD., 9777-Melvin Thomas to Jeong and Kyng Ja Lee, $379,000.

MACALPINE RD., 3708-Robert C. Goodier Sr. to Matthew D. Gillis and Jenny L. Woodward, $450,000.

MAYFAIR CIR., 7764-Aseem H. Raval to Umbreen Idrees, $185,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7834-Jean M. Pohl to Sally Jo Russell, $227,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8343-Sarah Law to Eugene Benjamin Krivenko, $168,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8348-Stacey R. Stakem to Daniel R. Forester, $166,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8387-Sandra C. Syska to Nicole A. Novotny, $188,200.

NOEL RD., 2938-Thomas Alan Boone to Cheryl S. Jenner and Michael J. Walstrum, $435,000.

QUEENS CAMEL CT. NE, 10233-Chester R. Younkin to W. Thomas Monaco, $414,000.

SICKLEBAR WAY NW, 8732-Melvin Garcia to Mikhail V. Onishchenko, $410,000.

TRAIL VIEW DR. S., 8612-Peter M. Hong to Kathryn G. Offenbacher, $380,000.

VIEW TOP RD., 3850-Shirleymarie W. Hawes to Donald J. and Lisa M. Anderson, $420,000.

Fulton Area

PINDELL SCHOOL RD., 7389-Joseph J. Gieda to Anne T. Gugel, $440,000.

Highland Area

OPEN SPACE CT. SE, 13484-Jeffrey L. Shank to Aaron and Donna Silberstrom, $729,000.

Jessup Area

ASPENWOOD WAY SW, 8162-Charlotte M. Riesett to Leonard Samuel Feldman, $236,000.

CEDAR AVE., 7259-Steven C. Jackson to Carlos and Lisa M. Hernandez, $235,000.

CIPHER ROW W., 8024-Jeffrey Brown to Carlos E. and Joanna H. Famadas, $267,500.

SAVAGE GUILFORD RD., 7925-Mark D. Mahon to Mark and Karen C. Davis, $350,000.

SMITHFIELD PL. SE, 8722-Russell J. San Felice to Daniel H. Hall, $245,000.

Mount Airy Area

HARDY RD. NE, 17270-James R. Miller to Iain Stewart Burgess and Catherine A.J.E. Solan, $525,000.

Savage Area

SAVAGE-GUILFORD RD., 8281-Pamela S. Webster to Daniel V. and Melissa A. Beall, $359,900.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BURLEY LANE SW, 9209-Michael J. Dye to Morriss L. Weiss, $267,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9026-Carmen Mercedes N. Rivera to John Kenneth Potter and Allison Jean Knappenburger, $145,500.

CORONET CT., 9623-Richard Hatton to Ernest G. Moussi, $380,000.

CRESTHILL CT., 8728-Lisa B. Malone to Francis P. and Nancy J. Bilotto, $230,000.

FENS HOLLOW E., 9445-Gary B. Seibert to Hadiyum Quaiyum, $230,000.

FLOWERING CHERRY LANE W., 8426-Frank C. Sutton to Cary G. and Susan J. Allen, $561,000.

GLEN RIDGE DR. W., 9533-Alan L. Mader to William C. Kruger, $295,500.

GLENDOWER CT. SW, 9626-Matthew C. Emery to Kenneth S. Cook, $190,000.

HADLEIGH CT. W., 9625-Steven Foran to Dennis U. and Tara L. Onyenorah, $275,000.

HIGH RIDGE RD., 10154-Dale R. Boulay to Francusco M. Martinez and Danita E. Martinez, $260,000.

MADISON AVE. W., 9308-Luther R. Cosner to David B. Lenz and Susan L. Bartz, $100,000.

QUEENS GUARD CT., 9525-Peter B. Gorbea to Bernard L. Gasaway and Sherece L. Gasaway, $374,900.

RIDINGS WAY E., 9327-Todd W. Hobert to Tracy Carthorne, $275,000.

SAND CHERRY LANE NW, 8360-Gary A. Franklin to Vladimir and Zaruhi Airapetian, $543,000.

Sykesville Area

FOREST VIEW CT. W., 12828-George D. Plantas to Dana J. Hess and Nancy L. Myers, $549,900.

FORSYTHE RD., 13880-Ruth H. Young to Denise A. Huson, $479,900.

Woodstock Area

FOLKESTONE WAY SE, 10744-Anna M. Curley to Robert J. and Tracy Lucido, $439,900.

GANTON GREEN SW, 2120-Donald G. Offerman to James C. Frizzera, $239,900.