Redistricting Inequalities

All caught up on the latest school redistricting? Me neither.

During past redistricting, maps were published and distributed. This time we have very confusing verbal descriptions of the redistricting.

There are some interesting aspects to consider in this redistricting, though.

The school system is again planning to open an exclusive private school at the new Marriott's Ridge High School. With the feeder system as it is now, students who graduate from that school will have never actually met a poor person during their 12 years in school. The school system has already set up boundaries such that this will be one of the top performing schools in the county. On the other hand, a few schools in the county aren't quite so lucky as they struggle to serve expanding needy populations.

The other odd thing is the middle school redistricting. The school system decided to make changes because too few children moved from Patapsco Middle School during the last redistricting, thus the school continues to be crowded.

Yet, one of two plans for middle school redistricting would transfer a mere 17 students out of that school. Interestingly, despite the fact that Ellicott Mills is under-enrolled by 20 percent, moving children into that school is not proposed. Is this perhaps so that expensive development can continue in that area?

Development in the Patapsco area is also planned, yet the school system is not adequately dealing with this crowding.

Lynn Bosco

Ellicott City