The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

APRIL ST., 14506-Wendel W. and Ellen M.H. Huffstutler to Christine Ryon and Michael Murray, $215,000.

FARMINGTON RD. W., 500-Luke K. and Kathleen A. Krikstan to Susan B. and Robert C. May, $360,000.

Adelphi Area

CHILLUM RD., 803-Mildred R. and Charles W. Henry to Beltway Properties, $98,000.

COX AVE., 802-Martin S. Ogbuachi to Jose W. Gonzalez Gracias, $230,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 9004-Harold C. Felder to Isidro N. Flores and Luis A. Perez, $230,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1105-Hakam Kanafani to Sanae Loukili, $54,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 205-Parvin Etedali and Reza Shariati to Hildorn O. Nimblet, $51,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 815-William A. and Ji Whittington to Bruno Tchoudja and Celine S. Kom, $36,500.

PAWNEE ST., 2500-Ingrid U. Nelson to Sharon E. and Frank N. Waterman, $243,750.

RIGGS RD., 7910-Humberto F. and Delores C. Corea to Maria Molina and Fredi D. Castillo, $148,000.

SOMERSET PL., 719-Maritza Nunez to Evelyn Bonilla, $246,000.

Beltsville Area

BELTSVILLE DR., 12127-Nancy Cumberledge to Lakh and Marjorie Shaiza, $173,000.

CALVERTON BLVD., 3123-Albert E. Hallivis to Johnny Torres and Roberto A. Rivas, $289,900.

CHERRY HILL CT., 3408-Adebowale Adeleke to Comfort and Albert A. Akintoye, $207,000.

GARRETT AVE., 4711-Jennifer A. Hackett to Savuth Chan, $140,000.

HOWARD CT., 11409, No. 818-Patricia W. Aye and Esther A. Meade to Joshua Harrison, $230,000.

SULLIVAN CT., 12709-Dwight G. Scott to Thu Thuy and Danny L.M.C. Tran, $236,000.

TONQUIL PL., 4304-Roland E. and Catherine Y. Lee to George N. Yick and Carolyn Y. Chin, $200,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 4909-Alice and Marshall Butler to Nedra James, $117,500.

TAUSSIG RD., 5412-Jacqueline M. Waldo to Jeanette Curry, $150,000.

55TH AVE., 4217-Frances V. and Robert A. Cornish to Rainbow Properties Corp., $95,000.

Bowie Area

ALDERWOOD LANE, 16306-Paul T. and Sharon L. Bryant to Mary and Foster Anderson, $245,500.

BRUNSWICK LANE, 12714-Edward F. and Violet K. Unger to Edith E.H. and Alcee L. Wimbish, $220,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15819, No. 210-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Monica L. Brooks, $123,500.

EIGHTPENNY LANE, 3725-Ericka Wallace to Courtney N. Duke, $182,000.

GALLIC CT., 13705-Timothy C. and Sharmagne D. Goff to Cecile and Calvin Holloway, $236,500.

GARTH ST., 6900-James D. and Valerie J. Felter to Irie W. and Linton V. Clarke, $435,000.

IRONGATE LANE, 3810-Sharon J. and Philip A. Bangert to William Jerome, $230,000.

KEYNOTE LANE, 12500-Linda A. Smith to Sheila C. and Emmanuel V. Senesie, $259,900.

LANCEFIELD LANE, 4423-Damon R. and Vernita D. Harris to Maria J. and George J. Thoundayil, $400,000.

LONDON LANE, 14593-Cynthia D. Farmer to Gary M. Robinson, $182,000.

LONDON LANE, 14595-Vincent B. Piccirilli to William E. Wheatley, $197,000.

NEMAN DR., 15428-Seyed S. Nasserabadi to Kathryn Newton and Ernest R. Lawley, $161,900.

NORTH OAK CT., 15423-Louise M. and Lawrence E. Werner to David G. Delaney, $154,000.

OLD CHAPEL DR., 7801-Reginald D. Gaskins to Tracie M. Glover, $345,500.

ORCHARD PARK WAY, 7923-Michael E. and Donna M. Long to Vilma D. and Nixon Clermont, $439,000.

PALMYRA LANE, 1310-Eleanor F. and Benjamin Peed, trustees, to Ladona L. Vizbulis, $234,900.

SUDBERRY LANE, 2804-Donald I. and Brenda J. Guy to Iu Dok and Douglas F. Premoe, $255,000.

TALLOW LANE, 2941-Dorothy and William E. Fleming Jr. to Denny J. Derr, $246,000.

TEAK LANE, 3007-Jason P. Bogue to Thomas O. Malone, $239,900.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 8310-Naomi D. Manadier to Barbara A. and Rhonda T. Gaines, $299,900.

Brentwood Area

39TH PL., 4321-Deeannia and Clint W. Hobbs to Janice Fountaine, $164,000.

Capitol Heights Area

CASTLEHAVEN CT., 1204-Delois M. Holmes to Deonte Morrison, $122,000.

EMO ST., 4914-Stanley Moffso and William Stein to Jacqueline Thomas, $110,000.

FIELD ST., 6202-Lorraine M. and Arnold W. Fountain to Shawn C. Isaac, $165,000.

FOYER AVE., 1217-Darlee Washington to Mary P. Taylor and Barry C. Harris, $125,000.

MANN ST., 4708-Myttie E. and Sylvester Johnson to Paul J. Walker, $141,000.

NOVA AVE., 708-Bamba Telemaga to Adiodun Adedigba, $137,000.

POSSUM CT., 262-Mary E.C. Gerald to Charles L. Knight, $133,000.

ROLLING DALE WAY, 4751-Joann Price to Kathryn D. Walker, $146,500.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6710-Gordon Atkinson to Darryl S. Austin, $153,500.

SHADY GLEN DR., 340-Ardia Tucker to Phyllis T. Saunders, $135,000.

ZELMA AVE., 312-Cedric Jamison to Lajuana J. Bailey, $152,500.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BURNSIDE RD., 7772-Casey Trust Inc. to Leonard Hunter Jr., $125,000.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1859, No. J-287-Raymond A. Washington Jr. to Tracey K. Boozer, $77,500.

EDWARDS ST., 3526-Carol A. Bro and Benjamin F. French to Kenneth Hanson, $169,000.

FOREST TER., 6947-Oliver W. Smith to Petrina A. Caldwell, $113,250.

GROUSE PL., 7530-Gregory Harrison to Bernard N. Kamga, $135,000.

HILL RD., 414-Serematie and Adaish K. Balram to Christian K. Paylay, $200,000.

OTIS ST., 6209-Tony Hopkins to Marvin L. Lizano and Juan F. Campos, $113,500.

RED OAK LANE, 2732-Jennifer L. and Joseph L. Robinson to Natina Savage, $140,000.

STATE ST., 6100-Tony W. Ashton to Kathleen M. and Chresmon Ching, $150,000.

Clinton Area

BRANDYWINE RD., 12010-Charles F. and Nan L. Stout to Geraldine and Equito Johnson, $185,000.

BUTTERFIELD DR., 5706-Milton E. and Ruth L. England to Hong and Ging L. Dung, $232,500.

CINEMA CT., 8408-Pamela G. and Tanya Banner to Terri L. and Winston C. Allen, $293,000.

DANFORD DR., 6902-Cerrito Management Corp. to Michelle and Raheem Ladson, $225,000.

FOX RUN DR., 9714-Patricia D. Ful and Larry S. Lowe to Jessica E. Weidner, $283,425.

JEREMY CT., 8713-Greater Suburban Properties to Robert Duvall, $175,000.

SONAR RD., 8109-Mary M. and Lowell P. Johnson to Dionne Chin, $196,000.

College Park Area

BLACKFOOT RD., 4811-Alison J. and Thomas E. Beatty to Huilan W. and Timothy J. Mountfort, $177,500.

CHESTNUT HILL RD., 5807-Daniel T. and Susan E. Shannon to Jane T. and Aloysius C. Doyle, $267,900.

FOX ST., 5004-Melica and William B. Stevens Jr. to Robert C. Williamson, $242,500.

KENESAW ST., 5107-Mary Y. Cooper to Stacy A. and Michael J. Bukoski, $201,000.

PAXTON CT., 8506-Perry T. Mitchell to Manuel J. Vanegas, $208,500.

SEMINOLE ST., 6209-Roosevelt Lafontant to Jose V. Romero, $230,000.

51ST PL., 9744-David J. and Ellen B. Thorp to Saul Malozowski and Claudia Yelin, $209,900.

57TH AVE., 8914-Jane H. Reid to Sharon Yohannes, $200,000.

District Heights Area

BARKLEY PL., 2311-Carol A. Holbrook to Jacqueline Y. Crews, $169,000.

BELTZ DR., 7108-Sebastian Iglesias to Eugenio and Silvia De La Cruz, $160,000.

DAVENTRY TER., 5245-Myra L. and Joseph W. Miles to Henrietta L. Jamison, $160,000.

DONNELL PL., 7217, No. A-4-Alice L. Douglas to Devin M. Smith, $54,000.

EAST AVE., 2804-Mary V. and George F. Buchanan to Annie Hunt, $186,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 3242-Bamayangauy Massaquoi to Phaedera A. Smith, $169,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 5709-Anna Maria Johnson to Diron West and Kimberly Jordan, $148,500.

JORDAN PARK BLVD., 8102-Delfina C. and Ricardo V. Agapito to Hope L. Swann, $35,900.

LACONA ST., 6521-Gnanamany and Francis Anthony to Bobbie Goode, $183,000.

NEWGLEN AVE., 2703-Florita T. and Walter H. Wesley to Shirley A. Bethea, $144,250.

NIMITZ DR., 7211-Ernestine and William T. Hunter to Angela L. Neal, $165,000.

OAKWOOD LANE, 2016-Denise M. Fuller to Katherine S. Wilson, $180,000.

OLD SILVER HILL RD., 6009-Kenneth E. Anderson to Willie J. and Irene E. Baker, $121,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8514-Nathaniel E. Atkins to Benjamin R. Longwood Jr., $169,000.

WOODLARK DR., 1416-Michael A. Grant to Eular Owens, $145,000.

Fort Washington Area

ATEN ST., 11907-Greenwich Investors XI to Martha B. and Herbert G. Coleman, $457,500.

CLEAR CREEK DR., 12014-Charles Petit Frere to Janeil McDowell and Leonie Peterkin, $340,000.

CUMBRIA CT., 8712-C-Leslie Buchanan Jr. to Pamela D. Kelly, $123,000.

FARMER PL., 4205-Denise C. and Willie J. Abney to Hermelinda O. White, $240,000.

JOE KLUTSCH DR., 6320-Carla E. and Tim L. Blake to Yalasha and Bryan Redd, $173,000.

KERBY PKWY., 512-Rhonda and Vincent Lockett to Abbas Moazzami, $180,500.

LEE RD., 1607-Eliza A. and Robert F. Spence to David P. Bascomb, $215,000.

RIVER BEND RD., 525-Cedro Limited to Franklin G. Winchester, $421,500.

RUSLAND CT., 8849-Tracy L. and Carlton P. Johnson to William C. Alton, $135,000.

SPRING VALLEY CT., 1088-Darron Black to Cecelia M. Tilghman, $125,000.

WARBURTON LANE, 801-Maria A. and Andres R. Santos Jr. to Taneha L. Ferguson, $200,000.

Greenbelt Area

CANNING TER., 8235-Douglas L. Bierderman to Marlon Salmon, $205,000.

GREENWAY PL., 16-Esther R. Sun to Michael Romett, $200,000.

MANDAN RD., 7324-Byron M. Mapp to Joyce J. Carter, $175,000.

MEGAN LANE, 6809-Clifford J. and Lavette E. Arms to Viola and Richard Garcia, $352,000.

WINTERGREEN CT., 7306-Mary L. West to Roody Rosales, $229,500.

Hyattsville Area

HANOVER PKWY., 6960, No. 300-Dorann Bartley to Julian C. Ingram, $115,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 7712, No. T2-Christopher D. Thayer to Shamika Place, $121,950.

HANOVER PKWY., 7726, No. 103-Isabel C. Degrouchy to Priscilla Johnson, $102,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7802, No. 104-Casonya S. Lucas Ford to Rachel Audi, $120,500.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 204-Virginia G. Liston to Dana R. Anderson, $42,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9203, No. A-4-Barbara A. Mills to Walter S. Smitson, $77,500.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9314-Dorothy L. and Calvert Smith to Andrea D.R. and Josue A. Rivera, $182,500.

BRIGHTLEA DR., 6416-Jassim and Khazai Alshimm Aligabi to Isatu and Abdulai Shero, $280,000.

CIPRIANO SPRINGS DR., 8649-Louise D. Brown to Nichole H. Stewart, $151,000.

GLENARDEN PKWY., 8729-Taiwo R. Samaiye to Juliana Babatunde, $245,000.

SEABROOK RD., 6208-Charles E. and Jeanette Burke to Wilner and Evelyn C. Desrouleaux, $190,000.

SHERIDAN CT., 9104-Ann Moore Ruth trust to Workneshe G. Tekle, $230,000.

Largo Area

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3177-C-Antwain Merriweather to Alicia N. Ford, $110,000.

GOLDEN EYE CT., 1401-James T. Watkins to Ramatu Kabba, $350,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7615-Dawne S. Blanche to Patricia A. Thornberry, $122,500.

BOUNDS AVE., 15600-Joseph A. Klem to Corklin Scales, $279,000.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE RD., 7806-Erin D. and Corey S. Wilkerson to Jose Lucio, $363,000.

FITZPATRICK DR., 6906-Alfred R. and Mary L. Poirier to Beth L. and Ronald A. Friedman, $295,000.

KERR RD., 15812-Edward F. Kobee to Cynthia L. and John S. Feger, $260,000.

LINDENDALE DR., 8511-Anthony L. and Ruth A. Bianco to Salvatrice and David J. Murphy, $174,900.

MARTON ST., 1002-Craig T. Murrell to Diana L. White, $140,000.

OXFORD DR., 14313-Ashuinhumar E. and Rashmi A. Bhalani to Sherly Jacques, $216,000.

SCOTCH DR., 7015-Joseph O. Anderson to Ifeyinwa N. and Nchekwube C. Ndife, $175,500.

STRATFIELD CIR., 14600-Peggy A. Smith, trustee, to Thahira B. and Basheer Ahamed, $385,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 328-Gene W. Jr. and Karole S. Wilkes to Gail B. and Victor H. Sparrow III, $270,000.

Montpelier Area

BOISE RD., 9929-Gladys L.R. and Francis C.S. Yu to Smithrose Investments Corp., $65,000.

BRIARDALE LANE, 8903-Earl B. and R. Irene Evans to Lipton T. McKain and Diane Y. Mair, $299,900.

Mount Rainier Area

VARNUM ST., 3203-Sharon L. Young to Anthony J. Cisek, $139,900.

31ST ST., 4115-William C. Walsh to Sean Harris, $150,000.

New Carrollton Area

EMERSON ST., 6939-Elon Baptiste to Arthur Wilson, $145,000.

KASLO ST., 6407-George and Molli Andrykovitch to Luisa Castillo and Faustino Ojeda, $212,500.

PRESTON ST., 8613-Jessie E. Slominski to Juan Rios and Melvin Sorto, $197,000.

56TH PL., 3507-Ruth E. and Bernard J. Kirk to Golden Star Corp., $138,000.

Oxon Hill Area

BROOKHAVEN CT., 5006-Jacqueline M. White to Idella Shavers, $187,000.

FOUNTAIN RD., 5802-Joe A. Bethea to Ronnie L. Miller, $165,000.

GULLY CT., 4900-Felicia Bradley to Quentin Hines, $158,000.

JARVIS AVE., 1811-Margie and Robin E. Anderson to Marilyn M. and Gregory E. Fuller, $180,000.

MODOC LANE, 702-Yvonne L. Jackson to David Bentley, $155,000.

SHELBY DR., 705-Rita M. Dixon to Emma Edwards, $131,000.

WILMETTE DR., 1011-Debra L. Caldwell to Lucille B. Dolly, $120,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 543, No. 6742-Edmond A. Mason to Jacqueline L. Presto Becton, $25,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 571, No. 6770-Ana G. Rivera to Melissa L. Pinnock, $57,000.

WINTHROP ST., 4900-Cheryl A. Thompson to Bernadette B. Harris, $122,000.

Riverdale Area

AUBURN AVE., 6412-Jung S. and Kim J. Salaz and Pal L. Kim to Douglas Y. Kim, $175,000.

NEWBY AVE., 5421-Marja L. Reed to Florence Ogunyileka, $138,350.

QUEENSBURY RD., 4308-David D. Sr. and Florence M. Brandt to George C. Cois and Nina Hendriksen, $310,000.

TAYLOR RD., 5302-Dorothy R. Cook to Lisa and Paul Allen, $157,500.

TENNYSON ST., 5707-Katherine M. and Donald O. Heslop to Cindy Matera, $219,900.

59TH AVE., 5212-William A. III and Beverly Beale to Edubijis and Jose A. Cardoso, $165,000.

Suitland Area

DAVIS AVE., 4646-Thomas M. Jr. and Gabel M. Harley to Eulalia F. and William W. Procter, $102,500.

HOWE AVE., 4636-Virgie F. Woodard to Corey Bullock, $116,250.

SILVER PARK TER., 4117-Levona Y. Ferebee to Denise C. and Thomas W. Jackson, $150,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3841, No. T-101-Garmon West Jr. to Joanne L. Jordan, $65,000.

WOODLAND RD., 6608-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Laura Tasker, $145,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE, 2214-Ronald Floyd to Tangela J. Roundtree, $150,000.

COLEBROOKE DR., 2811-Robert S. and Mercedes Richards to Ladonna F. and Henry H. Strong, $55,500.

FAIRLAWN ST., 2700-Tomasha Colvin to Nelson Dubon, $197,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N-202-Melaku Sebsibe to Robert H. Forte, $35,000.

HAGAN RD., 5201-Kathy T. and Robert M. Shannon Jr. to Willie L. Smith, $187,000.

IVERSON ST., 2405-Tanya A. Stanfield to Christopher N. Brooks, $77,000.

KEATING ST., 2750, No. 41-Charles E. Hall to Paula A. Christian, $85,000.

NORTHAM RD., 6511-Patsy N. and Embrit R. Lee to Juan A. Richards, $185,000.

WILKINS DR., 5107-Raymond J. Carroll to Daniel Wilson, $137,500.

19TH AVE., 4204-Sylvester and Brenda J.A. Arnett to Susan and Edgar Darby, $200,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BERRYBROOK TER., 11908-Shirl L. Johnson to Diana D. Wiggins, $280,000.

BROOKMEAD CT., 16131-Joeletta K. Johnson to Melani J. Myers, $168,000.

CENTER PARK WAY, 12708-Denise D. Johnson to Stanley A. Wint and Dillette I. Lindo, $231,900.

COLONELS CHOICE RD., 14631-Paul T. Reilly to Kristine M. and Emmett L. Mack III, $80,000.

CRANFORD DR., 11302-Anthony P. Cunningham to Tosha Moore and Christine C. Lyles, $216,500.

ELEANOR BROOKE WAY, 5324-Eunesa Benom and Chandra C. Jackson to Venus C. Bethea, $201,500.

HATBORO PL., 2804-Michael D. Smallwood Jr. to Tamaira F. and Derrick D. Cannon, $425,000.

KING FREDERICK WAY, 13817-Vernita A. Kidwell to Naomi and Solomon Gilbert, $170,000.

MARLTON AVE. N., 11900-Timothy H. and Debera L.S. Frank to Belinda L. and Edward F. Smith, $289,900.

NEW ORCHARD DR., 10302-Georgianna M. and Fred L. Watson to Christina D. Stewart, $230,000.

NEW ORCHARD DR., 9705-Kipchoge and Rhonda C. Thompson to Tyrone Davis and Angela Benthall, $210,000.

REVEREND EVERSFIELD CT., 4316-Paulette Jackson to Ursula M. and Robert C. Hunt Jr., $280,500.

SWINDON TER., 4339-Janice T. and Bobby G. Enoch Jr. to Leslie A. Longwood, $195,000.

TEAKWOOD DR., 9703-Tanya M. and Mark A. Latson to Theresa Alexander, $260,000.

THOMAS SIM LEE TER., 5312-Donna M. Williams to Rawle A. Kelly, $205,000.

WATKINS PARK DR., 5-Lajuan and Philip Beckham to Isiake A. Ajape, $47,000.

Woodmore Area

BAY BERRY TER., 1703-Wilton Jr. and Michelle Scott to Alinda E. and Vernon Nash, $270,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10445-Paul G. Gregory to Vivian Kennedy, $120,500.

DEBENHAM WAY, 14804-Karen D. Smothers Williams to Gary A. Coke, $430,000.

GREENSPIRE WAY, 9903-Jan A. Wilson to Kevin G. Madden Sr., $186,000.

HALL RD., 15405-Coto Construction Inc. to Sekethia Scott and Kathryn O. Meckley, $159,900.

JENNINGS LANE, 15320-Earl F. and Patricia L. Dickson to Eric W. and Monica U. Gainey, $378,000.

LAKE ARBOR WAY, 10510-Yvonne J. and Aubrey H. Edwards to Annie L. Smith, $336,900.

LAKE ARBOR WAY, 11017-James A. Sr. and Donna R. Watso Sims to Donald R. and Cheryl L. Hammond, $325,000.

SUNFLOWER CIR., 3944-Richard E. Minor Jr. to Wiley M. and Kim P. Brown, $331,000.

WAESCHE DR., 11529-Rose Farhart-Boyce and William J. Boyce to Steven A. Onyebuchi, $334,750.

WESTHAVEN DR., 908, No. 11-201-William C. and Carla B. Neal to Sandra D. Brown, $124,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 10418, No. 5-302-Kimberly Alston to Reuben King, $100,500.