Puppy Left at Shelter

WATERFORD, Route 9, Sept 28. A resident saw a woman leaving a 3-month-old Labrador retriever puppy in a cage at the gate to the animal shelter. The woman said she could no longer care for the dog. She had parked up the road, so the resident was not able to get a vehicle description or license plate number. An animal control officer brought the dog, which had no identification, into the shelter to wait out the 10-day stray period.

Chickens Safe and Sound

STERLING, Hoga Road, Sept 28. A woman complained that her neighbor had tied chickens upside down by their legs while building a chicken coop. Some may have become tangled and flipped over but were quickly brought upright. An animal control officer found the chickens in good condition in their new coop with proper food and water. The case was transferred to the county zoning department.

Injured Duck Rescued

WATERFORD, Route 9, Sept 29. An animal control officer captured an injured duck in a field and took it to a veterinarian for evaluation. The duck had two broken wings that were splinted. The duck will be available for adoption when it has healed.

No Violations for Thin Horse

LOVETTSVILLE, Georges Mill Road, Oct. 1. An animal control officer responded to a report of a thin horse without shelter. The horse was thin but appeared to be lactating. She had edible grass, water and shade. Her colt was in good condition in a stall with fresh hay, sweet feed and water. A notice was left for the owner to contact animal control, but no violations were noted.

Dog Keeps Running Away

BLUEMONT, Yellow Schoolhouse Road, Oct 2. An animal control officer responded to a report of a Weimaraner running loose. The same dog had been picked up from the same location and returned to its owner two days earlier. The owner said the dog had tried to run away a few times since moving to the home this summer. He said he would install an invisible fence and work harder to confine the dog. He was given a warning the first time and served with a notice to appear in court on the second violation. He was charged with violating the county code regarding dogs running loose.