A member of the Navy's ceremonial guard and his girlfriend have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder after the girlfriend flew to Wisconsin, posed as a Navy official and allegedly stabbed the man's wife inside her home Sunday morning, police said.

The stabbing victim not only survived a puncture to her lung but also spotted her attacker's license plate number and recalled it accurately. Police from Kenosha County, Wis., found the suspect quickly, and Wisconsin court records indicate that she provided a detailed account of the attack.

Shortly afterward, Fairfax County police received a call from Wisconsin police and arrested Eric Wolf, 31, at his residence in the Cherry Arms apartment complex in the 7100 block of Richmond Highway in Hybla Valley. He denied complicity in the attack and refused to waive his right to an extradition hearing. He was being held in the Fairfax County jail last night without bond.

Wolf is a chief petty officer in the Navy, assigned full time to the Navy's ceremonial guard unit, a Navy spokesman said. His status with the Navy is unchanged pending the resolution of his case.

Before his assignment to Washington, Wolf was an instructor at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center north of Chicago, not far from Wisconsin, where he lived with his family. He and his wife, Rachel J. Wolf, 31, have two young children.

While there, Eric Wolf met Kristen V. Warnakulasuriya, 26. Police said that when Eric Wolf was reassigned to Washington in June 2003, his family remained in Kenosha and Warnakulasuriya moved with him to Northern Virginia.

Warnakulasuriya told police Sunday that Wolf repeatedly told her that "he wanted his wife dead and that he married her only for convenience," according to a Kenosha County criminal complaint. Wolf allegedly suggested to Warnakulasuriya on various occasions "You could shoot her," "You could stab her" or "You could run her over," the complaint states.

Warnakulasuriya made arrangements to visit her family in Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha County, and Eric Wolf stated that "she may as well get rid of his wife then," she told police. A Fairfax search warrant states that records show Wolf bought Warnakulasuriya's plane ticket and drove her to the airport Thursday.

Warnakulasuriya showed up at Rachel Wolf's door about 7 a.m. Sunday and identified herself as being with a naval family services center, Kenosha Lt. John Morrissey said. The visitor said she wanted to discuss Eric Wolf's credit problems, Morrissey said. The Wolfs' children were home at the time.

But after a short while, Rachel Wolf asked Warnakulasuriya to leave. She told police that as they approached the front door, her visitor told her that "she was sent to kill me and that my husband had sent her," court records state. Police said Warnakulasuriya then pulled out a steak knife and plunged it into Wolf's back. When Wolf tried to dial 911, court records say, Warnakulasuriya yanked the phone out of her hand and took it apart.

Rachel Wolf ran next door and called police as her attacker drove off. "A woman came to my house and she stabbed me in the back," she told a 911 dispatcher, according to the tape. She then recited her attacker's license plate number. Rachel Wolf is hospitalized but expected to survive.

Morrissey said police found Warnakulasuriya sitting behind her mother's home. She was crying, he said, and had blood on her shoes. She told police that Eric Wolf provided her with his wife's address, her description and information that the home had no security system on the front or back door. She has also been charged with attempted murder.

Fairfax homicide detectives picked up Eric Wolf later Sunday and searched his apartment at 6:30 that evening.

Eric Wolf, 31, has denied complicity in the attack.Kristen Warnakulasuriya allegedly used a steak knife.