The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. The society operates its own shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW and the District's shelter at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Evicted Man Claims Birds

IRVING ST. NE, 1800 block. Sept. 29. U.S. marshals executing an eviction at an apartment asked animal control to pick up a pair of parakeets in a cage. The birds were taken to the D.C. shelter. The owner later claimed them and took them to a relative's house where he was staying.

Woman's Cat Impounded

CENTRAL PL. NE, 1800 block, Oct. 1. A woman's cat was left behind after she was arrested and evicted from an apartment. An animal control officer took the cat to the D.C. shelter, where it was held pending contact from the woman or adoption.

Stolen Md. Dogs Found in D.C.

DIX ST. NE, 4800 block, Oct. 3. An animal control officer caught a stray dog and took it to the D.C. shelter. Shelter staff used the dog's Maryland license to contact the owner, who said his pet was in his truck when the vehicle was stolen from Gaithersburg. The dog was returned to him.

51ST STREET AND DRAKE PLACE, Sept. 30. Police called animal control about two large dogs that were chasing people. An animal control officer caught the strays and took them to the D.C. shelter. The next day, a woman claimed the dogs, which she said were stolen the previous day from her yard in Capitol Heights.

Pets in Distress Impounded

FARRAGUT ST. NW, 900 block, Sept. 22. Washington Humane Society officers executed a search warrant at a home after receiving a report about a sick dog. The owner reportedly refused to reveal the location of the animal. While unsuccessfully searching for it, the officers found and impounded a thin cat that was blind in one eye and a different dog that was soiled with feces and was kept behind a furnace in a dark basement.

The next day, the owner agreed to show the officers his dog. The officers returned and persuaded him to have the pet taken to a veterinarian. The dog, which had infected ovaries, was spayed and given antibiotics, then transferred to the society shelter. The case was under investigation.

Dog Found Without Shelter

NEW YORK AVE. NW, 1-100 block, Sept. 27. Humane Society officers, investigating a case next door, impounded a Rottweiler found without shelter or water behind a home. The dog's owner called the society and said she would discuss with her family whether to surrender the pet, which was being held at the society shelter.

-- Compiled by KATHY ORTON