The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

CAVALIER DR., 6621-Darlene Lewis to Steven D. Abney and Elizabeth C. Beauvais, $325,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 6501, No. B1-Caralyn S. Chism to Kathleen M. Schaefer, $235,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 404-Augusto M. Recabo to Kenneth T. Tota, $105,000.

WINDMILL LANE, 1903-Morris J. and Frances P. Ambrose to B. Susan and Charles R. Davis, $589,000.

10TH ST., 6609, No. A2-Dana O. Pavey to Bonnie L. Strong and Stephen L. Rogers, $240,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

APPLEMINT LANE, 6747-Richard C. and Patricia A. Smith to John E. Queen and Patricia Harker, $521,000.

ASHFIELD RD., 5703-Paul K. and Linda L. Corliss to Kristen R. Woodward, $420,000.

BEULAH ST., 7208-Constance Joy Lowman and A. Bliss Charles to Claude A. Wheeler, $450,000.

BIRCHLEIGH CIR., 6401-Timothy D. and Amy J. Thomas to Paul M. and Laura E. Binkley, $345,000.

BRICK HEARTH CT., 6493-Karl L. Mueller and Paul Boegli Ulrich to Glen and Carolyn Mine, $285,000.

CREEK POINT WAY, 6613-Miguel Odria to Katherine M. and William L.T. Schirano, $383,000.

CROMWELL PL., 6019-Michael D. and Susan B. Budney to Armida Montemayor, $429,000.

CURTIER DR., 6037, No. E-James L. Traweek to Nguyen Uyen Doyle, $274,000.

DUDDINGTON DR., 7461-Gary T. and Maureen T. Roan to Timothy A. and Sarah M. Barron, $356,999.

FORBUSH CT., 6609-Teresita and Rene Salvio to Newon Parakavong Naatdhaya, $300,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5958, No. 102-Susan L. Williams to Sheila M. Crowley, $290,000.

FROST LAKE LANE, 6618-Jon E. Noxon and Marina Noxon to Lawrence Reich and Ashley E. Wilkerson, $540,000.

GINGHAM CT., 4332-Mark A. and Michelle A. Guilfoil to Paul S. Ham, $360,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7709, No. F-Gregory E. and Teresa E. Dawson to Dinisa L. Hardley, $285,900.

HOPARK DR., 5412-Marie S. Keltie to Todd E. Branson and Claire Burton, $500,000.

JESMOND ST., 5315-Christopher H. and Tamara J. Gordon to Gregory F. and Teresa K. Dragoo, $542,007.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6572-Carol M. Medill to Rachel C. and Gregory A. Flaks, $390,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6674-Gabriel and Moira E. Llabres to Jo Ann McLane, $450,000.

LEEWARD LANE, 5234-Paul Lee Moulton to Adam C. Burstein and Amanda M. Danehy, $365,000.

NORHAM DR., 5949-Scott P. and Janice K. Mason to Robin B. Lefrancois, $440,000.

OLD BRENTFORD RD., 7025-Renee V. Toy to Katherine M. Moran, $275,500.

OLD COACH CT., 6506-David M. and Donna L. Wyte to Christopher S. and Marjorie M. Corlett, $489,000.

REDWOOD LANE, 6031-Ronald F. and Dorothy E. Myers to Jonathan L. Katz and Dina S. Clevenson, $625,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6925-James S. Bristow and Lisa M. Bleske Bristow to Sudarat Rattanaprapakul and Thanan Peree, $487,900.

SANDLIN CT., 6211-Dale R. and Noemi Chaddock to George Naumovich and Michelle Delage, $380,000.

ST. GENEVIEVE PL., 5223-Cecilia E. Ashe to Raegan A. Weber, $274,900.

TOPPER CT., 8069-Christopher T. and Julia M. Martin to Barbara A. Vosilla, $320,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6913-Malcolm F. and Forristine L. Porter to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $231,500.

WALDO DR., 5305-Jamie D. and Shannon M. Dahlum to Jennifer S. Arquilla, $500,000.

WELCH CT., 7823-Kathy Z. Collier to Gabriel and Moira E. Llabres, $475,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 6022-Lawrence I. Kiern to Nelson G. and Ruth K. Kerley, $460,000.

WESTRIDGE CT., 5931-Joseph A. Marston to Alla C. Shaw and Perry H. Sobel, $725,000.

WILEY CREEK WAY, 7718-Brian S. and Alison G. Heslin to Janice Alston Barclay, $415,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 324-Diana Nieto to Nazha Messad and Saran Tamang, $241,000.

BARCROFT MEWS CT., 3932-Christopher H. Burr and Cynthia L. Walker to Linda R. Poteate, $500,000.

LAKEVIEW DR., 6226-Thomas N. and Nancy E. Sherburne to You Sook Lund, $1.165 million.

MADISON VIEW LANE, 3673-Gregory J. Smith to Taoufik and Mary E. Hassine, $485,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 908-Jack L. Poole to Jeff and Claire S. Rotering, $223,200.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 513-Harold J. Guillen to Shawn Burke and Catherine Griffith, $240,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5565, No. 112-Joseph F. Gamber to Arthur P. Marnane, $345,000.

Burke Area

BANNING PL., 5871-Mohammed and Zakie Yazdani to Dung Dinh Nguyen, $330,000.

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5824, No. 17-Luis A. Posas and Elizabeth Lopez to Rafael Antezana and Cynthia Eterovic, $255,000.

CROSSRAIL DR., 5460-Mansour Khakzadeh and Ozra D. Khakzadeh to Monica Susanivar, $272,900.

CROWNLEIGH CT., 5734-Robert J. and Tracey J. Shea to Kevin D. and Angela E. McCarthy, $390,000.

DRACO ST., 6346-Meredith D. Birkhimer to Sani Bilkis Begum, $315,000.

GATECROSS PL., 9506-Elizabeth C. Jones to Evelyn J. Dyer, $410,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 9967-Laurence M. and Sharon H. Schwartz to Scott P. and Karyn P. Ousley, $346,000.

HUBER CT., 9122-Kevin A. and Andrea L. Lane to Eric J. and Mary A. Briggs, $385,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5877-Ronda S. Lee and Yang Y. Bok to Kyung In Kim, $330,000.

KOZIARA DR., 6548-Robert P. and Christina T.M. Otto to Steven V. and Laura J. Key, $460,000.

MANET RD., 9916-Earl M. Caudill and Karlaine C. Caudill to Darren and Dana Gorman, $460,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10215-Donald M. and Jemma W. Bishop to Livingston Yonhee Lee, $465,000.

MOCKINGBIRD POND TER., 6206-Karen S. and Michael D. Mason to Lisa A. and Darrell John Chichester, $300,000.

PETER ROY CT., 9392-Hyemi Kim to Ok Sim Baik, $380,000.

POINDEXTER CT., 9679-Kamran Bashir and Anita Murad to Christopher K. Cronkhite and Jennifer Tran Cronkhite, $339,500.

RUFFNER WOODS CT., 5200-Thomas H. and Carol D. Parnell to David H. and Penny S. Downing, $489,000.

SADDLEHORN CT., 6611-John M. McKay to Sang Ock Kang, $430,000.

SILCHESTER CT., 9141-Mostafa and Silvia Balile to Hyoung K. and Mi K. Moon, $400,000.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5737-Anne K. Richards to Charles R. Heath, $325,000.

WINNEPEG DR., 6124-Kevin F. and Veronica J. McCrohan to James L. and Angela M. Packett, $600,000.

WOODEDGE CT., 6051-Ned W. Fredrickson and Leah K. Schafer to Sylvia S. Delatorre and Donald M. Simon, $550,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CT., 5847-Kush and Tejinder Khatri to Sanjay K., Nidhi, Sunil and Sharda Setia, $325,000.

Centreville Area

ASTRID COVE, 6277-Irene Ellis to Eugene P. Byas, $251,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14132-David McKendry and Rebekah W. Frye to Chris M. Holcomb and Robert W. Akers, $288,900.

BASINGSTOKE CT., 6044-Thomas S. Palmer to Necdet Ozcelik, $280,000.

BATTALION ST., 6206-William D. and Barbara A. Genda to Hyung Hwa Nam and Min A. Nam, $300,000.

BRIDLINGTON CT., 13812-Samuel C. and Deanna M. Taylor to Hassan Dahir, $365,000.

CABELLS MILL DR., 13811-William J. and Melanie M. Hildbold to Steven T. and Pamela L. Brumet, $437,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5898-David L. and Tammy L. Taylor to David D. and Alma R. Salinas, $275,000.

COMPTON LANE, 6921-Charles W. and Lilly J. Leung to Andrei T. Chicu and Aliona Bejenuta, $308,000.

COMPTON VILLA DR., 14316-Robert L. and Andrea P. Craig to Thomas R. and Rachel D. Campbell, $635,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14450-Gina M. Conejero to Hakan and Elif Kaygisiz, $214,900.

DEER HILL CT., 6058-James Carroll and Daungjai Inlupate to Robert C. and Corey B. Elliott, $240,000.

FARMING WAY, 14610-Gerald A. and Dayle J. Darnell to Kristina and Matthew Murphy, $335,000.

GABRIELLE WAY, 14126-Tarik and Yara Essawi to David, Theodore J. and Marlene N. Parker, $339,900.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14207-Stefan C. Plesea and Ioana Raceanu to Alexei Marshakov, $380,500.

GOLDEN OAK CT., 14408-Raymond H. and Ronald Scott to Carina F. Garcia and Emil Mendoza, $187,000.

GROBIE POND LANE, 14721-Won and Yu J. Bae to Hyun Mi and Kyung C. Lee, $332,000.

HAVENER HOUSE CT., 14358-Theresa Duah and Ebenezer K. Duah to Rodolfo Elmore, $242,600.

HERITAGE CROSSING CT., 5720-Anthony D. Dorsey to Yun Lun Steve Wan, $285,000.

HONSENA DR., 15132-Harry J. and Carolyn H. Soderberg to Bryan Scott and Pamela Frean Gehle, $502,450.

HOVINGHAM CT., 6934-Kelly R. McCarthy and Steven M. Lovecchio to Christopher C. Weber, $312,500.

INDIAN SUMMER CT., 14616-Daniel A. Ohr and Elizabeth A. Greenwood to Arben and Vjollca Bakllamaja, $385,000.

JADE POST LANE, 6742-Jong Kwang and Jung W. Moon to Sung W. Chang, $450,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6863-Charles R. Ball to Azzam Alam and Aicha Bouhamidi, $357,000.

MIDDLEBOURNE LANE, 5456-Rassoul and Deanna L. Teimouri to Jasmine Kaur and Shibu Vakkachan Vattathara, $350,000.

NORTH SLOPE ST., 14364-Sterling L. and Michelle D. Wingo to Stephen V. and Patricia J. Pisone, $502,000.

PALMERSTON SQ., 14826-Jeffrey J. and Irene J. Cortazzo to Jeffery S. and Jennifer R. Dyer, $270,000.

PAPILION WAY, 14332-Bruce and Denise Braaten to Sherina M. James and Man Vannthath, $345,000.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5155-Todd A. Butler and Wade A. Fisher to National Residential Nominee Services, $1.26 million.

ROCKTON CT., 6058-Armando M. Enriquez and Rodora E. Enriquez to Angelica B. Stevens, $316,000.

ROSEBUD LANE, 6011, No. 102-Myung S. and Eun J. Chung to Lisbeth Z. Weglarz, $185,000.

ROSY LANE, 14302, No. 33-Carmen Serrano to David L. Dunford, $245,000.

SHIREY LANE, 6327-Kathleen Earl to Joshua A. and Linda M. Raditz, $315,000.

SMITHAVEN PL., 15440-David L. and Arline M. Mundt to Richard S. Kim and Susan E. Ahn, $625,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14521-Judith Ann Smith to Baek Jin and Sung Bok Yoon, $180,000.

STARGAZER TER., 13550-D.J. Connelly to A.N. Chitre and Narendra B. Chitre, $449,000.

WETHERBURN DR., 15149-S.M. and J.L. Wear to Doyle J. and J. Whittaker, $654,000.

WOODSPRING CT., 14604-Carlos Bonilla to Deborah Laramee, $312,000.

Fairfax City Area

ALEX CT., 4224-Ryan Sellers and April Norman to Mala and Prithvi Kataria, $630,000.

ASQUITH CT., 4903-Franz and Lorraine E. Schwarm to David P. and Cathleen B. Mysak, $549,900.

AUTUMN WOODS WAY, 13085, No. 105-Trinh Duong to Fareborz Sattarzadeh, $180,000.

AVENEL CT., 3782-E.F. Mauck and J.K. Mauck to Matthew P. and Corinne D. Jacobson, $846,000.

BAYSWATER CT., 3128-Brenda A. Laukaitis to Nathaniel J. and Evelyn D. Breitbach, $354,600.

BIRCH BARK CT., 13408-Adrian G. and Darlene R. Sira to Donald and Denyse Cognetta, $585,000.

BUCKEYE LANE, 3330-Keram Nazari and Cynni Cheng to Catherine Chiu, $295,400.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4821-Scott A. and Sheri P. Wilkening to Deborah B. and Kip H. Porter, $377,050.

CARTERWOOD DR., 4703-Wiley M. and Elizabeth L. Peck to Michael E. and Kristin K. Anderson, $522,000.

COVINGTON ST., 3093-Tenor and Sonam Dolma Taring to Christian C. Volmar and Desa J. Volmar, $349,500.

FAIR CREST CT., 12641, No. 304-Kristi L. Winstead to David B. Maeng, $290,000.

FAIR VALLEY DR., 4597-Nelson C. and J. Jeanne Yang to Sami A. Shash, $455,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 5323-Ahto and Janet Kivi to Mary F. Hatchell, $449,900.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12022, No. 428-Van Johnston to Karina M. Chamba, $269,000.

GRAND JUNCTION CT., 3803-Zhiquan Bo and Cui Yin to Donna R. Huston, $365,000.

GREAT TREE CT., 5506-Jenny Gandasaputra to Willy Irsan, $403,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12104, No. 85-Frederick D. and Beverley G. Monroe to Duk S. Won, $285,000.

HIGHLAND LANE, 3131-Lawrence L. Rosen to Charles R. Luessenhop, $520,000.

IVA LANE, 4006-Robert H. Altizer to Commonwealth Housing Corp. Inc., $351,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 3249-Hyun S. Jun to Ahmed and Houssein Rababeh, $450,000.

KERRIGAN LANE, 4212-Sung and Jeannine Yoo to Michael W. Woo, $520,000.

LA MESSA DR., 11109-Gloria and Eduardo Escobar to Braulio A. Guerrero and Aracelly E. Guerrero, $410,000.

LINDENBROOK ST., 9666-Norma H. Bawer to Kyung Soo Chung, $298,700.

LORELEIGH WAY, 9058-William C. Roegner to Ahmed Makouar, $303,000.

LOWER PARK DR., 4211-Sophia S. Varlas and Michael B. Bohle to Samuel J. Kim and Carolina K. Lee, $582,000.

MELVILLE LANE, 12803-Larry F. and Leslie A. Brooks to Patricia S. Hensley, $410,000.

MISTY GLEN LANE, 13114-Heather D. and Burke D. Cox to Kevin E. and Melissa H. Patterson, $400,000.

OAK VILLAGE, 4103-Emil and Judith Toth to David Kim and Su K. Cho, $540,000.

PAVILION LANE, 13101-Steven J. Evans to Manuel D. Nunez, $425,000.

PERSIMMON CIR., 3676-Fing C. and Ching F. Chang to Xiaohong Shi and Kang Zhang, $240,000.

PICKETT RD., 4715-Robert C. White and Sherry L. Bridge to Amy Zydel, $429,900.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 4810-Larry R. and Leslie C. Warhurst to Richard R. and Kathleen E. Jenkins, $459,000.

PINEY GROVE CT., 2903, No. C-Cetron Family Partnership to Michael G. Sabarre, $312,000.

POPLAR TREE RD., 13231-Van T. Nguyen to Walter G. and Monica I. Plaza, $409,900.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5303-MSM Properties Corp. to Capital Investments Corp.,


PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3310-Roger M. and Carolyn C. Jarmon to Thomas and Laurie M. Peake, $560,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5261-Joe H. Cheng and Michelle Kwan to Andrew C. and Alicia A. Hird, $478,000.

RICHARDSON DR., 5120-Michael W. and Kay H. Durr to David P. Banasick, $400,000.

RIDGETON HILL CT., 5509-Sadiga Mohamadi to Christine Y. Mak and Chack K. Mak, $320,000.

SABASTIAN DR., 12701-Bryan J. Drangle to Jeff M. Tollaksen, $530,000.

SIDEBURN RD., 4900-Mi H. Hong to Sergio A. and Rosa I. Escobar, $495,000.

SLEEPY LAKE CT., 12325-Cari B. Salkin to Sophie W. Warlop, $419,000.

SOUTHWICK ST., 9020-Charles W. and Dee A. Cardiff to Michael R. and Patricia P. Taheri, $556,000.

STEVENS BATTLE LANE, 4305-Sung K. and Yeon H. Kim to Kenneth L. and Gayle A. Burrus, $395,500.

STEVENS BATTLE LANE, 4318-David R. Mielke to Mary O. Arnold, $388,300.

SURFBIRD CT., 5603-Don W. and Lynn L. Black to John W. and Jeanne M. Robinson, $527,500.

TALLOW TREE CT., 3906-John L. and Carol A. Sims to Beverly A. Frazer, $357,000.

TILTON VALLEY DR., 3412-Charles R. and Sharon D. Nelson Wolfe to Jason W. and Rachelle R. Aiken, $697,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 11808-Regent Co. to Genuario Properties Inc., $515,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BALLSFORD DR., 6226-Harold E. and Sandra R. Thompson to Robert M. and Daphne Cothren, $610,000.

CANTERBERRY RD., 10669-Michael J. and Joellen A. Collins to Max T. and Leigh H. Claypool, $787,500.

CLARA WAY, 11841-Francis H. and Melissa W. Slauson to Martin H. Hyatt, $725,000.

CROSS CHASE CIR., 8724-Victor A. and Sana D. Peter to Agnes B. Guerrero, $667,000.

OAKINGTON DR., 9614-Michael H. and Elizabeth B. Manning to Robert A. Poling and Paula J. Morris, $539,900.

OLM DR., 10904-Lee Roy W. Fink to My D. Hoang and Phuong T. Nguyen, $258,000.

PERIWINKLE PL., 8306-Maurice J. and Josephine R. Glass to Patricia and Scott Koster, $740,000.

RACING HORSE LANE, 7401-Robert L. and Georgine S. Villafana to Keith M. Costa, $989,000.

ROLLING RIDGE DR., 9744-James M. and Patricia E. Harker to Victor K. and Cheryle W. Angell, $805,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CAMFIELD DR., 8814-William Horace and Barbara J. Brooks to Mark F. and Amy V. Rogers, $420,000.

GREYLOCK ST., 9019-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Jeffrey T. Sinn and Janice L. McMorrow, $508,000.

HOLIDAY DR., 7610-Deborah L. Berg to George Radanovich and Ethie W. Radanovich, $816,000.

KARL RD., 8020-Stephen A. Farris to Jefferson M. and Alison I. Ryscavage, $420,000.

WELLINGTON RD., 8124-Katherine A. Steele to Matthew H. Small, $616,000.

Huntington Area

ARLINGTON TER., 2031-Janet L. Horman to Edward S. Chalpin, $272,500.

ELMWOOD TOWNE WAY, 3802-Clayton A. and Hae Suk Burton to Douglas C. Cato, $549,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059-Betty J. Smith to Stephen R. and Maria J. Gibson, $250,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 317-Linda L. Jacobs to Adrienne L. Foster, $237,500.

WAGON DR., 2624, No. 310-Amy L. McDermott to Christine N. Gettings, $156,004.

Hybla Valley Area

COLONIAL SPRING CT., 3016-Seung W. Lee to Ray K. Kershenstein, $300,010.

FAIRVIEW DR., 2504-Andrew C. and Sandra J. Dinan to Brian McEntire and Vanessa R. Clay, $299,500.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7588-Frederick E. Wellman to Jody P. and Joseph R. Davenport, $381,500.

LANTERN PL., 4555-Harold Raymond and Gertrude K. Peffer to Scott M. and Pamela Y. Winslow, $435,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 8015-Christopher M. and Brenda D. Winter to Anthony T. Perry, $315,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7512-Larriette M. Thompson to Bryan E. Haddix, $255,000.

TOLLIVER ST., 7115-Craig A. and Ingrid M. Cate to Sidi F. Alaoui, $255,000.

Lincolnia Area

FAIRLAND ST., 6536-Robert H. and Anna M. Jenkins to Nicacio and Ytxaropena Valdez, $430,000.

HAWK VIEW LANE, 6408-Mark A. and Marla A. Lamonte to Prudential Relocation Inc., $465,001.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5619-John W. and Kira M. Wharton to Rebecca L. Hunter, $264,010.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6605, No. J-Jerry Y. Conner to Erin B. Reidy, $278,000.

SPLIT CREEK LANE, 6217-Charles P. and Kristin B. Mott to Murat and Yasemin Bayraktar, $500,000.

Lorton Area

ASPENPARK RD., 7413-Franklin W. and Sharlene C. Jackson to Rocio P. Fernandez, $260,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7597-Mirna Moreno and Guadalupe Arias to Hawani Mekonnen and Kiflu Bezuayehu, $290,000.

BELLWETHER CT., 7802-Michael H. and Carol A. Bandy to Jennifer and Bryan Byrd, $244,000.

CACAPON CT., 8400-Deborah L. O'Donoghue to Jared and Carrie Wetzel, $270,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9246, No. 302-Coppertop Properties Corp. to Nicole Newsome, $230,000.

ENOCHS DR., 8594-Rusty T. and Zuleika F. Wallace to Osob Farah, $336,500.

GREENE DR., 10529-Walter L. and Mary K. Busbee to Jeffrey F. Willis and Laura A. McKlveen, $526,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9849-Nathan H. and Sharon J. Shaw to James Charm, $197,000.

HAMILTON CT., 6902-Saban Denizci to Ozcan Y. Humerickhouse, $270,000.

HANSON LANE, 6693-Zhenyu Guo to Brian R. Moran and Jeong W. Moran, $645,000.

INLET COVE DR., 6905-Courtland Homes Corp. to Oliver T. and Barbara R. Bellamy, $516,683.

LARNE LANE, 7474-Margaret F. Dufer to Moises Castillo, $275,000.

MARIE CT., 9104-Fairfax Development Corp. to Jeffrey C. Kuhn and Gayle M. Motyka, $399,900.

MCCARTY RD., 9258-Rolando R. and Carmen E. Padilla to Luncinda M. Galeas, $337,900.

TWO BAYS RD., 9054-Johnny C. Diep and Troung San to Efraim M. Ewntu, $380,000.

WHITE STAR CT., 8307-Celeste Corrigan to Michael J. Salisbury, $337,000.

WOLFORD WAY, 7749-Sherri L. and Glenn B. Marquis to Kevin Quaid, $247,000.

Mount Vernon Area

ARENDALE SQ., 4522-David G. and Betty G. Sneddon to Richard M. and Paula Arndt, $320,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8603, No. C-Cheryl Yates to Anjos Renata Dos, $155,000.

BIRCHLAKE CT., 4308-Michael A. and Linda D. Carter to Armando Rosa and Jose Campos, $297,000.

BLACK ALDER DR., 8817-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Denise C. and James K. Kuhn, $627,000.

BROCKHAM DR., 8386-Sherri L. Baker to Victoria C. Aguilar, $115,000.

CORAL LANE, 9422-James T. Carpenter and Michelle Hamerla to Peter J. and Cori R. Esser, $559,000.

DOGUE DR., 8912-Richard H. Jackson to Gary Feth and Chris White, $350,000.

EL SONETA PL., 3953-Key Property Investors Corp. to Jose and Xiomara M. Hernandez, $205,500.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8303-Kristi M. Luttrell to Joseph Krahn, $335,000.

KIDD ST., 8009-Darryl A. and Alva C. Foster to Jose M. Flores, $330,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3747-Rosann Garber to Cynthia M. Pearson, $320,440.

RUSSELL RD., 8012-Eric C. and Melissa J.B. Richards to Nancy Wallace, $314,900.

VILLAGE GREEN CT., 8767-Michael J. and Donna C. Broderick to Ramon A. Lainez and Suyapa G. Lainez, $250,000.

North Springfield Area

CARRICK LANE, 8104-Yong C. and Soon J. Chang to Reid Marvin Brown, $389,000.

HAMLET ST., 7518-James Neff Houff to Susan S. Cam, $450,000.

INZER ST., 7407-Yvette A.M. Handfield to Joshua May and Joela Alfonso, $360,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5612-George G. and Florence K. West to Alexander and Izanne Zorin, $400,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 5417-Christian R. and Amy J. Jensen to David R. Crane and Jennifer Sale, $433,300.

THAMES ST., 8481-Margaret E. and William N. Dumas to Bradley S. and Sandra K. Hunter, $412,000.

Springfield Area

BOWIE DR., 6503-Janet A. Cordes to Faranak Bohrampour and Farzod Pirhoun, $416,100.

CERVANTES CT., 7505-Donald C. and Sandra J. Vossler to Valerie A. and Richard P. Dexter, $536,500.

CLIFFSIDE CT., 7801-Daniel W. and Saifon Jacobowitz to Paul R. Stukus and Theresa L. Harrington, $497,500.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL, 6188-Michael V.M. Phu and Wei Hong to Dilorom Rasuleva and Karim Sharipov, $630,000.

DUDROW CT., 7104-Yang S. and Lucy B. Han to Norman G. and Tracey L. Printer, $690,000.

FINLAY CT., 8403-Dale D. and Mary J. Jacobs to Susan G. Lee, $444,900.

GOLDEN LEAF CT., 9011-John George Miscik to Joonhon Thomas and Kyung S. Cecilia Park, $333,000.

GOLDEN SUNSET LANE, 9097-Michael A. and Kathy I. Leonard to Grady Mars, $412,000.

GRAYSON ST., 5916-Paul R. and Diane M. Bley to Herlin and Evangelina Pineda, $380,000.

HALLMARK PL., 7406-Charles and Mary G. Steensland to Anh Nguyen and Mean Mao, $399,900.

HIBBLING AVE., 6005-Julio and Antonio Dominguez to Ricardo and Carlos A. Flores, $320,000.

HIBBLING AVE., 6101-George A. and Brenda B. Berry to Le Phong and Tuyet Hoa Thi Vuong, $385,000.

HIGHLAND ST., 6812-Farhang Feshari and Patricia S. McGrail to Jose M. and Blanca I. Alvarado, $385,500.

HUNDSFORD LANE, 7008-Adrienne M. Watts to Nazifa and Shafiq Sediqi, $630,000.

KITCHENER DR., 8493-Alfredo P. and Juana L. Odria to Henry P. Trinkes and Patricia K. Sykes, $266,000.

LIGNUM ST., 6505-Michael L. and Patricia S. Marx to Scott P. and Kirsten Schloegel, $510,000.

MIDDLE RUN DR., 8489-Mark E. and Denise K. Salesky to Douglas and Deborah Schiess, $480,000.

MOLINE PL., 8302-Charles R. and Alice L. Cummings to Henry C. and Nanci A. Osborne and Steve Sherman and Melissa K. Osborne, $256,000.

NEWINGTON WOOD DR., 7779-Yong Soo So to Sang H. Oh, $365,000.

PARTHIAN CT., 7863-George W. Rutherford to Phillip M. and Donna F. Hambrick, $170,000.

RIDGEWAY DR., 6512-Terrence J. Wylie to Troy D. and Shelly R. Thompson, $500,000.

ROLLING RD., 7514-Laura R. and Stephen P. Blackburn to Danny Jay Moore, $429,900.

SCOTT ST., 8750-Lawrence H. and Georgia A. Hall to Brunswick Builders Corp., $295,000.

VILLA DEL REY CT., 6917-Nancy T. Khong to Michelle T. Nguyen, $225,000.

WINDING WAY CT., 8045-James L. and Carin B. Strayer to Carla Seay, $465,000.

West Springfield Area

BARRINGTON CT., 8502, No. B-Sally Mehrete and T.J. Mehrete to Jeong H. An, $148,500.

CANEEL CT., 6802-Betty M. Fraser to Greg M. Cayon and Patricia Rice, $650,000.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 7916-So Y. Kim to Pendleton Properties Corp., $451,983.

EMPORIA CT., 6702-Paul and Susan A. Talwar to Victor T. and Joan H. Meiller, $570,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8366-James K. and Karen S.B. Stiegler to Beatriz Reyes, $254,900.

GLENISTER DR., 7724-Americo and Maria Palas to Shokrkhoda Chehrazi, $395,000.

GREEN ASH CT., 6621-Rudolph A. and Lillian M. Watkins to Luis G. Martinez, $316,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5900, No. E-Elizabeth R. Thomas to Ann Elizabeth Flynn, $235,000.

KINGSWAY CT., 8102, No. 270-Tracey E. Wilson to Roger C. and Susan S. Grooms, $133,855.

KOUSA LANE, 7247-Timothy E. and Kimberly M. Burks to James E. Chase, $325,000.

LANGPORT DR., 8604-Earl F. Mathers and Kallie R. Mathers to William and Rita Simmons, $399,999.

O'HARA COURT DR., 6482-Donald M. and Carolyn J. Testa Luery to Muhammad Akthar, Iqbal Hussain and Asifa Sabir, $299,900.

QUEENSTON ST., 5921-Martin F. and Patricia E. Sedlazek to Bruce and Tanya Tyburski, $312,000.

REXFORD CT., 5784-Emmanuel R. Dennis and Rosemond M. Kane to Le Binh and Nguyen So, $190,000.

ROCKLEDGE CT., 7716-Horace J. Gibbs to Lester R. and Suzanne G. Jacobsen, $290,000.

WILD ROSE CT., 6806-Wallace G. and Carole S. Welch to John G. Pucciano, $340,000.