The following food establishments were closed for health code violations. The list, compiled from health department reports, reflects actions taken by the health departments through the close of business Friday. Virginia restaurant inspection reports can be seen at

The District

El Latino Bakery

3312 11th St. NW

Closed Sept. 30 for improper temperatures of potentially hazardous foods, unclean food contact surfaces and equipment, improper storage of food products and evidence of rodents. Reopened Oct. 5.

Family Dollar Store

1919 Michigan Ave. NE

Food service closed Oct. 1 for inadequate basic sanitation, unclean food contact surfaces and equipment and evidence of rodents.

Lowest Price Food Mart

1400 W St. NW

Closed Oct. 5 for no hot water. Reopened Oct. 6.

Market Liquor and the Annex

1337 11th St. NW

Closed Sept. 30 for uncovered and unprotected food on display and inadequate basic sanitation. Reopened Oct. 5.


No reported closings.


Beacon Street Boston Cafe

13041 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy., Fairfax

Closed Friday for lacking means to sanitize.

Best Chicken

8339 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria

Closed last Thursday for unsanitary conditions. Reopened the same day.

Best Western Mount Vernon

8751 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria

Food service closed Sept. 29 for no certified food manager.

Fullerton Cafe

7420 Fullerton Rd., Springfield

Closed Oct. 1 for operating without a permit because of a change of owner.

Rodeo Chinese Restaurant

7810 Lee Hwy., Falls Church

Closed Oct. 1 for no certified food manager.

-- Compiled by BRUCE C.T. WRIGHT