The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

WOODSCAPE DR. W., 7000-Rick Lee Ray to Wendy Perrow and Paul J. Koch, $436,500.

Columbia Area

APRIL JOURNEY, 5562-Timothy G. Pollock to Samuel G. Fix, $310,000.

BEATRICE WAY, 5043-Bruce H. Snell to Joshua S. Frederick, $272,500.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6337-James Groff to Donald C. Tillett and Rebecca A. Dick, $430,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5476-Preslie Boyd Brackeen to Rose Mary Madison, $100,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5478-Alan Jacob Rexroth to Pankaj and Ann Bakshi, $123,900.

CHASE LIONS WAY S., 5347-Atila Yilmaz to Utku and Yuksel Ceyla Turhanoglu, $295,000.

COLUMBIA RD. E., 5071-George H. Koolhof to Daniel B. and Christine M. Woodruff, $322,000.

COPPERWOOD WAY NW, 7024-Heather Lee Mason to Marni Rosenbaum, $255,000.

CORDAGE WALK, 10756-Robert Alexander Scott to Gerald W. Chaffinch and Clarissa M. Dougherty, $280,000.

DEEP RIVER CANYON W., 6207-Craig S. D'Onofrio to Matthew J. Viglitto and Julie A. Yerkes, $306,000.

DEEP RIVER CANYON W., 6213-John T. Ridgely Jr. to Harry M. Saval and Jill A. Berman, $300,000.

ENDICOTT LANE E., 5443-Raymond Watson to Aland and Laurel Santamarina, $144,000.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10750-Stephen M. Liggett Creel to Annette J. and Jennifer Lynn Fitch, $175,500.

FIVE FINGERS WAY, 5315-Frank D. Patton to W. Martin and Cynthia B. Buttermore, $405,000.

GOLD SUNSET WAY SW, 8436-Jeffrey Banyas to Bradford M. Stratton and Christine A. Etoll Calafore, $305,000.

GRAND BANKS RD., 5928-Joan B. Jeffries to Natanael and Rosa M. Herrera, $185,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5041-J. Thomas Hierholzer to Susan Fillmore and Virginia A. Hierholzer, $98,500.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5637-Steven J. Fentress to William N. and Kimberly T. Jacobellis, $114,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8703-Harriet R. Fisher to Jin Hee Park, $105,000.

HINGSTON DOWNS NE, 9625-Lee M. Knisley to Samuel and Elaine Delisi, $180,607.

HONEYCOMB GATE S., 6127-Todd A. Zanti to Todd B. and Stephanie M. Phelan, $285,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD. NE, 9409-Merat Tabesh to David Andrew Brunner, $225,000.

LAKE CIR. W., 5008-R. Daniel Flavin to Patrick L. Finley and Precious Mary J.E. Dimaggio, $465,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH SE, 5237-Ho Seok Lee to Michael and Holly Williams, $302,000.

LITTLE BIRD PATH SE, 7301-Harold Russell Brittingham to Anthony and Renee C. Gambill, $334,500.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. E., 11435-Tel Corp. to Steve Cielto and Keyonta Brown, $137,900.

MAJORS LANE, 6071-Benjamin Krugh to Todd M. Krellner, $127,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6089-Kevin M. Doucet to Anthony J. Sekellick, $127,000.

MANY MILE MEWS, 9550-Grant J. Stafford to Amir Miremadi, $413,000.

MISTY ARCH RUN S., 6044-William Tan to Zen Yow and Yu Lin Tsai Wang, $300,000.

NEWBERRY DR. NE, 6904-James Chih Meng Lee to Lawrence J. and Theresa A. Shea, $440,000.

NEWBERRY DR. NE, 6912-Carl M. Smith to Ryan M. Sheplee, $435,000.

OAK BUSH TER., 8447-Lesley A. Thompson Hutt to Maye Carolyn Graves, $260,000.

OSPREY CT., 9229-Michael E. Jennings to Raymond Oliver and Josette Massillon Oliver, $400,000.

PHELPS LUCK DR., 5711-Walter Trohan to Michelle M. Fairbarns and Cameron E. Herrin, $257,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT. SW, 9587-Donna J. Burnes to Steven W. Hall, $189,500.

RAINBOW SPAN SE, 6389-Wesley H. Lacey to Scott M. Shure and Judith A. Schardt, $353,000.

RESTING SEA SW, 6221-Paul H. Fishkind to David D. and Laura C. Stewart, $375,000.

ROUNDTREE LANE W., 5649-Omar A. Khan to Jeong and Ronnie Y. Na, $440,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5243-Robert E. Emrich III to Wendy A. Trilling, $109,000.

SHELL FLOWER LANE E., 11501-Stephen Bennett Carter to Donald F. Norris, $248,000.

SHELL FLOWER LANE E., 11523-Robert B. Sivert to Peter and Sook J. Zagorin, $262,500.

SPELLING BEE E., 6516-Cheryl S. Jenner to John D. Lewis, $255,000.

STARBURN PATH N., 6108-Joyce Ansah to Amir Tofigh, $280,000.

SWAN POINT WAY, 7467-Garry S. Weiss to Tyrone C. and Grace Douglas Ligon, $296,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5152-Mary R. Sergeant to Robert D. Laboissonniere and Alicia M. Mueller, $324,000.

WHITE PEACH PL. S., 6414-Richard K. Ellestad to Neil E. and Kristen L. Johnson, $390,000.

WIND RIDER WAY SW, 6312-Antonio M. Madarang to Daniel J. Gallagher and Janet K. Lind, $275,000.

WINDSTREAM DR., 10001-Karen L. Harvey to Beezhan Jalaei, $565,000.

Elkridge Area

BAUMAN DR., 6029-William Joseph Rooney to Joseph S. and Yun H. Kim, $292,000.

BAYBERRY CT., 6300-Sylvan Thomas Grant to Kevin Stephen Drummond, $160,000.

CAMBRIA TER. S., 6606-David B. Wieman to Clinton D. and Emily B. Crowder, $261,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6864-Maureen E. Maffey to Christine and Joseph Barrett, $182,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6938-Michael T. Pautz to Mark E. Shiplet and Angela Katenkamp, $191,000.

GARDENVIEW DR. NE, 7309-Anthony J. Campise to Eren N. Tschoepe and Amy L. Schwarzhoff, $489,900.

HAWTHORNE AVE., 6452-Michael Martinelli to Michael J. Johnson, $139,900.

LOWES LANE S., 6713-Ravindra Singh to Gregory and Christine Williams, $460,000.

MEADOWRIDGE RD., 6157-Michael Mundorf to Allison and Michael Fitzpatrick, $520,000.

NIGHTWIND CT. E., 8011-Timothy Lee Jacintho to Carl Michael and Yvonne Moore, $345,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5701-Tracy C. Fittro to Theodora M. Maust, $147,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5897-Ralph Joseph Palmer to Amy L. Bittinger, $181,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. W., 6382-Steven J. Spalding to Vivian S. and Jong Hak Lee, $386,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6245-Anthony W. Wells to Tsz Yeong Poon and Maly Kaing, $190,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6285-Steven M. Washington to Jennifer L. Regalia, $178,000.

TOUCHSTONE WAY NE, 7700-Mary Ann Edwards, trustee, to Pamela Jones, $184,900.

Ellicott City Area

ANDREW ELLICOTT CT., 8625-Tel Corp. to Ajith Mathew and Priya Mathews, $265,000.

ANDREW ELLICOTT CT., 8631-Tel Corp. to Robert Lowell and Jennifer Aimee Hix, $265,000.

BALTIMORE NATIONAL PIKE, 10394-Richard E. Barth to Colonial Valley Corp., $360,000.

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7716-Sean R. Malone to Dana C. Couch, $295,000.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. S., 8070-John A. Wilson to Shauna R. Sappington and Jason T. Vlosich, $272,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 4711-Stephen W. Giguere to Bryan N. and Jennifer L. Gambrill, $293,000.

DUNTEACHIN DR. N., 5376-Daniel T. Bryan to Jeffrey J. and Anna M. Banyas, $665,000.

GOVERNOR HOWARD DR., 3301-Edward S. Andrews Jr. to Karl F. and Teresa M. Roenigk, $587,500.

GROSVENOR DR., 3630-Charles Flint Smith to Hoa N. Truong and Pei Ying Situ, $390,000.

HEARTHSTONE RD. NW, 2990-James T. Roberts to Karen L. Taitano, $602,000.

HOBBLE CT. NE, 3303-James Tansinda to Luis Bonilla, $311,000.

ILCHESTER RD. SE, 5167-James W. Chung to James W. and Elinore S. Chung, $510,000.

JAY DR., 3413-William C. Myers to Swati D. and Guy R. Allen, $396,000.

LASALLE CT., 8735-Donna Thomas to Chiguang Feng and Tsuyako Yamaguchi, $353,000.

LEYDEN WAY N., 4706-Steven P. Howard to Ken and Susan Y. Yuen Zeng, $270,000.

MANAHAN DR. N., 8740-Shavaun Lamana to Mark McLarnon and Jennifer Ecker, $319,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SE, 7896-John M. Tilghman to Andrew W. Orrison, $168,750.

MONTGOMERY RD., 4862-Jeffrey A. Kruth to Yale Presbyterian Church Inc., $585,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 4939-Woodrow W. Moore to Christopher L. Brown, $375,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD., 8378-Karen L. Swezy to Jeremy A. Ferragamo, $181,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8360-Olabode Olajumoke to David Quagliana and Erica Haga, $155,000.

NEW FOREST CT. E., 10213-Louis G. Depaola to Debajit and Amita Roy, $690,000.

OAK LEA CT., 9954-William F. Chittenden to Wensheng Luo and Zengfeng Wang, $330,000.

OAK WEST DR. SE, 3336-J.L. Weckerle to Jerome Hamilton Watts, $281,500.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE S., 3771-Eugene Davis Albrecht to William C. Gaughan, $500,000.

PEMBERTON CT. SE, 4102-John Pavlos to Shilpa and Bhavin Patel, $435,000.

PINE BLUFFS DR., 3241-Bharathi Prabhakar to Jeffrey M. and Christine M. Rikon, $472,500.

SPRUCE WAY, 10230-Michael W. Taylor Jr. to Ling Chen and Gui Zhen Wu, $472,000.

TANGLE WOOD CT. SW, 5308-Susan L. Shebel to Robert Y. and Susan Byun, $538,000.

WHEATFIELD WAY, 8559-Matthew Wayne McDaniel to Laura Lane, $345,000.

Highland Area

MINK HOLLOW RD., 6696-Mary A. Stefanelli to Scott Phillips and Kenneth Held, $410,000.

STYER CT. SE, 13262-Kyle A. Meyer to Brent C. and Elyse L. Strickland, $691,000.

Jessup Area

SHEFFIELD CT. NW, 8128-Daniel Francis Loiselle to Dennis E. and Jennifer L. Messer, $141,000.

VOLLMERHAUSEN RD., 9317-James L. Hunt to Golda V. Brown, $325,000.

WELLINGTON PL. S., 8234-Richard N. Jenkins to Michael Deneane, $180,000.

WILLOWWOOD WAY NE, 8807-Robert S. Rhoades to Adam and Karin Orenstein, $222,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BALTIMORE AVE. N., 9656-Thomas E. Lang Jr. to Luis Hernandez and Fermina Garcia, $273,000.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9200-Kenya K. Cain to Nelida Alvarez, $128,000.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9215-Francisco G. Figueroa to Janice McDaniel, $140,000.

GLENDOWER CT. W., 9642-Eugene D. Harrington to Kevin Alonzo and Nicole Leigh Pinnick, $234,500.

HARDING RD. N., 11066-David E. Cohen to Yong Qian and Emily Lu L. Wu, $399,000.

MAYFLOWER CT. W., 9406-Thomas C. Epke to Amit and Sarmistha Adhya, $200,000.

SLIPPERY ROCK WAY SE, 8230-Carl J. Stanat to Phillip A. Mein and Neelka R. Mein, $499,900.

Sykesville Area

ROUTE 32, 2061-Sarah J. Cook to Jae Ho Lee, $270,000.

SIDELING CT. SW, 625-Alastair C. McPhail to Sean C. and Stacy M. Long, $600,000.

West Friendship Area

ROLLING FORK WAY E., 2800-Carlos A. Garcia to R. Daniel and Erin D. Flavin, $900,000.

Woodstock Area

ASHFORD WAY N., 10632-Seok J. Koh to Nayareh B. Aien and Amin Fayazi, $329,900.