The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BIDDLE RD., 409-Redmond and Theresa Sellers to Scot R. Evans, $169,950.

LIVINGSTON RD., 14416-Mildred M. Penn to Ruppert L. Mason, $138,000.

OVERLEA CT., 15414-Ricardo P. Reyes to Victoria L. and Tracey Johnson, $307,000.

Adelphi Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 804-Seethevi Naken to Consuelo Turcios and Marbil Romero, $140,000.

ELTON RD., 1817-Esther G. and Andrew J. Hamilton Jr. to Elizabeth Banson, $305,000.

MERRIMAC DR., 1714-Hazel U. and Clement A. Porter to Desmond A. Grant, $285,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1828, No. A2-Darren D. Ainsworth to Eva L. Rodriquez, $102,000.

PENNSYLVANIA ST., 3305-Joan Fisher Ry and Frank A. Ryan to Graciela M. Aponte, $206,800.

RAY RD., 1008-Lois A. Wooden to National Wesleyan Church, $235,000.

Beltsville Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11322, No. II-P-Willie Mae Alston to Wilnette W. Cook, $43,933.

FULLERTON ST., 3201-Rhoan M. and Franka G. Dennis to Sarin Thach and Trang Huynh, $254,750.

HOWARD CT., 11407-John B. and Julia E. Selvaraj to Eunice and Cynthia Katta, $285,000.

JOSEPHINE AVE., 4510-Kenna M. and Ozzie D. Morgan to Louis W. Elliott, $285,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 5217, No. 304-Virgialine Wright to El H. Ihajjiten, $53,000.

TILDEN RD., 5107-Elizabeth L. Wilson to Laura M. White, $189,000.

Bowie Area

ALEXIS DR., 6607-Margaret M. and Thomas J. Hardy, trustees, to Delores Jewell, $299,900.

APPLETON CT., 15701-Audrey L. and Curtis B. Crider to Quentin M. Proctor, $358,550.

CHESTNUT AVE., 8709-Joseph E. and Jeanette L. Lewellyn to Daniel L. White and Oteylia D. Smith, $213,000.

EAGLES NEST DR., 3206-Wallace and Sofia Putkowski III to Eric and Sheila Woodward, $369,999.

ENSLEIGH LANE, 15711-Hoa T. and Roger I. Castillo to Charlotte A. Murrell, $275,000.

GLENN DALE RD., 4213-Marshall A. Daugherty to Martha Brown, $270,000.

PALISADES CT., 1500-Kirk Melo to Wendy J. and Rodney W. Moon, $295,000.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15579-Robert L. Miller Jr. to Janis W. Lewis, $249,900.

POND MEADOW LANE, 16117-Charles C. and Sharon L. Parker to Mercedes and Jose M. Argueta, $229,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12319-Josephine Goff to Mary J. and Robert E. Harney, $105,000.

SUTTERS LANE, 12707-Albertha T. Johnson to Mabel L. Johnson, $210,000.

Brandywine Area

BRANDYWINE RD., 16524-Piscataway Homes Corp. to Andrew P. Mitchell, $196,000.

CROSS ROAD TRAIL, 12101-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Amozetta R. and Anthony L. Ray, $635,000.

LUSBYS LANE, 12805-Tammy M. Oswald and Theresa Mahoney to Gwendolyn L. Daughtry, $259,900.

PLANTATION DR., 12524-Frankie L. Adams to Leslie and John T. Bradley, $185,000.

ROCK CREEK RD., 14491-Danner Development Inc. to Farrah R. and Ronald Murray, $540,000.

Brentwood Area

VOLTA AVE., 3800-Nnena A. Okafor to Wilfredo Ramirez Alvarez, $240,000.

WEBSTER ST., 4015-Rashad M. and Denise Ali to Florence Ade, $110,000.

Capitol Heights Area

CAPITOL HEIGHTS BLVD., 1221-Geraldine T. and Charles Dillard to Cassandra Barbarin, $121,000.

DAVEY ST., 5716-Shirley M. Tibbs to Catina N. Harris, $90,000.

KOLB ST., 6105-Jesse L. Scott to Vincent L. Abell, $80,000.

MINNA AVE., 804-Tim Geppert to Wesley McCottry, $107,000.

PRESCOT CT., 5612-Linda G. and Theodore J. Wiles to Earline Hoffman, $160,000.

SKILLMAN ST., 6307-Gail Randolph to Melissa D. and Renard D. Turner, $165,000.

66TH AVE., 707-Leonarda P. and Vitaliano N. Santos to Gwendolyn F. Gray, $125,000.

Cheltenham Area

BLACKSTONE AVE., 10505-Brenda J. and Michael A. Young to Tracey Lyons Hamilton, $335,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR., 7817-Housing Initiative Partnership to Khadijah Camp, $121,000.

BURNSIDE RD., 7823-Charles P. Washington to Cecelia D. Fergusion, $125,000.

BURNSIDE RD., 7858-Ali Hessari to James Holloway, $99,300.

CENTRAL HILLS TER., 6700-Robert F. and Brenda Grooms to Solomon and Alice C. Rioga, $158,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 5707-Dennis R. Tuttle to Michael R. Pletke, $255,000.

HEIDI LANE, 3505-Michael L. and Yvonne M. Harrison to Joyce and Thomas Pierce, $268,000.

HOBART ST., 9107-Pilar Ciaramello to Gary T. Smith, $169,900.

KENT VILLAGE DR., 2402-Ethel L. and Louis D. Wilson to Geneara R. Cruz, $100,000.

LAUREL AVE., 2803-Thomas L. and Tammy W. Roznovsky to Nellene L. and Victor L. Livingston, $220,000.

MEADOW WAY, 331-Tarrell L. Brandford to Janine J. Jackson, $130,000.

OXMAN RD., 7720-Glenda M. Lassiter to Philandieus and Crutiza K. Bryant, $77,000.

Clinton Area

BALLARD LANE, 9009-Ballard Lane Trust to Angelina May, $140,000.

BARDWELL CT., 7904-Melissa K. Mitchell to Joan Peart Moo and Gladstone M. Moore, $243,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5550-Larry A. and Sonja B. Beckett to Juanita Johnson, $174,656.

CRALEY CT., 8703-Juanita L. and Samuel W. Hairston to Yevette Broadus, $185,000.

DEE LANE, 10408-Paula M. and Edward J. McMahan Jr. to Lillian Euell, $197,000.

DELANCEY ST., 3409-Heather A. Byer to Beverly and George Higgins, $245,000.

DEN LEE DR., 5901-Walter and Karen Johnson to Phyllis D. and Helen E. Wade, $255,000.

FULFORD ST., 6901-William Jr. and Kesinee Simpson to Robin G. and Emerick A. Peace, $171,000.

HARDESTY DR., 9024-Marion S. and John N. Taylor to Darlene Lawson, $219,000.

STACEY M LANE, 9120-Lynda F. and Robert F. Lake to Carl E. Drew, $208,000.

WINDBROOK DR., 12411-Stephen Williams to Stella and Florence Cole, $187,000.

College Park Area

BERWYN RD., 5012-Claude C. Edwards to Christina and Greg J. Walsh, $206,000.

CHARLTON AVE., 7614-Donna Drew, trustee, to Darryl E. Harris, $254,900.

EDGEWOOD RD., 4714-Katherine Kafarakis to Martina and Eligio Gonzalez, $200,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 5007-William P. Smith to Claudia Yelin and Saul Malozowski, $213,000.

KIERNAN RD., 4709-Adolph A. Jr. and Joanne N. Mozynski to Dina F. and Luis A. Tomas, $228,000.

NATASHA DR., 5911-Christopher J. Ward to Deborah J. Oakley, $226,000.

50TH PL., 9601-John M. Clower to Monica R. Lipscomb, $235,000.

51ST PL., 9743-Benita G. Trueheart to Michael Perrino and Georgia Nasios, $210,000.

53RD AVE., 9704-Lynn E. Pritchard to Manuel L. Hernandez, $199,000.

District Heights Area

CROSS ST., 7307-Carol C. Gibson to Melissa Cunningham, $129,000.

EVIAN CT., 2339-Greater Suburban Properties Inc. to Nicole Y. Greene, $179,000.

HIL-MAR DR., 5921-Rashalon I. and Redmond K. Barnes to Tracie M. Long, $169,000.

KINGSWOOD DR., 3605-Serne A. Cooper to Michael W. Vincen and Kathy E. Douglas, $176,000.

MARBURY CT., 7136-Darlene A. Jackson to Velma Govan, $131,000.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5104-Mary L. Bennett to Wendy A. George, $159,000.

Fort Washington Area

BUCKLAND CT., 6508-Gloria A. Saunders to Tiwanna L. Hagans, $114,000.

CUMBRIA CT., 8750-April Y. Moore to Lisa T. Dorn, $119,000.

LANGNER CT., 300-Christian H. Moyer to Adediwura and Sunday A. Jolaoso, $269,900.

LOUGHRAN RD., 9307-Gregory C. Dash to Gavina M. and Arnold L. Tecson, $239,500.

MARQUIS DR., 3211-Haywood P. Marshall to Ralph K. Flanigan, $189,900.

MIDDLEFIELD TER., 6812-Brenda J. Gregory to Tigist A. and David Moore, $210,000.

MONTEREY CIR., 12513-John and Donna Denison to Maria and Mitchell Tero, $900,000.

QUEENS LANE, 13407-Michael M. Pino to Monica and Kevin Murphy, $48,000.

VAN BUREN DR., 1230-Richard J. Ham, trustee, to Trevor L. Brooks, $164,950.

WINNSBORO DR., 7902-Timothy S. Johnson Jr. to Nichelle and Joseph E. Smiley, $227,000.

Glenn Dale Area

PATUXENT AVE., 10901-Catherine L. and James A. Brown to Marissa A. Chevalier, $227,000.

Greenbelt Area

CANNING TER., 8239-Rene Porras to Tina M. and Inga M. Simms, $175,000.

CANNING TER., 8317-I. Yao and Verna Shen to Colleen M. Reilly and Joan C. Hall, $174,000.

EMILYS WAY, 7826-Marianne and Peter M. Schissler to Yohance D. Ford, $215,000.

SOMERSET CT., 7806-Edward A. Moore to Dwarika M. and Nirmala Shrestha, $217,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5114-Mary J.P. Allen to Ivy C. Hart, $157,250.

HANOVER PKWY., 7722-Stephen V. Capece to Aida M. Ramos and George J. Pavlounis, $125,000.

43RD ST., 6116-Gary P. Peller to Susanne Stevenson, $235,000.

52ND AVE., 4808-Ciro Matos to Cecilia Sorto and Jose M. Hernandez, $166,900.

55TH AVE., 4808-Arel Properties Corp. to Edgar A. Moscoso, $202,000.

Lanham Area

CORDONA, 5501-Louise D. and Kenneth C. Cole to Carlos O. Luna, $198,000.

CRANDALL CT., 4510-Germaine Whittington to Hellen Dealings, $289,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6640, No. 209-Theresa H. Talley to Cheryl A. Hayes, $175,000.

LAMONT DR., 6935-Alice M. and Remo Moscatelli to Olachukwu V. Nnadili, $260,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7067-Janice A. and James R. White Jr. to Boubacar Diallo, $179,000.

ST. ANNES AVE., 6907-Annette B. Quick to Clarence L. Duppins, $265,500.

SUNRISE DR., 7105-Jane H. and James O. Baden to Zerita M. Brown, $190,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 9409-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Arcelia V. Mendez, $189,900.

FIFTH ST., 9132-Joyce H. and Everette C. Payne to Jose S. and Marvin U. Aguilera, $187,000.

SIXTH ST., 9207-Catherine A. and Michael Hurm to Terri D. McCord, $225,000.

Largo Area

CAMPUS WAY S., 10126-BBSC Inc. to Adama M. Jalloh, $89,000.

CASTLETON WAY, 10744-Clive O. Wright to Malcolm K. Harrod, $196,000.

DUNLORING PL., 11456-Sharon Berger to Perine E. Brown, $199,950.

OLD ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 9930-Timmy C. Wilson to Theresa and Michael Carter, $315,000.

PRENTON ST., 207-Gail Greenleaf and Pauline M. Neal to Olu Akinsanya, $252,000.

REDHEAD CT., 1502-William D. and Deborah G.O. Hearn, trustees, to Sylvia H. Wood, $320,000.

Laurel Area

ASHFORD BLVD., 8428-Barbara A. Skogebo to Kanayo Odoe, $192,000.

ASHLAND DR., 15720-J. Douglas and Laura M. Sterrett to Cheryl M. and Randy S. Cardinal, $213,300.

BRISTON ST., 14001-Mark E. Strauss to Jennifer Geyer, $128,000.

CROWS NEST CT., 7905, No. 21-Beth A. Cahill to Aisha Littlejohn, $115,000.

GREEN HILL AVE., 406-Brigid M. and Michael T. Chaconas Jr. to Janet M. Petway, $175,300.

MEWS CT., 15644-Rochelle Furma and Jason Bradley to Heather R. Kampmann, $165,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15643-Garnita J. and Gerald Sutton to Catrice Alphonso, $168,500.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14212-Robert E. and Joyce D. Greer III to Yan Wang and Steven M. Muri, $154,900.

OXFORD DR., 14114-Ronald M. Larson to Jamal T. Bullock, $226,500.

PHAIR PL., 1009-Kathleen R. and Neil P. Bateman to Daneen Banks, $148,000.

VISTA DR., 14010-Sandra L. Compton to Amy N. Alston, $106,000.

Montpelier Area

BALSAMWOOD DR., 10101-Loretta J. and Wendell J. Barrett to Loretta J. Barrett, $285,000.

FRENSHAM CT., 9306-Kimberly J. Williams to Celeste K. Henderson, $245,000.

GREG MARC ST., 8306-Alfreda Y. and Ramsi A. Mire to Santos R. Guerrero, $261,500.

SHADETREE LANE, 12340-Sara L. Vogt Knox to Mark and Lori A. Wood, $312,500.

Mount Rainier Area

PERRY ST., 3104-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Claudia and Oscar Romero, $209,900.

22ND AVE., 4600-Giuseppe A. Diblasi to Ionel G. Stratulat, $110,000.

37TH ST., 4006-Paul D. Makinen to Arel Properties Corp., $92,150.

New Carrollton Area

FAIRBANKS ST., 6437-William H. Buie Jr. to Jose D. and Maria Arevalo, $218,500.

FAIRFAX ST., 4123-Alois M. and Madeline G. Weinmann to Gloria A. Martine and Miguel A. Rivera, $164,500.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5532, No. 1719-Reza Nazari to Steven Queen, $52,000.

MENTANA ST., 5807-Hyo Sung and Kyung B. Kim to Irma and Eugene Watson, $219,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7515, No. 1904-Rowena P. McMillan to Sonia M. Fails, $72,000.

TAYLOR TER., 7018-Tracy Hobson and George Resta to Baltazar Albear, $170,000.

76TH AVE., 5411-Ivan L. and Jean A. Harpster to Celina Berrios and Jaime Saravia, $200,000.

78TH AVE., 4928-Ronald C. and Genevieve A. Ross to Joseph Dinga and Edith Doh,


85TH AVE., 5438, No. 1-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Joyce A. and Franklyn Isaac, $43,450.

86TH AVE., 6206-Mary L. Van Dyke to Gerald Famogun, $220,000.

Oxon Hill Area

BOULDER DR., 5109-Doris O. and George J. Spiro to Dorothy J. Gresham, $210,000.

COWSLIP CT., 4801-Robert Washington to Donald Hinton, $178,000.

DULIN DR., 6615-Maria A. and Roland Young to Jose M. Hernandez, $197,750.

FENWOOD AVE., 1613-Mary L. and Albert L. Clark to Carla A. Davis, $139,999.

Riverdale Area

EASTPINE DR., 5708-Christian Laguerre to Lourdes Tapia and Sady Rios Sanchez, $149,900.

HARRISON AVE., 5809-Dorian Gregoire to Kevin I. and Beatrice U. Onwudiwe, $215,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 5007-Gladys and Pedro Posada to Brian Sooklal, $195,000.

TAYLOR RD., 5409-Elizabeth J. and Phillip J. Carr to Janet Amsalu, $200,900.

59TH AVE., 5211-John E. Kosakowski to Lilian A. Giannini, $189,000.

63RD AVE., 5516-Robert A. Thomas to Elmer H. and Elise Brown Jr., $140,000.

Suitland Area

BRAYMER AVE., 4905-Ashley L. and Gloria P. Taylor to Erika and Tyrone A. Gamble, $223,000.

ELGIN CT., 4317-Dennis H. and Patricia T. Bursell to Angela and Michael M. Proctor, $149,000.

HOWE AVE., 4615-Michael A. and Deborah L.C. Dyke to Donna M. and Kevin D. Peterson, $120,000.

MOSS PL., 4807-Hilaria T. Piniera to Mia Howerton, $180,000.

SHADYSIDE AVE., 2236-Charles J. View to Bericka T. Wilkins, $153,000.

SILVER PARK TER., 4021-Barbara A. and Allen Godbo Campbell to Jose M. Hernandez and Doroteo Benitez, $150,000.

Temple Hills Area

BRINKLEY RD., 3134, No. 102-Lillian and Deloris A. Booker to Miguel Stewart, $55,000.

DEER PARK DR., 4509-Franklin Williams Jr. to Miriam Sanche and Miguel E. Navarrete, $200,000.

HAGAN RD., 5206-Yvette D. Ruffin to SFC Properties Corp., $223,173.

KIDDIMINSTER AVE., 6909-Thomas A. and Nancy A. Gratton trust to Jennifer and Christopher L. West, $188,500.

LIME ST., 2806-Eleanor M. and Burton C. Bendall to Farinaz Afshar, $70,000.

ST. MORITZ DR., 6046-Christine R. Hall to Kweilin C. Hollis, $140,000.

25TH AVE., 3926, No. 3926-Paulette M. Ashe to Robert and Mary Taylor, $78,800.

25TH AVE., 4103-Annie L. Knight to Sennai M. Cham, $127,000.

26TH AVE., 3506-Telley Davis and Carolyn J. Lucas to Khoran M. Davis, $146,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

QUEENS CHAPEL RD., 6400-Charlotte G. Gragnani to Christi L. and Clayton S. Rogers, $241,500.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 411-Florence Ogunyileka to Justine Konlack and Paul Wetie, $75,000.

15TH AVE., 5911-Pearline Murdaugh to Wilber and Felipe Iglesias, $270,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

CAMPUS WAY S., 10025-Jane O. Jackson to Gladys U. Okugbeni, $136,501.

CHURCHILL DR., 9808-Oswald L. Brown to Renee Y. and Frank Scott, $210,000.

COLONEL CONTEE CT., 14511-Sandra and Robert Jurney to Barbara D. Butler, $272,000.

CROCKETT PL., 9215-Angelita Y. and Michael O. Flowers to Carrie H. Harris, $220,000.

FAIRWAY VIEW LANE, 17103-Lelia D. and Amos Orange to Sylvia M. Glover, $160,000.

FAREHAM LANE, 13913-Tiatte M. Day to Whaylon L. Thomas, $180,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11201-Linda D. and James D. Debeuneuer to Karen D. Carr, $179,000.

KETTERING LANE, 11320-Janet Allen to Jimale M. Kirby, $143,000.

KING JOHN WAY, 4851-Rhonda F. Richardson to Lorenzo Miller, $172,000.

KING PATRICK WAY, 4903, No. 302-42-Karen E. Fleet to Paula Graham and Carlvern Dunn, $165,000.

LOANDA DR., 7309-Kimberly J. and Dennis M. White to Linda J. Anderson, $234,900.

MARY CARROLL CT., 10702-Evangela J. and Kevin M. Dorsey to Malinda G. Pagett, $215,000.

NEW TOWN WAY, 12717-Stacey B. Carter to Rashidi A. Semiti, $220,000.

OLD COLONY DR. N., 12214-Charles R. Blankenbaker to Uma and Patience Ebi, $239,000.

PRINCE PL., 10243, No. 28-106-Bonita M. Kenan to Summer M. Brooks, $69,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12741-Audra R. Matthews to Shante Booker and Frederick Ford, $210,000.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 9903-Annie R. and Josiah O. Akinnuso to Victoria A. Akinnuso, $192,000.

WOODLAWN BLVD., 10405-Lindsay Edmons to Cheryll Brewton, $197,000.

WOODSTOCK DR. E., 12538-Howard Campbell Jr. to Loraine Hayling, $179,000.

WOODYARD CIR., 9905-Charles S. Christian to Yoon H. and Patrick K. Yi, $235,000.

Woodmore Area

BERMONDSEY DR., 2005-Tracey L. Whita and Paul A. Meyer to Ewing C. Whitaker, $293,548.

JASONWOOD CT., 14408-M.J. and P.A. Newsome to C. and D. Comedy, $494,992.