The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAYVIEW DR., 3409-William E. and Sheryl S. Krug to Laurie Ann and David Lester Leach, $440,000.

CHESAPEAKE BEACH RD. E., 3540-Thomas J. Gall to Thomas Jay Higdon and Kelly Suzanne Knee, $311,400.

Lusby Area

CORDOVA DR., 12721-William H. Fessler to Melissa and Bernard Pettyjohn, $140,500.

GRINGO LANE, 1021-S.R. Smith Contractors Inc. to Jen Chieh Chen, $189,400.

SIDEWINDER LANE, 11623-Beth A. Kruse and Bruce C. White to David B. Hall, $93,000.

Prince Frederick Area

WILLOW WAY, 760-Edith E. Cawley to Cheryl L. and John P. Latham, $347,000.

St. Leonard Area

ORIOLE WAY, 1879-Karin L. Tenley to Carol A. and J. David Bush, $349,900.

Sunderland Area

VALLEY LANE, 1921-Rolf J. and Mary F. Rodtang to Cherry J. and Randolph Morgan, $475,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

CROWFOOT CT., 15950-Thomas E. Jr. and Debra L. White to Susan G. and James D. Baugh, $257,400.

Bryans Road Area

AMHERST RD., 6741-Donna F. and Steven E. Hall to Carol L. Bourque, $175,000.

GABRIEL DR., 7363-John E. and Anastasia E. Penner to Paulette N. and Ronald J. Clark, $125,000.

SOUTH HAMPTON DR., 3062-Ralph C. Davis to Maria G. and Andrew W. Beaderman, $185,000.

WALDEN CT., 2037-Dorsee T. Knight to Gabrielle R. Caddle, $300,000.

WOOSTER DR., 3100-Allen D. Alvey to Vary T. Coates and Emily M. Canavan, $148,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

WICOMICO RIDGE RD., 10546-Dallas L. Fisher Jr. to Shelly R. and Wayne Hug, $335,000.

Cobb Island Area

PIEDMONT DR., 18293-Ada E. and Agnes M. Webster to Margarita and J. Guy Hardesty, $22,500.


Prince Frederick Road Area

SMALLWOOD DR., 14260-Kerry and Rhonda Darden to Oswaldo Heredia, $239,999.

Indian Head Area

HELEN CT., 9-Benjamin P. Argo to Eric D. Cherry, $137,000.

INDIAN HEAD AVE., 812-Harold M. Scott to Elvira M. Milinski, $95,735.

Issue Area

INGELS CT., 11270-Ellen M. and Arthur H. Ferris to Ronald E. Frazier, $390,590.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11804-Zachary and Nicole Collins to Kimberly A. and Mark A. Hawes, $317,000.

La Plata Area

APPLE GROVE CT., 8055-Tzu Hsien Yen to Mary I. and Harry A. Shasho, $571,500.

CARMELITE DR., 5251-Barbara E. and Michael C. Orndorff to Susan T. Petroff, $289,900.

HAWTHORNE RD., 7330-Barbara J. Barnes to Metropolitan Development Corp., $210,000.

HUDSON DR., 8340-Nabila S. and Mohammed S. Khalid to A.C. Buscher Corp., $182,500.

KALMIA CT., 139-Richard W. Jr. and Heather E. Brooks to Regina L. and Riley J. Beard, $122,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 9100-Francine S. Gillam to Tara M. and Jeffrey A. Quade, $284,000.

LAUREL LANE, 833-Kenneth W. Sheperd to Matthew Edwards and Timothy Baroody, $107,000.

Nanjemoy Area

WINNICONNE CT., 3565-Martin D. Malihot to Angela J. and Scott D. Batastini, $261,000.

Pomfret Area

OAKWOOD LANE, 7987-Patrick A. and Sharon E. Sheriff to Mary A. Wood and Michael J. Pavlik, $245,900.

Port Tobacco Area

CAROL RD., 7770-Emily E. and Joseph D. Coon to Carol A. Phipps, $275,750.

KYLANDY PL., 6765-Charles M. and Theresa A. Beckett to Julia A. and Joel R. McCowan, $400,000.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 8035-Jeffrey A. and Sharon Hoko to Stephanie H. and Robert Shanholtzer, $354,900.

St. Charles Area

HEATHCOTE RD., 3108-James B. Rogers to Sharon S. and James R. Tate, $77,800.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3126-Carlton L. Hawkins to Linda V. Watson and Deon Oliver, $89,000.

QUILLBACK ST., 10641-Bruce N. Patton to Roxanne K. and Stephen Applen, $314,900.

ST. PAUL'S DR., 1008-Ralph H. and Mary Jane L. Barrett to Rosalind and Douglas L. Greene Sr., $219,750.

SWEETBRIAR PL., 12309-Roger L. Jr. and Karen V. Squires to S.R. Brewer and Taquitha C. Jeter, $190,000.

SWEETBRIAR PL., 12318-Deborah L. Hile to S. Cozette Holt, $203,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12417-James T. and Vickie L. Drews to Kellie J. and Andrew J. Buffington, $199,950.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12626-Jeffrey Silberschlag to Clyde A. Paul, $196,000.

Waldorf Area

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11204-Desiree J. and Steven Tyner III to Cassandra R. Talley, $194,900.

BLACK OAK CT., 1911-Mary D. and Eric Patten to Marilyn K. and Robert E. Crump Jr., $209,900.

BRIARWOOD DR., 2121-William J. and Caroline Grayson to S.L. Morton and Belinda L. Williams, $224,900.

COTTONGRASS ST., 8928-Patrick C. Crane to Judy and James E. Duncan, $329,900.

COTTONTAIL CT., 6602-M. Christine Pallazza to Ernest and Susan Porell, $280,000.

DORCHESTER CIR., 5000-Frank L. Sams Jr. to Hillary P. and Jason C. Theriault, $259,000.

DOUBLE R RD., 2970-Florence F. and Jack E. Montgomery to Jennifer M. Jett, $181,000.

DRAKE CT., 4298-Catherine S. and James C. Lorenzi to William L. Purnell Jr., $142,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4598-Ryan A. Jacobs to Tich and Gordon D. Fullerton, $137,500.

GROUSE PL., 4504-Blake S. Bailey to Joseph R. Carr, $170,000.

GROUSE PL., 4551-Jacqueline Z. and Rene A. Vasquez to Melvin Reid, $175,000.

HALBERT CT., 10560-Tammy C. and Samuel D. Cox to Edward M. Connolly, $408,000.

HERON PL., 11211-Randy and Michael McKibben Sprouse to Erin M. and Ryan A. Jacobs, $262,500.

HERON PL., 11213-James J. Tahash, trustee, to Sandy Linares and Jose F. Zeleya, $225,000.

HICKORY VALLEY DR., 2995-Erich H. Chada to Williams S. Eckert III, $236,400.

HOLLY AVE., 8004-Gloria G. and Bernard L. Saloky to Steven R. Mosedale, $190,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3653-Linda C. Vanhoy to Deborah A. Velez, $134,900.

LEMAN LANE, 12817-Timothy L. and Kathleen A. Miller to Virginia Mudd and Kenneth C. King Jr., $190,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2202-William L. Jr. and Deann J. Hudson to Jeffrey Keyser and Rachel Kagle Jr., $225,000.

PLUMAGE LANE, 15830-Duane K. and Nancy G. Svites to Jacqueline M. and Michael E. McDowell, $519,990.

POPLAR HILL RD., 14540-Connie L. and Kevin S. Gantt to Katherine W. Arcieri, $356,900.

PRAIRIE DOG CT., 6572-Matthew W. and Margaret I. Sibley to Elizabeth A. and Craig R. Petersen, $291,000.

TEMI DR., 1726-Robin B. Bowyer to Bettye J. Hamilton, $235,000.

TORPEDO CT., 5503-Katina M. Locks to Z.H. Zaidi and Aamir Nooruddin, $255,000.

TUMBLEWEED PL., 334-Jamie L. and Richard M. Lambdin to Kenneth H. Wise, $127,000.

WIMBLEDON PL., 10295-Artelia Duvea to Jennifer D. and Brandon S. Bruce, $215,000.

WINDOWPANE CT., 5807-Leonard A. Rollman to Jennifer A. Faraon, $276,500.

White Plains Area

ESPRIT PL., 10741-Michael and Ginger Daily to Jennifer and Brian Clontz, $234,000.

PICKERAL ST., 4635-Southern Maryland Builders Corp. to Evelyn Zabel, $212,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

MADDOX RD., 22947-Tammy M. and John W. Weber to Elizabeth A. and G.E. Lawrence Sr., $325,000.

California Area

HOLLY HILL LANE, 23230-Robert H. Brown III to Cynthia S. and Thomas E. Williams, $239,000.

KINGSTON CREEK RD., 23809-Adam L. and Jeri L. Cropper to Eileen and Wilbur J. Tippett, $790,000.

MILLSTONE LANDING RD., 46536-G. Thomas Daugherty to Maria M. and Todd B. Morgan, $1.26 million.

OLD PINE CT., 23115-Joseph R. Bruno to Linda M. Richardson, $215,000.

PINE BARK LANE, 23139-Norwood S. Sothoron Jr. to Paul Philip Nickel, $170,000.

PINE CREEK LANE, 44227-Scott J. and Jennifer Hoffman to Catherine E. and Michael A. Pierce, $292,000.

RUMSFORD LANE, 45291-Daniel J. Torres to Vanessa M. Fournier, $135,000.

VICTORIAN DR., 22138-Stuart Britt to Deborah A. and Jeffrey T. Barnaby, $324,900.

WOODLAKE CT., 44761, No. 7B-Steven E. Long Jr. to Richard Cahn Jr., $105,000.

Dameron Area

CAPTAINS CT., 49506-Jessica L. Standal to Patricia Ann Khatiblou, $240,000.

ST. JEROME'S NECK RD., 16601-Gordon S.King to Jane D. and Dennis J. McAuliffe, $665,525.

Great Mills Area

GOLDENROD DR., 22130-Robert A. Sotack to James N. Baratta, $265,000.

STRICKLAND RD., 46047-Charles Myers Strickland to Kathleen L. and Ernesto Cendana, $160,000.

Hollywood Area

ISLAND VIEW, 43085-Dale T. Cropper to Linda L. and Gilbert D. Costa, $305,000.

Leonardtown Area

LAUREL CT., 20616-Vivan L. Ragusa to Marilyn W. and George F. Mayer, $375,000.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 41002-John Sothoron to Lee A. Bassett and Tanya Head, $438,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 22281-David Ernest Adams Sr. to Dawn Reahnee Russell and Joseph Archie Russell, $70,000.

Lexington Park Area

ARK CT., 20874-Christopher G. Sawyer to Joseph French, $285,000.

CAMERON CT., 21453-Paul C. Hager to Carolyn B. and John H. Jackson, $268,000.

CHOPTANK PL., 48274-John R. Hopkins to Melody Family Trust, $299,900.

DEVIN CIR., 47741-Michael V. Spargo to Rachel E. and David G. Carpenter, $125,000.

EASTON CT., 48264-J. Laurence Millison to Vincenza M. Cumbo and William R. Crystoff, $90,000.

GWYNN'S ISLAND WAY, 21504-John W. Erskine to Terra Jo Liebrecht, $284,445.

MAYFLOWER DR., 47936-Todd R. Ferrara to Mary E. and James R. Sullivan, $175,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46701-Mathew J. Lieske to Timothy J. Burke, $237,900.

RUE PURCHASE RD., 46255-Brian A. Cervenak to Robert E. Noll, $250,000.

SANDALWOOD ST., 46698-Party Walls Inc. to Dorothy J. and Donald D. Fairchild, $294,330.

SCARBOROUGH DR., 21267-Richard H. Bazemore to Reidar Olsen and Stephanie Frances Frederiksen, $240,000.

SORREL DR., 47082-J. Laurence Millison to Tina M. Fitzwater and Leonard F. Shade, $55,000.

THOMAS DR., 46668-James A. Marshall to Christopher D. Stacy and Melanie A. Tubbs, $209,900.

VALLEY ESTATES DR., 22013-Betty Louise Woodburn to Peggy L. and William M. Lewis, $80,143.

WILLOWS DR., 21011-Lynn A. and Ronald L. Finch Jr. to Hannah Lin Grace, $249,900.

Mechanicsville Area

JOAN DR., 36625-James H. Kurtz to Frederick S. Schaffer and Andrea D. Stephens, $230,000.

LAKELAND DR. E., 37095-Adam A. Bremm to Rolf D. Hartmann, $155,000.

OVERLOOK CT., 29767-Ethan G. Blyler to Jeanette G. and Kirk E. Davis, $228,000.

OXLEY DR., 27116-John T. Ucekay to Julie Bowser, $188,900.

ROOFTOP CIR., 29857-Jeffrey A. Quade to Salome and Scott Ely, $179,900.

TIN TOP SCHOOL RD., 26991-Steve A. Gibbs to Barbara S. and William P. Alton, $244,000.

Valley Lee Area

ABELL FARM WAY, 43648-Douglas Wayne Abell to Martha and Michael B. Scott, $250,000.