News of interest to Loudoun and Fauquier counties that appeared in the daily Post Oct. 10-16.


An Eye on the Bottom Line

After spending much of the 1990s as a sleep-deprived, frequent-flying technology guru for investment banks, Democrat James Socas says he is ready to transfer the skills he used taking companies public to the world of public policy. With a personal fortune of $7 million to more than $20 million, Socas, 38, is challenging Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) in the Nov. 2 election and angling to become the youngest member of Virginia's congressional delegation.


Wolf's World View

To step into the office of Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) is to experience a grown-up version of show and tell, with potent images of starving boys and brutalized women in Sudan alongside suburban traffic maps and other staples of local government. Relentlessly, at times frenetically, Wolf tears through letters, speeches, reports and video footage, offering a view into a broad range of projects both within -- and far from -- his 10th Congressional District. The flood of props, and the impassioned presentation, reflect the aggressive style of Virginia's longest-serving member of the House of Representatives. They also hint at a measure of defensiveness as he faces what could be his toughest challenger in nearly two decades.