A gunman fired shots into a parked car in an apparent jealous rage Monday night, killing a woman and seriously wounding her male friend, before jumping back into his minivan and fatally shooting himself a few blocks away, Prince William County police said yesterday.

The gunman, Edgar A. Santos, 28, was flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he died, police said.

After the other man was shot three times, he drove off in the small red car with his wounded passenger before crashing into a parked ski boat down the street, police said.

The man then made a U-turn and drove across three front lawns, leaving tire tracks, tearing off a mailbox and finally crashing into a parked sport-utility vehicle.

"Look, I've been shot. I can't see," the driver told Dale Smith, the boat's owner. "Then stop the car. We'll call 911,' " Smith said he told the wounded man.

Veronica Bonilla, 30, who lived in the 1400 block of F Street, where the shooting took place, was pronounced dead on Green Street, where the car came to a stop. Her companion, a 30-year-old man from the Alexandria area, is expected to survive. Police did not identify him.

Neighbors who witnessed or heard the loud crashes about 9:45 p.m. called police, who were trying Monday night to determine whether the shootings on F Street were related to Santos's death.

Based on interviews with acquaintances of the three people, investigators said yesterday that they believe Santos, of the 5500 block of North Morgan Street in Alexandria, shot the pair because the woman was not interested in him romantically, Maj. Ray Colgan said.

Santos "steps out of his [minivan] and approaches their car and just starts shooting them," Colgan said. "He has an interest in this woman that's stronger than what she feels. . . . He had some romantic interest in her that caused him to take the action that he did."

Crime-scene analysts recovered a gun from Santos's minivan at Horner Road and Woodbridge Street and determined that the weapon he used to kill himself was the same type used in the other shooting, said Dennis Mangan, a police spokesman. Witnesses where the first shooting occurred "saw the van leaving the area after the shooting."

Smith, 34, who has lived in the neighborhood for 14 years, said he was watching television with his wife when he heard a car crash into his parked ski boat at the end of Green Street. Smith said he yelled out the window angrily for the driver to stop, thinking he was intoxicated. Then Smith ran outside and saw the car turn around and drive on the front lawn of a neighbor's and again told him to stop.

But the driver continued until he crashed into the Honda SUV parked in front of the Green Street house of Munawar Hameed Khan, a Fairfax Realtor. Smith said he ran to the window of the victims' car and began applying pressure to the man's chest. Bonilla, he said, apparently had opened the car door and was lying halfway outside, neither moving nor speaking.

The man was "just gushing blood out of the right side of his chest, pouring out like a hose," Smith recalled. "I yelled to my neighbor, 'Get a towel!' and I feel he's going to die. Then, I asked, 'Do you know who shot you?' and he said, 'Yes, I know,' but he wouldn't give the name.' "