The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 20, No. L-Kevin P. McCann to Ron Elfenbein, $184,900.

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3294-Geo Grigsby to Robert J. Driver, $155,000.

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1324-James G. Carter to Beverly A. Tew, $375,000.

BLACKWELL RD., 1004-Traci J. George to Alexandra D. McKee, $340,000.

CATRINA LANE, 3155-Per J.V. Stahle to Nicholas H. and Jean J. Antoniades, $520,000.

COPLEY CT., 15-Connie J. Benson to Nancy E. Williamson, $220,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 796, No. 796F-Jeremy Hulick to Dawn R. Layfield, $140,000.

GARDNER DR., 105-Liesl C. Wheeler to Ernest R. and Nicola C. Todd, $309,000.

GEMINI DR., 1230, No. 76-Allen C. Burch to Michael L. and Sara A. Van Geertruy, $210,000.

GENTRY CT., 12-Andrew C. Wood to Brenna McAdams Travers, $155,000.

IRONSTONE CT., 10, No. 10F-Timothy G. McLaughlin to Dorian L. Haldeman, $220,000.

MARDA LANE, 1211-Arbutus L. Bast, trustee, to Davidson Development Inc., $350,000.

PINECREST DR., 1056-Debra E. Book to Marc and Leslie Arigo, $390,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2018, No. 2018-2-Edward Koplin to David R. and Sally R. Scotton, $525,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2119, No. 2119-1-Marjorie K. Cooke to Mary Alice Low Herman, $522,500.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 400-Stephanie W. Mineo to Dennis J. and Mary Diligent, $476,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 30, No. J-James Gehrdes to June A. Hendrie, $171,500.

STONECREEK RD., 1411-Stephen D. Skewes to Kevin Campbell and Thomas Love, $355,000.

WELLS AVE., 909-Thelma L. Myers to Paul D. Whelan, $102,000.

WELLS AVE., 923-Sharon D. Michaels to Jeffrey B. and Susan E. Duvall, $396,000.

Annapolis- Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 625, No. 405-John G. Holden to Michael S. and Wendy Blumenthal, $242,000.

AUTUMN CHASE DR., 247-Leo J. Keenan to Tara E. Potter, $480,000.

BAYSTONE CT., 610, No. 43-James C. Dean to Luis J. and Ellen F. Alvarez, $360,000.

BELLE DR., 1794, No. 7-Frederick J. Alder to Vernon Walker, $105,000.

BREWER AVE., 106-William A. Boehm to Jonathan T. Proch, $360,000.

BRISTOL DR., 10-S. Michael Rausch to Michael and Kristina Byrne, $349,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2-Matthew R. Deans to Jeffrey C. and Robin D. Barbick, $377,900.

BROADVIEW DR., 1079-Thomas W. Long to Michael Kline, $300,000.

CARROLLTON RD., 1921-Sara B. Lackey to Daniel and Susan Leonard, $1.135 million.

CECILIA CT., 1205-Carla J. Sims to Robert R. and Jennifer L. Brandt, $440,000.

CLAY ST., 207-Custom Designs Unlimited Inc. to Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc.,


GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2010-Matthew P. Wood to Paul D. and Karin Olsen, $360,000.

HAMPTON RD., 1140-Doris R. Seville to Holly M. Young, $246,000.

HAMPTON RD., 1202-Gregory C. Spengler to Bernard J. and Deborah W. Auth, $329,900.

INVERRARY CT., 855-Kenneth I. Jennings, trustee, to Alfred E. and Cynthia M. Johnson, $390,000.

PURITAN TER., 2041, No. 132-Paul S. Intlekofer to Brian and Amy Hetherington, $295,500.

QUAKER WAY, 2054, No. 14-Diane Y. Temple to John F. and Carolyn Mulhern, $239,900.

SANDY RUN CT., 2528-Joseph M. Whittington to Mary E. and Edward J. Sondheimer, $339,000.

SHAM CT., 1663-Jennifer Lawler to Christopher M. and Jacqueline E. Sprouse,


SHIPMASTER CT., 910, No. 6-Guilford Chappell, trustee, to James and Mary Lou Dennison, $230,000.

SKYWAY DR., 1098-Arthur L. Howard to Richard E. Mitchler and Karen E. Grady, $225,000.

SLOPING WOODS CT., 303-Michael Feno to 165 King George Corp., $235,000.

SLOPING WOODS CT., 307-Christopher T. Connor to Thomas A. and Sharon F. Sturm, $229,000.

STEHLE ST., 11-Frederick C. Paine to Carlyn Lowery, $734,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2700, No. 6102-William T. O'Bannon to Judy Bareilles, $208,000.

WILLIAMS DR., 156-Stella Routh to Robert L. Collins, $340,000.

YEOMANS LANTERN CT., 2721-Thomas Van De Ryt, trustee, to John and Lucy Etzel, $305,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 701-Donald W. Ross to J. Robb and Peggy S. Cecil, $807,500.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 381-Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to M. and B. Chiz Limited, $160,000.

CARRONADE WAY, 370-Charles C. Porter to Susan C. Brown, $178,000.

CLIFTON AVE., 315-Allen M. Siegrist to David L. Gary, $252,350.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 469, No. 112-Edgar T. Cole to Stephanie K. Barry, $207,500.

ELMRIDGE RD., 22-Philip J. Maher to James C. and Tiffany M. Dean, $525,000.

JONES STATION RD., 1226-Marjorie Jones to Snyder Development Corp., $300,000.

JONES STATION RD., 296-Robert N. Anderson to Linda F. Gunther, $269,900.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 422, No. 172-Brian G. Gay to Linda A. Jackson, $195,500.

PHILLIPS DR., 977-Joseph A. Simei to Andrew J. and Laura A. Payne, $630,000.

SHORE ACRES RD., 926-Stephen G. Burket to Timothy P. and Jennifer S. Tumelty, $380,000.

WILSON RD., 850-Sonia E. Hansen to Joseph and Sudabeh H. Baran, $275,000.

Brooklyn Area

CRESSWELL RD., 213-Rita H. Sellers to Michael Haskell, $100,000.

SOUTHERLY DR., 303-J.M. Eliasen to Hope Caballero and Betty Wessels, $145,000.

SIXTH AVE., 316-Deborah L. Wojciechowski to Samuel Hurst, $180,000.

11TH AVE. W., 207-Judith K. Roberson to Stanley D. and Mary K. Pulz, $122,500.

Churchton Area

CARVEL DR. W., 5604-Cindy Porter Keniston to Cheryl C. Widmer, $214,900.

RODGERS RD., 1086-Robert K. Novak to Bradley E. and Kirsten H. Cleveland, $579,500.

Crofton Area

AVENNEL WAY, 1504-Kevin D. Richardson to Joseph P. and Lynette L. Smith, $439,900.

AYR CT., 2526-Wiafe A. Busia to Mary E. Buckley, $279,000.

BOLTON LANE, 2443, No. 22-Andrew Dark to Miemie and Jacobus C. Van Rooyen, $259,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2439-Todd R. Bagby to Prudential Relocation Inc., $505,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2495-Christopher M. Kubic to Dennis P. Borland and Kathleen M. Grabowski, $540,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1764-Richard Lockhart to Robby L. and Kelly S. Robinson, $325,000.

ELWYN AVE., 1505-Seth Binstock to Charles W. and Mary E. Riordan, $428,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1579, No. 157915-Cynthia R. Weaver to Robert W. Rahmer Jr., $177,000.

FALSTONE LANE, 1512, No. 46-Polly E. Isdaner to Llwellyn E. and Lorraine J. Antel, $255,000.

FRIENDLY PL., 2053, No. B-Brian J. Schweitzer to J.D. Adams, $146,000.

GAFFNEY CT., 1730, No. 110-Allen Bolton Jr. to Douglas L. and Alta L. Boyd, $198,790.

LAKE GROVE LANE, 2097-George L. Gay, trustee, to Alfreda Y. Jones, $169,900.

LONG DRIVE CT., 1536-Steven Salvaggio to Seth Binstock, $293,900.

MARA VISTA CT., 1484, No. 114XC-Team Surlis Inc. to Dianne Lee, $152,000.

PAWLET DR., 2054, No. 34C-Elaine M. Mueller to John J. Shanley, $175,000.

PILGRIM CT., 1110-Prudential Residential Services to Stephen W. and Elizabeth D. Hostetler, $450,000.

REGENTS PARK RD. W., 1765-George J. Coyle Jr. to Todd D. and Christine M. Kelly, $369,000.

RIDGELY CT., 1675, No. 182-Michelle A. Bartley to Sandra L. Martenot, $185,005.

SHARWOOD PL., 1839, No. 74-Jennifer J. Skinner to Kristy L. Remsburg, $201,000.

SHREVE CT., 1014, No. 108-Kathleen M. Hardy to Laurie A. Weber, $259,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1027, No. 58A-George R. Roberts III to Dominique A. Gallo, $211,500.

WICKFORD CT., 1136, No. 6D2-Tecyn D. Williams to Amy L. Fischer, $215,000.

Crownsville Area

DOGWOOD TRAIL, 863-Brian D. Barnett to Thomas and Melissa Emert, $83,978.

REDWOOD TRAIL, 865-Elisha J. Cooper to Dean A. Caputo, $224,000.

VALLEY DR., 809-James E. Dennison to Gary S. and Joan A. Hurban, $318,175.

Curtis Bay Area

OYSTER SHELL CT., 7858, No. 305-Matthew C. Smith to Sean K. O'Keefe, $239,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1200, No. 287-Michael W. Toomey to Asamd J. and Heather K. Walls, $206,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1262, No. 318-Kathleen A. Schaeffer, trustee, to Vonetta S. and Marrick J. Davis, $190,000.

Davidsonville Area

MOBILE CT., 3506-William W. Laviolette, trustee, to Robin K. Dawson, $437,500.

MOUNT AIRY RD., 1011-1011 Mount Airy Group Corp. to Sharon A. and Lawrence L. Warner, $812,000.

Edgewater Area

BEVERLEY AVE., 120-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Shirley Pearsall, $310,000.

HILLSIDE AVE., 906-John A. Sasenick to Tamara L. and Richard V. Drake, $270,000.

LOCH HAVEN DR., 3580-Erick V. Lambert to Charles H. and Karen S. Young, $350,000.

OLDTOWN RD., 1707-Richard A. Barnard Jr. to Heather and Jason Kautz, $182,000.

SOUTH RIVER LANDING RD., 450, No. 450-Mark L. Sullivan to Grace Rosman, $1.53 million.

Gambrills Area

MAYTIME DR., 2400-Scott L. McCluney to Raymond Haas and Leigh Ann M. Nauser, $262,000.

SUNSHINE WAY, 2418-David W. Pollard to Erik and Judy Knisley, $264,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ASTER DR., 1207-Bank of America to Litra L. Simms, $155,000.

BARKWOOD RD., 811-William J. Haley Jr. to Mary M. Matthews, $185,000.

BAYLOR RD., 731-Klarissa D. Blatney to Wayned A. and Karen J. Reddington, $250,000.

BIG BAER CT., 1519-Dorothy J. Wallman to Nicholas J. Wolf, $194,900.

BREMER DR., 54-Howard R. Amersbach to Dwayne Bowie, $230,000.

CANDLELIGHT LANE, 209-F. and D. Properties to Stephanie McCloud, $122,900.

CASTLE HEDGE DELL, 7955-Mary Jeanne McQuade, trustee, to Dennis W. Stiegler Jr. and Amy A. Shotto, $273,000.

CHARLES AVE., 1506-Hubert L. Atwater III to Craig R. and Nicole L. Wade, $226,000.

GLOUCESTER DR., 208-Joseph J. Sears to Clarence A. and Sharon Y. Price, $188,000.

HOME WATER WAY, 6500, No. 103-Donald P. Ransom to Sharon L. Rose, $140,000.

LEISURE LANE, 1711-Kelley S. Fetty to Gordon W. Browne Jr., $130,000.

MAIN AVE. SW, 102-Bortle Custom Homes Inc. to Brandie M. Rutherford and Jason M. Stiegler, $189,900.

MOUNT VERNON LANE, 6445-Joseph J. Mele to Andrew R. and Lisa Domshick, $63,000.

MYSTIC VIEW TURN, 443, No. 12216-Ronald G. Ward to Carolyn M. Coolican, $163,000.

NICHOLAS WAY, 1002-Ryan J. Ratajczak to James E. Jackson Sr., $255,500.

NORVELLE CT., 476-Daniel A. Remmey to RMG Investment Inc., $115,000.

PHILLIP DR., 1012-Shawn C. Freeman to David P. and Tara D. Lafleur, $214,900.

PLEASANTVILLE DR., 1623-Oscar Molina to Martin and Blanca Barrantes, $205,000.

WILSON BLVD., 216-David W. Brewster Jr. to Mark D. and Stephanie A. Doran, $195,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BUSKIN LANE, 6510-Edward E. Rondeau Jr. to Pamela M. Houck, $225,000.

ELM DR., 11-Valerie A. Messina to Donald L. Lissau and Deborah L. Ingram, $177,000.

HIGHLAND RD., 17-Arvil Hartman to Lorraine E. Huffman, $58,334.

HIGHLAND RD., 206-Arvil Hartman to Lorraine E. Huffman, $58,333.

HOWARD RD., 1332-Sandra M. Fletcher to Joan M. Sank, $169,900.

INGLEWOOD DR., 106-Bank of New York, trustee, to Brian K. and Sherry E. Saumenig, $172,900.

ISTED RD., 1412-Carrie R. Crawford to James and Kelly Woodward, $165,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 116, No. 3D-W. Paul Blair to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $80,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6602, No. 301-Dennis W. Stiegler Jr. to Mary Chapman, $140,500.

SUMMIT AVE., 212-Christopher D. Baker to John A. and Jacqueline E. Hart, $226,000.

TARRANT RD., 1309-Robert T. Lucas Sr. to Craig E. Redmiles, $176,500.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6801, No. 104-Sherrilynn M. Walsh to Laura L. Clawson, $135,000.

Hanover Area

GESNA DR., 1446-Scott Walter to Young Bin Chung, $315,000.

LEMON TREE CT., 7524-Helen Chon to Nicole Beavers, $261,000.

Harwood Area

GRAYS RD., 260-Jane A. Smith to Deborah A. Savage and Dale P. Carrigan, $400,000.

WHITE BEECH DR., 3008-John D. Raulin to Patricia R. and Edward J. Lewis, $459,900.

Laurel Area

BEECH BOTTOM RD., 3003-Willie Sanders Jr. to Nilo M. and Thelma P. Rubin, $278,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3402, No. B301-David E. Knapp to Youngil Jeon, $169,000.

BROOKTREE ST., 8311-Joseph J. Coblish to Kayla E. and Brendan M. Cunningham, $296,510.

EAGLE HARBOR S., 321-David W. Nichols Sr. to Rene L. Bradley and Donna L. Morsberger, $180,000.

FLATWATER PL., 3524-Angela S. Powell to Joel D. and Susan M. Wood, $241,400.

IVY BANK LANE, 3507-Darin L. Atwater to Brian Bickerton and Monica Johnson, $256,000.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 3640, No. 80-John A. Hilton to Penelope Brindley and Susan M. Hilton, $284,900.

POTOMAC CREEK RD., 8525-James A. Starry to Christopher D. Hebron, $293,000.

SPADDERDOCK CT., 3106-Norman A. Whitehead Jr. to Pete C. and Lolita V. Reynard, $226,400.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8315-Matthew W. Tuma to Jason A. and Sarah D. Bacon, $215,000.

SUDLERSVILLE S., 3332-Kevin H. Lee to Kimberly S. Ammann, $197,500.

SWAMP ROSE PL., 8200-Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to Radian Services Corp., $366,543.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 227-Walter R. Winbush to V. Cunningham, $225,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

ANDOVER RD., 722-David R. McMillan to Francis Garrity, $182,500.

ELEANOR AVE., 26-Darrough L. Chapman to Lee E. Heinrich, $155,000.

FAIRMOUNT RD., 537-Margaret A. Trogler to Mary Ann Miller and Patricia Hubbard, $329,500.

SHIPLEY RD., 443-Margaret F. Bradford to Kim M. Maines, $195,000.

SUDBURY RD., 511-Naomi O. Reichelt to Lawrence E. Mize Jr., $184,350.

Millersville Area

BALDWIN DR., 1768-Stephen C. Molz to Frederick A. and Elise Heuvel, $380,000.

BEECH GROVE CT., 306-Charles H. Berger to Scott E. Norrholm, $489,900.

BEECH GROVE CT., 320-Richard Gistin to Erica Sherman, $515,000.

CHARLES HALL RD., 301-Eric R. Huston to Allen J. Beadle, $600,500.

CONOY CT., 744-Robert J. Jacobs to James Wentz and Michelle Miller, $505,000.

CRAVER RD., 8244-Rutland M. Jones III to Michael A. and Kelly Cain, $220,000.

GEARING CT. E., 602-Debra D. Wilson to Karen M. Lebo, $240,000.

GENERALS HWY., 778-Judith K. Schneider to Antonio Massa, $590,000.

LOCUST THORN CT., 320-Ronald E. Jerla to David J. and Linda A. Basara, $600,000.

SONNY DR., 8186-Leo F. Naylor Jr. to Keith M. and Brian G. Dillon, $130,000.

TANAGER DR., 1172-James J. Cotter to Mabel E. and Christopher M. Wheeler, $397,900.

Odenton Area

ARCADIA SHORES CIR., 232-Gregory Carbone to Mark Bell, $245,000.

ARTILLERY LANE, 1915-Alan M. Cox to Daria J. Outlaw, $370,000.

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 8718-Sheila M. Covert Grandison to Daniel G. Krapf, $213,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2441, No. 302-Charlita Y. Hearn to Gregory M. Broussard, $158,500.

BRAGG WAY, 1902-Ecleas Z. Peebles to Janice Forbes, $349,000.

CONQUEST WAY, 2201, No. 50-Van Basile Fetanis to Norman J. and Steven M. Sacchetti, $260,000.

CONQUEST WAY, 2213, No. 56-James M. Boyce to Dusty L. and Kerry D. West, $242,500.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 204, No. 82-Jerome Robinson to Jason E. Jackson and Zaira A. Olvera Jackson, $220,000.

GREENCREST LANE, 508, No. 7-508-Cathy A. Sampson to Mary Gaines, $123,646.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 127-Vincent L. Elliott to Walter and Yolanda Jenkins, $230,000.

MOONGLOW RD., 602, No. 102-Nathan A. Smith to Scott L. and Raffaela L. Kimble, $135,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 2712-Kevin J. Higgins to Mohammad Hossein M. Ardekani, $200,000.

PINECROFT CT., 2023, No. 74-Michael A. Montello to Myrna E. Crosgrove, $250,500.

QUIET POND CT., 719-Rachael O. Jeffords to Romana O'Brien, $241,000.

REALM CT. W., 653, No. 23-Cari Allison to Minna Kristina Hill, $171,000.

RITA DR., 490-Robert M. Wright to Robert P. and Doris I. Seitz, $240,000.

SUMMER RIDGE CT., 701-Kenneth A. Myers to Paul Vo and Huongnga Tran, $280,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2506-Charles W. Riordan to Brian M. and Deborah K. Tillman, $270,000.

TEA ISLAND CT., 2013-Michael A. Niles to Mario A. and Jennyffer M. Diaz, $198,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 305-Lori L. Charles to Ampani Kumar, $260,000.

VACATION DR., 806-Scott R. Atwood to Christopher M. and Tamara E. Semon, $375,500.

WINDING RIDGE RD., 2422-Ronald S. Polidan to Fred M. Finkbeiner and Tina C. Chen, $254,800.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 689, No. 203-Stephanie L. Matthews to Marlene M. Rustine, $188,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

SUDLEY RD., 4905-David M. Green to Robert E. and Sharon H. Butler, $454,500.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BELHAVEN AVE., 7881-James A. Esposito to Katherine C. Esposito and Karen A. Sadler, $300,000.

BODKIN VIEW DR., 7808-Kristine R. Cox to Kristi C. and Karl Neidhardt, $164,000.

CAMION CT., 8261-Ronald J. Miller Jr. to Howard R. and Carol A. Amersbach, $269,900.

CATALFA AVE., 217-Edward R. Waterfield to Neil P. and Sherry E. Ward, $202,500.

CATHERINE AVE., 7814-Larry Smith to Donald L. and Crystal Y. Graham, $240,000.

CONVEY HARBOUR, 1197-Anita K. MacLin to Benjamin A. Long and Dawn M. Paradis Long, $176,000.

DOCK RD., 8307-Richard E. Deters to Richard E. Kuhers and Sherry L. Deters, $190,000.

DWIGHT DR., 605-Charles E. Murphy to Kristie Lee and Brian Alan Chisholm, $450,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8040-Steven A. Bradley to Karin Hall, $225,000.

GREEN ICE DR., 8205-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to R. and Mary G. Bedell, $475,200.

HILLSIDE RD., 1195-Anthony N. Hastings to David L. Ivanoff, $309,900.

KEN-MAR AVE., 7-Donald L. Jordan to Michael L. and Rebecca L. Andrew, $450,000.

KEPPEL HARBOUR, 1059-James A. Knauer to Edwin and Crystal M. Arroyo, $189,900.

LINDEN AVE., 106-Mark Kratzer to Continental Homes Corp., $185,000.

LONGVIEW AVE., 926-Samantha L. Acosta to Michael R. Macan, $173,000.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 336-Richard N. Arnold Jr. to David S. Whipp, $185,000.

ROSE CROWN CIR., 2956-Sean Smith to James and Diane Trinks, $249,500.

SENECA TER., 256-Margaret E. Buckmaster to Jason R. Weber and Meredith J. Nagel, $242,000.

SILLERY BAY RD., 202-James Johnson to Rochelle Ann Parsley, $282,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 144-Richard R. Brune to Tracy S. and Pamela L. Peterson, $305,000.

WENWELL CT., 7869-Linda J. Jones to Nigel Northe, $165,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8070, No. 133-Josephine R. Cullina to Manuel B. Engle, $155,000.

WOODLAND BEACH RD., 1427-Edward Dunn to James McDonald and Amanda Burke, $154,000.

220TH ST., 805-Vincent E. Barranco to Wilbert G. Laird III, $238,000.

229TH ST., 2200-David D. Herbolsheimer to Bryan J. and Samantha L. Meek, $149,900.

230TH ST., 2317-James J. Wilson to Brian and Jessica Hodge, $218,000.

Riva Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 371-Robert L. Bittinger to Paul A. and Debra Aguiar, $529,000.

CEDAR DR., 2806-Elaine A. Johnson to Paul C. and Karen A. Hare, $400,000.

WESTBURY DR., 356-Edward W. Isaacs, trustee, to Don E. and Robin D. Gibbin, $457,000.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 383-Joanne Breth to Frank and Michelle D'Avella, $496,000.

Severn Area

CANTER CT., 7822-Department of Veterans Affairs to David E. and Rachel B. Blevins, $254,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1763-Todd D. Thomas to Dawn Cooper, $113,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1774-Sahteva M. Arata to William Glenn and Dennis Glenn Hayes, $124,000.

ROBIN CT., 1842, No. 1-Department of Veterans Affairs to Robert K. Thomas, $80,000.

THOMPSON AVE., 1134-Marsha M. Brady to William Vernon Hostelley III and George W. Elkins, $187,000.

Severna Park Area

DEVONSHIRE LANE, 505-Mary P. Farrell to Karen M. Whaley, $464,750.

FAIROAK DR., 484-Thomas P. Stevens to Cynthia G. Knowlton, $540,000.

IDLEWILD RD., 145-S.A. Jaeger to Shannon R. Beall and Troy O'Connor, $319,000.

KENSINGTON AVE., 666-Elizabeth B. Givens to William G. Beavers, $379,900.

OLD COUNTY RD., 604-Fred M. Hall to Won and Yoonmi H. Lee, $360,000.

Shady Side Area

CHESTNUT ST., 4915-Rondell Thompson to Craig B. Porter and Norma D. Courtois, $185,000.

GROVE AVE., 1171-Walter R. Rushing to Bonnie J. Steinmetz, $217,900.

SNUG HARBOR RD., 1406-Richard A. Kawski to Eric and Jessica Wolf, $255,000.