Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.


SEPT. 23

Hayley Belle Gerstein, a daughter, to Sharon Tal Diamant and Jason Philip Gerstein of Rockville.

Eva Frances Greene, a daughter, to Marilyn Smola and Colin David Greene of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 24

Sara Elizabeth Michaels, a daughter, to Jill Pogach and Lee B. Michaels of Brookeville.

SEPT. 25

Ava Milan Nguyen, a daughter, to Vina Truong Hulamm and Nugent Thai Nguyen of Indian Head.

Joshua Charles Saret, a son, to Sun Yim Park and Lewis J. Saret of Kensington.

SEPT. 26

Zachary George Dupree, a son, to Jennifer Anne Dupree and Joseph Paul Dupree of Poolesville.

James Raymond Jiron, a son, to Kelly Jo Jiron and James Matthew Jiron of Montgomery Village.

Lawrence Alfred Strothers Jr., a son, to Tiffany Andrea Reyes and Lawrence Alfred Strothers of Rockville.

Kailyn Michelle Tasin, a daughter, to Edy Yanireth Mejia and Scott Francis Tasin of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 27

Alexandra Brooke Blades, a daughter, to Paige Neidecker and Fletcher Alexander Blades of Germantown.

Ayan Aditya Ghosh, a son, to Anuradha Guhaniyogi and Amitabha Ghosh of Gaithersburg.

Mariah Mae Jones, a daughter, to Giana Cagnasso and Kevin Eugene Jones of Damascus.

Adrian Kieran Lambert, a son, to Kerry-Anne Marjorie Lambert and Larry Leonard Lambert of Germantown.

Lily Carol Thoma, a daughter, to Breeze Spencer and Michael Thoma of Damascus.

Mia Kendall Weinstein, a daughter, to Alisa Tryson Weinstein and Adam Scott Weinstein of Potomac.

SEPT. 29

William Reed Abramson, a son, to Alyson Ferber Abramson and Christopher David Abramson of Bethesda.

Somer Jaden Gautereaux and Chase Arthur Gautereaux, a daughter and son, to Valeri Jean Gautereaux and Richard Elwyn Gautereaux Jr. of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 30

Collin H. Chen, a son, to Jinjie Hu and Jin Chen of Gaithersburg.

Isaiah Jarrell Randolph, a son, to Tyneisha Lachelle Curtis and Antonio Desmond Randolph of Potomac.

Alexis Annmarie Thomas, a daughter, to Ingrid Blackwood-Thomas and Gregory Thomas Jr. of Hyattsville.

OCT. 1

Gibson Elijah Hirt, a son, to Lauren Schachter and Matthew Evan Hirt of Bethesda.

Joshua Samuel Mirsky and Max Ryan Mirsky, sons, to Erin R. Mirsky and Scott A. Mirsky of Potomac.

Malik Halim Dewayne Williams, a son, to Terricka Natosha Jolly and Mikal Halim Williams of Gaithersburg.

OCT. 2

Juan Bautista Granados Joya and Andres Ceaser Granados Joya, twin sons, to Terra Marie Joya and Julio Ceaser Granados Joya of Gaithersburg.

Hannah Madeline Scheineg, a daughter, to Lisa D. Scheineg and Stephen L. Scheineg of Frederick.

Brandon Spaulding Weiss, a son, to Cynthia Weiss and Martin Weiss of Germantown.

OCT. 3

Francisagustin A. Alvarez, a son, to Anne Marie A. Alvarez and Fernando M. Alvarez of Rockville.

OCT. 4

Cassidy Alexa Mahaney, a daughter, to Tiffany Ann Mahaney and Jason Albert Mahaney of Urbana.

Kaito Anthony Sugauchi, a son, to Yumi Sugauchi and Fuminaka Sugauchi of Rockville.

OCT. 5

Ella Cecile Sheintal, a daughter, to Marcella Jocelyne Demers and Joshua Michael Sheintal of Rockville.

Olivia Ray Till, a daughter, to Katherine Zimmer and Ronald Keith Till of Frederick.

Tristan David Willard, a son, to Rebecca Anne Willard and Daniel Robert Willard of Germantown.

OCT. 6

Virginia Marie Allen, a daughter, to Linda Buckler and William Richard Allen of Jefferson.


OCT. 6

Abigail Perel Shapiro, a daughter, to Maggie Joy Shapiro and David Todd Shapiro of Chevy Chase.

OCT. 7

Noa Gabay, a daughter, to Michal Roon and Reshef Gabay of Bethesda.

Laila Elizabeth White, a daughter, to Qiana Norell and Phillip Tyrone White Jr. of Gaithersburg.

OCT. 8

Michael Asnake Sieger, a son, to Melanie Sieger and Asnake Zewdie Negussie of Silver Spring.

OCT. 10

Emmanuel Edward David, a son, to Michele Mordica-David and Abunuwas Adhama David of Rockville.

OCT. 12

Robert Arthur Donnelly, a son, to Kimberly Anne Donnelly and Marc David Donnelly of Gaithersburg.

Samuel Sean Moffitt, a son, to Jennifer M. Halliday and Sean K. Moffitt of Chevy Chase.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL