The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1607, No. B1-Matthew R. Worris to John J. Tregoning, $228,000.

DRURY LANE, 1816-Daniel J. Pereira and Maria C. Tellier to Pamela R. Collins, $480,000.

E. WAKEFIELD DR., 6628, No. A1-Doris E. Nordness to Ryan P. Campbell and Chelsey M. Atkin, $220,000.

FORT HUNT RD., 6108-Richard C. and Bonnie A. Fay to Philip H. and Donna J. Dorsey, $1.2 million.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6631, No. 513B-Marie L. Meyer to Fay E. Hauer, $105,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BEECH TREE DR., 6116-William H. and Irene E. Armor to Brett D. Steele and Tamera L. Dorland, $524,900.

BRIARLEIGH WAY, 6630-Jennifer H. Kim to Donna L. Wilhoit, $325,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6591-Nhon T. Diep to Judy Silvia, $327,000.

CROSS GATE LANE, 7524-John B. and Sharon F. Kelso to Paul Kendall and Linda Laws Corliss, $325,000.

CURTIER DR., 6041, No. F-Theresa Whitfield to Kimberly J. Hunter, $280,000.

DONIVAL SQ., 6125-Martin L. and Erin K. Jones to Mark A. and Linda M. Korkolis, $434,950.

DOROTHY GILES CT., 6716-Jeffery M. and Ruthie H. Seale to Jeffrey L. and Kylie A. Wright, $435,000.

DRIFTWOOD DR., 6224-James R. Billings to Waheed Feda, $62,500.

DUNSTABLE LANE, 5209-Joseph W. Grimes to Eric J. and Allison A. Petrilla, $310,000.

FORT HILL DR., 3712-Elwood Warren and Joan M. Shomo to Abdullah Gardizi, $599,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5963, No. 304-Loreto S. Geisse to V. Janet and W. James Thomas, $333,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7712, No. L-Lewonnie E. Belcher to Amit Chaudhary and Ruchi Nehra, $285,000.

HEATHERWOOD CT., 5922-Samuel A. Kumi and Helena O'Brien Kumi to Jeffrey C. and Barbara A. Vick, $325,600.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6635-Samuel and Pornpan Goodrich to James C. and Claudia Akers, $340,000.

HOLLYFORD LANE, 7315-Robert E. and Lynne A. Kaczmarek to Carl A. and Katy A. Levin, $494,000.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6006-Mohammed Sehnouni to Ahmad S. Khan and Qamar Fazal Up Rasool, $350,000.

IRWELL LANE, 7012-Lisa M. Marks to Young H. Chong, $294,237.

JOUST LANE, 6131-Julia L. and Crystal A. Johnson to Adam Mayberry, $379,900.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6625-Karen J. Roe to Mariam Mahmood and Popal Rangbar, $468,000.

KIMBERLY ANNE WAY, 5930, No. 301-Jacqueline E. Harris to Girma Sirak and Rahel Yemane, $290,000.

LOCUST LEAF LANE, 7847-Leann and Buncha Smuthkochorn to Judith C. and Michael J. Baca, $475,000.

MCKENNA WAY, 6565-David B. Mayfield and Lola B. Childs Mayfield to Kenneth E. McKinney, $490,000.

MILLER DR., 6325-Andrew Orfitelli to Mohammad I. Saleem, $359,000.

MORNING GLEN CT., 6506-Keith P. Sun to Andrew S. Young, $275,000.

OLD CARRIAGE WAY, 6507-Amy M. Oviedo to Tanya Husick, $235,000.

SIBEL PL., 6261-Maris G. and Mona B. Gilbert to Miguel and Noemy Odria, $658,000.

SIGNATURE CIR., 6875-James L. and Jennifer A. Basford to Todd M. Rathbun, $367,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6913-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Marlene P., William J. and Katy M. Shaughnessy, $231,500.

WATERFIELD RD., 6474-Timothy J. and Cheryl L. Theis to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $579,000.

WELCH CT., 7829-Michael G. and Donna K. Swinney to Constance J. Lowman, $460,600.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5948-Matthew M. Bennsky and Dana L. Barth to James E. Denbow, $435,000.

WILTON WOODS LANE, 4218-Todd R. Leggett and Stephanie B. Anctil to Ralph S. and Kristin D. Paul, $560,000.

Annandale Area

AIRLIE WAY, 4424-Betty B. Brown to Betis U. Portillo, $349,000.

BATTAILLES CT., 8610-Ronald J. Colbroth and Alexandra Tolstoy to Joseph M. and Donna Vojvodich, $535,000.

BRUCE LANE, 3901-Elias and Vasiliki Yannopoulos to Theodora E. Yannopoulos, $378,111.

BYRDS NEST PASS, 7823-Peter A. and Amy D. Green to Gabriel T. and Anne E. Hinkebein, $395,500.

COLBURN DR., 6817-T. Scott Shutt and Pablo Guttierez to Javier and Efrain Hinojosa, $470,000.

DASSETT CT., 7804, No. 203-Jeannie Lee to Bo Ram Shim, $255,000.

DRUID LANE, 3602-William J. and Jane E. Froehlich to Melinda R. and William S. Jennings, $516,000.

HOLYOKE DR., 6412-Josephine T. Byrd to Donna L. Thomas, $325,000.

INVERTON RD., 7908-Timothy G. Barwick to Saadat Ali, $152,000.

KILLEBREW DR., 5003-Francis and Beatrice Manana to Dung Nguyen and Phouc Hong Pham, $405,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7702, No. 13-James Y. and Sandy H. Sohn to Fredys Mendez, $260,000.

LILLIE MAE WAY, 6901-Donald F. King to Virgil Graham, $627,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7475, No. 103-Lopez Liduvina and Francisco J. Garcia to Parra Diego, $180,000.

PENNYS TOWN CT., 7174-Young Chang Kim to Alemayehu Seyoum and Aster A. Lulay, $580,000.

PONDEROSA DR., 4828-Alfred R. and Elizabeth A. De Angelus to Susan A. Catalano, $540,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8902-E.W. Gray Development Corp. to Bonnie L. Pritchard, $500,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 5008-David L. and Joanne M. Graves to Thomas E. and Jean Hargrove, $406,000.

SIPES LANE, 7205-Cynthia Tallia to Roy A. Adams, $327,600.

TOBIN RD., 8314-Sajid Masood to Mehmet E. Pala, $235,000.

TOLL HOUSE RD., 8320-John P. and Anne K. Farrell to Francisco R. and Ann Marie D. Leal, $560,000.

VALLYCREST BLVD., 7408-Bryan Lamar Kimble and Letitia Ann Smith to Howard C. Hudgins, $206,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 8517-Charles E. and Pennie L.H. Patterson to Courtney Alexander, $487,306.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3308, No. 23-Yeon Jung to Patricia A. and Therese M. Keenan, $212,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3316, No. 34-Amanda C. McDuffie to Agha Qazalbash, $198,000.

ZANUCK CT., 7464-Pauline A. Rahilly to Mario Valdez, $346,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ARDLEY CT., 3381-Elsy Cherian and Paadikayil Cherian to Sachin Bhagi, $325,000.

BARCROFT MEWS CT., 3914-Susan J. Arnold and Richard A. Skriletz to Clifford L. Hash and Patricia M. Fiorello, $488,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3412, No. 12-1-David A. and Linda N. Beerman to Leah Pease, $294,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6137, No. 406-Sheila L. Cabiness to Anthony Cabiness, $85,000.

MADISON LANE, 3760, No. A-Krista A. Gates to Kimberly R. Arnold, $289,000.

PINEWOOD TER., 3813-Arthur A. Twichell to Chung M. Ha, $330,000.

QUAINT ACRE CIR., 3702-William C. and Janet S. Whiteside to G. Douglas and R. Marnie Shiels, $575,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 505N-Cynthia G. Olezene to Abdullahi Jama and Sheila Haji, $304,000.

STEPPES CT., 3842, No. A-William E. and Carolyn A. Akin to Dino V. Saccani, $300,000.

Burke Area

ALISON DR., 10619-James and Amy R. Kaine to Jerome and Julie E. Karaganis, $346,600.

BRIXHAM CT., 5438-Yolanda E. Ochoa to John F. and Noelle Looney, $340,000.

BURKE TOWNE CT., 5740-Jung Mun and Kyongtaek K. Mun to Martin J. Mansir, $325,000.

CHERRY OAK CT., 9518-Bachir Flih and Carolyn A. Grant to Eman Asfour, $310,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5823, No. 203-Thomas E. Byrnes to Lyle E. and Marilyn R. Littlewood, $245,000.

DEVON LANE, 5763-Robert J. and Beverly O. Carlson to James L. Less, $359,900.

DRACO ST., 6320-Aziz A. Jami and Gulalai Jalala to Misabahuddin Ahmed Syed and Huma Ahmed, $281,000.

FAIRLEIGH CT., 9401-Roger L. Waller to Jason L. Hodges, $265,000.

FLINT TAVERN PL., 5413-Manuel F. and Miriam A. Vega to Robert K. and Marsha L. Snyder, $558,000.

FOREST DEW CT., 6593-Falls Church Partnership to Badar Zaman, $288,000.

GOLDFIELD LANE, 9435-Kenneth G. and Elizabeth D. Jensen to Naurin Khaliq, $536,000.

HARFORD LANE, 5111-Pedro A. Amaya and Christina Mairena to Jose Hector and Marta Alicia Solis, $290,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 9978-Paul J. and Kathryn J. Fletcher to Robert W. and Crystal H. Lyons, $386,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10150-Amy F. Lansford and Jackson L. Lansford to Bruce E. and Kathleen R. Gilfoil, $550,000.

MASON BLUFF CT., 9685-Khanh P. Nguyen to Stephanie M. Domanski and Joseph T. Strong, $340,000.

MOCKINGBIRD POND TER., 6228-Hans and Kristin R. Hiemstra to Joel Haspel and Laura A. Kane, $350,000.

OAKLAND PARK DR., 5943-Ivan P. and Diane Barin to Melissa A. and Michael F. Planert, $599,900.

OLD SCOTTS CT., 6405-Bahta Gide and Sara Tzeggai to Mekonnen Alemahu, $290,000.

RAFTELIS RD., 6517-Michael A. Sneeringer and Karen S. Smialek to Stephen M. Thamasett, $430,000.

ROBERTS COMMON LANE, 10217-Elaine S. Lynch to Laura L. Hybdon, $321,250.

WINDWARD DR., 6242-Daniel F. Calles to Matthew S. and Arlene D. Bubak, $460,500.

WOODHENGE CT., 9688-David A. and Beverly J. Gove to Emile Boyle, $441,000.

Centreville Area

ANNE MARIE TER., 6025-Kathy Vu and Truong D. Vu to Thao Quang and Anh H. Tran, $353,000.

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13989-Dona A. Leith to Pamela J. Draper, $306,000.

ASHER VIEW, 14169-Dianne V. Purdy to Daniel Wolde and Melate Worku, $350,000.

ASHER VIEW, 14222-Diane and William Jennings to Ali A. Malekuti and Simin D. Saadati, $329,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14100-Fernando and Guadalupe Rodriguez to Susan Cengiz, $291,000.

AWBREY PATENT DR., 14426-Willy Irsan to Achnita Supomo, $395,000.

BARREN SPRING CT., 13652-Andrew M. and Lisa H. Vogel to Marcia and Dale Graddon, $310,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14828-John W. and Constance J. Rambo to Chris and Andrea Kroll, $315,000.

BATON ROUGE CT., 13912-Won Y. Kim to Kyung Bae Park, $315,000.

BELLA DR., 6223-Mangalaselvi Sivamurthy and D.M. Dhanasekharan to Lewis M. Katounas and Jaclyn M. Lance, $320,000.

BRAYWOOD DR., 5204-Carl T. and Marilyn G. Orbann to Amin and Darcelle Jazaeri, $540,000.

BUGGY WHIP DR., 5507-Chien Chih and Wai Jen Wang to Mary Ellen Wescott and Nhat Nguyen, $440,000.

CANTEEN CT., 14227-David L. and Jennie D. Crawford to Chad C. and James R. Koslow, $335,500.

CARDIGAN SQ., 14725-Jose O. and Reyna I. Jurado to Jose Santacruz, $273,000.

CARLBERN DR., 14928-Daniel J. and Vivian J. Whitmer to Dale Sykes, $330,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14313, No. 206-Patricia A. Tidwell to Scott M. Ravenelle and Kerry L. Cross, $220,000.

COMPTON VALLEY WAY, 14179-Duk H. and Nancy E. Chun to Bok H. Chung, $305,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14426-Michael L. Brazelton to Juana M. Cruz, $225,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14720-Doris A. Poland to Arturo Barrientos and Ana Flores, $405,000.

CREEKSTONE LANE, 6010-Patrick H. and Myra E. Quinn to Gordon Swett, $325,000.

CRYSTALFORD CT., 13712-Carlalee Otto to Kimberly A. and Russell G. Maze, $373,000.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15419-Scott T. and Lesa C. Starkey to Lyford Dean and Kristine Bonner Rich, $701,000.

EAMES AVE., 13920-Kris H. and Ellie E.M. Kim to Patrick J. and Tanya Rapp, $550,000.

EDDY CT., 14552-Carolyn B. Laws to Justin D. and Karen N. Wolf, $350,000.

EDMAN CIR., 14816-Nahid Abbasi to Krupesha Chidambara, $332,000.

FIELD FLOWER TRAIL, 6360-Brian P. Helmick and Carolun S. Helmick to Mario I. Corado and Zonia A. Corado, $330,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14723-Chung Seo to John E. Wilson, $333,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14203-Chagoury Antonio Hanein and Calli Fuller to Kishore Suresh and Priya Narayanamurthy, $370,200.

GLENCREST CIR., 14462-Debra D. Donnahoo to Gia N. Edmonds, $268,900.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14494, No. 83C-Christina L. Kelly to Patricia Bailey, $210,000.

GROBIE POND LANE, 14719-Jerry J. and Laurie Ries to Jae Jung and Hyun Soo Kim, $320,900.

HERITAGE CROSSING CT., 5706-Wasfi H. Barakat and Rula W. Nammari to Lynda Mai Phan, $290,500.

HONEY HILL CT., 14130-Juan J. and Maria I. Villanueva to Alan and Jennifer Payne, $273,000.

HONNICUT DR., 6020-Mariko Aoki to Ashwani Luthra and Sadhana N. Luthra, $439,900.

JENNIFER CT., 6702-Michael J. and Patricia F. Davis to Sylvia Zimmerman and Monti G. Zimmerman, $315,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6865-Lisa D. and Jonathan R. Mak to Evelyn Herencia and Clifton T. Hendricks, $350,000.

MANASSAS GAP CT., 14440-Steven K. and Carmela A. Roberts to Jeffrey A. Davison, $300,000.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5155-National Residential Nominee Services to Pil S. Choi and Young C. Choi, $1.26 million.

ROUND LICK LANE, 14367-Susan E. Fitzgerald to Linda L. Eisel and Braxton R. Eisel, $575,000.

SELBY CT., 6434-Bruce G. Berry to Sriram Srinivasan and Vidhya Jyothikumar, $273,000.

SOUTH SPRINGS DR., 13811-Mark A. Sanders and Susan L. Martin Sanders to David A. Radovich and Kay K. Wakatake, $555,000.

STROUD CT., 5549-Syed S. Hussain and Ayesha Shahid to B. Mathews and Tebby Commen, $330,000.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14744-Stephanie Gotfried to Jeffrey and Alexandra S.C. Dow, $384,900.

WILD BROOK CT., 5941-Donald L. and Maureen E. Forsythe to Jeanne Furcron and Wyckliffe S. Furcron, $276,000.

WOOD CREEK LANE, 5740-Deuk K. Choi and Myo S. Choi to Ah Ron Park and Chil Han Yun, $361,000.

WOODS RUN CT., 13908-Frank R. and Angela J. Mitolo to Arthur A. Salvetti, $352,250.

Chantilly Area

BEECH DOWN DR., 3852-Hee K. and Soon Y. Park to Vinod Balakrishna and Prema V. Narayanaswamy, $395,000.

MELVILLE LANE, 13407-Richard H. and Marie A. Amdur to Ashok K. and Anjul Jain, $529,000.

OYSTER POINT CT., 13893-Ann M. and Paul G. Roland to Michael Gaitonde and Emily Evans, $235,000.

PENNSBORO DR., 13618-Hazel Lee Spriggs to Corin J. Harmon, $370,000.

PENWITH CT., 13742-Aurea I. Estremera to Amir Aslani and Ashrafalsadat J. Ahmadi, $300,000.

PRESGRAVES CT., 4150-Michael Y. and Catherine E. Lee to Kiju Park, $470,000.

Clifton Area

CLIFTON FOREST DR., 7007-William Lloyd and Mary L. Glover to Corey H. and Sherry D. Harlow, $699,900.

ORCHARD DR., 13662-Tsai Lien Knape to Joseph T. and Valerie L. Murphy, $245,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6551-Thomas and Joanne Warren to John T. Farley and Kathryn A. Forsyth, $500,000.

SANDY POINT LANE, 5330-Eliane T. Balleza and Santiago C. Balleza to Idrees, Haroon and Hammullah Khan, $678,000.

SIERRA DR., 13532-Krista A. Hopkins to Nam K. Cho and Youn S. Cho, $320,600.

SPRINGSTONE DR., 13905-Paul Francis and Phyllis I. Granahan to Robert M. and Mary E. Carden, $563,000.

Fairfax City Area

ANN PEAKE DR., 5577-Kun H. and Young H. Lee to Qing Wang and Yanli Gong, $489,500.

BEAU LANE, 2902-Diane V. Prouty to Reinaldo J. and Laura Sucre, $555,000.

BENJAMIN HILL LANE, 12402-Helen F. Gordon to Hansin Park and Nikki L. Bradley, $440,000.

BIRCH BARK CT., 13409-Stephen Baskin to Jung W. Yeo and You Han, $585,000.

BOWLER DR., 9017-William A. Green to Robert A. Cobb, $337,900.

BUCKHORN RIDGE, 4654-Dimitra Smeltz and Stamatis B. Smeltz to Richard and Hilary L. MacMillan, $438,000.

CANNON RIDGE CT., 4300-Daniel C. and Agnes Pitton to Lori Chetakian, $349,900.

CAVALIER LAND CT., 11632, No. A-Shannon Ray Cumberland to Miguel, Chrissoula and Alexi Valencia, $329,900.

CHALKSTONE CT., 12907-Anthony Edward and Susan C. Greene to Jonathan G. and Jennifer L. Farmelo, $630,000.

CORONADO TER., 9304-Luanne Grabski to Young Lee, $580,000.

COVENT CT., 9811-Jose Hung, John A. Dreswick and William Halloran to Kevin and Harpreet Groppe, $443,500.

DOGBERRY LANE, 4006-Barbara R. Crowder to Prudential Relocation Inc., $489,900.

DUDLEY CT., 10711-Carroll Delbert and Kathleen K. Bequeath to Michael A. Martin and Carol E. Rogers, $480,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12620, No. 146-Mullins Dep to Samira O. Watson, $305,500.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12209, No. 513A-Scott L. Hollinger to Paul P. and Wanda C. Tang, $317,000.

FARMLAND DR., 3748-Cory T. Zawis to Loriann M. Grindal and Baard J. Grindal, $362,000.

FOX HUNTER PL., 12201-Rodney L. and Judith I. Spicer to Derek A. Seeley and Nihan A. Seeley, $600,000.

FOX LAKE DR., 4242-Vardan Sarkissian and Astghik Ayvazyan to Mahesh Santhanam, $425,000.

GAGNE DR., 12896-Howard A. and Cheryl L. Walker to Stefan C. and Ioana Plesea, $687,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12101, No. 302-Loriann M. Grindal and Baard J. Grindal to Juan Lopez Hernandez, $283,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9913-Daniel L. and Kristen K. Shores to Brian E. and Candace B. Cronin, $335,000.

LEEHIGH DR., 11527-Mark D. and Ann M. Shelly to Willie L. Armstrong and Ferland Sun, $452,000.

LINDSAY ST., 5208-Edward H. and Elizabeth B. Sadtler to David B. Noble, $410,000.

LOG RIDGE DR., 11446-Marc L. and Karla J. Smiley to Leo and Regina Mercado, $559,900.

LOWER PARK DR., 4222-Anthony J. Fertitta to Robin R. Thompson, $470,000.

LUXBERRY DR., 4654-Marcus R. and Michelle E.F. Motta to Alex R. Riasati, $430,000.

MAPLE VIEW LANE, 13028-Christopher D. and Elizabeth H. Ames to Sean D. and Amy A. Smyth, $435,449.

MISSION SQUARE DR., 3044-Floyd R. and Arline Blair to David Brantley and Robiah Iman Brantley, $335,000.

PARKSIDE TER., 3316-Herbert C. and Patricia S. Harper to Herbert Charles and Patricia Sue Harper, $125,000.

PELFREY LANE, 13113-Cuong and Kathy Duong to David and Rachel Gallello, $405,000.

RIDGETON HILL CT., 5522-Deborah L. Stephenson to Joseph R. and Jennifer L. Zimmerman, $305,000.

RIVER FORTH DR., 4092-Donald W. and Rebecca L. Pavone to Becky E. Wells, $470,000.

SAN JUAN DR., 4304-Milton B. Hayes to Clay William and Heather Martire Kitts, $370,000.

SHADY RIDGE LANE, 13225-Robert A. and Nancy C. Owen to Suman and Asha Vardan, $585,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4213-Martha X. Ortega and James P. Mullaney to Karuna Ammireddy, $390,000.

STEVEBROOK RD., 9522-William J. and Frederick J. Eggers to Ibrahim Andican, $385,000.

STONINGTON DR., 5209-Richard and Maria S. Yessian to Shawn M. and Katherine B. Brennan, $410,000.

SUEDE CT., 9112-Ligia Gonzalez to Brian T. and Tanya Y. Donalty, $395,000.

TAGGER CIR., 12753-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to James S. and Gale B. Tobin, $681,625.

TARTAN VIEW DR., 9369-Enzo A. and Virginia B. Uliana to Gregory S. and Annette U. Wagner, $500,000.

VALLEY OAKS DR., 3725-Henry S. and Janet P. Coe to Deuk Kyo and Myo Sook Choi, $825,874.

VERDE VISTA DR., 10813-Kimsan and Mara S. Seng to Daniel W. Engfer and Caroline Allison, $322,500.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 4081-Sang G. and Stephanie S. Kim to Dania Chouman and Muhieddine M. Chouman, $530,500.

WERTHERS CT., 4042-David C. and Debra S. Greinke to Matthew and Andrea Rafferty, $475,000.

WHEATSTONE DR., 4872-Robert A. and Rochelle K. Bouldin to Maria Herrarte, $388,000.

WILLOW STREAM LANE, 13106-Sean D. and Amy A. Smyth to Batoul Tallo, $367,100.

WILSON VALLEY DR., 4363, No. 404-James V. Rosend to Jane Hanner, $319,500.

WOODBURY WOOD CT., 10400-Astrid J. Coster to Elizabeth B. and Edward H. Sadtler, $550,000.

WYNFORD DR., 3235-David R. Smail and Patricia A. Driscoll to Michael H. and Nancy E. Abbott, $500,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BRIMSTONE LANE, 6812-John F. and Janis J. Guyot to Kevin L. Parsons, $745,000.

HAVENNER RD., 11601-David H. and Margaret L. Jones to Raymond J. and Lisa M. Obregon, $635,000.

HAYWOOD AVE., 9006-Zeba S. Geloo to Kyung and Jom S. Kim, $640,000.

OAK HOLLOW LANE, 7901-Harold E. and Sally C. Harrington to David P. and Nancy Lee Cunningham, $525,000.

OAKINGTON DR., 9613-Michael G. and Lisa R. Slugg to Michael H. and Elizabeth B. Manning, $561,700.

ONE PENNY DR., 5939-Subhash Gavri to Michael D. and Allyson McCarron, $675,000.

SILVERLINE DR., 9194-Keith O. and Nancy E. Fultz to Kathryn A. and Robert S. Schwartz, $715,000.

THORNFIELD CT., 7821-Todd A. and Sherri L. Hoffman to Larry D. McDaniel and Chisun K. McDaniel, $771,000.

WAYFARER DR., 7325-Carroll C. and Mary M. Simpson to David A. and Linda A. Ostrander, $660,000.

WOODVALE POND DR., 10207-Ronald E. and Vicki L. Stauffer to Kenneth E. and Chongwan Olmsted, $850,000.

Falls Church Area

ANCHORWAY CT., 3152, No. H-Robert M. Perrine to Brooke Washburn, $192,100.

CEDAR HILL RD., 3022-Susan D. Tamondong to Gina Puzzuoli, $370,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8006, No. 11-Mark E. Nester to Homestretch Inc., $162,000.

CROOKED OAK LANE, 6306-Robert W. Maitlin to Natasha T. Dossa, $428,000.

CUSTIS PKWY., 6923-Eric Hansen and Alicia Boswell to Lawrence M. and Stephanie Armstrong, $511,000.

HALL CT., 3115-Lewis Patrick Ryan to Richard D. Pardo and Thuy N. Pardo, $340,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7023-August H. and Barbara J. Vandermer to Olivier Hassler and Margaret M. Murdock, $515,000.

KENFIG DR., 6817-Estela M. Gomez and German Gomez to Jose A. and Edith P. Melgar, $375,000.

KENNEY DR., 3228-Francis J. and Mary C. Slevin to J.E. Casey and Alexandra Doyle, $385,000.

LEE HWY., 7348, No. 202-Juan M. and Sandra C. Perez to Raul and Juan Corado and Rudy Rivera, $175,000.

LEE OAKS PL., 2814, No. 301-Edward R. Parzick and Romy Fischer to Steve P. and Janet F. Gaskins, $262,000.

MONROE ST., 2838-Jeffrey M. and Julie M. Kelly to Joel W. Sigler and Marian A. Carolan, $463,000.

SYCAMORE DR., 7824-Donald F. Bozarth to Amy S. and Mark A. Eggers, $430,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7602-Judy A. Gorman to Michelle Egrie and Timothy Reyman, $233,900.

WOODLAWN AVE., 2922-Robert R. and Linda W. Gordon to Douglas E. Yeuell, $436,000.

WOODLEY PL., 7309-John W. Warner to Jayson P. and Nina G. Roehl, $345,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BARBOUR CT., 7340-Samir C. Jain and Jie Wang to Christopher Ragon and Cristin J. Sanders, $572,001.

BURROUGHS LANE, 7309-Matthew A. and Anne R. Bowen to John and Dawn M. Coburn, $569,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 6990, No. 406-James T. Knochenmus and Davina J. Myers to Barton A. Hogge and Jennifer A. Thomas, $333,000.

GREENWICH ST., 2127-Frances L. Adams to Harris Custom Homes Corp., $407,000.

GRIFFITH RD., 1910-Duncan M. Black to Kalpana and Anil K. Sharma, $377,000.

HOLLY MANOR DR., 2584-Daryl L. and Michele L. Rice to Randolph A. Smith and Ikuko Kuroda, $747,500.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 2754, No. 102-Saravia Oscar A. Barrera and Reina G. Rodriguez to Eric D. Pace, $178,000.

HOPEWOOD DR., 2020-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Daryl and Michele L. Rice, $551,000.

IDYLWOOD RD., 7073-Malvina G. and Rita G. Vartanian to Hendrik Begian and Jaklin Bezik, $448,500.

ORLAND ST., 6607-James D. and Kimberly B. Halsey to Benjamin E. Golant, $499,000.

PROVIDENCE ST., 2308-Albert D. Maffett to Paul J. Saffelle, $444,000.

TILLMAN DR., 7424-William H. Spalding to Marwan Abi Aad, $406,000.

YARMOUTH CT., 2020-Franklin M. and Diana S. Tierra to Nasser Ali Jafari and Era Anagnosti, $580,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BUCKBOARD DR., 8600-Carolyn T. Shannon to Raleigh B. Trumbo and Christina Pultz, $500,000.

CAVENDISH DR., 2407-Bruce D. and Cathy Clemons to Michael P. and Mary G. Leary, $497,000.

EAGLEBROOK CT., 8701-Daniel S. and Mary S. McDermott to Patrick D. and Kristen L. McSwain, $1 million.

PLYMOUTH RD., 8633-Gerald W. Emerson to Washington Custom Homes Inc., $425,000.

VERNON VIEW DR., 8819-Jay W. Gimelli and Pamela L. Turner to Charles and Victoria Jenks, $455,000.

Great Falls Area

BEACH MILL RD., 10808-Donna K. Alligood to Aref Erfani, $705,000.

CANTLE LANE, 906-Moon S. Oh to Hyemi Kim, $523,000.

FAIRFAX DR., 11435-Randal D. and Jill E. Banks to Craig G. and Kathryn Eisler, $1.495 million.

GOLDEN WOODS CT., 281-C. Edward Harshbarger and Mehrangiz Khanizadeh to Thomas G. Farrell and Lisa W. Barsumian, $1.341 million.

HOLLY CREEK DR., 908-Wahida Khan and Mumtaz A. Wani to Micheline Conn and Charles Phan, $725,000.

RIVER BEND RD., 647-Middleburg Corp. to David V. Kolovat, $2.627 million.

ROLLING MEADOW DR., 11624-Richard M. and Leigh S. Gorman to Relocation Advantage Corp., $1.52 million.

SHALLOW CREEK DR., 10900-Samuel R. Shade and Jacquetta M. Shade to Gregory H. and Michele A. Kozich, $1.432 million.

SQUIRES TRAIL, 10115-Philip M. Jackson to Morteza and Shiva Sharif, $1.05 million.

Herndon Area

ALTON SQ., 12915, No. 401-Harvey N. Bernstein and Lynsey M. Bernstein to William and Elisa Halpin, $205,000.

ANGELINE DR., 2482, No. 102-Eric Bristow to Tomy Paul, $290,100.

APGAR PL., 13339-Brian J. Balser to Mohammed and Najma Fasihuddin, $256,000.

ARMADA ST., 2628-Diana R. and Robert Tolentino to Lakshmi Kanth Boina and Avanthi Rao Allamaneni, $369,000.

BANDY RUN RD., 1132-Mark R. and Diane M. Dendler to Mohit Sudhakar and Niharika M. Sudhakar, $660,000.

BOND ST., 1209-Peter M. and Suzanne M. Daly to Alok and Rashmi Shrivastava, $320,000.

CENTER ST., 607-Robert W. and Julia A. Ricker to Davis S. Colwell, $164,000.

CENTER ST., 613-Gray S. Campbell and Louise H. Fairfax to Djurdia and Mirko Djuric, $181,000.

CHEVIOT DR., 12003-Robert P. and Kathleen A. Kennett to Mark R. and Victoria Raddatz, $425,001.

CHRISTY PL., 2217-Bryan W. and Barbara M. Zalewski to Michael Mahdi Himiary and Petra Horna, $286,000.

COPPER BED RD., 13525-Frank R. and Dianne H. Peterson to Donald P. and Kathleen Creston, $576,000.

CUTTERMILL CT., 1402-Gary L. and Susan P. Miller to Ray N. Mitchell, $420,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1183-Mohammad and Naila Alam to Yasmeen Durrani, $350,000.

FANTASIA DR., 12858-Curtis B. and Tamra M. Seldon to Douglas S. and Paulina Funes, $400,000.

FAROUGI CT., 2202-Young H. Jon to Adan Ramirez, $394,900.

FOLKSTONE DR., 12122-Ronald and Carol A. Polichnowski to Daniel F. and Wallace A. Campbell, $590,000.

GRANT ST., 1301-Robert M. and Bobby M. Biddle to Linda Chong Wai, Jenny T. Sin and Kin Wah Sin, $380,000.

GRANT ST., 1353-John J. and Sarah C.K.S. Park to Robert W. and Anna K. Jamison, $623,000.

HIGHCOURT LANE, 2102, No. 303-Debra J. Rosen to John Edward Brasse, $245,000.

JACKSON ST., 819-Laura L. Grant to William W. and Julianne Berg, $508,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13107-Michael J. Ashman and Stacey A. Brader to Matthew Joseph Quick, $357,500.

LADYBANK LANE, 13221-Peter Roussos to Daniel Eugene Jones, $530,000.

LAZY GLEN CT., 13134-Willard C. and Patricia E. Guerrero to Guang Yang and Haiyue Yu, $455,600.

LEFRAK CT., 1614-Matthew T. Blackmon to Rahiq Syed and Asra Fatima, $400,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2559-Kenneth J. and Nicole Downey to Khalid Panjshiri, $330,000.

MOUNTAIN MILL PL., 2442-Madhavan and Suchitra Balachandran to Kris and Geetha Kumar, $417,000.

MUSTANG DR., 2832-Claude H. and Maria L. Harris to Paul S. and Margaret L. Sun, $729,900.

PEMBROOK ST., 1007-Myung H. Spurlock to Jose A. Cordova, $365,000.

POND MIST WAY, 3189-Ratna Pasha and Ismat A. Pasha to Don W. and Lynn L. Black, $860,000.

POWELLS TAVER PL., 1526-Warwick J. and Erin S. Ashley to Patrick J. Toohey and Patti L. Bridgeforth, $355,100.

ROCK CHAPEL RD., 1313-Bryan M. Eklund and Rizza N. Cosio to Aijaz Khan, $353,500.

ROLLING PLAIN DR., 2472-Snobar Ashraf to Krishna R. Kyatham, $397,000.

ROUNDING RUN CIR., 13142-Delmar D. and Ruth C. White to Peter J. and Frieda W. Hanratty, $611,000.

SHAKER WOODS RD., 1302-Gary A. and Betty L. Wolfe to Stephen E. and Jennifer B. Thompson, $650,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1652-Christopher J. and Lori S. Whitcomb to Paul F. Morro, $330,000.

SIMPKINS FARM DR., 2406-Mark Clarke to Lawrence E. Klein, $351,000.

SOUTHINGTON LANE, 11585-Parviz and Teresa L. Ghandforough to Ihsan and Engin Gursoy, $644,900.

THISTLETHORN DR., 12992-Andrew and Agnes A. Szente to Christopher J. and Rebecca L. Takacs, $621,500.

TREVINO LANE, 1074-Joseph T. Kettish and Anju G. Kettish to Christine P. Tizon, $340,000.

TRINITY GATE ST., 1001-Roger H. and Dagmar Ellingson to Michael W. and Cevelar Bailey, $426,000.

WHITEWOOD LANE, 1700-Peter R. and Susan K. Bellows to Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $375,000.

WILDMERE PL., 3229-Daniel M. and Jill K. Wagner to Laura D. and Andrew W. Gerry, $535,500.

WILSHIRE DR., 1247-Frances M. Davis to Ban C. Duong, $260,000.

Huntington Area

ARLINGTON TER., 2038-Francisco F. and Teresa Cruz to Heather Carlson, $265,000.

BERKSHIRE CT., 5905-Laurence M. and Deborah E. Altenburg to Mark J. and Carol A. Goodman, $373,200.

CHURCHMAN CT., 4404-Emory W. and Gay D. Brownlee to Manu Chhabra and Bhavna R. Lall, $352,260.

FAIRVIEW TER., 2342-Mark G. Richards to Bonnie L. Dalessandro, $257,000.

FORT DR., 2730-Genevieve Humphreys to Jason and Katie Reese, $326,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2607, No. 313-Rafat and Shaista Mahmood to Jennifer George, $133,500.

GLADDEN CT., 5714-Edward J. Cabott to Robert S. and Maria Lisa Rand, $350,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 1404-Robert E. Smith to Filbert Joseph Bartoli and Zakya Hussein Kafafi, $467,500.

Hybla Valley Area

BAYBERRY DR., 7907-Theodore G. Mihalko to Burney R. and Ginger R. Roberts, $374,999.

BOSWELL AVE., 2704-Ingeborg M. Ferrell to Khem C. Batra, $210,000.

COURTLAND RD., 1804-Michael W. and Betty S. Palmer to John C. and Terri L. Peasley, $470,000.

DEER RUN DR., 6904-Ashok K. and Anumati Bhagi to Manish and Reena Arora, $475,000.

FLEMING ST., 2603-Bruno J. and Angela E. Furlano to Juan Saravia, Claudia E. Lovo and Ana Cardoza, $320,000.

MEMORIAL ST., 3416-Fery Abtahi to Michael C. and Gratia A. Barnett, $435,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7508, No. 224-Judith C. Vaughn to John M. and Ava B. Geddes, $240,000.

STRAWN CT., 7129-Vicki M. Wright to Douglas Vickery, $248,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2547-Steven and Arlene Roy to Jozo Ivanic, $304,200.

Lincolnia Area

CHIPPEWA PL., 5225-George B. Salisbury to Juan Carlos Renteria, $499,000.

HAWK VIEW LANE, 6408-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Shelby Weilepp, $465,001.

INDEPENDENCE WAY, 6009-L. Darlene Mewborn to Cheryl A. Dittore, $275,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6609-Sarah L. Britton to Chad Rheingans, $213,400.

MAYHUNT CT., 4627-Emilio and Maria V. Lorenzo to Paul Ryan F. Mamaril, $315,000.

MEDINAH LANE, 6619-Jonathan M. and Jennifer R. Joshua to Michael N. Spooner, $375,000.

Lorton Area

ARDGLASS DR., 7370-Dexter and Cassandra McDonald to John D. and Sarah J. Gustafson, $340,000.

ASPENPARK CT., 9115-Kenny E. Toy to Emilio and Jairo Gonzalez, $214,000.

BLUE BIRD WOOD CT., 8520-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to John Sholhead, $352,500.

GRAYSONS MILL LANE, 7648-Charles P. Okyere to Bryan Bui and Lan Lam, $615,000.

GREENE DR., 10605-Jennifer A. Reardon to Michael J. Drees and Antonina B. Drees, $534,500.

INLET COVE DR., 6900-Courtland Homes Corp. to Teresita Z. and Rene Y. Salvio, $523,495.

INVERARY CT., 9552-Johnny A. Woods to Jannate Fatima and Mohammad Islam, $245,000.

JANDELL RD., 8821-Clif Giffen to Ashley R. Becker and Dianne T. Fortunato, $280,000.

MARIE CT., 9106-Fairfax Development Corp. to Larry L. and Janet L. Ledoyan, $317,850.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8368-Timothy L. Eddy to Marco Tulio and Aura Lorena Mendez, $307,000.

WAITES WAY, 8926-Renee A. Seese to David A. Bennett and Rebecca J. Lilly, $280,000.

WHERNSIDE ST., 7417-Borhanullah and Catherine A. Karimi to Mohammed K. Islam, $280,000.

McLean Area

BALLS HILL RD., 1128-Godoy Christian Garcia to Martin, Jane and Eric Malawer, $775,000.

CHAIN BRIDGE RD., 1781-James C. Hudak to Morgan at McLean Corp., $648,781.

CHURCHILL RD., 6884-David P. and Ann M. McGloon to Douglas A. and Elena A. Smyly, $849,000.

ELDORADO ST., 7350-Elizabeth M. Tusing to Gretchen T., Bradley K., Maribeth K. and Fred A. Hendricks, $425,000.

ELSINORE AVE., 1314-Michael B. and Nancy A. Brunton to Eric B. and Patricia McGinley, $809,000.

ENOLA ST., 7813-Caimei Xu to Wahid Azimi, $190,000.

ESPEY LANE, 6938-Donna F. Nichols to Freddy A. and Frida M. Revilla, $550,000.

FONTHILL CT., 1834-Craig C. Breinig to Shankari Bastiampillai and Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $865,000.

GELSTON CIR., 1011-Paymaun Lotfi and Bita G. Lotfi to James O. and Mary Johnette H. McCrery, $1.076 million.

GREAT FALLS ST., 1632-Vinod K. and Eileen B. Rustgi to Thuan C. Pham and Nga H. Pham, $725,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340-Se W. An to Jeong L. Choi, $305,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 714-Mary K. Meyer to Roya Khodabakhshi and Iraj Alimoradi, $400,000.

HAMPTON HILL CIR., 1435-Theodore G. and Deborah M. Weigle to Ellen Field, $825,000.

HOLLY LEAF DR., 8458-Robert M. and Beverly H. Oremland to Curtis L. Sano and Charlotte Chyr, $1.152 million.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1625, No. 406-Mohammed Qubouri to Mary Ann Veloso, $368,000.

KIRBY RD., 1462-Donald R. and Karen M. McPhail to Georges and Carol Rizk, $1.1 million.

LABURNUM ST., 1453-Allyn D. Strickland to Adina Cherry and Dana R. Barnes, $900,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 817-Topic Leijla to Yuancheng Wang and Wei Xu, $300,000.

PINE HILL RD., 1200-Brian E. and Denise A. Wilkinson to Austin C. and Samantha R. Platz, $685,000.

RIDINGS CT., 8102-Anita M. Rhee to Oh Yeon, $1.415 million.

SOFTWOOD TRAIL, 6014-June S. Goode to James Cabell and Alexis H.S. Fooshe, $695,000.

TIMBERLY LANE, 1329-Richard L. and Anne G. Spees to Herbert L. and Beverly H. Shatzen, $925,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7680-Samuel W. Nigh and Jill C. Gallery to Kyle Mroczkowsi, $295,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8626, No. D-Anissa Madihi to Leslie Carper, $152,500.

BROCKHAM DR., 8381, No. C-Cleve M. and Shirley J. Elrod to Eva Michelle Hook, $116,000.

CENTRAL PARK CIR., 7922-Kenneth D. and Patricia V. Kopp to Shannon P. Crisp and Kara C. Bergstrom, $310,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3958, No. 9-Oshea Corbin to Gillom and Jacqueline Smith, $160,000.

GODFREY AVE., 4817-I. William Henry and Douglas S. Fraedrich to Ronald C., Ann, Jennifer S. and Brandon Henson, $775,000.

INGERSOL RD., 8229-Georgette E. Winebrenner to Michael and Linda G. Misianowycz, $260,000.

MARIPOSA PL., 3944-Sedatrice Gibbons to Marcos Duran Gutierrez, $190,000.

MARTHA WASHINGTON ST., 8104-Sergio and Nicolasa Rojo to Gertrudis Medrano and Jerson A. Medrano, $450,000.

OLD VERNON CT., 3602-Kevin P. and Leslie M. McFadden to Michael J. and Marianne Mixon, $739,900.

ROBERTSON BLVD., 4218-Stephen E. and Cheryl J. Greentree to Walter J. and Cara S. Stankewick, $590,000.

RUSSELL RD., 8015-Jessie C. Jones to Guillermo and Melinda Rosales, $299,950.

ST. ANNES CT., 8065-Donald Marcus and Lynne M. Johnson to James A. and Meghan G. Walker, $295,000.

WELFORD ST., 4811-Robert and Carol C. Ripper to Senesie Bai and Regina Brown, $380,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8555-Sharief S. Youssef to Gary L. and Myra L. Redd, $450,000.

North Springfield Area

EASTBOURNE DR., 5506-Naeem Iqbal and Naurin Khliq to Nhon T. Luong and Loan T. Nguyen, $410,000.

EDSALL RD., 6722-David G. McEwan and Susan J. Courtney to Clemente Rojas, $390,000.

GRESHAM ST., 7512-David M. and Angela M. Larit to Kellie Vu and Hung H. Tran, $395,000.

HEMING AVE., 5769-Tuan Nguyen to Minh V. Nguyen and Thanh Thien Tran, $435,000.

KEPLER LANE, 5226-Cecilia T. Nguyen and Anthony Vuong to Ruben Garcia, $383,500.

SEDGWICK LANE, 5511-Kadri and Songul Eren to Richard T. and Jeanne E. Brady, $415,000.

THAMES ST., 8432-Demetra J. Mills to Jaime Urteaga, $420,000.

Oakton Area

BRONZEDALE DR., 11403-Sharon L. Taylor to Walter S. and Barbara W. Horton, $575,000.

BUSHMAN DR., 10212-Patricia Chase and Catherine Gillespie to Karen L. Hunter, $225,000.

DALKEITH CT., 10500-Robert J. and Angela Lindquist to Neil A. and Elizabeth Chapman, $2.02 million.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2924, No. 16-Ehab M. Elshamy to Steve Brisbane, $335,000.

OAKTON HILLS DR., 2471-Richard C. and Margaret M. Zoretic to Roy J. and Anita L. Keeler, $1.25 million.

OAKTON RIDGE CT., 10695-The Migroup Inc. to Lawrence T. Tarr and Noreen A. McGinn, $877,500.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10163-Kathleen A. Stutts to Beth N. McCosh, $231,250.

TREVOR HOUSE DR., 3050, No. C-Gina Murphy to Larry D. and Nichole L. Blankenship, $295,000.

TURNBERRY PL., 10180-Jason M. and Kristin C. Post to Jian Ming Zhang and Wu Bei, $470,000.

Reston Area

BEAVER TRAIL CT., 11182-Monica C. Cordero to Wen Lin Hsu and Niels Haering, $195,000.

BRASS LANTERN CT., 11564-Elliott and Dorothy J. Reid to Edwin and Tracey L. Guard, $525,000.

CHARLESTOWN LANE, 2505-Mark A. and Teresa P. Klansek to Rajesh Murari and Radhika G. Murari, $550,000.

COLTS NECK RD., 2010-Jennifer R. Rosenkrans to Syed A. Maricar, $209,901.

DOUBLE EAGLE CT., 2225-Gary G. and Geraldine Payne to Brian J. and Michelle B. Ray, $369,950.

FOX CLOVE RD., 11801-Neal and Kathryn W. Riddlemoser to Richard F. Rothenberger, $590,100.

FREETOWN DR., 2431-Gregg W. and Amy D.M. Cooper to Sirva Relocation Corp., $539,900.

GATE HILL PL., 11408-Robert A. Helmus to Thomas Lum, $318,000.

GLADE DR., 11104-Peter S. Lee to Michael C. Neff, $485,000.

GOLF COURSE SQ., 11621-Jennifer J. and Scott M. Whaley to Elmer W. Reinhardt and Esin A. Reinhardt, $487,000.

GRANBY CT., 11046-Ann L. Wengen to Brian and Allison C. Blackman, $307,000.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 2102, No. 301-Maurice and Danielle Lurkin to Timothy E. Bostic and Lanita C. Bostic, $267,000.

HARBOR CT., 11104-Stacy Dawson to Brian H. and Stephen L. McCracken and Thomas Warren, $365,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11500-Walter L. Hill to Michael G. and Catherine O. Shaw and Charlotte McGrath, $805,000.

HOLLOWWIND CT., 11942-Steven D. and Cherie A. Thoman to Zanthony R. and Celeste L. Williams, $325,000.

HOMER TER., 2006-Mohammad Y. Khan and Tanweer Y. Khan to Jonathan C. Eves and Diane L. Sabatini, $624,000.

LAKEPORT WAY, 1930-Jeffrey S. Fritz and Elisabeth K. Davy to Scott W. and Alicia N. Allen, $482,900.

LEDURA CT., 11745, No. T2-Steven K. and Kathleen E. Blamer to Michelle R. Vassa, $211,000.

MOORINGS DR., 1562-Patrick and Stephen Nugent to Aryn C. Connon, $226,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 11749-Fay Flournoy to Brendan and Cynthia Hillary, $308,000.

NORTH VILLAGE RD., 1604-Stephen P. and Nancy C. Winings to Miles and Michele R. Stiebel, $950,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1528, No. 11B-Patricia V. Irby to Phillip T. and Darren P. Straniero, $216,860.

OLDFIELD DR., 10703-Philip J. and Pamela H. Fraga to Lawrence Cooley, $480,000.

PADDOCK LANE, 2358-W. Edward and Lucy M. Lawrence to Christopher K. Greissing and Sharon Dorazio Greissing, $480,000.

PARKCREST CIR., 1671, No. 301-Barbara W.B. Moore to Katherine Lott, $219,000.

POPLAR GROVE DR., 1661-Nicole L. Rodgers to Carly B. Coho, $249,000.

SAFFOLD WAY, 11069-John J. Capasso and Derek K. Poon to Lynn H. and Salvatore J. Franco, $339,000.

SHIRE CT., 11837, No. 2C-Patrice and Pierre Alix Haspil to Matthew V. Loschiavo, $216,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2388-Maria L. Martinez to Kevin Satterfield and Lisa Patierno, $220,000.

SPRINGWOOD DR., 2220, No. 109B-James R. Hobbs to Mark David Cunningham, $240,000.

ST. BEDES CT., 2313-Robert and Mildred Castro to Masood S. Pirzada, $429,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11617-Emin Kaya and Mehmet E. Pala to Sung K. Cho, $192,000.

STRATFORD PARK PL., 1855, No. 102-Geraldine D. King to John Kreilich, $340,000.

SUMMERCHASE CIR., 11717, No. 1717B-David D. Leone to Mary S. Wojcik, $195,000.

SUNDIAL CT., 11304, No. 910-Julie K. Short to Catherine Carleton, $289,100.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1235-National Residential Nominee Services to James Todd and Patricia K. Leto, $1.295 million.

TURNMILL LANE, 11401-Maria J. Conti to John C. and Mary G. Wolfe, $351,100.

WATERVIEW CLUSTER, 11450-Timothy J. and Debra D. Casey to Michael K. Coplen and Carolyn M. Penharlow, $510,000.

WHISPERWOOD GLEN LANE, 2110-Millennium Associates Corp. to Upendra Patel and Hasumati U. Patel, $249,900.

WOODBROOK CT., 1241-Ronald L. and Veronica P. Cariola to Rana and Muhammad Osman Farruk, $553,000.

WOODCREST DR., 1581-Joseph A. and Kathleen C. Goetz to Andriamurti Soebiakto, $277,630.

Seven Corners Area

AFTON CT., 6102-Naumana Z. Qureshi to Mohammad Tayyab Shah, $408,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 803-Andrea F. Dunn to Mandana Hannani and Mehdi Sarbaz, $143,000.

FABER DR., 3116-Robert G. and Sandra M. Cobb to Davina Jill Myers and James Talmon Knochenmus, $506,000.

GEORGES LANE, 3513-Mary E. and Eric T. Falk to Paul E. Hess and Aubrey Anne Petrucci, $549,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 909-Nancy E. Brooker to Hatef Yamini, $111,000.

WILSON BLVD., 6245-Michael F. Winthrop to Qiuhong Zheng and Wei Lin, $155,000.

Springfield Area

AMHERST AVE., 6023-Eduardo Inturias to Julio Collarana and Rocio Rodriguez, $596,000.

BRANDEIS WAY, 7706-Gerald O. and Laura K. Talton to Wahidullah Gulban, $275,000.

BROCTON CT., 7011-Rosita C. Young to Babar and Camille B. Romail, $295,000.

CASTINE LANE, 6519-Ronald L. Funk to Michael W. Rue, $405,000.

CHESTER GROVE CT., 8562-Michelle L. Anderson to Terence Y. Kudo, $300,000.

DEBRA LU WAY, 6667-Scott P. and Kirsten L. Schloegel to Carlos L. and Pansy M. Walker, $409,900.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL, 6133-Enrico S. Calderon to Albert W. Taylor and Tracey A. Linegar Taylor, $629,900.

DULCIANA CT., 8060-Timothy M. King to Marcelo Rodas, $300,000.

EAGLE ROCK LANE, 8820-Keith A. Simmers and Kyuyoung Y. Simmers to Meghan R. Snide, $386,000.

ESSEX AVE., 7322-Allyson K. Jones and Randy L. Fox to Rosa M. Gomez, $336,000.

FLANDERS ST., 5907-George J. Cury to Wilfredo and Nenita Sagum, $347,000.

HIBBLING AVE., 6116-Steven M. and Sandra L. Boettcher to Andrew V. and Andrea M. Napoli, $340,000.

LAUREL CREEK LANE, 7542-Mei Ying and Clifford C.C. Shaw to Claude E. and Kathleen M. Callahan, $825,500.

LOWMOOR CT., 7803-David P. and Deborah Jensen to Vanpheng Luangpraxay, $484,900.

MATISSE WAY, 7754-Scott M. and Marie E. Withee to Birollei Debela, $230,750.

MOLINE PL., 8314-Sharon C. Witter to Alvaro C. Valverde, $280,900.

RAINBOW BRIDGE LANE, 8420-Carl F. and Nancy B. Vercio to Martin and Marinel Jacobs, $340,000.

RESERVATION DR., 7416-Timothy S. Congdon and Mi C. Congdon to Timothy D. and Donna Wing, $505,000.

RIDGE OAK CT., 7434-Judith A. Cooper to James and Carol Skarbek, $380,000.

ROCKEFELLER LANE, 9147-Satpal Singh and Sukhjit Kaur to Mohammed H. Zurmati, $455,000.

ROCKY FORGE CT., 8365-Joseph G. Lukowski to Tomas and Gloria Alonzo, $281,000.

SONTAG WAY, 7142-Jerrell E. and Beverly H. Freeman to Vicente and Judy Avalos, $605,000.

SPRING CREEK CT., 8637-Stanley L. Harris to Christine Williams, $310,000.

TOWER WOODS DR., 7806-Michael R. and Donna G. Garcia to Timothy W. Vantran and Alicia Garcia, $475,000.

TWIN CT., 6408-Robert A. Serth to Marie E. and Scott M. Withee, $385,000.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8117-Katherine X. Moore to Mark A. McDonnell, $301,033.

Vienna Area

ABBEY OAK DR., 1807-Lyndon E. and Betty S. Holloman to Bruce B. and Jane A. Byrum, $651,000.

BELLFOREST CT., 2710, No. 209-Jennifer Ranwez to Amit C. Subramani, $380,000.

BEULAH RD., 1904-Karen R. Bender to Justo Diaz and Maria C. Perez, $430,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 8222-Sally Trude to Richard N. Murphy and Lisa J. Jaworski, $466,500.

CABIN RD. SE, 313-James H. Roles to Melanie H. and Nathaniel E. Doptis, $412,500.

CENTRAL AVE., 2248-Haddah Corp. to Ahmed Umar, $895,000.

COUNCIL DR. NE, 410-Richard C. Plendl to Richard J. Lee and Y. Chan Yu, $470,000.

DELLWAY LANE, 8618-Michael H. and Nancy E. Abbott to Patrick B. Bryan, $390,600.

DERAMUS FARM CT., 9450-Melvin S. Polk and Adolfina M. Polk to Jennifer and Theodore Ahn, $989,900.

GLENGYLE DR., 2602, No. 119-Donald D. Hattier and Ruth Hattier to Marcello Esterque, $192,000.

HORSEBACK TRAIL, 1837-Stephen L. Garay to Riberta E. Marton, $610,000.

JUDGE CT., 9602-Paul R. and Carolyn K. Brubaker to Mark and Amelie Krikorian, $581,000.

LAGERSFIELD CIR., 9501-Vincent S. and Patricia M. Canciello to Han Cao and Qingquan Wu, $630,000.

MOORE AVE. SW, 128-Obaidullah and Freeba Karimi to Abdellah Ferdowsey, $415,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1536, No. 101-Angela Dickinson to Bradford N. May, $348,000.

OLD COURTHOUSE RD., 9051-Courthouse Development Corp. to Sawsan Beidas and Ghassan Saoud, $905,000.

PEPPERDINE DR., 8527-Barbara D. Archibald to Hou Tsung Chi and Hsiao Hui Mao, $425,000.

RUSTIC RAIL LANE, 9912-Yanjin Cao and Jiang Xu to Ming Zhang and Li Jie, $845,000.

SCARAB ST., 9513-Arthur H. and Nathalie D. Harkleroad to Jerome E. and Karen L. Driscoll, $575,000.

SPINET CT., 9505-Peter B. and Audra C. Collins to Lloyd F. Glenn and Virginia B. Gleen, $683,565.

SUTTON GREEN CT., 9630-William A. Green to Nada N. Prouty, $385,000.

SUTTON OAKS LANE, 2849-Asli and Kurtay Ogunc to Jason Niethamer, $430,600.

WEST OAK PL., 8524-Arturo and Suzanne Jimenez to Gregory A. and Jennifer S. Faucette, $605,000.

WOLFTRAP RUN RD., 1420-Kamal and Katherine M. Agarwal to Ronald E. and Bernadette Franklin, $775,000.

WOODROW ST., 9951-Verne V. and Wanda L. Wattawa to Lindsay L. Spratt and Kim Roddis, $652,500.

YEARLING CT., 1961-Juan R. and Patricia C. Cardenas to William J. and Rosa A. Susinski, $859,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7929-Vincent and Carolyn Garofalo to Tanu S. Bhatnagar, $354,000.

West Springfield Area

BARRINGTON CT., 8500, No. R-Kristen V. Kosutic to Julio C. Yataco, $140,000.

BENTLEY VILLA DR., 7918-Mean Mao and Anh V. Nguyen to Robert E. Wagner, $229,000.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 7744-Karen K. Thomas to Rolfe S. Kratz, $570,000.

GLENISTER DR., 7857-Michael R. Reed and Brenda S. Marlin Reed to Zakaria Driouche, $300,000.

GREEN ASH DR., 6636-Donald E. and Laura W. Schofield to Steven K. and Emily T. Jones, $329,500.

GREY FOX DR., 6816-Susan C. Hammer and Judith L. Howe to Scott W. Stetson, $445,000.

GROMWELL CT., 7732-George K. and M. Jane Young to Roger G. and Inga M. Thompson, $450,000.

HOOES RD., 7809-Armando and Loyalty Litonjua to Sukhdev Singh, $430,000.

LINDEN TREE LANE, 7260-Michelle Seay to Michael Lee Conway, $339,900.

MILLWOOD DR., 8408-Ralph S. and Leslie A. Dorris to Jeffrey P. Tooker, $406,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5974-Leslie and Elizabeth F. Stoessl to James T. Johnston and Ingrid L. Romero, $355,000.

REXFORD CT., 5778-Phong L.T. Tran and Tuan A. Nguyen to Hoa Phan, $195,000.

SHERIDAN FARM CT., 8721-Felipe and Cheryl A. Casso to Adam Melis and Susan Kupperstein, $345,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7666-Delores A. Mays to Christopher F. Walker and Jennifer Reece, $285,000.