The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

BRUNSWICK ST., 307-Robert J. Houle to Mary E. Garofalo, $164,000.

BRUNSWICK ST., 613-Evelyn V. Donaldson to Jennifer M. and Michael S. Hahn, $130,000.

WENNER DR., 60-Cynthia R. and Lori A. Jackson to Rhonda J. and Eric W. Pearl, $130,000.

Emmitsburg Area

CATOCTIN AVE., 103-Jami M. Novak to Bonnie L. and Ronald L. Albaugh, $160,000.

PROVINICAL PKWY., 36-Melissa K. and John C. Fraley to Mary A. Savage, $135,000.

WELTY AVE., 104-Vicki J. Gladhill to Christopher Lebrun, $120,000.

Frederick City Area

ADMIRALTY PL., 8003-Daniel W. and Pamela K. Cree to Ironelis and Andrew Rhodes, $262,000.

ALLINGTON MANOR CIR. W., 9009-Norma J. and Mark T. Gossart to Luann Frownfelter, $392,100.

ANDOVER LANE, 1583-Jon M. Thomas to Juanita E. and Manuel A. Martinez, $210,000.

AZTEC DR., 807-Michael Lloyd Rupp to Brandi M. and Joshua D. Kerns, $295,000.

BAMBURG CT., 5253-Silas Chow to Natalie and James Eaton, $207,500.

BASFORD RD., 3634-June S. Cowan to Mihaela and Alexandru Amira, $334,900.

BEAR DEN RD., 2581-Ahmad and Rana Jarrar to Amber L. and Stephen P. Rodbell, $393,000.

BUSHYTAIL DR., 637-Timothy Paul Hindman to Donna L. and Kevin L. Beard, $363,500.

CATOCTIN CT., 2504, No. 3-1D-Meryll C. Reifsnider to Gabrielle Ann Dawson, $189,000.

CHARSTONE DR., 5715-Carolyn E. and James R. Miller to Jennifer K. Soto, $175,000.

COACH HOUSE WAY, 2503, No. 3A2-Dwayne and Dwight Oland to Meagan L. Sheridan and Aaron M. Hahn, $173,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1610-Carole J. Houck to Wendy M. Dean, $190,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1615-Tammy L. Albaugh to Leigh A. and Everett O. Warren Jr., $170,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1626-Colyn L. Phillips to Christy and Jose Morales, $175,000.

CONEWAGO DR., 1201-Ferah and Kathleen Birol to Melissa J. and Jeffrey Ario, $247,400.

DULANEY CT., 1823-Toni M. Hathaway to Valdenice and Shirley Mendez, $167,000.

EARLES CT., 5236-Larry Jason Orr to Claudia C. and Roger Diaz, $200,000.

EDGEWOOD FARM RD., 7929-Howard and Phyllis M. Flook to Howard O. Flook Jr., $300,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 612-Kenneth E. Judd to Ephraim Adjei, $232,400.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2404, No. 3B-Anita Lynn Funk to Patricia C. Digilarmo, $165,900.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2410, No. 1A-Molly Andrews and Kevin R. Green to Ryan Auchmoody, $160,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 16-John M. and Herbert M. Bloom to Wyatt C. To, $375,000.

FALLARD CT., 6705-Patricia Wertz to Elizabeth L. Cornejo, $244,000.

FIELDING CT., 6855-John L. and Patricia M. Lopez to Michelle L. and Andrew W. Miller, $351,400.

FINGERBOARD RD., 7822-Jack D. Defriece Jr. to Curtis Woodford Jr., $289,900.

FISH HATCHERY RD., 6932-Edward Oliver Downs III to Michael E. Downs, $137,300.

GREENBRIER LANE, 9905-Richard A. and Denys G. Louderback to Julie and Ronald B. McNeill, $340,000.

HAYDOWN CT., 6628-Krystos D. Efantis to Thomas Diggs, $167,170.

HEATHER RIDGE DR. E., 999-E-Virginia A. Robertson to Jerry and Jeffrey Kiley, $95,000.

HIMES AVE., 605, No. III-109-Ralph D. and Fae E. Brown to Donna E. Small and Greg M. Eyler, $140,000.

HOLLOW REED CT., 8024-Tracy Marquette to June Faust Moore, $207,000.

HOLLYHOCK PL., 5840-Darla E. Rosenberger to Stephanie and Shannon C. Whitmarsh, $172,000.

IVYWOOD DR. N., 5315-Rochelle Ambush to Dennis Lewis, $360,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6613-Patricia T. Jamgochian to Marilyn J. Burtt and Scott Collier, $279,900.

JOLLIE DR., 5584-Bonnie C. and Steven A. Ward to Kimberley K. and David E. Webb, $500,000.

JUBAL WAY, 806-Harry B. Mozingo to Omara and Jorge Monge, $238,900.

KEY PKWY., 1407, No. 206-Larry F. Cosley to Xiaohu Zhang and Wen Bin Ma, $90,000.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 6339-Fred W. Isemann to George A. Stanton, $486,216.

LYNDALE WAY, 5435-Elizabeth and Stephen Thayer to Victoria Nakpil Crebbin, $261,200.

MARKET ST. N., 728-Robert E. Herr to James Slusher III, $218,500.

MERGANSER CT., 5036-George E. Groves to Erin S. and Gregory E. Gaskill, $195,000.

MOTTER AVE., 723-Fred E. and Patreis Richmond White to Robin A. and Vincent M. Marquart, $169,900.

NEW DESIGN RD., 5229-James W. Baas to Lisa Halpern, $425,000.

NORVA AVE., 202-Elaine and William H. Miller to Catharine D. Hemphill, $224,000.

OAK TREE CIR., 9224-Timothy A. and Barbara A. Lowman to Lee Ann R. and Michael F. Fink, $239,000.

OPOSSUMTOWN RD., 9217-Aldo Dean and Jo Ann Branham to John A. Barr and Kelly Burdette, $219,900.

PALACE GREEN TER. W., 2201-Monica A. and James P. Grisez to Thomas M. Wensink, $226,000.

PARISH LANE, 2219-Kim A. and Greg A. Kaphammer to Karen M. Lewis, $345,000.

PEACHTREE CT., 1308-Eric W. Tervakoski to Vilma and Francisco Escobar, $229,500.

PINTAIL CT., 4982-Amy A. and Robert W. Leizear to Cuong Diep, $180,000.

QUINN ORCHARD RD., 5920-Raymond Jr. and Mary Free to Susan M. and Damon B. Catlin, $220,000.

QUINN ORCHARD RD., 6109-Ronald Wayne Cheeks to Constance and William D. Wantling, $233,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4901-Gladys and Eva Jessup Fahrney to Donna L. and Mark L. Cadle, $400,000.

ST. MAWES CT., 5314-Idalia Ester and Edwin Reyes to Susan A. Moore, $449,900.

SEBASTIAN BLVD., 1800-Scott M. and Christine L. Morral to Shanda and Robert H. Laster Jr., $239,100.

SHAWN CT., 6297-Ann M. and Brent R. Klassen to John M. Campbell, $189,000.

SPOKESHAVE CT., 6617-Christopher Mark Delauter to Ryan D. Bernstein, $182,000.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1709-Kimberly R. Wright to Kristopher J. Wilson, $152,600.

ST. LAWRENCE CT., 1551-Jason E. and Crystal L. Keckler to Suzanne L. Oshinsky and Michael S. Lee, $202,000.

STONEYBROOK CT., 184-Albert J. and Lourdes V. Nazareth to Ana Granados and Mario Pocasangre, $264,900.

SUNSET DR., 6520-Leslie U. and Shirley K. Hutzell to Donna D. and Larry K. Hauver, $200,000.

SUNSET VIEW LANE, 5744-Greg J. Rose to Cesar Barreto, $150,500.

SUNSET VIEW LANE, 5783-Catharine Dallett Hemphill to Susan P. Kelley, $162,000.

SWEET BAY CT., 5777-Angela C. Jordan to James Patrick McGovern, $184,050.

TIMBER GROVE RD., 1948-Michel M. and Antonietta M. Agujia to Vicki L. and David W. Wulf Jr., $329,900.

UPPER COLLEGE TER., 314-Charles E. Tressler, trustee, to Krista H. and Thomas G. Murdock, $525,500.

VICTORIA SQ., 28-Yaxiong Feng to Kimberley Beth Humphrey, $195,000.

WATERFORD DR., 857-Jamie A. Blow to Elizabeth R. and Larry W. Cooling, $147,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5540-John W. and Suzanne S. Houchins to Rebecca E. and Matthew T. Littleton, $254,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2201-Theresa and Paul Zimnik to Marc Christopher Fagnano, $223,250.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2242-Pamela C. and Kenneth E. Foley to Ivan Thanh Nguyen, $235,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1727-Reed J. and Marcy B. Stepleman to Adam J. and Julie S. Devalle, $374,900.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1764-Nancy A. Vendouern to Paula E. and Anthony Joseph Moots, $256,000.

SEVENTH ST. W., 1504-Brett D. and Sherry L. Whitworth to Rita Zaledonis and Andrew C. Warner, $225,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 245-Cathleen Giancoli to Michele and Sami Hassanyeh, $208,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BAMBURG CT., 5216-Phyllis D. Knill to Neetu and Surinderpaul Behal, $219,000.

DAHLIA LANE, 1249-Patricia Anne Capron to Tara and Ariel Bell, $212,000.

Ijamsville Area

PERSIMMON DR., 2320-Kathryn M. and Andrew P. Giles to J. Jesus Orozco, $345,000.

Jefferson Area

POINT OF ROCKS RD., 3706-Wayne A. Jr. and Karen Lee Hausler to Cynthia A. and Jack D. Defriece, $362,000.

SHADYWOOD DR., 3855, No. 2D-Donna Jean Poffinberger to Kathy and Thomas Dawson, $135,400.

Knoxville Area

MOUNTAIN LANE, 310-Adeel I. Sheikh to Junwei Wayne Hou and Kathleen M. Murphy, $435,000.

Middletown Area

BOILEAU CT., 13-John A. and Lauren L. Yurciw to Rosalind B. and Martin G. Gibeau, $176,900.

BUSSARD RD., 4222-Daniel P. and Madelon M. Quinn to Rosa M. and Juan Pablo Arias, $400,000.

MARKER RD., 1345-Richard V. Jr. and Laura M. Carlisle to Donna and Matthew Gregory, $134,000.

MIDDLE CT., 8194-Nesha K. and Greg Stone to Melissa B. Parlon and Alice C. Ball, $235,000.

SHALE CT., 7086-James B. Jr. and Karen L. Payne to Suzanne M. and Douglas M. Felt, $277,900.

WILLOW TREE DR., 4509-Naomi Y. and Michael R. Kridler to Jayna R. Rison, $274,900.

Monrovia Area

CAMERON CT., 11904-Tawny and David B. Barnwell to Steven R. Ridgely, $355,000.

TALL OAKS DR., 4945-Brian J. and Carol R. Morse to Antoinette R. and Zachary E. Byrd, $370,000.

Mount Airy Area

HARRISVILLE RD., 14723-Douglas W. and Marlene I. Barbour to Barbara and Henry Bochman Jr., $264,900.

HIGHBORO DR., 4418-Harvey D. and Laurie A. Davison to Jennifer Boose and Dustin Berghers, $251,500.

MOXLEY CREST DR., 12616-Maria S. McConnell to Jill D. and Anthony V. Delisi, $320,000.

NYASA BEND, 6595-Unlimited Realty Corp. to Marjorie Fuller, $275,000.

ROBMAR DR., 4408-Douglas K. and Geralyn Denlinger to Alece Bowman Day and Timothy David Day, $525,000.

SHIRLEY BOHN RD., 14626-Cynthia D. and Thomas C. Oertel to Darrell Blevins, $343,000.

WOODFOUNT GLADE, 5730-Paul H. and Mary Ellen Vogel to Stacey M. and Jonathan T. Cohen, $379,900.

Myersville Area

EASTERDAY RD., 10609-Brenda S. and Robert P. Cotter to Linda L. Kasper, $150,000.

FLINTRIDGE DR., 2728-Michael A. and Janet L. Nielsen to Sandra D. and Ronald F. Reed Jr., $365,000.

RUM SPRINGS RD., 10551-Carol Ann and John L. Clark to Rebecca K. Griffin, $240,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

CLIFF SWALLOW CT., 10295, No. 204-B-Joshua R. Devries to David B. O'Berry, $136,400.

JOSEPH CT., 5607-Robert E. Sylvester Jr. to Lynda and Russell Elliott, $215,000.

WORCHESTER DR., 11129-David B. and Jamie Hunter to Christene R. and Jeff B. Thomas, $257,500.

Sabillasville Area

SABILLASVILLE RD., 17044-Carolyn J. and John E. Hahn to Earl Albert Rockwood, $92,700.

Thurmont Area

BLUE RIDGE AVE., 42-John E. and Carol E. Neff to Deborah J. and Jeremy D. Smallwood, $174,900.

KELLYS STORE RD., 6705-Department of Veterans Affairs to Harold D. Adkins Jr., $164,500.

Walkersville Area

GLADE CT., 6-Allen J. and Christa Jacobson to Denys G. and Richard A. Louderback, $264,900.

INSPIRATION AVE., 8401-Ronald B. and Julia M. McNeill to Son Hul and Jon B. Presley, $286,500.

OAKMANOR WAY, 200-Robert J. and Norma J. Martig to Karen M. and Donald J. Lesko II, $354,900.

TRIUMPHANT CT., 8897-Donald J. and Karen M. Lesko II to Ana Iris and Rigoberto Reyes, $260,000.

UTOPIA PL., 8812-Bernard J. Esposito II to David E. and Carmen Maradiaga, $165,000.

WILDWOOD CT., 2814-John M. Jr. and Maureen E. Kaufman to Karen J. Minton and Kenneth G. Sowers, $420,000.