Ashburn Area

ELK VIEW TER., 43301-Patricia L. and Marc A. Rossi to Mamata Pant and Kumar Bhattarai, $310,500.

FENWICK DR., 20803-Stephanie M. and Simon Godwin to Nicholas J. Nargi Jr., $481,000.

FIELDGRASS SQ., 19958-Amara A. and Ryan M. Dalpezzo to Valerie Roller and Hortense Jackson, $290,900.

GLENBURN TER., 20935-Deborah D. and Joseph N. Randall to Terri L. and Jonathan D. Foster, $398,500.

GOLDEN MEADOW CIR., 43473-Patricia L. and Marc A. Rossi to W. Famiglietti and Suzanna Jenkins, $500,000.

GOOSE CROSS TER., 21790-Srinivas M. Thotakura to Sreenivasa and Lakshmi P. Valluri, $335,000.

HARDWOOD TER., 20178-Molly W. and Christopher Poisant to Andrianne T. and William White, $295,000.

HAZELTINE PL., 19948-Ahmad R. Habibi to Amy L. and Thomas Paul Boisvert Jr., $746,900.

HEDGEROW TER., 21242-Pamela and Michael J. Halston to Gracia Johnson and John B. Holtz, $312,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21810-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Chandrasekhara R. Alimili, $252,900.

LA BELLE PL., 43334-Belmont Land Partnership to Chrysse T. and Joe C. Mayes III, $586,670.

LEIER PL., 20307-Shannon and Kevin R. Kopf to Sharon S. O'Donnell, $405,000.

LIVONIA TER., 44458-NVR Inc. to Claris M. Smith, $327,395.

LORDS VALLEY TER., 43953-M. Krasnodemski and Daniel Bradley to Valerie and Thomas M. Kirchner Jr., $400,000.

MALIN CT., 43394-Susan L. and John S. Puzder to Fredric Roy Beller, $432,000.

MILLAY CT., 43595-Gazal G. and Prufesh R. Modhera to Van Thanh and Jeffrey G. Peiffer, $657,000.

MIZNER TER., 19927-Belmont Land Partnership to Helen M. and Michael J. Long, $425,863.

MOHAVE DR., 44230-Richmond American Homes to Saud A. Abdullah, $433,765.

NATALIE TER., 44156, No. 102-Whitehurst Corp. to Maureen Sheridan and Darren L. Cathey, $244,000.

NAVAJO DR., 44208-Richmond American Homes to Denise R. and John G. Fray, $449,265.

OWINGS TER., 20269-Lisa Marie Robinson to Stephen C. Bishop, $270,500.

PETWORTH CT., 21819-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Brett H. Martin, $230,900.

PLANTATION TER., 43493-Jane A. and Clarence L. Jefferson to Elizabeth A. and James S. Winters, $286,000.

ROYAL CREST SQ., 44002-Prema P. and Kevin D. Tepley to Kevin S. Rose, $305,000.

SANDI LOUISE CT., 43301-Washington Homes Inc. to Jogesh Bagga, $548,123.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20571, No. 102-Mark Allen Vaccarino to Barbara J. and Donald M. Kincaid, $181,900.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20577, No. 201-Alissa M. Standish to Van Nguyen, $180,000.

SOMERSET HILLS TER., 43224-Belmont Land Partnership to Jack Kousin, $356,500.

SONORA LANE, 44263-Ibrahim Shahin to Leslie K. Bryant, $340,000.

STEATITE CT., 21675-Washington Homes Inc. to N. Gummadi and Srinivas Thotakura, $531,167.

STONECOTTAGE PL., 43101-Yamilich and Steven Barbosa to Bidushee and Pralay Sikdar, $409,900.

SUNSET TER., 43801-Angela P. and Jaime O. Fuentes Jr. to William T. Warthen, $315,000.

SUSCON SQ., 44291-Robin E. and Ryan G. Cox to Lori and Eric Filloon, $350,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20957, No. 202-Ricardo Currea to Francis Elkin Blanchard, $210,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20960, No. 101-Dena L. Suddueth to Charlene R. Choppala, $169,000.

TIPPECANOE TER., 44095-Laurie Fairchild to Keith and Emily Moore, $335,500.

WILD MEADOW CT., 20581-Miller and Smith at Wild Meadow Corp. to Inger and Byron Laws, $703,775.

WOODWORTH CT., 43753-Jami and George Edwards to Karen W. and Elwyn C. Cobb, $574,900.

Hamilton Area

HAMPTON RD., 16377-Barbara T. and Ramon R. Balut to Jyneal R. Finn and Ricky L. Finn, $777,000.

KAREN HOPE CT., 17679-Interactive Builders Inc. to Karen Sue Holick, $650,000.

STONE EDEN DR., 38203-Interactive Builders Inc. to Andrea and Robert Knight, $716,000.

SYDNOR DR., 12-Amanda Evans to Penny L.C. Hauffe, $168,000.

WADELL CT., 17573-Elizabeth and John R. Hackney Jr. to Kimberlee and Christopher Sams, $430,000.

Paeonian Springs Area

OLIVER ST., 16946-Vilma A. Souvagis to Lauren G. Woodland, $149,900.

Waterford Area

OLD STAGE PL., 38888-Richmond American Homes to Audrey A. and Thomas F. Comeau, $684,345.

OLD STAGE PL., 38981-Richmond American Homes to Doreen L. and Gerard J. Larock, $708,670.