The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

BALTIMORE RD., 2519, No. 4-Xu Zeng to Michael Lake, $172,000.

BAUER DR., 14616, No. 1-Robert H. Dove to Caren Faye Dorf and Zachary A. Kreisman, $93,800.

CLIFF SWALLOW WAY, 15632-Amin M. and H.K. Fekrat to Judith J. and Harold Davis, $330,000.

CROSSWAY CT., 4300-Judith H. and L.A. Wisneski to Mary and Paul Warnquist, $1.18 million.

LESCOT ST., 4301-Khanny Lee to Ana Maria P. Fort and Alfredo L. Fort, $475,000.

MANOR HOUSE TER., 15408-K.D. and Walter E. Farrell to Peter Z. Nedden, $146,000.

MERCURY DR., 4701-Elizabeth Johnson Dunaway to Hilda O. and Tyson Liotta, $362,000.

SOUTHEND RD., 4103-D.K. and Joseph Gezelter to Maritza R. Evo Guillen, $347,000.

SUMMERTREE CT., 16612-E.A. and Howard L. Ruddell to Dennis E. Kyle, $645,000.

Barnesville Area

BEALLSVILLE RD., 22201-Doris E. Murray to Sandra and Theodore Kavouras, $140,000.

Bethesda Area

BROOKEWAY DR., 4914-Scott B. and D.G. Linke to Greer Mendel and James Leland Gilmore Jr., $725,000.

CAMROSE TER., 6409-P.R. and Mark J. Emory to Masoud K. Hosseini, $413,000.

CAMROSE TER., 6414-Spencer B. Hoopes to Peter A. Mosca, $439,000.

DELLWOOD PL., 6030-Jane E. Platt, trustee, to Theodore A. and Louise Gaskin, $1.8 million.

DELMONT LANE, 4506-Fred A. Cherney to James Daniel Dominey, $599,000.

DERBYSHIRE LANE, 9909-Thomas J. and E.S. Canaan to Maria and Mark Miller, $570,000.

FORT SUMNER DR., 4928-G.E. Jr. and J.E. Oed to Alison V. and Edwin T. Hoover II, $742,100.

GLOSTER RD., 5908-Michele L. Robinson to Edmond B. II and Anne W. McLindon, $669,000.

GOLDTREE WAY, 6114-John A. and R.S. Billinis to Phyllis M. and Aman O. Tahmasebi, $910,000.

GRANT ST., 8905-Joseph D. Ledgard to Anna Kovrigin, $612,000.

LONE OAK DR., 5702-Susan M. Buckingham to Alison S. Jacknowitz and Michael F. Vaughan, $487,500.

MONTROSE AVE., 10416-G. and Danuta M. Debosz to Caroline E. Shipps, $278,100.

NAMAKAGAN RD., 5505-M.D. and William T. Carnes to Norman James Graham Yooll, $580,000.

NEWBURN DR., 6307-Ralph H. and L.P. Kennan to Marguerite F. and Eric A. Hoffman, $649,000.

PARKWOOD TER., 10118-Dorothy J. Bothe, trustee, to Doris G. and R. Scott Mattingly, $567,500.

POOKS HILL RD., 5224, No. E-32-B.E. and Robert A. Luke Jr. to Rudolph C. Gersten, $399,900.

POOKS HILL RD., 5360, No. 301-Robert P. and Carrie L. Frankel to Beth E. and Joel A. Scanlon, $431,100.

RIDGEFIELD RD., 5301-Alice Collins Hamm, trustee, to Alexandra I. and Edward B. Hermes, $814,000.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4423-P.B. and James A. Lawrence to Neal Markowitz, $455,000.

SENTINEL DR., 5009, No. 52-Sharon L. and William P. McFadden to James E. Duryee, $322,000.

TOWN GATE LANE, 9200-John and M. Feinstein to Elizabeth A. and Lawrence E. Redmond, $950,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 802-Michael L. Glaser to Seyed Tofigh, $220,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10670-Marietta Geckos to Marie L. and Ludwig Ludecke, $274,900.

WHITLEY PARK TER., 5450, No. 607-Sasan Kermanchi to Nikta Niktash, $395,000.

WILLOW GATE LANE, 9114-Randal T. Avey, trustee, to Candace S. and James J. Flyzik, $1.39 million.

Brookeville Area

ARIA CT., 19205-E.M. and Ronald A. Minnick Jr. and Cendant Mobility Financial to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $668,000.

ARIA CT., 19205-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Ansu Kofi and Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $668,000.

Burtonsville Area

BEAKER CT., 14322-Andrea P. Kyles to Albert J. Gomez, $268,500.

BIRMINGHAM DR., 15201-Robert L. and S. Cox to Jennifer P. and Jeffrey L. Jurgrau, $371,500.

MAPLEHILL RD., 2925-S.E. and Cesar Matos to Young M. Kim, $377,000.

SCARLET SAGE CT., 11-Jae B. Ahn to Rui Guang Lin and Bidan Gao, $263,000.

TURBRIDGE DR., 3601-Ronald J. Ohringer to Padmowtee P. Mohamed and Lenny Matthews, $375,000.

WEXHALL TER., 14716, No. 17-176-Genevieve Dixon to Debbie Jackson English, $240,000.

WEXHALL TER., 14750, No. 25-270-James H. Thomas II to Patrick J. Mulvena Jr., $216,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BREGMAN RD., 13224-Gregory P. Hughes to Claudia and Roberto Almiron, $415,000.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3404, No. 26-178-Deborah R. Mangene to Edna M. and Elias M. Nyangoro, $215,000.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3441, No. 17-138-David V. Cabral to Alward Siyyid, $217,500.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1633-D-Kanisa T. Johnson to Armin L. Niklas, $140,000.

CASTLE TER., 3631, No. 113-87-P.P. and Ayube M. Mohamed to Fisseha B. Firesenbet, $248,000.

CHICHESTER LANE, 618-Kemberley R. and Harry Beukelman to Michael K. Oppelt, $377,000.

CONDUCTOR WAY, 13212, No. 270-Burton H. Boroff to Hannah Warner, $131,500.

COPLAND CT., 13223-R. and Robert Sherman to Hanh T. Nguyen, $325,000.

COPLEY LANE, 1001-Porter A. and D.E. Lyon to Rebecca B. and Ravi B. Handa, $425,000.

COPLEY LANE, 509-A. and Domenico Giardina to Fidel Castro Diaz, $442,500.

DOWNS DR., 1006-A.A. and John F. Dowd to Timothy Patrick Egan, $401,500.

DOWNS DR., 710-H.P. and John Molnar Jr. to Theodros Gebremichael, $400,000.

GENTRY RIDGE CT., 3526-Lynn S. and Thomas W. Anderson to Arle Madrigal, $263,725.

HICKORY LEAF WAY, 2909-Ermelinda D. Guevara to Damaris and Freddy A. Nina, $200,000.

MUSICMASTER DR., 13288, No. 280-Karen T. Smith to Brian W. Vos, $210,000.

NEEDLEPINE TER., 12312-Francisco R. Rodriguez to Soghra Raza and Syed Hussain, $470,000.

NOTLEY RD., 1009-Joanne C. Taussig, trustee, to Dorothy A. and John W. Foellmer, $560,037.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 202-Jollitee Wray to Abdul Raheem Yusuf, $157,000.

PALERMO DR., 12409-Tamara S. and Jeffery S. Dockendorf to Mihret G. Andemeskel, $365,000.

QUARTET LANE, 3119, No. 221-Toby R. Silver to Joan Ankoma Sey, $196,000.

SANDY POINT CT., 12351-O'Neil S. King to Tsedale Gebre, $300,000.

SCHUBERT DR., 2812-Johnykutty Varghese to Mark R. Smith, $411,000.

SILVER MOON DR., 50-Thomas W.S. Jr. and K.R. Logan to Wubsira Yifru and Kassahun Begashaw, $356,000.

STALEY MANOR DR., 1817-S.A. and Ajit P. Deshmukh to Mesfin Gebremichael, $360,000.

TANLEY RD., 1120-C.B. and Craig S. Morris to Hubert Philogene, $370,000.

TOURMALINE TER., 12920-Dorothy H. Kallman to Derege Hailegiorgis and Meskerm Demrew, $265,000.

VERDI CT., 13201-Clementina Ojie to Mary and Doney Mammen, $225,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BROOKVILLE RD., 6812-Mary Halow, trustee, to Denise J. and Martin J. Kearney, $695,000.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4820, No. 103-Michael L. Brennan to Erinn F. Gosnell, $235,000.

STANFORD ST., 4405-Susan E. and Christopher J. Milner to James F. O'Brien, $703,250.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-404-Stacy F. Gluck to Carl F. and Elizabeth C. Seastrum, $550,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

CYPRESS BAY LANE, 16626-Samuel M. and B.G. Turner to Alba L. Oliver Cephas and Marcellus R. Cephas, $1.06 million.

EDNOR RD., 1205-David L. and S.S. Spong to Kimberly M. and Thomas L. Bean, $435,000.

FARMCREST PL., 14578-Cheryl L.A. Appel to Tony N. Gilbert, $200,000.

FLINTSTONE LANE, 14716-Charles R. Smith, trustee, to Eleanor M. Males, $430,000.

GRANDADS LANE, 1711-William P. and P.C. Porton to Karen L. and John H. Pressley, $600,000.

OLD BONIFANT RD., 41-Kennita L. Williams to Noel Reitz, $489,000.

RAINBOW DR., 1500-Vincent and C. Sanzone to Erika L. and Luis R. Portillo, $350,000.

Damascus Area

BRIGADIER PL., 26001-A-James H. Warfield to Jenell L. Hilton, $134,650.

COLTRANE DR., 25510-Mary A. and J.A. Van Metre to Theresa M. D'Anton, $216,500.

COLTRANE DR., 25622-Steven R. Ridgely to Joel D. Gunzburg, $197,900.

LA SALLE CT., 25957-Susan R. Vaught to Jesus E. Jandres and Marcos O. Castillo, $290,000.

OAK DR., 25106-Maria Aguilar to Boriz I. Benitez, $355,000.

RIDGE MANOR TER., 10105, No. 3000-K-Darrin Lee Teter to Jeremy O. Smith, $190,000.

Derwood Area

BEE BEE DR., 7425-T.J. and Donald L. Francis to Mostafa Ataei Soleghani, $270,000.

CLIFFBOURNE LANE, 17744-K.M. and Kenneth M. McIntyre to Jose Orlando Hernandez, $442,000.

DEER LAKE RD., 16104-E.S. and Alexander A. Csiszar to Donna L. Falchick, $700,000.

WHITE CLIFF TER., 7803-Sylvain V. Costes to Susan Mary Buckingham, $305,000.

WHITE CLIFF TER., 7809-Marco E.F. Melo to Ana M. and Jonathan P. Miller, $302,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ADDENBROOK WAY, 20519-M.J.F. and Jeremy K. Fishman to Deanne G. and William R. Petersen, $652,000.

AMBIANCE DR., 15639-Sarah R. and Zouheir Tricha to Timothy L. Hartigan, $245,000.

AMITY DR., 17312-Oscar and Wilma E. Salguero to Mi A. and Jong M. Choi, $424,900.

ANCIENT OAK DR., 15608-D.F. and James S. Bugg Jr. to Suzanne Urjil Emerson, $571,600.

ANNA CT., 10, No. 248-Randolfo Orellana to Amy S. and Gary L. McPherson II, $205,000.

BARN SWALLOW TER., 18706-A.P. and P. Arokiaswamy to William J. Padilla, $215,000.

BAYRIDGE TER., 1010-James M. Foley to Andrew S. Lerner, $350,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9791-Ahlam and Naiem A. Bader to Alladien Giyasi, $212,500.

BRENISH DR., 7523-Brad A. and K.L. Blankenship to Shari and Michael J. McCarty, $292,500.

BROADWATER DR., 9229-Frank O. and L.S. Sanya to Neelu and Mukesh Sehgal, $265,000.

CALABAR DR., 17718-Laila Mullah to Preritaben P. Patel and Pankajkumar A. Patel, $438,000.

CAPTAINS WALK CT., 11161-Jae H. Cho to Geumyi and Kris Kim, $325,000.

CARRINGTON HILL DR., 12519-Charles E. and M.C. Fawley to Lisa Burchfield Vardi and Michael Vardi, $596,300.

CARRY BACK DR., 14936-Steven P. and M.T. Noble to Cindy L.H. and Paul K.J. Han, $581,500.

CASTLEBURY TER., 8206-Dileepa Jayasuriya to Ali Omer and Nada Mohamoud, $340,000.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18407-Phuoc H. Pham to Jennifer H. Gertson, $295,000.

CHESTERTOWN ST., 502-Michael John Hancheruk to Meredith M. and Christopher J. Fogle, $695,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 405, No. 39-Sergio A. Garcia to Beverly L. Castor, $170,101.

CLOVERWOOD CT., 8000-Miranda S. and Louis Carlacci to Edgar E. Romainville, $324,580.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19309, No. 304-Tyrone Bryant to Tina N. Ritsco, $110,500.

CRICKET HILL DR., 17830-Revlon O. and Y.C. Williams to Chong S. and Kyung S. Chae, $549,000.

CROSSBOW LANE, 158, No. 276-George Pittas trust to Soledad R. and Richard A. Zdanis, $250,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 18016-S.T. and Shi E. Cheng to Kramer Ovando, $235,000.

DUVALL LANE, 134, No. 219-Maria G.L. Jimenez to Julia Handal, $118,000.

ELIOAK TER., 7540-N. and Gordon A. Smith to Morton L. Goode, $290,000.

FERNSHIRE RD., 11804-George W. Reber, trustee, to Yoon Jeong and Joshua B. Stanton, $345,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. 2005-Reza Ghassemi Faraji to Hamid H. Assar, $230,000.

FLAMELEAF CT., 1-J.K.W. and Alan S. Solomon to Maurice I. Burstein, $574,900.

GIRARD ST., 446, No. 314-Teresa A. Wade to Maria H. and Victor M. Escobar, $140,000.

GRACKLE WAY, 18513-Augustine Nnaji to Alfonso and Monica Abanto, $250,000.

GREEN RUN CT., 20125-W.M. and Irvin P. McMasters to Sean Sharareh, $380,000.

GREY COLT DR., 13840-Fengxian Liu to Frank Delaglio, $390,000.

GROSBEAK TER., 18636-K.B. and Ronald E. Williams to David Sracic, $245,000.

HADDONFIELD WAY, 15612-Michael and M. Flaherty to Teresa D. and Peter H. Chi, $783,888.

HALLMARK CT., 18300-John Laney to Ronald Jones, $308,000.

HALLMARK CT., 18356-David J. and D.L. Mueller to Arlene P. and Matthew J. Alfano, $309,000.

HAVERSTRAW CT., 17308-Jefferey C. and J.L. Ripley to Cheryl R. and Stephen F. Taylor, $512,000.

IVY OAK DR., 7718-Teofilo A. Alhuay to Hemant S. and Sadhana H. Phansalkar, $339,500.

JOSHUA TREE CT., 17-Yun Chi and L. Lu to Teh Lin Lee and Mark H. Liau, $443,000.

KELSO TER., 8617-Miriam L. Brewer to Daniel Leiva, $256,000.

KENDRICK PL., 102, No. 12-James C. and G.E. Murray to Ann J. and Paul A. Coulis, $235,000.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1269-Pradeep Ghosh to Hassan Torabipour and Mehrangiz Khoshbin, $260,500.

LATAKIA PL., 14714-Stephen I. and M.E. Shumrak to Aracelys Ruiz Urbina and Oscar J. Urbina, $521,000.

LAYTONIA DR., 7507-Mahdieh H. Nejad to Gloria Reyes, $240,000.

LEE ST., 224-Tai Nguyen to Natalia I. Matsuka, $255,000.

LIONS CREST WAY, 8107-M. and Robert N. Newberg to Mark R. Herron, $599,500.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 414-Vickie A. Devalerio to Anna and Edward Papautsky, $380,000.

MANDOLIN CT., 511-Clarence Johnson to Jose G. Mejia, $248,000.

MARKETREE CIR., 8330-Marilyn R. Frishman to Kathleen M. Ellis, $416,000.

MAYHILL DR., 7316-Ciro and A.R. Castro to Maria B. Paredes and Rutilio Coreas, $357,000.

MOUNTAIN ASH WAY, 8210-Kenneth W. Barnett to Prabhavathi R.S. Pippalla, $256,600.

NORWICH CT., 6-Ping Gao to Gang Wu, $365,000.

OAK SHADE RD., 38-Ludivina E. and Danny G. McAuley to Hanh Tran, $270,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7938-Linda R. Lattimore to Mazhar H. Asim, $240,000.

PEBBLE HILL LANE, 14405-Bruce C. and M.O. Lee to Yunlai Sun and Richard B. Kissh, $360,000.

PONTIAC WAY, 77-Richard V. Clements Jr. to Jenny Chen Devries and Stanley G. Devries, $251,500.

PUEBLO RD., 12317-B.J. and William R. Loss to Lisa Jill Prigal, $400,000.

QUERY MILL RD., 13316-Richard E. and B.C. Musgrove to Guangpi Xu and Wanzhu Hou, $810,000.

RAMSDELL CT., 16-V.A. and Steven A. Randall to Chiang C. Tseng, $275,000.

RED ROCKS DR., 18101-Darrell J. and G.Y. Abate to Cindy Mei Yun Wang and Wayne Ming Te Wang, $547,800.

RISING SUN LANE, 13508-Stephen C. Willett to Suratchanee Channgam and Hiroaki Shiokawa, $289,000.

SEURAT LANE, 12513-Rao J. Bing to Mahzabin M. and Khaled Ahmed, $585,000.

SILVER KETTLE CT., 8-Susan Fasiska to Sodsai Tovanabutra, $275,000.

STORY DR., 29-Kirsten L. Yauch to Aleta R. Cameron Schrader, $293,000.

TARFSIDE CT., 4-S.A. and Lloyd W. Fink to Denis A. Cantarero, $270,000.

TYGART CT., 6-Moquit A. and M.A. Malik to Lingyuan and Tszechung Tai, $235,000.

VIEWSIDE DR., 12520-Robin D. Day to Nahid Taheri and Mohsen Pourshoushtari, $499,000.

VIRGINIA PINE DR., 11718-Nhieu Van to Wilber A. Diaz, $570,000.

WEDGE WAY, 10052-John P. Byrne to Terencio Mendez, $168,000.

WELLAND ST., 11215-Paul V. and N.R. Francischetti to Guanglin and Bing Rao, $790,000.

WINESAP DR., 15213-L.B. and Randal P. Reed to Harver Bautista, $377,000.

Germantown Area

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12000, No. A-101-Robert Vega to Nam H. Kim and Joseph Wan Woo, $235,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 20034, No. 449-Boriz I. Benitez to Lilliam C. Caceras De Vasquez and Carlos F. Vasquez, $210,000.

BERLAND PL., 11429-Cynthia Coffie to Jeffery Taylor, $252,500.

BIRDSEYE CT., 8-Katarzyna Korbas to Abhijit Ghosh, $225,750.

BREEZEDALE LANE, 19434-James McDonald to Antoine N. Zelof, $200,000.

BRINK RD., 10505-S.E. and David E. Ashley to Kristen M. Guidace, $460,000.

BRITTANIA CIR., 12104-Maria Elizabeth Castiblanco to Jaswant K. and Ravinder S. Deol, $286,000.

CANTERFIELD WAY, 22343-Boris R. and Z.M.D. Aponte to Diane K. and Martin I. Hight, $561,100.

CARAVAN DR., 19446-Soheyla Taie Tehrani to Veruzka Rincon, $375,000.

CHALET DR., 18110, No. 12-302-Carlos Castro to Andres O. Castro, $162,000.

CLIMBING IVY CT., 17-Reginald Butler to Tung T. Du, $257,000.

CLOVERDALE PL., 13416-Mary E. McDonald to Shari L. and Timothy J. Dexter, $330,000.

CROSSTIE DR., 13827-Sarmishtha and Abhimukta Banerjee to Maria Guerra, $238,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13137, No. 113-Tina L. Hands to Wendyann L. and Shon A. Zanders, $185,000.

DELEVAN WAY, 21213, No. 146-Veronique M. Dozier to Vijayalshmi Bhatt and Krishnanda A. Tallur, $342,000.

DELEVAN WAY, 21225, No. 159-Rosa N. Reyes to Ming Chan, $320,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13543-Jennifer S. Carter to Matthew J. Curry, $191,250.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19907, No. 184-Michael J. Gray to William S. Deguzman, $227,500.

DUNSTABLE WAY, 11207, No. 154-Tony R. Hugueley Jr. to Ali R. Negahdary, $235,000.

EBBTIDE CIR., 18915-Mario A. Dieguez Jr. to Philip Bernaldez, $270,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 12149-Kimberly N. Brainard to Jennifer L. and Edwin L. Stone, $300,000.

FLOWERTON PL., 11428-Neal E. and T.R. Prensky to Laurin L. and Bryan S. Goodman, $258,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 19917, No. 53-Vicky L. Klopp to Elizabeth S. Peters, $235,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 19919, No. 54-Maria N. Miller to Acme Iron Works Inc., $225,600.

GIANT CT., 13515-Kenneth C. Curley to Jingwen Xu, $306,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19505, No. 713-Rosa I. Umana to Evelyn E. and Roberto B. Melon III, $139,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19529, No. 131-Jean R. Hammersmith to Elisabeth Oliveras, $140,000.

HALETHORPE TER., 11323, No. 206-M.G. and William J. Hinkle to Patricia A. Staniford, $200,000.

HAWKS NEST LANE, 12530-Rick and D.R. Allison to Alison H. and Peter J. Melley, $490,000.

HAZELNUT CT., 20612-Charles C. Jr. and W.R. Heflin to Carol Somasundaram and Kankali Moses Reddy, $574,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 18914, No. 708-Bradley A. Sullivan to Kakay and Tony Senh, $228,000.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12500-Kevin and M. Proctor to Thomas C. Lewis and Shannon C. Flynn, $199,900.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12535-A.M. and Thycodam V. George to Robert Sadowski, $243,000.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12546-Carolyn J. Sanbourn to Joel A. Robertson, $179,900.

LOWFIELD DR., 20501-John T. II and L.S. Hickman to Josephina and Eugene Kennedy, $273,000.

METZ CT., 12-Raycole and Horne Burton to Cornelia and Matthias Vorwerk, $228,100.

MILL HOUSE CT., 13014-Marlon C. Desilva to Shanee A. and Rahsaan L. Carlton, $236,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13107, No. 6-G-Michael R. Casper to Shannon Flannery and Jeffrey Maurer, $255,000.

PALMETTO CIR., 13720-Anna M. and E.E. Kittleson to Yoosun Jung and Sukjoon Park, $395,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19136-Golam R. Parvizi to Uira Galvao and Carla Coelho, $235,000.

PLACID LAKE TER., 20049-Wendy E. Bookhultz to Christine A. and David F. Solan, $320,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12410-K.Y. and Eric J. Bechtel to Hafizul Mazumder, $252,000.

ROCKINGHAM RD., 13915-David C. and Amy R. Ferris to Yan Tang and Zifei Wang, $605,000.

ROSEBAY CT., 6, No. 403-Susan A. and Steven F. Moore to Ka Ching Ko, $352,000.

SESAME SEED CT., 12714-E.M. and Charles R. Nettles to Natalie Smith, $155,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20603, No. 83-Keith E. Dominic to Jennifer Willging, $175,000.

SHAKESPEARE DR., 20917-Roger S. and K.L. Seitzinger to Weihong Zhao and Shumin Zhang, $357,786.

SILVERGATE WAY, 12301, No. 906-M-Michael A. Rough to Michael R. Sibilia, $165,151.

SKIP JACK DR., 12103-Lisa L. Belitz to Daniel J. Mandalou, $240,400.

STAFFORDSHIRE DR., 20503-Jeffret B. Milota to Ajith Cheriyan, $272,000.

STEEPLE CT., 76-T.L. and Mark R. Mitchell to Judah B. Flum, $342,000.

STONE HOLLOW DR., 18445-Robert Sadowski to Margarita Ando and Alex R. Estacio, $240,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20511-Tracy White to Jami M. and Daniel J. Trumbower, $235,000.

SWISS CIR., 18204-R.A. and Mary M. Buonomo to Larry M. Levinrad, $165,000.

TATTERSHALL DR., 19212-George M. and H.K. Rados to Hae Jeong and Jin Hyeong Yoo, $620,000.

TIMBER OAK LANE, 20158, No. 174-Jon A. Soderlund to Linda D. and Joseph Giordano, $340,000.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN DR., 18601-Valentin Jr. and Elvira B. Garcia to Anis and Sadok Rouai, $350,000.

WEATHERED BARN CT., 14412-Alan Shapiro to Carla B. and Steven J. Yegher, $740,050.

WILD CHERRY LANE, 19989-Niren L. Nagda, trustee, to Beverly J.N. and Charles E. Foley Sr., $273,600.

WYMAN WAY, 20011-Michael and L.K. Grossinger to Hilda J. and Brian M. Geber, $250,000.


New Hampshire Estates


HEDIN DR., 9711-Cheryl O. Toomey to Constance E. and Francis R. Costa Jr., $357,000.

MOUNT PISGAH RD., 9501-Kenneth A. Redman II to Kayla K.M. Nguyen and Duy M. Vu, $449,900.

OAKVIEW DR., 1509-Van H. Ngo to Thoung Troung, $340,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 1011-Bertha M. Brown to Solomon G. Mezegebe, $120,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 210-Rodney F. Prather to Lemlem Kifle, $99,900.

TAHONA DR., 8308-Carlos H. Morales to Jose J. Ventura Ramos, $225,000.

Kensington Area

AURORA DR., 4916-R.H. and Richard A. Slocum to Colleen McBride, $465,000.

CAMPBELL PL., 2503-E.J. and Steven A. Cohen to Mark Seiler, $450,000.

FARRAGUT AVE., 3412-Jodi M. Renbaum to Jennifer Josephine Sieck, $515,000.

FAYETTE RD., 3306-A.M. and Michael S. Heyl to Joshua C. Caulfield, $401,150.

FERNDALE ST., 3014-Tarek M. Aly to Jennifer Claire V. Klotz, $370,000.

MCCOMAS AVE., 2811-Margaret N. Townsend to Yvonne E. Bryan, $381,000.

MCCOMAS AVE., 3001-John Q. Crowley to Teresa E. Antonucci, $350,000.

SIMMS DR., 4020-Henry M. Gerstenberg to Peggy D. Gerstenberg, $325,000.

Laytonsville Area

PADDOCKVIEW DR., 8524-Jose Felipe Giron to Julio A. Martinez Giron, $675,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 23300-J. and Dale K. Barrett to Richard P. Bruce, $325,000.

Montgomery Village Area

ASH HOLLOW PL., 9505-Christopher J. Blass to Homer Mitrakas, $451,000.

BRIAR GLENN WAY, 9507-Elizabeth Gayle to Barbara A. Kostakos, $276,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9349-Alan S. and Jerri P. Town to Mark A. Davis and Yesenia Chavez, $183,000.

DAIRYTON CT., 9846-Patricia R. Guss to Eva M. Bright, $290,000.

DUFFER WAY, 9714-Jerome F. Peters, trustee, to Oriana M. Lipponer, $310,000.

HAWK RUN TER., 8510-M.F. and Juan C. Quiroz to Marvin A. Espinal, $250,000.

MEADOWCROFT LANE, 9817-Lynda A. Bradley to Iliana Valencia and Max Jorfi, $430,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10215-Elizabeth L. Cornejo to Jose O. Amaya, $183,000.

ROYAL BONNET CIR., 18164-Yapi C. Kouakou to Rashidat A. Bello, $277,000.

ROYAL WOODS CT., 10314-Mitra Moini to Mon Chein Kuo, $285,000.

STRATH HAVEN CT., 17-James P. and M.E. Stevenson to Cynthia A. Wallquist and John R. Zakian, $210,000.

STRATH HAVEN DR., 20576-Sharon L. Brownewell to Elizabeth A. and Marc Novello, $194,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS CT., 39-Homa Nekouei to Gordon A. and Novakhneice Smith, $377,000.

TORREY POND PL., 20136-Dorothy L. Bowie to Phyllis A. and Ernest O. Banahene, $225,000.

WEDGE WAY, 10012-Alana J. Gomes to Martha Liliana Muriel and Juan Carlos Delgado, $187,000.

WORSHAM CT., 19509-Keith B. and Latrice Y. Newton to Xiaoqin Fu and Peijun Li, $296,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ADDERLEY CT., 3161, No. 249-D-Walter F. Jakubowski to Deborah A. Dubuque, $165,000.

BEAR VALLEY TER., 2219-Wilfredo R. Sito to Christopher S. Sommer, $372,000.

BECKENHAM CT., 3108, No. 251-H-B.S. and Robert L. Gaither to Carl A. Jones, $162,500.

BEL PRE RD., 3810, No. 7-35-Joan D. Leith to Dawn A. Smith Watson and Errol E. Watson Sr., $106,000.

BISON CT., 13810-Jason K. and Y.S. Han to Kyung Ja and Ki Soo Kim, $520,000.

BLUE KNOB TER., 2123-Ade G. Oseni Adegbite to Jin K. and Hiue S. Lee, $361,900.

CAMELBACK LANE, 2610, No. 7-19-Lourdes M. and Cecilio A. Reyes to Jawad Huleis, $205,000.

CAMPFIRE CT., 2108-Joseph M. and S.G. Giacalone to Joyette E. and George Comer III, $425,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 85-Michael T. and Pamela F. Szkodzinski to Jose C. and Miriam L. Sanchez, $260,000.

CHERRY LEAF LANE, 2220-Charles J. and M.M. Brinkman to Kimberly E. Shenenberger and Donald W. Shenenberger, $440,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2800, No. 1-35-Rhonda A. Connor to Magdalena G. and Anderson T. Bray Jr., $185,001.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2806, No. 2-29-Heather L. Begg to Mark Routson, $205,100.

DECKMAN TER., 13604-Robert G. McDowell to Tu Kun Weng, $500,000.

DENSMORE CT., 3301, No. 203-B-Robert W. Sauer, trustee, to Helen F. and Thomas F. McCarthy, $375,000.

ELBY ST., 3915-Ferdin A. Melgar to Francisco Mercado, $346,000.

FINSBURY PARK DR., 3718, No. 49A-Ronald W. Mix to Herbert C. Atwell, $287,500.

FOREST EDGE DR., 3510, No. 16-2D-Marjorie L. Clements to Betty J. Lawson, $185,000.

HARRELL ST., 3517-D.J. and Sang Y. Kim to Santos A. Medrano, $299,900.

HEWITT AVE., 3340, No. 4-3-A-Susan Schiff to Jason N. Hall, $115,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-503-Clorindo J. Nazzaro, trustee, to Diana F. Asnelmi, $250,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-1011-Sylvia K. Cohen to Beverly L. and Robert N. Platt, $165,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 2904, No. 515-Estelle Malamet to Irving C. Glass, $228,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-201-Mary L. Donelan, trustee, to Hazel R. Gastrock, trustee, $310,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-317-Bessie B. Piver to Barbara J. and Norman K. Adams Jr., $237,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-906-Harold J. Birch, trustee, to Mae H. and Theodore J. Homans, $389,500.

LONG GREEN DR., 14200-Brian M. Kampel to Gang Guo, $244,000.

LOYOLA ST., 13502-Carolyn L. Boddie to Maria V. Garcia, $297,000.

LYDIA ST., 13314-Robert L. Schmidt to Janice D. and Ronald E. Melia, $120,000.

MEARS LANE, 2208-K. and James A. Dudek to Thomas P. Anderson, $400,000.

VALLEYFIELD CT., 28-Papa K. Amoo to Neftali Flores, $270,000.

VILLAGE LANE, 2804-Gina C. Leifer, trustee, to Wu S. Mih and Hong A. Lam, $439,000.

Olney Area

BENTON SQUARE DR., 3108-S.E. and Carlos A. Quiroga to Victor Mercado, $278,000.

BROOM DR., 4832-Janjah M. Travers to Jodi W. and David B. Lesser, $600,000.

CASTLE GARDEN CT., 12-Thomas A. and Hazel Darisse to Pedro and Georgette M. Cardona, $375,000.

CONTINENTAL CT., 16901-Dorothy J. Winter, trustee, to Delores and Robert C. Wardwell, $507,500.

FOX CHASE CIR., 18233-C.E. and Kristina R. Padilla to Rabin Goswami, $291,000.

LITTLE VISTA TER., 2559-Arun K. and Jolly Sarkar to Hai Yan and Weishi Yuan, $383,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17125, No. 18-Melanie D. Malakoff to Qun Zhang and Qing L. Ma, $265,000.

PALADIN TER., 3116-Jacquelyn and B.J. O'Donnell to Pamela and Daniel Dubois, $267,800.

PARSON GROVE CT., 3-K. and Thomas Bean to Robert A. Nearing, $385,000.

PRINCESS ANNE DR., 17516-S.M. and William H. Wright to Joan Whitehill, $453,000.

Poolesville Area

CATTAIL LANE, 19028-Tracy M. Farenden to Karen Biehl, $469,900.

SPATES HILL RD., 17114-George J. and T.S. Pascal to Monica and Babatunde Eboda, $515,000.

Potomac Area

CODDLE HARBOR LANE, 7520-David M. Steiman to Sara and Darren Schneider, $420,000.

CRESTVIEW CT., 13-Charles R. Norton to Kelly J. and Edward W. Cowen, $620,000.

DEBORAH DR., 10763-Kathy Desmond to Pari and Qurose Beklik, $453,000.

DEBORAH DR., 10941-Seyed R. and M.V. Golestaneh to Maryam K. Changi and Amir Soltanian, $460,000.

DUNSTER LANE, 2279-B. and Kurt Meyers to Monica F. Cokinos, $494,000.

FOX HOLLOW DR., 9525-Timothy S. and Cheryl F. Kitt to Catherine and Darren Soodak, $916,000.

HUNTING HORN CT., 12716-Ming Chen to Dawei Chang and Lisa Qing Bai, $715,000.

IVYMOUNT TER., 7712-Ung S. Kim to Shiu Huie Chiu and Tai J. Sung, $680,000.

LAUREL LEAF PL., 10700-S.M. and Tod H. Cohen to Robert E. Foss Sr., $960,000.

LLOYD RD., 10208-George D. and M.J. Minter to Louise S. and Jon Harkavy, $675,000.

QUIET STREAM CT., 8808-C. and Michael T. Rose to Florencio L. Campello, $640,000.

ROSALINDA DR., 11803-Donald J. and D.E. Novotny to Rosina H. and Carl C. Perthel, $543,250.

ROUEN LANE, 9008-Isidore and D.F. Berg to Mi Sook and Soon Dong Kwon, $669,000.

SEVEN LOCKS RD., 11710-Jeannette A. Carrigan to Rusudani R. and Joseph Goldscheider, $456,000.

TRAILRIDGE CT., 25-Robert J. Colmar to Yanli Wang and Hongli Tan, $700,000.

WINDSOR VIEW TER., 8200-Robert and Tara Thompson to Sandra L. Bublick Max and Daniel N. Max, $962,200.

Rockville Area

AZALEA DR., 610, No. 1-610-C-Patricia A. Bradley to Jane L. Lynch, $272,000.

BEALL AVE., 107-D.A. and Walter K. Atwell to John H. Meekin, $267,000.

BREEZEWOOD TER., 6801-Kevin M. and L.P. Moss to Audrey and Michael Straight, $676,000.

CARNATION DR., 1036-John M. and Elisa A. Sullivan to Kathleen Meyer, $506,800.

CARR AVE., 530-Brian C. and N.L. Paul to Kristin W. and Krishna S. Dighe, $485,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5700, No. 2202-Elie Goldbrenner to George Scott Holden, $229,900.

COLLEGE PKWY., 854, No. 102-M.C. and Edco A.L. Bailey to Sandra M. Sanchez, $179,500.

COMMONWEALTH DR., 11305, No. 202-S.B. and Gary E. Zimmers to Mary Breeda Reilly, $351,100.

CREEK SHORE DR., 4603-A.L. and Garland P. Snyder to Monyra Srun, $299,000.

CROFTON HILL LANE, 117-Eric Stewart to Brian M. Neeley, $585,000.

DIAMOND COVE TER., 15302, No. 2-3-Silvia Stukuls to Sireenuch Tengamnuay, $248,200.

EDMONSTON DR. W., 602-Fernando W. and M.G. Sanchez to Ubrani V. and Jaisri Jayaram, $429,900.

EDSON LANE, 5900-Sari Kurland to Miriam C. Lenett, $584,000.

FARMLAND DR., 11306-Donald E. Wortman to Marianne Duffy and Stephen Miller, $680,000.

GALENA RD., 12000-Tony J. Santini to Sarah A. Friedman and Tal D. Hagbi, $370,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 712-Eun J. Min to Joan I. and Eric S.I. Lyness, $180,600.

MAGRUDER LANE, 11717-Laura N. and John P. Antonelli to Donna St. George and James L. Haner, $650,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 507-Taryn L. Waros to Carlos J. Lemoine and Eva I. Meyer, $455,000.

NORTHCLIFFE DR., 601-Patrick D. Menefee, trustee, to Chiara M. and Thomas D. Regan, $349,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11911, No. 304-E. and Igor Murashchik to Svetlana Lakhman, $206,100.

REGAL OAK DR., 1111-Jodi and Yoav Gershoni to Jean L. Gillick, $545,000.

RITCHFIELD CT., 26-Paul Odarchenko to Julie A. and Danny J. Gurewitz, $260,000.

ROCK RD., 11216-J. and Glenn L. Matteson to Michael W. Roosevelt, $351,300.

SCHUYLKILL RD., 11212-Lewis E. and Samira Woodings to Gintaras Kuzmickas, $336,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10113-Tamir and S. Orbach to Mark Zurakovski and Natalya Aukhert, $440,000.

Silver Spring Area

CONCERTO LANE, 683-Frances Gleeson Nemes to Daniela C. Bottini, $296,500.

CROSBY RD., 9419-Jack L. Ogus, trustee, to Wendy Spillane and Jason Sherman, $490,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 1838-Yeshi Tadesse to Daniel Abebe, $72,918.

EASTWOOD AVE., 10609-Charles F. Whipp Jr. to Ann E. Parry, $305,000.

GIST AVE., 704-Harry L. Katz to Nathalie Simoneau and Yves Pinsonneault, $338,000.

GIST AVE., 807-Thomas L. Ostrow to Joel A. Elvery and Lynn A. Phares, $393,000.

HILLMOOR DR., 203-Geoffrey L. and J.M. Pisarra to Kristina P. and Kevin M. Justh, $476,000.

KANSAS AVE., 2401-Tao N. Pham to Quocbao Pham, $400,000.

LAWNSBERRY TER., 9510-Abebe Worku to Tayech Tesfaye, $350,000.

LORAIN AVE., 10505-George T. Jr. and P.G. Hunter to Tifani L. and Christopher Grizzell, $379,900.

LOXFORD TER., 823-Madeline G. and Erick W. Hoffman to Kimberly L. Harvey Smith and Andrew C. Smith, $360,000.

MARGATE RD., 10819-L.F.P. and Daryl J. Boness to Carol A. Bannerman, $389,900.

NEES LANE, 2325-Morris J. Bregman, trustee, to Firoozeh Taherpoor and Mohammad Mokhtarzada, $424,000.

NEW YORK AVE., 803-David E. Goad to Nafisa and Ekram Siddique, $275,000.

OLDHAM RD., 8-Yavonne D. English to Ernest Sinanan, $300,000.

PICKWICK VILLAGE WAY, 513-Constance E. Manwell to Louis H. Buell Jr., $255,600.

QUINBY ST., 10003-Elias J. and M.L. Sousane to Liana M. and Zachary A. Lum, $358,000.

RITCHIE AVE., 624-Jeff Fishel to Erin R. and Justin D. Hoffmann, $359,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2224-Renee Leiberman to Krista Anne and Daniel Engler, $206,000.

WOODLAND DR., 9405-Donald W. Rice to Carole and Joseph L. Nicoteri, $380,000.

WOODSIDE PKWY., 1017-Lisa A. and M.A. Felix to Cheryl Rinehart and Eric Gardner, $675,000.

Takoma Park Area

FLOWER AVE., 8119-Lance Ferderer to Trudi and Dominic Benford, $525,000.

FORSTON ST., 704-Mohamed B. Maeruf to Abilio Fuentes, $260,000.

GRANT AVE., 225-Clara Bernstein to William B. Dorman, $315,000.

MANOR CIR., 207-Society of African Missions to Michele Bollinger and David Zirin, $495,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7123-Dance Exchange Inc. to Katherine E. Konschnik, $366,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7125-Dance Exchange Inc. to Thin P. and Jason C. Judd, $396,000.

Twinbrook Area

CALVIN LANE, 511-Thomas Worden to Julie M. and Paul S. McNaughten, $287,000.

HALSEY RD., 5914-D.L. and Albert M. Jones to Jason S. Goldberg, $242,640.

NIMITZ AVE., 203-Devin M. Nasvaderani to Jairo Santana, $350,000.

RING ST., 2301-Bin C. Chen to Fredis A. Ramirez, $335,000.

Washington Grove Area

CENTER ST., 12-Nelson W. Elgin to Sylvie Favret, $371,800.

Wheaton Area

BERRY ST., 12035-Jorge A. Mazariego to Wallter Gaviria and Jacqueline Suleima Reyes, $237,000.

BRUNSWICK AVE., 10211-Arthur Jr. and M.E. Schertzer to Amy L. and Michael T. Maddox, $345,000.

CASCADE RD., 2020-Katherine Katsouros to Sergio Buslje and Maureen Dunn, $395,000.

CENTERHILL ST., 11913-C.C. and Patrick C. Wang to Suzanna Strausburg, $115,000.

CENTERHILL ST., 12200-Juan A. Flores to Enrique Calva and Lucia Fuentes, $250,000.

HARRIS AVE., 2803-Y. and Esfandiar Z. Mehrabani to Ana J. Bernal, $295,000.

HATCHER PL., 11713-Stanley W. Lange to John McLaughlin, $251,500.

INSLEY ST., 10406-Mezemer Negash to Jose E. Mejia, $305,000.

KINGTREE ST., 3028-Robert W. and S.A.K. Johnson to Sara M. and James E. Taylor, $350,000.

LEBARON TER., 11630-Alec and L.B. Stone to Elvira Rayo and Hernan Alzate, $358,900.

MAPLEVIEW DR., 11507-Mary Ridgeway, trustee, to Soghra Y. Anzahaei, $286,000.

MEDWAY ST., 3105-Jack A. and V.R. Friedrich to Tuan Ngoc Tran and Minh Thi Vu, $185,000.

PATTERNBOND TER., 10621-Linwood L. Rayford III to Van Chung, $335,000.

PENNYDOG LANE, 10529-Bi Hua and Kwok Keung Chiu to Francis Gilbert, $316,000.

REEDIE DR., 1803-J.A. and Irving D. Markman to Henrique Gums, $375,000.