The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

APRIL ST., 14612-Darin A. and Heidi U. Walker to Shavinder K. Chan and Amrik S. Nagi, $257,000.

CEDAR DR., 15308-Kyle L. and Phyllis A. Hagen to Baljinder Singh and Jagir S. Dhariwal, $225,000.

CHARITY LANE, 18513-McQucio D. Moore to Kevin Quattlebaum, $289,000.

HENRIETTA DR., 15603-Duyane P. Koep to Kathleen E. and Michael C. Doyal, $465,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 17108-Deborah I. and Raymond J. Yarnell to William P. Stover, $210,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9274, No. 301-Grace E.W. and Charles A. Brown to Grace Okhelen, $65,000.

IRIS PL., 10404-Roy C. and Joan E. Bannis to Felicia and Jose M. Cruz, $285,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1104-Dorrine M. Gross to General King, $67,300.

Beltsville Area

COLLIER RD., 3501-Joyce J. Carter to Maria C.H. and Joseph O. Anderson, $347,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 5012-Sylvester B. Allen to Juan R. and Monica Y. Maravilla, $202,500.

OLD GUNPOWDER RD., 12407-Patrick L. Fortney to Rocco A. Baldino Jr., $262,500.

Bowie Area

ANCIENT CT., 2703-David B. and Mary B. Christensen to Brandon M. and Catherine A. Melvin, $262,000.

APPLETON LANE, 2525-Kenneth and Nancy Raftery to Wanda and Gregory L. Dent, $243,950.

BRUNSWICK LANE, 12726-Anita and Milton Vangrack to Dorothy M. Blackmon, $249,900.

CHESWOOD LANE, 13000-Shirley Kirschenbaum to Rachel and David M. Hoffman, $239,900.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15720-Teresa A. and Matthew Glahn Jr. to Nikki A. Poindexter, $107,500.

EASTON DR., 3507-Quay Williams to Jacqueline and Larry N. Wershbale, $158,000.

EBBYNSIDE CT., 15523-Susan G. and Jason G. Singleton to Hope Ferguson, $220,500.

EMILY CT., 15208-Carolyn Grandson to Vanessa and Marvin Campbell, $235,500.

FEDERAL LANE, 2802-Albert B. and Eileen F. Piper to Alice E. and Steven G. Williams, $220,000.

HANOVER PL., 2309-Jennifer A. and Michael B. Mahoney to Jennifer L.M. Johnson, $259,900.

HINDLE LANE, 2227-Minta D. Davis to Stephanie W. and Michale H. Wimbush, $255,000.

KEEL TURN, 12309-Seyed H. and Minoo Moussavi to Jerri M. and Michazel J. Bast, $255,000.

KEMBRIDGE DR., 12400-Joseph D. and Ann J. Klugewicz to Carrie and John Garrity, $277,000.

KING CT., 4803-James and Ann Elliott to Miatta Brooks and Roland Hoff, $335,000.

LONDON LANE, 14579-Charlott and Joseph Arrington III to Edith E. Lewis, $190,000.

MAUREEN LANE, 3604-Jennifer M. and Joseph H. Moxley to Richard Gillespie Jr., $246,000.

MILBURN LANE, 12614-Quinton E. and Frances A. Barker to Alison R. Ivester and Steven R. Mutton, $209,900.

MYRTLE AVE., 8204-Richard D. and Comae Johnson to Wayne and Kim Pitts, $290,000.

NORWALK CT., 15416-Elaine Y. and Howard D. Norris to Rahsaan G. Bernard, $185,000.

ORANGEWOOD LANE, 4414-John J. Donohue to Francisca and Miguel Mendez, $240,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4637, No. 351-Terry L. Dodd to Jermaine L. Williams, $178,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4669, No. 370-Stephanie A. Jordan to Sharneen D. Smiley, $177,000.

RUSSET DR., 17105-Marline and Fidelis Atabon Asongwe to Debra J. Byrd and Frank P. Gavern, $445,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12420-Rodney S. and Michelle R. McGhee to Vantroi A. Sibilia Martinez, $235,000.

FOURTH ST., 13024-Felicia Dantzler Hope to Narbada and Nirmal P. Sharma, $203,000.

Brandywine Area

BADEN NAYLOR RD., 15701-Beverley F. and Phillip R. Walder to William T. Tanner, $380,000.

BADEN NAYLOR RD., 16402-Ada M. and William N. Bingman to Samuel D. Handwerger, $172,500.

Brentwood Area

WINDOM RD., 3903-Denise A. Smith to Danita and Thomas Lavender, $158,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 6000-Sarah Hollis to Betty J. and Eliseo Marcia, $145,500.

ADDISON RD., 6240-Joe L. and Barbara M. Ruffin to Robert and Yvonne Jarrett, $149,500.

BALSAMTREE DR., 805-Cedric and Cynthia Mason to Darryl C. West and Danyale C. Watkins, $145,000.

CAMPBELL AVE., 1412-Guadalupe and Maria Lopez to Selina and Darryl Jameson, $167,000.

CEDARLEAF AVE., 407-Drewery S. Watkins III to Darrell Carter, $125,000.

EAGLE ST., 5707-James A. and Denise D. Ransome to Grace A. and Joseph B. Rogers, $87,000.

K ST., 6103-Karen V. and Keisha Hudson Pearson to Eliease M. Crensh and Caresha D. Lee, $167,000.

MARYLAND PARK DR., 116-Rutha M. and Carl Jackson Sr. to Marshay D. Clark, $124,900.

NOVA AVE., 1624-Sylvia F. and Simone C. Lanier to Channing Family Trust, $106,500.

ONSLOW WAY, 5627-Paulette and McArthur Morrison II to Stephen A. Arhin, $153,000.

WILL ST., 4310-Anthony W. Rembert to Carolyn C. Sistare, $126,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE CIR., 7653-Demuren Tawio to Nathania A. Miles, $110,000.

BUCKTHORN CT., 2930-Fitzroy G. Chambers to Timothy and Sheila M. Jennings, $143,000.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1850, No. R-268-Charles W. Poindexter to Victoria Brown, $77,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7707-Velma B. and Lawrence W. Gray to Clearview Management Corp., $67,000.

HILL RD., 405-Allfirst to Linda P. Mayo, $180,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9812, No. 203-Jimmy V. Jones to James Q. Thompson, $145,000.

LANDOVER RD., 6117-Harry W. Miller to Albert D. Powell Sr., $134,000.

MARKHAM LANE, 2583-Katrina N. Cartwright to Amelia Peterson Dozier, $172,000.

NORTH ENGLEWOOD DR., 5211-Effie L. and Edward W. Jones to Crosstown Properties Corp., $85,000.

81ST AVE., 3110-Ann and Milton L. Chappelle to Tricia Diaz, $172,000.

91ST AVE., 4008-Trina M. and Bryan R. Fraley to Audrey D. Threatt, $128,000.

Clinton Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 7211-Lily C. and John C. Sinagra to Lilibeth G. Enriquez, $145,000.

BIRCHVIEW CT., 11801-Cheryl M. and Frank E. Murga Jr. to Elizabeth N. Offurum, $225,000.

BLACKWATER RD., 3801-Lawrence D. Cooper to Salvador Vargas and Adrian Morales, $201,000.

BUTTERFIELD DR., 5705-Karen I. and Thomas D. Prout to Rhonda S. Harrison, $258,000.

CHELTENHAM AVE., 9007-Ronald T. and Karen L. Minor Best to Latisha R. Whit and Tarrence L. Cooley, $190,000.

DRAGOO PL., 10712-Rosemarie and Kevin J. Keating to Nathan P. Long, $239,999.

PAMELA LANE, 6804-Ronald I. and Carol A. Smith to Angela R. and Nathaniel Brown, $246,000.

PENNY AVE., 11012-Amilcar B. Rocha to Janice Aiken, $166,500.

SCHULTZ RD., 8302-Charles D. Cooper to Dorothy and Walter King, $239,900.

WELCH ST., 11105-Patricia T. and Todd K. Pounds to Spencer N. Battle, $215,000.

College Park Area

BRIDGEWATER ST., 9129-Walter E. and Kyong H. Shepherd to Maria C. Majano and Juan J. Moreno, $300,000.

HARVARD RD., 4611-Scott R. Reynolds to John A. Haigh III, $324,000.

NORWICH RD., 4707-Helen R. Thomas to Barbara A. and Lewis D. Zietz, $250,000.

OSAGE ST., 4901-Mary J. and Jonathan J. Fox to David T. Lee, $209,000.

51ST AVE., 9908-David A. Sauder to Carlos Velasque and Blanca R. Alvarez, $230,000.

51ST PL., 9715-Michael E. and James M. Cronin to Carlos A. Berrios, $216,000.

53RD AVE., 9804-Anna K. and William K. Roy to Abdus Samad, $175,000.

District Heights Area

DONNELL PL., 7235-Sedric E. and Nina A. Baker to Kitty O. and Cephas E. Smith, $52,000.

DONNELL PL., 7330, No. C7-Stephen H. Tancil to Jackson D. Gouno, $76,900.

GLENDORA DR., 1921-Faye D. and Byron K. Green to Cathy Bing, $185,000.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 6807-Tia M.H. and Emilio Velazquez to Melba L. Jones, $165,500.

MILLVALE AVE., 2704-Christa C. Genatowski to Stephanie Grews Jones, $99,900.

PRINCE RAINIER PL., 3213-Hermelinda O. White to Nakia N. Scott, $140,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8732-Anthony J. and Althea E. Johnson to Trumaine Mathis, $140,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8836-Sandra J. and Rozier L. Carter to April M. Parker, $169,000.

SAND CREEK WAY, 2910-Lucille Danjuma to Charles G. Warren, $184,000.

SETON WAY, 2201-Nigel Simon to Janette M. McFarlane, $162,500.

SWEETWATER CT., 2762-Cheryl and Randy Hamlett to Alva Kelly, $155,000.

WENDOVER CT., 1303-Lillian and Howard Wilkens to Betty J. Tyler, $195,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 9320-Edgardo S. Zarate to Sienna T. and Rommel C. Oribello, $209,000.

ASBURY DR., 12408-Barbara B. and Avanaugh A. Showell to Vivian D. Cross, $255,000.

BELLEFIELD AVE., 7405-Wallace C. and Bertha M.O. Neal to Kenneth E. Sr. and Loretta F. Dunlap, $225,000.

BILLINGTON CT., 7807-William B. and Dolores D. Raimond to Tracey J. and Foster W. Butler Jr., $227,000.

BUCKLAND CT., 6535-Aldrena J. Williams to Verlisa A. Crump, $121,000.

CARYHURST DR., 6300-Harold S. and Angela Holt to Gregory and Darlene Lucas, $140,000.

COLWYN RD., 13407-Hyung S. and Alphonso Holt III to Donald Burrell, $220,000.

GUNPOWDER DR., 10906-James M. and Jeanette L. Han Griffin to Cheryl B. and Leon C. Ouzts, $253,500.

HEWLETT DR., 9002-Lonnie C. Moses Jr. to Donna Y. Gatlin, $220,000.

JOE KLUTSCH DR., 6316-Phyllis M. Kornegey to Robert L. Morgan, $190,000.

MIDDLEFIELD RD., 6709-Margo R. English to Ateia R. Green, $200,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1586, No. 231-Debra A. Carson to Linda Chambers, $136,000.

SENTRY LANE, 510-Johnnie R. Starcher to Daniel A. Dupre, $169,900.

STEEDS GRANT WAY, 4118-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Laura L. and Robert M. Lucas, $245,000.

SWAN CREEK RD., 111-Richard H. and Elsie V. Benson to Stephen A. Robins and Don J. Kiser, $400,000.

TANDOM DR., 9204-Michael H. and Patricia C. Phi Malcom to Vanessia R. and Virgil R. Jeffries, $229,500.

WEDGEWOOD PL., 9606-Bienvenido M. and Evelyn P. Cube to Demiko A. Aiken and Mary E. Haffenden, $289,900.

Glenn Dale Area

LANSDALE ST. N., 10713-Cheryl L. and Brian Beard to Karamoko Kaba, $209,000.

PETWORTH LANE, 11208-Kathleen Flaherty to Marcia Brown, $395,000.

Greenbelt Area

HANOVER PKWY., 6912, No. 200-Roberta S. and John H. Shupp to Mahadeva K. Panicker, $81,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6512, No. 204-Krishna K. Deb to Nerdin St. Rose, $156,500.

LAKE PARK DR., 6600, No. 303-Tracy M. Aaron to Desmond F. Mayes, $187,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7852-Sylvia Keane to Lois M. Landon, $89,000.

MANDAN CT., 8213-Yvette Russell to Cin and Nataya Swangwatanaratn, $169,000.

MANDAN RD., 7522-Mi K. and Sang S. Cho to Ronald D. Green, $210,000.

MANDAN RD., 7656-Margaret J. Simnett to Douglas Quintanilla, $191,000.

MANDAN RD., 7925, No. 104-Dianne and William Boyer to Bridgett Johnson, $110,000.

MORRISON DR., 7210-Renuka D. and Ome B. Shrestha to Nicola Dickenson, $220,000.

Hyattsville Area

CARTERS LANE, 5405-Robert D. Williams to Frank Williams, $105,000.

EMERSON ST., 5607-Betty L. and Amos White IV to Arel Properties Corp., $115,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 4108-Frank E. Smith to Maria T. Boroja, $280,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7720, No. 204-Marsha Jean Baptiste to Camilla I. McFarlane, $89,900.

HANOVER PKWY., 7806, No. 309-Deborah T.B. and Michael A. Lewis to Kenia A. Prophet, $123,000.

Langley Park Area

12TH AVE., 8409-Leonel and Mayra I. Arias to Ada E. Cruz and Jorge Murillo, $161,500.

Lanham Area

CHESWOLD PL., 6305-Gregory R. Billings to Michael Ashley, $250,000.

ELLARD DR., 10019-Derrick and Mary Henderson to Rosalie and Salomon E. Ramirez, $415,000.

MCHENRY LANE, 9123-Joseph E. Ballard to Phillip L. Johnson, $220,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 9413-Kathleen M. Morse to Francisco A. Barahona, $175,000.

WHITFIELD CHAPEL, 5410-Desiree Williams to Renetta Carroll, $180,000.

WILHELM DR., 7521-Zarina and Fida H. Wagan to Nizam Uddin, $170,000.

FOURTH ST., 1412-Brenda L.S. and Derek A. Coleman Sr. to Gloria C. Oduah, $322,000.

FOURTH ST., 9300-Alan G. Gottlieb to Paula Belcher, $185,000.

Largo Area

ALASTAIR ST., 329-Investments Unlimited to Lisa M. Epps and Gary R. Proctor, $276,000.

AMBLER LANE, 9814-Edna J. Morris to Leslie A. Page, $145,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10411-Angela S. and David T. Beach to Michelle S. Gonzalez, $155,000.

CAROLINA CT., 1508-Lisa S. McKen and Charles A. Ashford to Keith Johnson, $346,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3063-D-Margaret S. Cox to Ronald C. Pretlow, $106,900.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3249-D-Linda Nettles to Sabrina M. Sylvester, $105,000.

DUNLORING PL., 11416-Titilayo Akinyoyenu to Kimberly and Dionte Woods, $205,000.

ETNA DR., 607-Allie M. and James E. Miles to Jamie E. Guy, $230,000.

LOUISVILLE LANE, 10502-Joko Y. Bias Agoro to Michael O. Adebiyi, $260,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8911, No. 104-Denise Marshall to Brian W. Kearse, $109,900.

TYROL DR., 3641-EMC Mortgage Corp. to Tammy Bosch, $141,000.

Laurel Area

AVONDALE ST., 26-Lynn M. Goralski to Timothy L. and Lawrence G. Trimble, $196,000.

CHESTNUT CT., 14035-Sharon M. Sego to Ivonne Vega and Jesse Long Jr., $181,500.

DOVER CT., 14310-Beth L.H. and Ronald A. Friedman to Kevin Usta, $162,000.

KORBA PL., 14007-Jerome M. and Gloria Bauman, trustees, to Amy A. and Jeffrey K. Hunt, $107,000.

SANDY ST., 6414-James R. Rodeheaver to Elisabeth M. Sherrod, $247,500.

SOUTH SHORE CT., 14311-Andrea and Barbara Dunkley to Lukas and Dominik Prokop, $153,500.

Montpelier Area

ADKINS RD., 14006-George E. Sr. and Susan L. Cornett to Tania G. and Job Hernandez, $230,000.

FAIRLANE PL., 9231-Hassan A. Ochefu to Edith R. Kamara, $228,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11484-Lynda and Eric T. Brooks to Evelyn C. Blassingame, $116,000.

Mount Rainier Area

UPSHUR ST., 3212-Noelle G. Blank to Lawrence C. Reyes, $176,781.

New Carrollton Area

ELDRIDGE ST., 6714-Rubia L. Lo and Miguel D. Villalobos to Oseas I. Villalobos, $155,000.

FARMCREST DR., 7408-Young C. and Ji S. Yoo to Belinda A. and Luis A. Gyles, $235,000.

GREENVALE PKWY., 6701-Simon G. Bryan to Alvera W. and Earl S. Hardy, $210,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5503, No. 1121-Loretta A. Sanford to Barbara A. Banks, $72,500.

POWHATAN ST., 7805-Eugene E. and Mary L. Hixson to Delores and Cecil L. Lyday, $239,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7519, No. 1943-Esther D. and Roger L. Shockey to Amani S. Ahmed, $27,000.

68TH PL., 4401-Deborah E. and Gordon L. Pullen to Maria G. Aviles, $145,900.

89TH AVE., 5935-Helen M. Isenberg to Byron Osorio Miranda, $215,000.

Oxon Hill Area

CARSON AVE., 705-William J. Plater to Mary Bell, $145,000.

FARGO AVE., 5601-Katherine Johnson to Trina M. and Bryan R. Fraley, $178,000.

WESTFIELD DR., 1109-Arlet R. and James M. Aanestad to Elaine A. Hancock, $140,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 524, No. 6725-Lolita M. and Federico V. Recio to Courtney R. Gant, $56,500.

Riverdale Area

FURMAN PKWY., 6829-Martha S. Whyte to Maria L. Quiroz, $190,000.

MORTON PL., 5424-Beltway Properties Inc. to Antonio M. Valladares, $204,000.

56TH AVE., 5219-Manuel D. and Milagro D. Cam Vasquez to Samuel and Virginia Rosales, $226,000.

67TH PL., 6031-Azubike Obiajulu to Iris and Jeremias Sosa, $200,000.

Suitland Area

MAPLE RD., 4111-Jilma E. and Juan R. Ramirez to Reginald A. Sherman, $169,900.

SUITLAND RD., 5037-Deborah E. Kelly to Mary E. Valladare and Donald L. Aikens, $161,000.

SUITLAND RD., 6311-Barbara J. and John D. Matthews to Rafael W. Scott, $184,000.

VERNON WAY, 5506-Dorothy M. Foreman to Tyrone Simms and Michael L. Hall, $187,000.

Temple Hills Area

BELLBROOK ST., 2714-Woisin Properties Corp. to William M. Holloman, $136,000.

CATSKILL ST., 2164-Maria Williams and Kim T. Mitchell to Odale Wilson, $145,000.

IVERSON CT., 2014-Charles E. Ballard to Alma Brown, $210,000.

IVERSON ST., 2741, No. 1-Evelyn Y. Jenkins to Modupeh S. Davies, $80,000.

JOYCE DR., 6008-Steven E. Collins to Wendell Barnes, $200,000.

RALEIGH RD., 4501-Cynthia L. Rikard to Andrae L. Alexander, $145,000.

ROBINIA RD., 6610-Nasser I. and Alice C. Sussan to Earl J. and Dorothy E. Blake, $250,000.

ST. CLAIR DR., 2406-Achille and Delphine F. Maccarone to Kelvin D. and Cynthya R. Mewborn, $143,500.

ST. CLAIR DR., 2417-Maxine B. Smith to Bernadine T. Abdi, $139,500.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BALTIMORE AVE., 6600-Philip P. Schrode to Darlene and Lawrence R. Nader, $255,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 3508-Lilly E. and Clarence B. Moffett to James Spears, $199,900.

KIMBERLY RD., 3110-Kate I. and Alan R. Huff Terrell to Norma and Carlos Fuentes, $179,999.

MADISON ST., 3534-Juanita Carter to Wilfredo Guevara, $155,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 113-David Fitzgibbons, trustee, to Mercedes E. Tenetana, $74,500.

20TH AVE., 6216-Suzanne L. Davis to Stephen and Brenda Sergon, $165,000.

29TH AVE., 5716-Melvin E. Varela to Rogelio Pedroza, $265,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

CAPTAIN COVINGTON PL., 4604-Tamika and Harry Jackson to Jason Bush, $211,000.

COLLEGE STATION DR., 138-Marvin G. Jones Jr. to Constance D. Duncan, $165,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 13800, No. 5101-Michael A. Miller to Melanie M. Griffin, $119,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 14200-Robin Y. Urkums to Terry D. Burrell, $114,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8503-Robin S. and Clarence W. Shaw Jr. to Edna Marlowe, $187,500.

KAINE PL., 10609-Mildred L. and Daniel S. Bradshaw to Minerva Deleon, $162,000.

LOCRIS DR., 7820-Stephanie M. Dunmore to Norbert A. Proctor, $225,000.

MOUNT LAUREL CT., 9605-Kenneth and Sherrie D. Anderson to Erika and Stephen J. Csicsek, $351,000.

PRINCE PL., 10210, No. 6-203-Tennille Hall to Ogbonna L. Hopkins, $70,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10140, No. 26-1-Loretta C. and Matthew Blanding Jr. to Krystina L. Stewart, $124,500.

STATON CT., 12807-Marshall W. and Yolanda Newman to Josefina A. Corde and Antelmo Rojas, $200,000.

TAM-O-SHANTER DR., 9603-Jody L. and Robert G. Butler to Rodge Bailey, $214,000.

TEAKWOOD DR., 9708-Leon C. Ouzts to Dwayne A. Kerr, $220,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12615-Angela Speller to Anika Lawal, $224,900.

TOWN FARM RD., 14005-Brenda K. Stuart to Denise J. and Phillip Johnson, $315,000.

Woodmore-Lake Arbor Area

BALSAM POPLAR PL., 10109-Effie Brown and Genovia Isler to Gregory D. Brown, $216,000.

CYPRESS POINT CIR., 923-Tanya Rainey to Cecilia Contreras, $311,000.

DUNCANNON CT., 14304-Claudia and Dennis J. Starks to Debora Whitehurst Brown, $649,900.

DUNCANNON CT., 14308-William and Brenda Morgan to Helen Charles and Derek M. Sutton, $555,000.

HALLANDALE TER., 12061-Veronica W. and Gordon W. Southall to Sharon Ray, $153,000.

SPENCER CT., 10402-Tanyika and Thomas A. Gaskins III to Karen Reid Long, $202,000.

STILLWATER PL., 629-Janet A. James to Terry A. Morris, $240,000.