Snow in October

"If you don't like what we are going to do, then there's other places -- Canada and other places -- you might enjoy." Slow-growth policies are a way to wreak "death and destruction on a county."

-- Supervisor Stephen J. Snow (R-Dulles), quoted in "Growth Critics in Loudoun Depict Impact of Proposals," Washington Post, Oct. 7.

We had Snow in the spring

And Snow all this fall.

Snow this fall has been tall,

It's the worst Snow of all:

It's an ill-tempered Snow -- cold and derisive.

A Snow with much bluster -- and often divisive.

It's a good ol' boys' Snow --

loud with instruction,

A developers' Snow --

Loudoun's death and destruction.

But we've had enough Snow,

It's up to our ears.

Please take it away

Don't trade on our fears.

David Stewart


Divorced From Reality

The Post accurately described the debunking of a Bush campaign tactic when it ran the front-page article about the debates ("Bush's Cartoon of Kerry Failed to Show Up," Oct. 15). You reviewed how different Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) proved to be in reality, as opposed to the Bush campaign ads, which paint a false image.

But isn't this true of much of what the Bush administration does to the American public, as well as to the rest of the world -- whether it be the reason to invade Iraq, the situation on the ground now, the health of the economy, or the quality of our environmental (non) program? The image presented by the president is not reality.

It's time to demand a change.

S. Ann Robinson