With the ball in his team's territory late in the first half, Oxon Hill Coach Randolph Warren had planned to run out the clock and go into halftime with a 10-point lead against Parkdale.

But when Parkdale started to use its timeouts to try to get the ball back, Warren changed his mind. On first-and-10 from the Clippers 24, Warren opted against using a running play to try to keep the clock moving. Instead, the coach called for QB Jason Miller to give the ball to RB Matthew Johnson, who then threw downfield to WR Shawn Moseley for a 76-yard touchdown that helped Oxon Hill to a 42-12 victory.

It was the second touchdown pass in two attempts this season for Johnson, who played previously quarterback before changing positions this season. He also has a team-high five interceptions.

"Johnson is a good athlete," Warren said. "He can do it all."

As for whether the play will continue to fool upcoming opponents, who almost certainly will be aware of Johnson's passing, Warren said he hopes so.

"Hopefully we can squeeze a few more out this season," he said. "As long as we're having a good ground game, the defensive backs have to help out with run support. As long as we've got that going, it's possible for it to happen.

"It's not a trick [play], it's a solid one. We get a lot of mileage out of that."