The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CHERISH CT., 42086-NVR Inc. to Sarah Jawadi, $418,390.

CHERISH CT., 42086-Sarah Jawadi to Aria and Mohammad Panjshiri, $517,000.

DARK HOLLOW CIR., 24158-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nathalie H. and Craig E. Thompson, $703,445.

DUIKER DR., 25248-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Mansoorah Salik, $575,140.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42090-Shawn McGregor and Allene Murray to Karenda F. Bernal, $535,000.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24704-Gayle T. Bailey to Farid Faieq, $330,000.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24704-Farid Faieq to M. Sciortino and Daniel Virgilio, $358,000.

HIGH PLATEAU CT., 24772-Beazer Homes Corp. to Amy K. and Christopher R. Gildea, $518,386.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24704-Centex Homes to Le T. and Dennis K. Farrison, $325,546.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24706-Centex Homes to F. Afshari and Khatera S. Afshari, $289,890.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24710-Centex Homes to Stephen C. Martin, $289,985.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 41995-Beazer Homes Corp. to P. Andripalli and Madhukar Tammireddi, $457,282.

PRAIRIE GRASS DR., 24782-Beazer Homes Corp. to Tracey and Edward Moriarty, $392,011.

SHELLS WAY, 24796-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Greg O'Grady and Austin B. George, $650,745.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24777-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ronald C. Rush, $381,989.

VACATION PL., 25426-NVR Inc. to Melanie K. and James R. Davis, $488,579.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ABIGAIL TER., 46686-Nelson W. Eaton to Hoang H. Seav and Eang C. Seav, $307,000.

ALDEN CT., 21-Karen A. and Michael F. Robar to Eliana Viera, $221,000.

ALDRIDGE CT., 22-George A. Jajonie to S.F. Jahanmir and Seyed Jahanmir, $292,000.

ALLSBROOK PL., 46233-Jan K. Mader to Mary H. Webb, $489,000.

ASHCROFT TER., 20338-Mary I. Mantilla to Patricia Allen Aquinas, $220,000.

ASHCROFT TER., 20354-Dennis R. Vernia to Josilynn A. Robinson, $351,500.

ASHLEY TER., 20517-Brian P. and Juliet Stokes to Grace E. and Jeffrey B. Komitor, $350,900.

AUSTEN CT., 8-Zoya and Victor Medvedev to Carolyn J. and Douglas W. Bennitt, $285,100.

BANBURY SQ., 20585-Bulent Ozkose and Dina Elbous to Jay Jenkins, $353,000.

BELWOOD CT., 20644-Debbie and William Barger to E. Linaberger and Brian D. Best, $535,000.

BERKELEY CT., 19-Marsha S. and Joseph E. Sheinman to Katherine and David P. Nunley, $259,500.

BROAD RUN DR., 20322-Mark Paskaitis and Arthur V. Fox to Dalia and Pedro F. Versos, $541,500.

CARROLLTON RD., 51-Norma L. and Curtis D. Martin to Christopher W. Brodrick, $450,000.

CEDARHURST DR., 46494-Juvilyn Q. and Kevin B. McCarthy to Aparna and Ram R. Shukla, $560,000.

CHELMSFORD CT., 263-Dan E. Roach to Sami Mikhail, $279,900.

CHESAPEAKE SQ., 20447, No. 302-Carolyn M. and Bruce E. Beddow to James Nealis, $275,000.

CHIMNEY RIDGE PL., 104-Judy C. and Thomas J. Hale to Irmell M. and John J. Lane, $1.1 million.

COLLINGWOOD TER., 20845-Aimee T. and Craig M. James to Tuyet Pham and Robyn Dao, $370,000.

COMER SQ., 47617-Gloria L. and Richard W. Reber to Vinodhini and Pramod R. Kudva, $342,000.

COMPTON CIR., 47509-Donna E. and Roger T. Poole to S.S. Henyon and Shaun M. Chambers, $610,000.

DOMAIN TER., 21148-Mary L. Woods to Megan L. and Curtis C. Carter, $272,900.

DONCASTER TER., 20439-F. Reza and Abdolreza Tabatabaei to Nassrin K. Reza, $290,000.

DORRELL CT., 34-Katrina A. Moran to David S. Butler, $222,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46580, No. 201-David I. Pine to Dimosthenis Giakoumatos, $229,900.

ELLICOTT SQ., 46600, No. 200-Marsha C. and Jason S. Cicoria to Marianna Borkowska Cieplinski, $265,000.

ENVIRONS RD., 132-Cherie R. and Warren Alan Major to Siri Bradshaw and Freddye Waning, $429,900.

GALLION FOREST CT., 47400-Karen W. and Sanford D. Mangold to Lillian J. and Tomy B. Reed, $600,000.

GLENMERE SQ., 20597-Deborah L. and Matthew H. Whitfield to Julia G. Lee, $446,000.

GLENMERE SQ., 20605-Richard M. Quaintance to Michael E. Wiker, $435,500.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46756-Elsie E. Esseck to Gianina and Mihai Constantinescu, $346,000.

HALIFAX CT., 26-Deborah M. and Richard J. Roe to Janet L. and Arthur Rodriguez III, $497,000.

HAMILTON RD., 123-Sherry and Angelo Pappalardo to Tammy A. and Scott H. Walker, $550,000.

HUNTLEY CT., 42-Nancy J. Mack to Sara E. and Steve M. Barteau, $214,900.

HUNTLEY CT., 45-Joanne Elizabeth Darvish to Kathryn B. Walls, $230,000.

JEREMY CT., 1-Jeanne E. and John P. Beauchesne to Tresa Jo and Mark A. Poyhonen, $399,900.

LIPSCOMB CT., 7-Karen S. and Wayne Northart to Cheryl Fields and Dwight Langhum, $532,500.

LYNNHAVEN SQ., 46509-Carol L. and Floyd P. McClellen to Patrick Casil and Carly J. Smith, $350,000.

MANCHESTER TER., 46768-Randall D. and Renee R. Hayes to Joe L. Luu, $400,000.

MARGURITTE SQ., 20389-Amy F. and John William Snearer to C. Martilotta and David Jessup, $380,000.

MEADOW ISLAND PL., 20546-Toll Virginia Partnership to Aegun and Younggun Shin, $559,866.

MERCER CT., 3-Myers Farms Corp. to Risha L. and Brian D. Gustafson, $215,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21201-Lourdes Guilaran to Amila and Zvonimir Bebek, $385,000.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20502-Christie L. and Scott J. Bradley to Juvani and Jiten Shah, $306,084.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20538-James W. Patti to Christopher James, $325,200.

MUCKLEHANY LANE, 9-Patricia B. and John C. North to Beth A. and Gerard F. Oswald, $486,000.

NERINE CT., 20929-Michelle and Christopher Melissinos to Julie A. and William C. Leibach, $680,000.

RIPTIDE SQ., 20693-Brendan E. Callahan to Maria Theiss and James A. Merritt, $410,000.

RIVERBEND SQ., 20417, No. 203-Craig C. Alden to Sandee R. and Craig R. Everett, $235,100.

ROYAL VILLA TER., 20878-Drees Homes to Virginia S. and Thomas W. Burden, $607,427.

ROYAL VILLA TER., 20893-Drees Homes to Joann and Angelo F. Fanti, $412,294.

ROYAL VILLA TER., 20899-Drees Homes to Joan M. and James V. Hirsch, trustees, $472,450.

SHARPSKIN ISLAND SQ., 47496-Sheila A. and Tyler Holland to Terry R. Cogdill, $349,900.

STONEHELM CT., 46609-M. Shahbazi and Jamshid Soheillian to Steven D. and Lien N. Tran, $510,000.

TERRIE DR., 269-John W. Foley III to Stacy A. and Martin L. Sims, $441,000.

TERRIE DR., 286-Ahlam and Hanney Houssein Shaban to Ann and Michael Kim, $430,000.

VANDERCASTEL RD., 19-Andria E. Davies and Florence Pro to Rowena and Cleveland Murphy, $266,000.

VILLA SQ., 46351-Christopher L. Clark to Kobra Fatahzaden, $281,000.

WALES TER., 46214-Suzanne M. Miceli to Nga Van and Anh Van, $369,000.

WATERFALL BRANCH TER., 20683-L. Parks and Christopher Chudik to Stephen and Sue Meeks, $390,000.

WESTWOOD PL., 47379-Bettie J. and Paul E. Duplessis to Nora Chehboun and Fouad Touzani, $599,000.

WHITECHAPEL WAY, 46580-Fariba Jafari and Mehrdad Shavandi to Ibrahim K. and Renee Hilmi, $540,000.

Arcola Area

EVERGREEN MILLS RD., 24505-Brenda J. Mason and Raymond R. Brandau to Maria Reyes and Fredis Hernandez, $357,000.

Ashburn Area

ALLDERWOOD TER., 44159-Giovanni A. and Miriam Coccianter to Tara and Andrew Park, $280,000.

BALTUSROL TER., 43242-Belmont Land Partnership to Anita L. and John R. Nilsen, $363,325.

BOWFONDS ST., 20367-Kimberly and Kenneth C. MacKnight to Kathryne R. and Todd D. Sheller, $409,000.

BRAE TER., 45050, No. 203-Barbara A. Nichols to James K. Roman, $246,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43216-William Graham II to Eric S. Steward, $300,000.

CLARY CT., 43988-Assunto R.S. and Shoa Parsa to Bela and Judit Banyai, $440,000.

DRYDEN CT., 21753-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Sandra A. and Robert J. Sheehan, $259,900.

FIELDGRASS SQ., 19942-Kristen and Gary Dewulf to Jessica A. and Christopher Gorthy, $312,500.

GALA CIR., 44032-Tiffany L. and Shad M. McPheters to Marika Z. and Scott W. Robertson, $350,000.

GALA CIR., 44033-Lassiter Holdings Corp. to Rebecca K. and Michael T. Hart, $376,357.

GOLDEN MEADOW CIR., 43537-Donald W. Brizendine to Melissa D. Anderson, $469,900.

GOODWOOD TER., 21861-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Jayapal Pullangari, $244,400.

KELSEY SQ., 21830-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Anne R.S. and Paul Stromberg, $251,900.

MERRYOAK WAY, 43862-Clifford B. Heuer to Brenda and Ryan Cimo, $485,000.

MOHAVE DR., 44239-Richmond American Homes to Simin Hosseinpour, $460,040.

NATALIE TER., 44098, No. 301-Jason Hull to Emmanuel Garcia, $236,059.

NAVAJO DR., 44193-Richmond American Homes to Dirar Abu Saymeh, $497,115.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43426-Sharon E. and William H. Mason to Dominick Amendolaro Jr., $346,000.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43460-Deepa Sinha to Kellas L. and Matthew A. Wechsler, $340,000.

OLD GALLIVAN TER., 43052-Victor L. Hess to Eileen M. and Joseph A. Delaney, $290,000.

OLYMPIC CLUB CT., 19666-Belmont Land Partnership to Jennifer A. and Paul K. Oliver, $677,769.

OSAGE CT., 43595-Xu Wang and Brian J. Fox to Marie J.C. and Lance A. Forbes, $467,100.

PARLOR SQ., 43337-Sandra L. and Thomas A. Kelleher to Earnestine and Edward L. Collins, $280,000.

PETWORTH CT., 21806-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Mehdi Baftechi, $254,900.

POTTER TER., 44486-Dianna F. and Samuel A. McGaughey to Su Mei Lee and Chi Jeng Li, $310,000.

ROAMING SHORES TER., 21049-C.J. Miller and Kimberly N. Fleming to Heather D. Johnson, $421,000.

SOMERSET HILLS TER., 43264-Belmont Land Partnership to Dina Mourad and Nihal Beidas, $380,690.

SOMERSET HILLS TER., 43266-Belmont Land Partnership to Lauren A. Dunn, $438,538.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19705-Belmont Land Partnership to Tanya M. and Joseph M. Scalione, $747,697.

STILLPOND CT., 20667-Joseph F. Sartiano Jr. to Tiffany L. and Shad M. McPheters, $502,500.

TWELVE OAKS WAY, 20597-Donna R. and Neil A. Fernandez to Sandra Leavitt and James A. Ramsey, $405,000.

VICTORIAS CROSS TER., 21336-Colleen M. Voltz to Chom Hyo and Sin Ho Kang, $411,000.

WAYSIDE CIR., 43276-Craig R. Dodson to Deborah L. and Christopher P. Bruck, $535,000.

WEATHERWOOD DR., 43038-Jane M. and William Joseph Casey to Hyeon Ju and Vincent W. Han, $484,990.

WHETSTONE CT., 43496-Susan J. and Stephen Luster to Wendy L. and Stephen N. Wooley, $515,000.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21178-Kam Ho Poon and Kim Rosewall to Mercedes Monteforte, $280,725.

Broadlands Area

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 22041-Quail Pond Loudoun Corp. to NVR Inc., $139,000.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 22041-NVR Inc. to Nancy J. and Theodore B. Potter, $600,663.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 22053-NVR Inc. to Cathy A. and Joseph H. Kaye, $664,740.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22347-NVR Inc. to F. Mulugeta and Mammo P. Tedla, $535,540.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22378-Centex Homes to Kathleen and William G. Frantzen, $669,925.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43601-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Kayasith Rattanavongkoth, $777,540.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43679-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Shih Hui Chang and Annie Chen, $508,025.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42499-Elizabeth and Michael T. Strobel to Sanjay Govil, $365,000.

SUNDANCE SQ., 42967-Amy and Allen Williamson to Jennifer and James Cherry, $480,000.

SUNDANCE SQ., 42971-Agnes and Patrick McDonald to Mindy M. and Joseph J. Celentano Jr., $525,000.

SUNSTONE CT., 22014-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Sreenivareddy Bommareddy, $506,170.

TRAJANS COLUMN TER., 43803-Qian Yang and Jianbo Gou to Hamid Haghnegahdar, $360,000.

VAL AOSTA DR., 42948-NVR Inc. to J. Davis Wilson and Ronald Wilson, $515,290.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22871-Thao T. Nguyen to Shivani and Sandeep Bassi, $567,000.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22871-Centex Homes to Thao T. Nguyen, $460,140.

WELBY TER., 21559-John W. Proctor III to Julie P. Seibert, $342,500.

Dulles Area

CHESWICK PARK CT., 45555-Candace W. and Vernon E. Mobley to Sarah C. and Robert S. Buswell, $431,000.

FLEET TER., 22936-Dalia C. and Pedro F. Versos to Francisco Armando Cruz, $342,000.

GOLDEN SPIKE TER., 21946-Michael A. O'Brien to H. Subramanian and Rajaram Prasannan, $336,000.

LIVINGSTONE STATION ST., 45676-Sheila V. and Timothy Mark Bullock to S. Badrinarayanan and B. Rajagopalan, $377,000.

MANNING SQ., 22061-Steven Brent Keller to Mabel Guevara, $305,000.

RAILWAY TER., 21855, No. 103-Anil Kumar to Eva Rjabceva, $74,421.

READING TER., 45547-Tety Hanifah and Gatut Achmadi to Prabhakar Thangarajah, $342,000.

THOMPSON SQ., 21950-Dung Cong to S. Satyanarayana and Murali Subraveti, $312,000.

Hamilton Area

DOWNS CT., 38385-Dyannoelle Hammad to Clifford B. Heuer, $474,900.

HAMPTON RD., 16459-Judith and Richard N. Shaw to Elizabeth S. and James A. Slagle, $465,000.

MERAK CT., 39084-NVR Inc. to Theresa L. and David U. Wheatley, $641,610.

Leesburg Area

ANDROMEDA TER., 433-Corrine M. Kuhl to Ahmed Awad Elias, $290,000.

ARIEL DR., 278-Centex Homes to Laura and Patrick Scott McGlynn, $469,705.

BAISH DR., 322-Anil R. Manchanda to Mary C. and Jeffrey R. Long, $389,900.

BAISH DR., 350-Wendy B. and Christopher P. Lyles to Roseanne and Genaro C. Quodala Jr., $385,000.

BELLVIEW CT., 715-Keri E. and Stephen S. Wertz to Wendy and Dean Bourloukas, $402,500.

BLUFF CT., 607-Patricia and Michael Nolan to Kathleen A. and Jesse R. Luckett, $500,000.

BROWNS CREEK PL., 40203-L.M.H. Corp. to Charles I. and Odelia L. Mandrell, $890,200.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43093-Charles Boaz Tees and Melissa Larson to Russ and Karrie Mullen, $300,000.

CHARTIER DR., 19134-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Brian Husson, $473,575.

CHAUCER PL., 311-Andrea Falzarano and James Malloy to Carol Y. and Scott A. Steinkirchner, $455,000.

CHESTERFIELD PL., 133-Judith P. and J. Richard Webb to Pasquale G. Zicari, $425,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-P, No. 11-Wendy D. and Tipmuny C. Powers to Kenneth J. Kartsen, $98,250.

COBBLER TER., 619-Kathy A. and Scott J. Averys to A. Stanton and Alistair Stanton, $286,000.

COBBLER TER., 627-Christine and Kristopher Kelican to O. Solovey and Vitaliy Andryeyeshyn, $290,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 1115-Judson F. Watson Jr. to John C. Donnelly, $194,900.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 204-Maureen Kopp and Muriel Graham to Usha Rikhy, $190,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 375-Melissa M. and Chad Keller Sands to Dawn H. and Frank A. Pence Jr., $355,000.

FERNDALE TER., 855-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Gaddik Properties Corp., $238,387.

FOXFIELD LANE, 40262-Mary Joy and Alfred A. Perry to Laura A. and Paul L. Greene, $893,000.

GOLDSWORTH TER., 107-Valerie A. Quigley to Alison J. Quigley, $260,000.

HANCOCK PL., 36-Michael J. O'Connor to Sharon Balthrop Iverson, $148,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1119, No. 201-Donna and John Krafcheck to Rose C. Jewell, $181,000.

HUNTON PL., 712-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Carol L. and Floyd P. McClellen, $398,995.

HUNTON PL., 718-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Hamid Zarkesh and Leyla N. Ahmadabadi, $397,785.

KALMIA SQ., 574-Ronald David Caudell II to Gordon Shankman, $297,500.

KENDRA TER., 815-Anne J. and Benjamin R. Decker to Linda C. Burke, $399,000.

KENNETH PL., 830-Judy A. and John E. Smith to Nikki and George Holton, $425,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43767-Lansdowne Community Development to Shahnaz and Ali Saghafi, $418,903.

LEES MILL SQ., 43801-Gwendolyn and James Gates Sr. to Nadia K. and Kashif M. Ali, $423,500.

LEES MILL SQ., 43819-Roberto Rivera to Francis Jr. and Suzanne E. Williams, $475,000.

LILAC TER., 526-Glen Rorie Jr. to Vicki and Christopher Schumacher, $300,000.

LIMESTONE CT., 16325-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Cristina and Douglas W. Benfield, $794,551.

LINDEN HILL WAY, 14-Christopher C. Varner to Rachel Despain and Fred Briggs, $390,000.

MAGNOLIA GROVE SQ., 19360, No. 206-IDI Cortese Magnolias Corp. to Dorothy A. and Edward W. Corbin, $348,660.

MEADOWS LANE, 217-MacY L. and James L. Cockrell to Anne R. Nash, $185,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19377-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Carol A. and Warren W. Simmons, $615,575.

MORRISSETT CT., 506-Ryland Group Inc. to Erin A. and Guy M. Outten, $452,988.

RADFORD TER., 610-Lisa A. and Jonathan C. Booth to Megan M. and Ludwig M. Mantay, $229,000.

RED HOUSE DR., 43692-Van Metre Lansdowne Investments Corp. to Priscilla and Enrico Abalos, $588,633.

SMARTTS LANE, 1020-Iris and Aldin Zjajo to Paul E. Hunt, $275,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 849-Elmira Mehrmanesh to Steven A. Durham, $275,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 902-Diane D. Moran to Lucy M. and Michael J. Tokarchic, $275,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 909-Dorothy A. and Gary D. Boothe to Leigh Beth Cowper, $244,000.

SMITH FERRY SQ., 43770-Lansdowne Community Development to Triveni and Sridhar Madduluri, $370,137.

SMITH FERRY SQ., 43774-Lansdowne Community Development to Michelle and Arnes Marquez, $362,474.

SPENCER TER., 165-John W. Ryan Jr. to Veronique Foulon, $365,000.

SPENCER TER., 188-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to Patricia G. Canestra, $303,965.

TONQUIN PL., 725-Drees Co. to Mona and Mirghani Mohamed, $475,691.

TULIPTREE SQ., 537-William K. Hazen to Gerard Z. Shi, $285,000.

UNION ST., 15-Matthew D. Tolley to Constance Chatfield Taylor, $250,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 825-Lizeth and Stephen P. Bacci to Paula Bischoff and Patrick Bischoff, $420,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 840-Barbara J. Miller to Joseph T. Huang, $375,500.

VERMILLION DR., 734-Susan L. and Virgil W. Moore to Patricia A.L. and John R. Sinnen, $560,000.

WATSON RD., 23422-Lisa A. and David William Campbell to Wendy L. and John P. Kirwan, $360,000.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1822-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Katherine and William Young, $553,869.

Lovettsville Area

AXLINE RD., 12384-Kim and Joseph Huddle to Elizabeth M. and Timothy A. Bowers, $500,000.

BROAD WAY E., 14-Chauncey and Meredith Kopp to Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $210,000.

FURNACE MOUNTAIN RD., 12707-Igor Kharitonoff to M. Infante and Kenneth Strickland, $365,000.

STEVENS RD., 38591-Carol L. and Forrest L. Kendall to Diana and Bruce A. Campbell, $915,000.

Middleburg Area

JOHN S. MOSBY HWY., 37615-Lucy W. Price and Lucy H. Rich to Richard Varge, $135,000.

Purcellville Area

CANTERBURY CIR., 539-Michelle D. and Marco D. Munari to Jennifer and Matthew Karam, $418,000.

CREEKSPRING CT., 20144-Dawn D. and Darwin T. Herdman to Colleen M. and Joseph W. Schray, $780,000.

FALLS CHAPEL CT., 413-Washington Homes Inc. to Donna and Steven M. Spear, $476,379.

G ST. E., 410-Adene and Paul E. Rose to Spencer L. Jackson, $186,000.

IVY HILLS TER., 142-Gloria Seeger to Inessa Y. and John C. Lakey, $347,000.

KING JAMES ST. E., 224-Richmond American Homes to Kerry L. and Matthew C. Smith, $400,715.

KING JAMES ST. E., 228-Richmond American Homes to Emily B. and Laurin R. Lineman, $351,745.

KING JAMES ST. E., 232-Richmond American Homes to Hattie E. Hall and Roy Haller Jr., $414,015.

KING JAMES ST. E., 240-Richmond American Homes to Rhonda L. and Michael S. Baker, $390,340.

KING JAMES ST. E., 244-Richmond American Homes to C. Salvatore and Kelley Chiles, $401,915.

KING JAMES ST. E., 248-Richmond American Homes to L. Florence and Jeffrey Thurston, $468,465.

KING JAMES ST. E., 256-Richmond American Homes to Carrie and Chad Wagner, $447,565.

MACNAUGHTON CT., 16762-Washington Homes Inc. to Kimberly and Christopher Jungles, $775,289.

MCDANIEL DR., 409-Buck Powell to Jennifer L. Moore, $260,000.

MISTY POND TER., 106-Toll Virginia Partnership to Soon H. Choi, $304,613.

MISTY POND TER., 115-Toll Virginia Partnership to Dennis M. Petrella, $334,001.

MISTY POND TER., 121-Toll Virginia Partnership to Melissa A. and Michael J. Firetti, $325,330.

RUGBY CT., 524-Ruth L. Janney to Karyn M. and Gordon W. Clark, $495,000.

STRATHALLEN CT., 17278-Shelley T. and Francis T. Smigelski to Amy E. and Eric S. Iliffe, $418,000.

Round Hill Area

EARLY AVE., 4-M. Farren and Christopher Lockhart to Cindy and Patrick Horan, $319,900.

PARK HEIGHTS CIR., 35758-Michael Shane Hintze Sr. to Sandra L. and Thomas A. Kelleher, $389,900.

SCOTLAND HEIGHTS RD., 35340-Beatriz and Plimon D. Howard IV to Steven Smith and Lisa K. Parker, $386,400.

TURNBERRY DR., 18190-Heather M. and Steven R. Gray to Annemarie and William C. Rucker, $619,450.

South Riding Area

BERESFORD DR., 25535-Medhini and Yanambakkam Nagaraj to Delores L. Weimar, $396,000.

CENTER ST., 43197-Jessica C. and Eugene J. Fisher to Courtney and Michael Wallize, $325,000.

CHISWICK TER., 43041-Jennifer A. and Chad E. Neale to July Castro, $340,000.

CROSSFIELD DR., 25490-K. Liacvris and Michael Gustin to Laura B. and Les C. Currier, $410,000.

KENNYWOOD SQ., 26121-Sudhindra Yapalparvi to Touqeer Malik, $420,000.

LANDS END DR., 26112-Reyna O. Cruz to Jennifer Berkhimer and Peter Winter, $359,950.

LEMON TREE PL., 25437-Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to NVR Inc., $183,785.

LOCKLEAR TER., 42768-South Riding Partnership to David Swank, $344,598.

NATIONS ST., 42602-South Riding Partnership to Aisha and Syed R. Noor, $377,836.

NATIONS ST., 42622-South Riding Partnership to Kyong Sook and Jong Sik Paik, $408,825.

NIMBLETON SQ., 26073-Christina and Robert Zschoche Jr. to Tina Newcomb, $408,000.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43709-Pulte Home Corp. to Melanie M. and Walter J. Kobos, $739,255.

PINEBLUFF DR., 25872-Kellie S. and Thomas S. Killick to Clare E. and William B. Pilkington, $464,900.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25415-Renee H. and James R. Cody to Kimiju Docherty, $525,000.

PRIESTERS POND DR., 25818-Muriel Anne Alderton to D. Hulagi and Sudhindra Yapalparvi, $540,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25715-Pulte Home Corp. to Genoveva F. and Jose J. Melendez, $670,100.

RITTER LANE, 43335-Rowland A. Christian to Theresa and Michael Passarelli, $615,000.

SANDMAN TER., 42687-South Riding Partnership to Kristen A. and Dennis B. Mayer, $335,302.

SARAZEN DR., 26062-Sandra and Patrick G. Bouthiller to Rose A. and Deane L. Edelman, $465,000.

VALIANT DR., 43100-South Riding Partners Partnership to Phuong Nguyen and Tiep Thanh Tran, $526,450.

WENDELL ST., 26136-South Riding Partners Partnership to Negia Abdella and Getu Debla, $694,494.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. N., 305-Sarah W. Weisse and Rodney A. Pieper to Yolanda and Julio A. Escobar, $301,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 511-Michelle and Joseph Hughes to Santosh and Baldev S. Saini, $205,500.

CAMERON ST. N., 118-Lucy E. Gaskins to Stephen M. Wood, $329,900.

CHURCH RD. W., 205-Jesus and Carlos H. Araujo to Ester C. and Elmer I. Pineda, $311,000.

CONCORD CT. E., 106-Carlos Orlando Climaco to Maria D. Ayala and Moises D. Rivas, $198,000.

CONCORD CT. N., 816-Susana Martinez and Gustavo Diaz to Jose E. Diaz, $196,500.

COVENTRY SQ., 248-Ray N. Mitchell to Karen and Christopher O'Ferrell, $220,000.

DARTMOUTH DR. E., 311-Francis M. and Willard W. Dye to Auretta and Robert W. Watkins, $175,000.

DOGWOOD ST. S., 702-Katherine and Taysir Jaouni, trustees, to Vincente Bardales, $290,000.

EMORY DR. N., 201, No. 1-Edna I. Motley to Gloria K. Zubrod, $160,000.

ETHAN CT., 21071-Dorothy J. and William S. Bliven to Jenny J. Callao, $370,000.

EVERGREEN ST., 124-Leanne and Richard P. Kleffman Jr. to Deidre G. and Robert J. Ferris, $297,000.

FILBERT CT. S., 807-G. Latour and Kathleen S. Blank to Millard T. Griffin, $280,000.

HAWTHORNE CT., 21059-Brenda E. and William W. Hamilton to Audrey D. Heater, $352,500.

HOPELAND LANE, 124-Lisa A. and Paul C. Saunders to Zalatiel O. Carranza, $300,000.

KENNEDY RD. E., 1402-Lynn M. and Michael E. Adkins to Shannon McGurk and Michael J. Stoll, $99,000.

MARGATE CT., 1023B-Jose Silva Jr. to Felipe Blanco, $195,000.

MORGAN WAY, 45558-Cleatus W. Anderson Jr. to Catherine Rose Buhian, $387,000.

PHEASANT RUN CT., 12-Judith G. and Jeffrey H. Willis to Laurie Lacey, $347,000.

POPLAR RD. W., 613-Marianne Y. and Richard G. Sisley to Chi F. Pang and Judy Wing Min Sze, $262,000.

PULLMAN CT., 45920-Neighborhoods Corp. to Rachel D. and Steven A. Kostakis, $491,494.

SEDGEMOOR SQ., 285-Ngoc T. Phan and Thai M. Lu to Sinuon Keat and Piden San Sok, $203,000.

SIMEON LANE, 20-D. Teekasingh and Lillian Besares to Juan Soriano and Julio C. Soriano, $247,000.

SPRING RIDGE CT., 407-Razia B. and Abdoolhaye A. Ismael to Juliann Cruikshank, $389,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22227-Agnes E. and Richard C. Gaskin to Lillie R. and John H. Jones Jr., $295,000.

STAUNTON AVE. E., 204-Katherine A. and Mark W. Bohler to Ondina Alvarenga and Rony Ordonez, $292,500.

STERLING BLVD. N., 1104-Kimberly H. and Gary J. Goodlin to Sandra M. and Dale L. Seaton, $295,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 719-K. Waters and Rocky A. Cales to Raul Portillo, $350,000.

TRACTION PL., 21958-Neighborhoods Corp. to Tran T. and Khoa D. Doan, $522,802.

WEDGEDALE DR., 46-Sebastian A. Gomez to Norma C. Reyes and Manuel E. Ayala, $220,000.

WILLOW TER., 234-Silvina Culia to L. Sanchez and Romelio Sanchez Diaz, $220,000.

YORK RD. N., 806-Roxanne and Jimmy R. Roundtree to Jeremy Keyes, $356,800.