The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BORELAND CT., 10008-Marla J. and Joel M. Hickok to Jodie Anne and Lukas Gogis, $348,500.

CESSFORD DR., 12604-Lesley and Patrick J. McCarthy to Na Joung Ae, $416,434.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13527-Virginia M. Brooks and Gabriel Harris to Stephanie and Johann Otiniano, $265,000.

CONVEYOR CT., 12230-Judith B. and Matthew C. Earman to Karen E. and Paul B. Emkes, $396,050.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12904-Maria D. and Daniel P. Ankrum to Heather R. and Christopher J. Noel, $330,000.

ELLIOTS OAK PL., 12048-Meredith L. Ritter and Daniel D. Shaw to Nery Lopez, $320,000.

FORMBY ST., 12168-Sonia M. and Julio C. Aragon to Kimberly L. and Todd D. Resnick, $419,600.

GENTLE SHADE DR., 12850-Tiffany L. and Robert M. Walls to Katie and George Lambert, $455,000.

GROUSERUN LANE, 13504-Gayle M. and Sean M. O'Donnell to Shannon Travis, $256,000.

HUME CT., 10061-Kimberly A. Jaroneski to Stephanie J. and Clifton I. Clark, $350,000.

JARROW LANE, 12304-Angel Miller to Darin T. and Mandi Brown, $315,000.

MCCARTNEY CT., 13230-Lori A. and William H. Engel to Terrie L. and James D. Alexander, $480,000.

MOAT CROSSING PL., 8848-Christopher J. Nodurft and Ayoade O. Asekun to Holly Russell, $295,000.

NAUGHTON CT., 10032-Luis Velez to Alison L. and Jonathan J. Sorbet, $439,900.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10179-Kim A. and Timothy R. Fish to Orysia L. and Michael Mack, $305,000.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10196-Sheila M. and Jonathan S. Crane to Jennifer A. Howles and Kenneth Kocinski, $314,000.

RUNNER STONE PL., 9805-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Hyechong and Carl Porter, $410,000.

SAINSBURY CT., 9090-Lisa H. and John Pascarella to Denise and Stephen A. Battaglia, $443,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13034-Manuel M. Rodriguez to You Gyung and Andrew J. Park, $303,000.

TARTAN HILLS PKWY., 13801-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Phedra Z. and Richard L. Allen, $367,390.

Catharpin Area

ALDIE RD., 4778-Cynthia L. Gerring and Alline B. Ramey to Maria L.A. Salazar, $640,000.

Dumfries Area

AZALEA SANDS LANE, 3073-Emma and Charlie L. Brantley Jr. to Charmaine and Earl Newman, $430,000.

BANKS CT., 2803-Melinda D. and Author E. Portis to Brian A. Jeffers, $118,500.

BARNACLE PL., 5013-Jade C. and James D. Walsh III to Sherifa Eimoi and Jibril M. Adam, $330,000.

BEACHVIEW DR., 15441-Karen Jean and Carl Thomas Alam to Naomi S. Parker and Todd J. Pollard, $460,000.

BELLEPLAIN CT., 3454-Daniel and Jennifer C. Cordero to Joan and Kenneth F. Hoskins, $251,000.

BENECIA LANE, 4939-Amanda B. and Caleb C. Potter to Robin D. and Richard J. Jefferson, $237,000.

COSGROVE WAY, 17412-Joseph Ruhren to Akosua Nyamekye and Mercy Fordjour, $250,000.

GARCIA WAY, 17266-Rhonda R. and Duane W. Davis to Amy E. Dreves and Kevin S. Mielwocki, $254,900.

HOLLEYSIDE CT., 4646-Joanne and John R. Wilkerson to Sharon A. and Jeffrey D. Lapan, $354,000.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4116-Hannah and Bill Williams to Bridgett E. Bassett, $273,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15590-Mary V. and Gary D. Fromer to David Geib and Steven Hickman, $230,000.

OLIVIA WAY, 5118-Kimbra L. and Irwin J. Staten to Vincent C. Allen, $452,000.

OVERLOOK RD., 17619-Piccard Homes Corp. to Robin C. and Bernard L. Robinson, $472,535.

PIKE TRAIL, 15692-Terry C. and Christopher E. Roberts to Anne Y. and Daniel P. Bishop, $385,000.

PRESTWICK CT., 16005-Sharon K. and Howard N. Hume Jr. to Karen S. Mattson and Dustin W. McLaughlin, $359,000.

STEWART LANE, 3652-Stephanie N. and Nathan J. Surface to Shumaila A. Chaudry and Saleem Khan, $190,500.

TIMBER RIDGE DR., 4745-Melissa Lynn Stearn to Nancy Kane, $374,000.

TULIP TREE PL., 3176-James R. and Wanda J. Cooksey to Elssy and Vanor A. Ruiz, $439,990.

VIEWPOINT CIR., 15716-Deidre Johnson to Jennifer A. and John A. Robinette, $281,500.

WEXFORD LOOP, 17294-Linwood L. Atkins Jr. to Felix Funes, $260,000.

Gainesville Area

ABBERLEY LOOP, 6718-Drees Co. to Sandra H. and Blair J. Sawyer, $402,652.

COVEWOOD CT., 7630-Tiffany Hall and James L. Strickland to Patricia A. Miller and Andrew W. Montgomery, $410,250.

CRIMSON CROSSING WAY, 8323-Richmond American Homes to Thu and Loc Tran, $410,490.

ESTATE MANOR DR., 14120-Beazer Homes Corp. to Vallaban Sabapathy, $361,820.

ESTATE MANOR DR., 14124-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sandip Ghosh, $387,883.

FLAMINGO DR., 4527-Joanne and Scott Walker to Julie A. and Jonathan L. Stanton, $675,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14424-Jill Morelli and Eric Marterella to Julie A. Street, $355,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15041-Global Investments Corp. to Shelley L. Maughan and Ronald A. Carreiro, $350,000.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13524-Michelle R. and Darrin R. Campbell to Alline B. Ramey, $685,000.

MORGAN ISLAND WAY, 7114-Fulmer L. and Patrice T. Collins II to Jeong Imm and Seok Chun Chang, $451,500.

PRESIDENTS LANDING WAY, 14345-Kathleen R. Schuller and Robert Cappellini to Inga and Robert Jelescheff, $782,500.

RED HOUSE RD., 14646-Emily S. and Kerry Lim to Nella and Damon Shaw, $405,000.

RED HOUSE RD., 14650-Peter and Jennifer M. Gooding to Helene and Andrew E. Waller, $375,000.

STEPNEY DR., 4380-Richard P. and Margarita M. Gruebbel to Marguerite E. and Mark I. Hess, $482,900.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8418-Ginger and Eugene Baltimore Jr. to Catherine A. and Timothy C. Rowe, $290,000.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8509-Mary E. and Hans A. Hoerauf to Maria and David B. Clark, $280,000.

VICTORY GALLOP WAY, 13460-Patricia A. Maddy to Bonnie J. and Donald E. Jares, $356,201.

WINDY HOLLOW CIR., 15169-Cynthia K. and Douglas P. Green to Jerilynn A. and Kevin G. Carroll, $574,887.

Haymarket Area

HOLSHIRE WAY, 14514-Sherri N. and Jeffrey W. Meiklejohn to Karl R. Brock, $834,900.

JORDAN LANE, 14748-Michele A. and Gregory J. Rizzardi to Marian and Saul M. Reyes, $250,000.

PADGETT DR., 4280-Roberta A. Mauzy to Mike Hartman, $385,500.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13224-Helena C. and Robert A. Briggs to Catherine J. and James F. Lysinger, $917,500.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13358-William David and Carrie R. Jones to Dennis Houlihan and Harriette Powell, $719,900.

Manassas Area

BABER DR., 9055-Daniel W. Mitchell to Karen Pratzner and Colin C. McDuffie, $469,900.

BLACK HORSE CT., 7801-Margaret and Richard Sullivan to Cruz R. Rivera and Julio C. Campos, $257,000.

BROOKVIEW CT., 7837-Felicia B. Edwards to Jennifer and Kenneth Zabriskie, $250,000.

CALLAN DR., 7667-Corine Whitaker to Latrisha M. and Christopher A. Brown, $150,000.

CHARLES LACEY DR., 12283-Donna L. and Jeffrey A. Sproles to Joyce A. and Edward A. Gough, $665,000.

COLONIAL VILLAGE LOOP, 6365-Barbara and Ricky R. Ales to Jacqueline F. and Jerry L. Ellis, $449,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8188-Celina R. and Juan Guevara to Margarita Trevino and Ivan Ortega, $192,900.

COPELAND DR., 10316-Eskell L. Bryan to Norma Vasquez and Lucio Romero, $315,000.

DUSTY WILLOW RD., 12845-Amy L. and Jay P. Harris to Ellyn M. Wynne and Sabre A. Schnitzer, $555,000.

ELSINORE DR., 7877-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Jamie and Eric Bloom, $532,000.

FAIRMONT AVE., 9805-Scott P. Carmack to Phouthone Amphaphonh, $305,000.

FALLING CREEK DR., 11909-Dana L. Taylor and Donna J. Hollis to Sara B. and Allan D. Hand, $419,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7752-Gwen N. and Neal E. Sherwood to Eun M. Seo and Sang R. Jung, $193,000.

HUMPHREY LANE, 8278-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Yu M. Seo and Sung H. Baik, $316,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8329-Aneta D. and James R. Lamb to Maria S. Lovo, $210,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8376-Tim and Frances Harris to Isaias Cortez Martinez, $185,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11006, No. 187-Darren E. McClure to Kenneth Michael McGee, $203,000.

LANCERS CT., 12123-Teresa Davis to Melissa and Daniel D. Saunders, $599,900.

LANDVIEW DR., 12699-Charlyn L. and U. Calvin Brown Jr. to Sally and Dana M. Relyea, $455,500.

LOBLOLLY TRAIL, 10096-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Sherri and Nathan L. Copeland, $458,000.

LOMOND SOUTH DR., 8117-Jesus Reynolo to Juan Reyes, $280,000.

MICHELLE CT., 7629-Marcia A. Metcalf to Olga L. and Orbil U. Iraheta, $350,000.

OAK HOLLOW CT., 8825-Dena and Wael Hammad to Aimee and Alirio Barahona, $197,200.

PARADISE CT., 10422-Lorraine F. and Robert B. Morris to Walter Lopez, $215,000.

PERSINGER HOUSE CT., 6050-Juyang L. and Heungkee Kim to Teresa E. and Dennis O. May, $585,000.

PURDUE CT., 7539-Gregory A. Showalter to Jose O. Salmeron, $194,000.

SANTA ROSA CT., 13736-Edyta J. and Jonathan S. Hilyard to Shelley and Donald Schilpp, $381,000.

SPRUANCE CT., 8215-Todd M. Sorrell to Maria and Oscar Quijano, $348,000.

STAUNTON CIR., 7665-Teresa L. Ware and Jason K. Hairfield to Christa K. Carey and Jason C. Vandemark, $275,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15540-Herbert G. Campbell to Van and Huy Nguyen, $230,500.

Manassas Park Area

ARROWOOD DR., 9901-Susan M. and Daniel Higgins Sr. to Lisa and Robert Hoerauf, $444,500.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 10536-Meredith A. and Paul Viscariello to Holly A. and Myron F. Civils, $399,000.

MANASSAS FORGE DR., 9620-Shelton R. Creamer to Kim M. and Bradley H. Graham, $415,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8148-Freshta Panjshiri to Louis Jimeno, $349,476.

SCULLY CT., 7895-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Marie Costa, $357,300.

SHELLEY LANE, 7606-Kyle Farstad to Maria Nora and Faustino Urbina, $190,000.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8733-Scott M. Langert to Saturnino Parada, $250,000.

Nokesville Area

LEARY ST., 14598-James C. Allred to Sally and James F. Holdener, $325,000.

PICTURESQUE CT., 10206-Jessica L. and Christopher W. Sorrell to Deanna L. and Rassoul A. Teimouri, $450,000.

VINT HILL RD., 13709-Angela T. Mendiville to C. and David Gambale, $448,000.

Triangle Area

ASPEN TRAIL CT., 16288-Joyce E. Tates to Ranier and Andrew Hart, $347,700.

CORBY ST., 18508-Roberta S. Howard to Doris Alfaro and Edwin Ponce, $170,000.

OLD TRIANGLE RD., 18504-Margaret Ann and Michael V. Plaugher to Franklin Investments Corp., $100,000.

OLD TRIANGLE RD., 18623-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Rhonda D. Johnston, $232,000.

Woodbridge Area

ABBEY KNOLL CT., 12418-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Felice S. and John Kite, $277,500.

AKRON ST., 2985-Diane and Terry Fuller to Khalida and Khan Baba Abbasi, $525,000.

ANDERSON CT., 14838-Olga R. and James N. Wiggins to Marta Hernandez and Teresa L. Aquino, $199,950.

ARABIAN PL., 12239-Nezha B. and Ibrahim M. Ajaj to Lisa F. Alhende, $320,000.

AUSTIN CT., 3103-Jenny L. Owen and R.R. Owen to Rodolfo Sorto, $260,000.

BELFRY LANE, 3528-Robert Edward and Richard L. Shipp Jr. to Nolberto Blanco, $190,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 715-Michael Stuart and Katherine L. Pruitt to Vivian P. Dennis, $501,000.

BISMARK AVE., 14304-Sandra J. and Lawrence S. Russell Jr. to Alfredo Guzman, $239,900.

BISON CT., 12840-Sherry B. and Charles R. Rogers to Jamie L. and Michael P. Downing, $250,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15142-Yolanda Y. and Shannon T. Ware to Tejinder S. Chawla, $286,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15262-Francis N. Roth to Zinash Y. Retta and Gedion H. Nequessie, $293,000.

BRICKERT PL., 3948-Gregory W. and Bernice H. Guthrie to Almaz Fekadu and Belew Makonnen, $316,000.

BRIER POND CIR., 2816-Davene T. Barton to Hawanatu M. Fofanah and John Sumana, $265,000.

BUCK BOARD CT., 12957-Melissa A. and Matthew T. Hourihan to Margarita Arostegui and Eli A. Escobar, $219,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1415-Richard Allen Jones to Santos Rivera, $225,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2941-Victor D. Kahng to Robert D. Harris, $200,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12106-Vivian A. Leigh to Mariann and Laurence Meeks, $161,000.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11820-Equity Homes Corp. to Billie J. and Edward R. Fitzgerald, $596,560.

CHELSEA DR., 3401-Anthony Indovina Jr. to Samia Mirza, $320,000.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15013-Bobette A. Woods to Debra Jones, $180,000.

CHEVOIT HILL CT., 2870-Kara S. and John R. Giles to Sharon C. and Michael Medlock, $360,000.

CHOCTAW RIDGE CT., 3012-Suzanne K. and Jose M. Alvarez to Solimar Velez and Franklin Clavijo, $240,000.

CINNAMON ST., 12253-Susan Marie Lowe Faul to Wubset Amde, $245,100.

COLONY CREEK CT., 14560-Emilia C. and Gary C. Foster Jr. to Catherine M. and Allan W. Erickson, $485,000.

CORBETT PL., 1281-Kimberly D. Shrader to Judith A. and William J. Petrak, $329,000.

CRONIN DR., 1262-Cesar A. Rodriguez and Floridalma R. Pineda to Dario A. Villagomez, $255,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14196, No. 103-Krista S. and Christopher D. Rhodenhizer to Colin P. Craft and Kelly L. Craft, $179,999.

D ST., 1417-Mohamed A. Feradez and Flor M. Gil to Maria Cruz and Villatoro Leonidas Cueva, $247,000.

DONALD CURTIS DR., 15806-Calvin Burt Dodson to Gladys and Juan Guzman, $250,000.

ESQUARRE CT., 3363-Lenwood Allen Johnson Jr. to Angela M. and Joan H. Brice, $235,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12406-Crystal Rouse and Stephen Watt to Stacey L. and Samuel G. Bryce, $335,000.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1477-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth A. and Jeremy M. Bayer, $348,799.

FERN PL., 16601-Rizwana and Tanveer Ahmad to Habibullah Khalid, $169,500.

FISHER AVE., 14235-Wanda L. and Charles R. Thomas to Stephanie and Brent Alan Thomas, $210,000.

FLAGSHIP DR., 1429-Nancy and David R. Mabry to Cengiz Ozinanlar and Charles Boles, $160,000.

FLINT HILL PL., 3404-Julie M. and Richard J. Morgan to Louis J. Oddo, $365,000.

FLINT HILL PL., 3431-Mary A. and Timothy F. Moshier to Laura E. and Adriano S. Passos, $375,000.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14691-Shawn W. Bolton and Adelle L. Vedder to Shawn P. Wilt, $212,000.

FOX RIDGE CT., 2555-David V. Halbeisen to Michael D. Stringfellow, $173,000.

GATE POST CT., 5100-Richmond American Homes to Lisa N. and Reuben E. Adams III, $481,940.

GEORGETOWN RD., 16706-Ana R. and Sven S. Nezzer to Majeda Chowdhury, $176,000.

GRAYTON LANE, 2597-Kris and Meera Menon to Sandra C. and John W. Gray, $270,500.

HERON WAY, 1610-Carolyn V. and Erich D. Dumas to Louis Michael and Stephanie Elizabeth Vaughn, $540,000.

HERONS RUN LANE, 925-Barbara G. Rotz to Sohail Mous Savi and Eh Nazanin Alemzad, $415,000.

HOLLY VIEW DR., 11978-Sharon L. and James B. Jones to Jacqueline Crum, $310,000.

IVY LEAGUE CT., 12235-Elizabeth Joyce Morgan to Lesby Cabrera, $230,000.

JAVINS PL., 4500-Pandu R. Soprey to Leslie A. Wynn, $420,000.

KAYWOOD DR., 13709-Donna D. and Donald B. Nungesser to Mariatu B. Bangura and Abdulai M. Karbo, $327,950.

KEMPAIR DR., 4843-Jeimy I. Pantagua and Juan A. Benavides to Hector S. Ortiz, $323,000.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12563-Tammy Embrey to Christine and Bryan Gault, $222,500.

KETTERMAN DR., 12916-Leslie G. Meadows and Sherry D. McDonald to Donald D. Ratterree Jr., $206,000.

KEYTONE RD., 13456-Harpal S. to Parampal Randhawa and Hardev Singhh, $315,000.

KINGSTON RD., 4501-Orlando Martinez to Ana C. and Alfredo Argueta, $248,000.

KURT CT., 4990-Kathlene G. Gaskins to Tuyet Lan Thi Vuong, $325,000.

LOLLY POST LANE, 12494-Gabriella and Harry C. Jackson to Debora B. and Eric L. Rolaf, $389,900.

LOTTE DR., 12701-Duk Han Kim to Heather M. Mathews, $115,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14183-Zahra M. and F. Mohamed and Jabril H. Omar to Maria Morrow, $279,500.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12462-Diana and Robert K. Lamphear to Lydie and Roman M. Zawada, $296,000.

MAPLE LEAF LANE, 13314-Juan Elias and Elisio Hernandez to Ercilio Soto Escudero, $240,000.

MARBURY LANE, 13704-Salvador Avelar Barrera to Alfredo Jimenez, $221,000.

MARSALA CT., 2799-Mary A. Goodwin to Nancy L. Maynard, $151,000.

MAURICE DR., 1606-Debra M. Coneys to Modesto S. Villatoro, $259,000.

MILL BROOK CT., 12854-B.J., Kathryn M. and Donald Vernon to Cindy B. Persing, $290,900.

MONARCH CT., 12614-Lorraine L. and Ralph H. Larson to Donald S. Friedman, $265,000.

MONUMENT AVE., 808-Frederic Avanessoff to Nancy T. and Bill S. Ogrince, $480,000.

MOONBEAM DR., 5887-Helen and Wilbur A. Tatum to Melissa M. and Jeffrey A. Edmonds, $421,000.

MOUNT BURNSIDE WAY, 3485-Donna E. and David A. Smith to Robert F. and Susan J. Henderson, $399,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5670-Ridgedale Inc. to Richard Sabillon and Kenia K. Mendoza, $347,921.

OHIO AVE., 15416-Elizabeth J. and Arnold L. Clifton to Alyson N. Drake and Randy M. Shiflett, $150,000.

OVERLEIGH DR., 11595-Rosemarie B. Gilliam to Perfecto Mendez, $257,500.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1933-John D. Wayman to Pedro and Socorro Mejia, $242,000.

PUTNAM CIR., 13139-Amy Sadler to Brandy L. and Samuel L. Moon, $257,900.

QUADE LANE, 13077-Ridgedale Inc. to Barbara and Karl S. Walbrecht, $617,533.

QUADE LANE, 13093-Ridgedale Inc. to Maryam and David Kirnos, $534,166.

RAHILL CT., 14158-Carolyn S. Burnett to Jose Sandoval, $284,000.

RAPID LANE, 3532-Mehrdad Nikzad to Mehran Omid, $290,000.

REDWOOD CT., 12214-Deborah and Frederick Deacon to Yanina, Judith and Dean Bain, $380,000.

RENATE DR., 1550-Cynthia G. Jonas to Samita and Vikas Arora, $110,100.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5813-Gwynne and Richard Barnes to R.M. Montenegro and Cerrato Nelson R. Aguilar, $507,500.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5863-Ana Edith Canizales to Antonia Cruz and Jose Bustamante, $472,000.

ROLLINGWOOD DR., 3307-Deborah B. and Michael R. Singleton to Jacquelyn and Arthur R. Randolph, $590,000.

ROPE DR., 13916-Melissa R. and Ronald N. Morrow to Barrera Carlos Antonio Zelaya, $275,000.

RUMFORD CT., 11657-Cassandra and Thomas Lucario to Hiroko K. and Jeffery F. Strange, $320,000.

RUXTON DR., 5835-Amelia J. and Roberto E. Bryan to Edwin C. Nogales, $345,200.

RYECLIFF CT., 4601-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Leann J. and C. Todd Piczak, $718,554.

SAVANNAH DR., 14245-Cindi M. Dallos to Francisca Rojo, $180,000.

SCHALK CT., 12885-To Natasa to Alice and Jacob Joseph, $260,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 3064-Elizabeth and Jose M. Armenta to Louise M. Brackett, $210,000.

SILVIA LOOP, 12759-Barbara J. Ritenour to Mei Hua Wu and Wing Kan Chan, $278,800.

STARGRASS CT., 2049-Tanya Lee Siwik to Karen A. Buckholtz and Joshua F. Mogerman, $230,000.

STEAMBOAT LANDING CT., 863-Janet L. and Joseph E. Adams to Maria Anastasiou and Edwhar A. Nunez, $585,000.

TARPON LANE, 4042-Carol Ann and Arthur J. Jones to Gregory E. Jones, $274,400.

TAXI DR., 12938-Ridgedale Inc. to Iyaz S. Bhattu, $230,765.

TAXI DR., 12940-Ridgedale Inc. to Muhammad and Perveen Ahsan, $232,704.

TILNEY CT., 12301-Nicki J. Watts and James H. Rosser to Shirley and Joseph Jefferson, $583,000.

TINA LANE, 15373-Richard F. and Kathleen A.R. Lawrence to Lynna M. Reid, $425,000.

TOBACCO WAY, 4865-John Jerome Wills to Carla and Walter Holmes, $348,230.

TRAVAILER CT., 15529-Natalie A. Ball to Andrea L. Hill, $243,000.

TREE HOUSE DR., 2566-Kevin David Finnerty to Carmen Cordoba, $305,000.

TRIDENT LANE, 6161-Christopher P. Feather to Samantha A. and Daniel J. Kopera, $165,000.

VALLEY DR., 13204-Mary S. and Jerry D. Roper to Gladys Heras and Carlos D. Martinez Lemus, $255,000.

VALLEY STREAM DR., 15207-Viet Duong to Diana Diem Phuong Nguyen and Phillip Lambert, $206,500.

VESTAL ST., 702-Neighborhoods Corp. to Albert T. Herrera, $373,106.

VESTAL ST., 706-Neighborhoods Corp. to Kim Van Thi Dang, $380,916.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12355, No. 34-Patricia R. Porter to Noelle S. and Georges E. Jesus, $173,127.

WALNUT ST., 1518-Grace L. Crisp and Louis E. Arrington to Rosa H. and Carlos A. Guzman, $215,000.

WATER OAK CT., 11551-Cindy R. and Steven B. Spilman to Tracy A. and Rob S. Esparza, $599,900.

WIGGLESWORTH WAY, 1793-Sabina Ofori and Joe Manu to Nanette Sackey, $265,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14811-Thanh Hong Tran to Hammad Lodhi, $253,000.

WOLF RUN SHOALS RD., 4921-Teresa K. and Michael C. Southerly to Paula D. and David W. Masters Jr., $450,000.

WYNDALE CT., 3262-Carolyn Dant and Marc S. Carrano to Shabana Khan and Sardar M. Tahir, $204,000.