The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Huntingtown Area

HARLEQUIN CT., 3635-Thelma and Thomas O. Hunt to Robert P. Harris, $360,000.

Lusby Area

BAFFORD RD., 655-Sandra N. Monger to Theresa J. and Melvin J. Hayden, $142,000.

BARREDA BLVD., 12964-Juanita and Alfred G. Kuykendall to Barbara H. Crist, $149,950.

DEER LANE, 460-Jonathan Lance Stachnik to Kerri McLaughlin, $190,000.

HERON LANE, 8218-Stephen T. Evans Sr. to Theresa Roberson, $189,000.

OSPREY LANE, 312-Elliott Montgomery Jr. to Rochelle C. Braxton Cave, $204,900.

North Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8646-Beverlee J. and George W. Thomas to Eric J. Scott, $186,000.

Solomons Area

POINT LANE, 230-Timothy M. Holt to T.D. Real Estate Corp., $475,000.

St. Leonard Area

DECATUR ST., 5021-David Van Hoy to Christine M. Jones, $165,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

BOLINBROOK CT., 2537-Tara V. Hairston to Sarita L. Vanzego, $180,000.

PAULINE CT., 6700-Charmaine F. and Daniel T. Cardwell to Wayne R. Perry, $187,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

COLONIAL LANE, 7080-Hampton Homes Corp. to Brian Makell, $378,276.

Indian Head Area

MEADOWSIDE CT., 14-Danny William Moomaw to Robert F. Murrell, $124,000.

RAYMOND AVE., 102-James Copsey to Aubrey Brooke, $187,500.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 16-Maria A. Sines to Trina Riddick, $133,500.

Issue Area

INGELS CT., 11250-Melinda M. and Ronald Thomsen Maury to Angela C. and Mark D. Teets, $85,000.

KING CHARLES DR., 14870-John L. and Caryl A. Marshall to Michelle C. and Michael C. Migliorini, $210,000.

LIMESTONE CT., 11930-Robert C. and Billie K. Harrison to Susan K. and T. Douglas Cowart, $560,000.

La Plata Area

HEMLOCK CT., 621-Sherri Morton and Belinda Williams to Jonathan Reid, $172,000.

HEMLOCK CT., 625-Kevin M. Dietz and Nicole M. Smith to Vera Jarboe, $163,000.

PROVIDENT DR., 11885-Robert W. Maddox Jr. to Carol C. and David G. Norwood, $353,000.

QUAILWOOD PKWY., 106-N. and W. Investments Corp. to Lisa A. and Christopher W. Hulvey, $325,000.

ROBIN RD., 7477-Sandra P. and Frank Alfano to Perry D. Pierce, $265,000.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 144-Brel Corp. to Nancy J. Hardy, $152,924.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 146-Brel Corp. to J. Bowie and Mary Rappa, $157,500.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 148-Brel Corp. to J. Bartenbach and Willett Revell, $164,460.

Marbury Area

BICKNELL RD., 5250-Norman H. and Rose Marie Davis to Charles M. and Theresa A. Beckett, $135,000.

NEW CUT RD., 5615-Aubrey W. and Faye M. Dalton to Cynthia A. and David A. Dentler, $265,000.

RICHARD LAWRENCE DR., 4495-Catherine A. Wolford to Michael A. Del Santo, $259,000.

Nanjemoy Area

BEAVER DAM RD., 9250-David and Judy Vargas to Roxanna D. and David D. Vargas, $176,500.

BEAVER DAM RD., 9340-Frank J. Calcara, trustee, to Nature Conservancy Inc., $670,803.

GRAYTON LANE, 3280-David L. Eckler Jr. to Mario Valardes Amaya, $260,000.


Rock Point Road Area

WOODLAND POINT RD., 15595-Robert L. Muscolino Jr. to Diane McKinney, $165,000.

Port Tobacco Area

GRAYMAR LANE, 6895-Robert R. and Jane C. Ziolkowski to Heather M. and Henry L. Frakes, $350,000.

St. Charles Area

BRENT RD., 213-Michael P. Hovan to Jian Y. and Xiao Chen, $199,900.

BRYAN CT., 1553-Samuel T. Robertson III, trustee, to Gloria J. White and Dorothy Curtis, $119,500.

DRESDEN CT., 4356-Clifton W. and Sandra B. Lanham to Agnes A. and Lateef A. Amolegbe, $365,000.

FERGUSON CT., 2618-Philip L. Katsouros to Maria A. Jolley, $140,000.

HOPKINS CT., 2264-David G. Campbell to Carrie A. Polievka, $192,000.

MANSFIELD PL., 3666-Ann V. McIntosh to Avis and Lynden Minott, $195,000.

RADNOR CT., 2518-Carlo M. and Sarah B. Franco to Roberto S. and Aptlena Mason, $224,000.

SWEETWOOD PL., 12212-Elwood N. Jr. and Shari P. Whitaker to Aida and Roy R. Turner, $195,000.

TADCASTER CIR., 12-Dorothy A. Vanderpuije to Deborah A. Scott, $190,000.

TULIP TREE CT., 3436-Eleanor Alisa Gildersleeve to Michelle and Christopher Krause, $227,500.

Waldorf Area

ADDISON CT., 1216-Iris M. Forbes to Cheryl A. and Robert W. Maddox Sr., $205,000.

ARRON CT., 10504-Bruce W. Shaffer to Shelly R. and Ronald M. Kisselovich, $350,000.

ASHFORD DR., 2307-Beverly J. Burke and Alvin D. Cox to Patricia Moreland, $329,000.

BEL AIRE CT., 11222-Benjamin Abraham to Ivan O. and Honey H. Elias, $295,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4141-Mary E. Travers to Nicole G. Walker, $151,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 2251-William J. Jr. and Patricia M. Logan to Jennifer J. and William S. Smith, $350,000.

DEERWOOD CT., 6207-Walter A. McClure to Angelia Robinson, $165,000.

GOBY CT., 5404-Robert R. and Kathleen M. Grasse to Sherry Y. and Frank V. Esmond, $260,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4615-Carrie F. Gant to James E. Ashburn, $158,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4620-Donna M. Britt to Jeffrey Leadmon, $93,212.

GROUSE PL., 4520-German and Sue Ellen Delacruz to Salwa S. Omeish and Yahia M. Tagouri, $130,000.

GRUNION PL., 5202-Goldbert Investments Inc. to Devone C. Williams, $205,000.

IRONWOOD DR., 2341-Jamil Ur Rahman to Rebecca R. Resa, $201,000.

JAMESON DR., 12886-Marla S. and Anton S. Miller Jr. to Michael D. Grissett, $237,000.

JUREL CT., 5002-Bruce and Micha Woodham to Sakura and Vira Em, $285,000.

LELAND PL., 11516-Jacquline M. Burton to Sonja J. Simpkins, $235,000.

MOURNING DOVE PL., 2980-Dorothy J. and Donald D. Fairchild to Angela D. Gillispie, $201,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2765-Gary W. and Cheryl A. Dungan to Jennifer V. and Joseph E. Sisson, $241,900.

PINFISH CT., 5606-Brian Monaghan to Jacqueline R. and John R. Austin, $275,000.

RYON CT., 3245-John E. Light to Theresa D. Young, $130,000.

SEAL PL., 6192-Rachel Kagle to Christine and Jere Smith, $215,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6032-Stacie E. Crews to Angelo H. Lloyd, $163,000.

SPRINGDALE LANE, 2319-Ruben and Christine Fister to Carmen F. and Jose Dominguez, $324,500.

TRED AVON CT., 2716-Cynthia M. and Chester E. Waters Jr. to Jacqueline M. Burton, $257,000.

TROY CT., 11707-Rodney and Katrina Filippelli to Pamela and Gregory Moore, $252,500.

TUMBLEWEED PL., 350-Christopher W. Hulvey to Stephanie L. Hyde, $145,000.

TYBURN OAKS CT., 2811-James E. and Evangeline Briscoe Jr. to Cynthia D. and Christopher C. Howard, $257,000.

VALLEY DR., 8653-James and Sandra Dargavel to Jinson and Thomas W. Hauser, $285,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3232-Thomas C. and Jerri E. Hall to Matetchie G. and Anthony W. Leggett, $150,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6292-Wallace L. Spangler to Lee A. and Steven D. Durity Sr., $169,000.

White Plains Area

SPRING VALLEY DR., 4008-Vincent G. and Daniella Pasquale to Kimberly A. and Todd E. Scott, $278,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ANN LANE, 24085-Leroy F. Field to Mary Katherine Roma and Umberto Peter D'Arista, $900,000.

POTTER DR., 23215-Vernon Jon Gifford to Pamela A. and John Thomas Moore, $240,000.

WHITE ELM CT., 23323-James D. Bjostad to Louis Andrew Lucarelli, $280,000.

WOODSTOWN WAY, 45287-Linda M. Richardson to Toni A. Kelly and Michael Hvizdzak, $148,925.

Callaway Area

HEWITT RD., 45132-Bobbie Jo Knott to Aaron Mattingly, $225,000.

IRVINGS PL., 45188-Clarence C. Smith to Eric Holt and Terri Reagan, $65,000.

Chaptico Area

CENTER AVE., 36029-Isaiah Artis Green to Richard O. Green, $65,000.

Great Mills Area

FOXCHASE DR., 45895-Pamela A. Oliver to Earnest V. Standish and Steven V. Standish, $135,000.

TARA LANE, 22529-Michael O'Dell McCutcheon to Uttam Kumar, $190,000.

VICTORIA CIR., 22101-Kenny E. Burrow to Deborah J. and Kyle G. Karstens, $335,000.

Hollywood Area

DRUM CLIFF RD., 43539-Danny R. Barrow to James Carlin O'Grady, $197,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 24611-Timothy Ray Thompson to Michele Renee and Tony Patrick Evans, $100,000.

JONES WHARF RD., 26061-David J. Anderson to Theresa and Thomas Farrell Jr., $336,000.

PINTO DR., 25210-Thomas Edward Quade Jr. to Kimberely N. Moore, $170,000.

ST. JOHN'S RD., 42780-Donny Jay Miedzinski to Patty and Wesley Noll, $170,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 26320-Bruce A. Wood to Roger L. Murphy Sr., $139,900.

Leonardtown Area

BRETON VIEW DR., 40441-Albert M. Girimonte to Michael Patrick Howe, $205,000.

BULL RD., 22571-Sherman Dryden III to Susan K. and Clayman C. Myers III, $290,000.

MAGEE DR., 40738-Ann O. Wearmouth to Valerie Deptula, $148,600.

ST. CLEMENT'S AVE., 22303-Mildred Lee Beckwith to Jack Randolph Beckwith, $75,250.

Lexington Park Area

COLUMBUS DR., 46352-Barrett J. Penan to Debra and Benjamin Nicholson, $87,500.

CORONET PL., 20910-DNA Companies Thomas Homes to Kelly K. and Mark F. Musket, $265,356.

FLOWER DR., 46869-Janice Elizabeth Walthour to Dorothy I. Brawner, $79,900.

FREEHOLD DR., 47937-Bryan C. and Angela M. Pickeral to Cinda B. and Paul W. Beach, $282,500.

JENNA CT., 21090-Steven Wayne Hall to Gheorghe Barbu and Corina Wanda, $135,000.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47228-Mark D. Wagner to Amanda and Jeremiah Swartzlender, $270,000.

SEAFOSS CT., 21558-Thomas L. and Kelly Lagrange to Ashley Norman and Jefferson Ryan Smith, $207,000.

SUNBURST DR., 48395-Curtis Homes Corp. to Martin R.S.T. Rumrill, $70,000.

TOPAZ PL., 47407-Eric L. Hawthorne to Collin Tatusko, $213,500.

WILLIAMS DR., 21425-Tracy L. Wooten to Melanie and Pablo Sanchez, $182,500.

WOLFTRAP ST., 20795-Martin J. and Denise A. Scanlon to Julie and Matthew McLean, $225,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BEACH RD., 40360-St. Mary's Investment Corp. to Martin A. Whalen, $329,900.

DOCKSER DR., 40297-Emmet B. Potter to Janice M. Brooks, $170,936.

DOUGLAS CIR., 29994-Mabel E. Stergiou to Christopher Wolford and Allissa J. Grissett, $285,000.

GUY FAMILY WAY, 39199-Party Walls Inc. to Rose and James P. Burke, $180,000.

HEARTS DESIRE DR., 29141-David D. Horstick to Hung D. Nguyen and Monica A. Smith, $253,900.

HILLS DR., 26041-David P. Klink to Tami L. and Donny L. Dunbar Jr., $167,750.

JAY CT., 38290-Israel Z. Swarey to Eva M. and Joseph A. Hill, $185,000.

JOHN WAYNE CT., 38375-Alice S. and James L. Poole to Christine A. Shetler and Richard Wathen, $167,000.

SUMMITT CT., 30312-Kenneth D. Diggs to Mandy L. Messineo and George C. Yates II, $294,900.

St. Inigoes Area

CHISLEYTOWN RD., 48911-Tracey L. Herzog to Wendy S. and Edward R. Snyder, $143,200.

Tall Timbers Area

CLARKE RD., 17614-Earl Vincent Bonds to Mary Kathleen Summers, $130,000.