Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

Bushwood Area

1. Dynard Elementary School, 23510 Bushwood Rd. A site plan for a 1,575-square-foot multipurpose classroom on 14.53 acres. 04-13100044.

California Area

2. First Colony Office Building, 44930 Worth Lane. A site plan for a 26,836-square-foot office building. 04-13200022.

Great Mills Area

3. Elizabeth Hills, 20976 Indian Bridge Rd. A site plan to subdivide 101.5 acres for a 209-lot residential development. 04-13200026.

Hollywood Area

4. Brusters Real Ice Cream, 23825 Mervell Dean Rd. A site plan for an ice cream shop. 04-13200027.

5. Dahlia Park of Wildewood, about 1,000 feet north of Willow Creek Drive and Wildewood Parkway. A plan to subdivide 17.5 acres for a 76-lot residential development. 04-12000044.

Leonardtown Area

6. Horse riding facility, 19475 Colleary Dr. A site plan for a covered riding ring on 121.5 acres. 04-13200029.

7. St. Mary's Crossing, 22401 Johnson Pond Lane. A plan to subdivide 249.5 acres for a 134-lot residential development. 04-12000043.

Projects Approved

California Area

8. Morrow Office Building, 22888 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for a 10,000-square-foot office building. 04-13200019.

Charlotte Hall Area

9. Forest Ridge, south side of Mount Wolf Road, about 2,000 feet east of Route 5. A plan to subdivide 130.67 acres for a 50-lot residential development. 04-120006.

Lexington Park Area

10. Greenview West, section 2, west side of Route 237, about 3,500 feet south of Route 235. A plan to subdivide 15.87 acres for a 57-lot major subdivision. 04-12000017.

11. Storage USA, phase 3, 22672 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for a 9,330-square-foot storage addition. 04-13200023.

12. Westbury, phase 2, end of Westbury Boulevard, about 1,400 feet north of Pegg Road. A site plan to subdivide 67.76 acres for a 228-lot residential development. 04-12000019.

Loveville Area

13. Loveville Produce Auction, 40454 Bishop Rd. A site plan for a 14,625-square-foot auction house and farmers market. 04-13200016.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH