A 17-year-old Prince William County teenager whom police described as a reputed gang member is suspected of conspiring to kill an Arlington detective, according to court records.

The youth, who was not identified, allegedly said he wanted to use an AK-47 assault weapon with hollow-point bullets to try to kill the officer, according to an affidavit filed Monday in Prince William Circuit Court.

Arlington police spokesman Matt Martin said yesterday that there have been no arrests and the investigation is continuing. The detective was not identified.

It is at least the second time in a year in which threats against an Arlington detective have been investigated.

Earlier this year, Freddy A. Juarez, 25, a member of Los Locos, an Arlington gang, was convicted of conspiring to commit capital murder against a police officer and criminal street gang participation. Juarez was videotaped purchasing hollow-point bullets from an undercover officer to use to kill an officer in the gang unit, prosecutors said. He was sentenced to 81/2 years in prison.

In the most recent incident, an Arlington detective was assigned to investigate the threat after sources, whose identities were not disclosed, revealed last month that a "conspiracy to kill an Arlington County police officer existed and it was reported that a Northern Virginia gang member was the suspect," the affidavit stated.

During the investigation, the officer reported that he overheard a conversation "between known 18th Street criminal gang members."

The gang members allegedly wanted to attack the detective because he was "[expletive] with the homeboys," according to the affidavit. The statement does not say how the officer was able to listen to the conversation.

The court record stated that the investigating officer knew that the youth was an active member of the gang by his description of his participation in a recent gang initiation ritual.

The teenager also stated that he kept a gun at his house, according to the affidavit.

On Sept. 17, after obtaining a search warrant, police seized items from the teenager's home in Prince William, including ammunition concealed under a drawer in his bedroom, according to the court record. Police also seized cell phones from which they later were able to download photographs, including one of the youth holding a shotgun "by the stock at the trigger and the pump action bar," the affidavit said. The picture showed that it was not taken at the youth's home, the records stated.

In a subsequent interview, the boy told police that the ammunition came from another person, named "Brian," who possessed the AK-47 assault weapon "and that the seized ammunition had come from that weapon," the affidavit stated.

"He admitted that he has seen and held the AK-47 several months ago," according to the court record. "[The youth] also stated that 'Brian' also has a shotgun and that he keeps both guns at his house."

Last week, police officers went to that person's residence in Woodbridge.

There, officers observed what appeared to be "the fireplace, photographs and a skull on the mantle, and the flag of Puerto Rico to the right of the fireplace in the basement level of the home" that matched the background in the photo of the youth holding the shotgun, court records stated.

Martin said he could not comment on how police were able to observe the scene at the residence.