All Maryland polling places in the region will be using the AccuVote-TS, a touch- screen system manufactured by Diebold Election Systems. Here are some commonly asked questions.

QWhat's the first step?

A poll worker will provide you with a voter access card that will enable you to call up the appropriate ballot on the screen. Insert the card into the slot at the right of the screen. The first thing you will see are the directions. At any point in the process, you can scroll back to the directions.

How do I choose a candidate?

Touch START. You will see the beginning of your ballot. Touch the box to the left of your choice, and a red X will appear next to the candidate's name. To change a choice, touch the X again, and it will disappear. When you've finished the list of candidates in front of you, touch NEXT at the bottom right of the screen to continue.

Can I write in a candidate?

Yes. For each office there's a write-in key. Touch the key, and a keyboard will appear, allowing you to type in a name.

Can I review my votes?

Yes. When you have completed the ballot you'll see a summary screen with your choices. You can touch REVIEW BALLOT at the bottom left of the screen to move the ballot back a page at a time.

How do I register my vote?

When you have finished, touch CAST BALLOT on the bottom right of the screen to electronically record your vote. Remove the voter access card and return it to the election judge.

Also, the system's font size and color scheme can be modified for the visually impaired. Audio ballots, with headphones and a touch pad, are also available.

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Gail Hatfield, elections administrator for Calvert County, shows how to use the AccuVote-TS computerized voting machines at Maryland polling places.