After seeing their team give up the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter, Largo Coach Ray Crawford and his assistants had a short time to discuss strategy while trainers attended to a player who was injured on the ensuing kickoff.

Confident that visiting Bowie was expecting a pass -- Largo had the ball on its own 35-yard line with two minutes remaining -- Crawford called for the Lions' workhorse, Charlie Rivers, to get another carry.

"In that situation, you'd think we were going to pass," Crawford said.

The Lions figured they would let a defensive end get too far up the field in a pass rush, then block down on the rest of the defensive line to create an opening. That would allow TE Roscoe Webb to block a linebacker. WR Bobby Ismail blocked the safety.

"And Charlie was gone," Crawford said. "The crowd lost it."

Rivers went 65 yards for his second touchdown of the game, giving Largo a 12-7 victory and keeping alive its playoff chances. The Lions need to win their remaining two games to stay in the hunt.

"It was a desperate situation," Crawford said. "Everybody was hollering, 'Pass! Pass! Pass!' I just looked at Charlie and he was confident. . . . That was a big play."